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[News]The Imp that Almost Stole Christmas

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Catskills News, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. Catskills News

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    Last evening many good-hearted citizens of of Britannia responded to a plea for help from an unlucky bank manager.

    The request was posted on message boards all over the lands.

    The message read:

    "To all Kind-Hearted and Able Bodied Adventurers,
    Sometime in the previous evening a strange, terrible theft occurred at the Mint of Vesper! There was no damage done to any of the vault rooms, and the robbers did not take any of the deposits or reserves, but instead made off with a room full of donated gifts. These donations came from the citizens of Vesper who came together for the holidays in support of the town's orphans
    (some of whom had only just lost their parents in recent conflict). Local investigators have not come up with any answers, and I am at my wit's end! I need your help.
    Please, if any of you could find it in your hearts to come to the aid of these children, and save their holiday season, meet me outside the bank in Vesper in two nights. With any luck, we will find the stolen gifts and bring those responsible to Justice!

    Karel, Bank Manager of the Mint of Vesper"

    The event began when Lucien addressed the group of concerned citizens, preparing them for the arrival of Bank Manager Karel.


    Karel eventually arrived. He explained to all that a vault inside the Vesper mint had been robbed! He noted that there was no damage done to the door, nor did the lock seem to be tampered with.

    Karel spoke,

    "As you know from my announcement
    Someone has committed a terrible act
    A vault full of presents that was to be given to the town's orphans
    Has been stolen!"

    Many citizens stared on... stunned.

    Karel continued,

    "Alas, the fault falls on my shoulders
    As the bank manager, it was my duty to protect them
    Our local investigators have turned up few clues
    So I appeal to you to help in the search
    What I can tell you so far
    Is that the vault door was not damaged
    And the lock does not appear to have been picked
    Karel the Bank Manager: Nobody could identify the thief that night
    There was however one local citizen, Robert the Caterer
    Who was working late that night in the area
    And may have seen something
    but he has not been cooperative
    I ask that you all search the town for clues, and talk to Robert if he is about."

    At the conclusion of Karel's message, the party had begun to disperse throughout Vesper in search of Robert the Caterer.

    Robert was found several minutes later and was questioned rapidly by the mob.

    When asked if he had seen or heard anything about the stolen presents, Robert said,
    "Aye, I heard they were stolen. I've already explained I didn't see much."
    He further went on to explain that he saw "a blur of red moving from roof to roof" and insisted that he had "nothing to do with it."


    Upon further investigation, several gifts were found scattered throughout Vesper, some of them on roof-tops. It was found by Lucien that the presents were indeed a trail that lead southwest all the way to Cove...


    Lucien explained that the gifts were taken to the Orc Fort south of Cove and warned everyone that the fort was overrun by imps and mutant fairies!

    Lucien's men were not strong enough to fight at the fort alone, but many citizens volunteered their assistance to retrieve the gifts back for the orphans.


    Karel, opened a gate, and all of the people walked though.... and then engaged in battle with:

    Christmas Elementals
    Enraged Fairies
    Angry Sugar Plum Fairies
    Essence of Eggnogs
    Wreath Wraiths
    and Merry Menaces


    The battle went on for quite some time and was quite bloody but the Christmas creatures were defeated none the less.


    After the dust had settled, people had found a couple unique items they had never seen before.

    There were several reports of people finding "hat of the holiday hooligan" and "a sack of present purloining."

    The stock of gifts were found in a small room within the fort. Karel arrived on the scene and took back all of the gifts from the room. Shorty after, they were transported back to Vesper and put safely back in to the vault. The citizens of Britannia had all assisted in the returning of the gifts and the final congregation was in Vesper.


    Not long after securing the gifts. A red Imp arrived at the group. A brief exchange between the Imp and Karel took place:

    "An Imp:
    He Ho Hum.

    Karel the Bank Manager:
    *swats at head*

    An Imp: *laughs*

    Karel the Bank Manager: get off!


    An Imp: Did you all have fun??

    Karel the Bank Manager: Who are you?

    An Imp:
    He ho humm!
    I stole the presents from this mint...
    For the Orcs!

    Karel the Bank Manager: What?! Why?

    An Imp:
    Why not?? Don't orcs deserve presents!!

    An Imp: *laughs*

    Karel the Bank Manager: No, they are....orcs!

    An Imp: Why do the kids get to have all the fun?

    Karel the Bank Manager: Wh...who....what...are you?

    An Imp:
    What and who?
    I'm not a what nor a who.
    I'm a reflection of you

    Karel the Bank Manager:
    Oh my
    *wrings hands*

    An Imp:
    So how are all the orc boys and girls going to get their presents now?
    You all ruined it

    Karel the Bank Manager: But they are orcs! Vile creatures if there ever was!

    An Imp: I should burn this village down! *laughs hysterically*

    Karel the Bank Manager: I doubt that these people would let you do that!

    An Imp: Oh one day you'll understand..

    Karel the Bank Manager: They have protected it from far worse than a strange imp!

    An Imp:
    Isn't it the season of giving? You all are selfish
    Oh don't worry

    Karel the Bank Manager:
    Give...monsters...gifts? Oh my
    *wrings hands*

    An Imp:
    The fun hasn't ended..
    Any gifts you give I'll steal
    and dump them in the ocean!

    Karel the Bank Manager: Where are you going?

    An Imp:
    What's it?
    Who's it? Whats a whosit?

    Karel the Bank Manager: Someone get that imp!

    An Imp:
    I think you should try again! *laughs*
    Maybe one day You'll catch me
    But your eyes are quicker than your feet!
    And my feet are quicker than your eyes!

    Karel the Bank Manager:
    Where did he go!?
    Where is he?
    Is he gone?
    Oh my
    *wrings hands*
    I DO hope he doesn't return"

    The Imp departed, however many folks knew not what to make of the Imp's threats. Would he really come back... Would he really throw someones presents in the Ocean?

    Shifting back to the crowd, Karel thanked everyone for their help, reassuring everyone that the gifts were indeed safe. He told all of the citizens to visit Luna for a surprise.

    Santaven was at Luna Bank awaiting everyone and began to hand out gifts to the crowd. He wore a white robe with a red hat, and would laugh "Ho Ho Ho!"


    Two statues were placed. One was a snowman, the other a nutcracker. The magical statues provided each patron with one gift per statue.

    The naughty folks received rocks.
    The nice received a bell.

    Santaven visited for a bit, and soon announced his departure for Britain Bank in Felucca... and then... Yew Gate.

    The Felucca residents were given spoiled milk and chocolate pie.

    People lined up and waited patiently at Britain Bank.

    Sadly, Yew was a different story.


    - by Zuckuss, with significant contributions from Vallend.