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[NEWS] The Grinch Who Stole Goblins

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    [​IMG]The Grinch Who Stole Goblins[​IMG]
    November 28, 2009 - December 04, 2009
    Written by: Merik

    Frost Trolls have been spotted this week in the city of Luna. Many wondered
    why they have come to the Paladin city. Were they lost? Did they seek diplomatic
    relations with the city? It was neither of those. They came for one thing and
    that was ice cream! Lady CharGar sent out messages informing us of the current
    situation. Throughout the week we were able to piece together more information.


    The trolls began to send in wave after wave of attacks trying to get to the
    Ice cream. citizens helped the Goblins defend the Ice cream area. During
    the attacks the trolls changed their tactics, knowing full well the Goblins
    defense force was to strong. They began kidnapping the Goblins one by
    one thus weakening the defense line.


    Pillow pants was taken 1st by a large troll. Once Pillow pants was out of
    the way other trolls came in and started to attack the Goblins. Ozog was
    knocked unconscious. While unconscious the large troll once again came
    back and took Ido.

    A ransom message was received demanding the Ice creams be handed over
    or the Goblins would killed. No rescue attempts should be made by hummies
    or pointy ears. Later that night Ido ran quickly into the Luna bank. She
    claimed she escaped her captors. She was able to hear Pillow Pants crying
    but could not see her. Ido went on to explain her experience as scary and
    painful. Trolls tied her ears in knots and hung from them. After hearing the
    aweful treatment of the Goblins search parties went out. Goblins were
    unable to find Pillow any where. Even savages found no tracks. Many
    other like Yoshi searched and searched but came up with nothing.


    Judge Judy ordered guard protection for the Goblins. They were to afraid to
    return back to the Cave. They slept underneath the table at the Luna bank.
    A good choice indeed for the Goblin cave was ransacked that night.

    The next morning the Bank Detective came and informed everyone they
    found Pillow and are going to rescue here from the Troll's secrete cave. The
    rescue operation went under way and awhile later a mysterious blue gate
    opened in the bank. Pillow pants appeared and limped his way over to her
    fellow Goblins. Pillow's poor little ears were also tied in and knots.


    Em Vladimere came to see if all was ok. Once the Goblins were together they returned
    to their cave in the Pitmuck settlement, located on Horseshoe island. All are glade to
    see the Goblins made it back alive and that Goblin's Ice cream is safe for now.