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[News] The Jigsaw Games! Part one and two!

Discussion in 'UO Drachenfels' started by Frarc, May 25, 2010.

  1. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
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    The Jigsaw Games!
    Part one and two.


    We live in a peaceful town called Drachental.A town with wonderful people.Different trades and races.Or should i say was peaceful until we moved in.We have been in a battle against our nemesis called Dark Angel for years.We have been trying to stop her to destroy the human race.Its a long story to go further into detail on that now.But since she discovered we live between these wonderful people of Drachental. She been trying to start troubles in the town.​

    A few weeks ago she appeared with a small army of Harbingers.She summoned them and unleashed them on the town.The town guards and many citizens defended the town with success.This small victory on Dark Angels evil did deserve a celebration.But when we went back to the watchtower where my brother was ,we discovered the attack on the town was only a diversion! While we where under attack a gargoyle had flew into the tower and stabbed my brother with a poisoned dagger.We tried to cure him but have failed on many attempts.Slowly my brother is dying and we running out of time.​

    We send out some scouts to find out about this mysterious gargoyle.After several days we found out who he was. His name is Jigsaw. He is for hire for a lot of gold.He don't care what he do is right or wrong.
    Jigsaw likes to play games......some of these games are deadly.​

    We have arranged a meeting with this Jigsaw.He told us that he is the only one that has the knowledge to cure the poison of my brother.And he will tell us the ingredients for the cure if we play and win his games.I don't like the sound of his games he plays but i seem to have little or no choice.So i spread word around for help with these games. The citizens of our town,friends and our allies have told us that they will help with playing these games and win them to find the cure for my brother.​

    Game One.
    The Experimental room.

    For the first game Jigsaw took several players to the experimental room in the Underworld.Eight of my friends have volunteered to play the game. Jigsaw gave each of them two gems to enter the room.He gave everyone one hour to get to the final room and bring him the reward.He wanted three rewards to reveal a ingredient of the cure.Sixteen chances for three rewards sounded easy.But after some time ,reaching the final room for the reward was a lot harder then it looked.No one of them had the speed or the knowledge to reach the final room. After one hour Jigsaw smiled on my friends and said " You all failed! Better luck next game." They all left back to Drachental still trying to figure out what went wrong.

    The day after i spoke with my bard MJ.He was going to check out the experimental room on his own.After taking the secret passage he read the book carefully with the guide how to enter the room.


    MJ has a lot of knowledge how to play these kinda games and only after 5 minutes he made it to the final room and took a reward from the box.


    After the test MJ told me that Jigsaw tricked the players.When the game started no one said they had to go all at ones inside. Sure there was a time limit but if they would have taken turns they would not all have run or teleported on each other.You really need to listen well to what the gems says. And with so many people at ones it get very hectic. Lowering the chance of success.We have to keep in mind that Jigsaws games might have a catch!

    Game Two.
    Paragon Chests.

    After failing the first game my friends where determined to win the second game.As always Jigsaw asked to gather at the Marktplatz in Drachental.​


    Shortly after they left to the shrine of Spirituality in Ilshenar.


    Jigsaw explained the rules. This time he wanted three paragon chests still locked.Any chest would do. They had to be all be given to him within the hour.They could all play alone or take a partner.Miri and Claire Repair teamed up and went to look for some Paragon monsters. Lorien and his mighty pet went to blood dungeon to fight some blood elementals.Slugga,Cohan, Fred Niedlich and Lord Garett started to look around the world for paragons.And only after a short time Lorien had found a chest on one of the blood elementals.But Jigsaw had told he wanted the chest with him.Lorien could have brought the chest to Jigsaw right away but his objective was to find the three chests for the cure.He knew he would loose time if he brought one chest at a time.
    The time passed away and after half a hour Claire Repair gave Jigsaw the first chest. It was one from a water elemental."For Miri and me!" she said, "we are a team!".


    Shortly after Bumaderangy appeared. He was late! He only had 25 minutes to get another chest.The clock was ticking.Time was against them. Would they fail again? But then only five minutes left of the game Lorien came back. He found a second chest. He gave one to Jigsaw.But Jigsaw refused to take the second chest Lorien got. Only one chest a person or team. That where the rules.But this time the players where clever.Jigsaw never said you could not give a chest to someone else. Lorien gave the third chest to Bumaderangy and he gave the chest to Jigsaw. With only seconds left the game was won! Jigsaw stayed fair and with winning the game he revealed the first ingredient for the cure. Ten Daemon Claws.​


    He revealed that this was the first ingredient of a total of seven.Six more needed to be found in only eight more games! He told them for the next game to bring a boat.Happy the players went home knowing they had the first ingredient for the cure of there friend.​