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[News] The Jigsaw Games! Part three and four!

Discussion in 'UO Drachenfels' started by Frarc, May 31, 2010.

  1. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
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    The Jigsaw Games!
    Part Three and four.

    Game Three.
    The Race.

    For game three Jigsaw took the players to south of Moonglow. He had told that everyone who wanted to join this game had to bring a boat.They could only wonder what strange game Jigsaw would come up this time. At the coast Jigsaw started to explain the rules of this game. Everyone had to sail from here to the most north side of Fire island.There would Jigsaw wait. But somewhere halfway Moonglow and fire island Jigsaw had a boat. In the hold of the boat the players had to take out a book and then sail further to the North side of fire island. They had all one hour time to get the book and make it to Jigsaw.When three made it within the hour another ingredient for the cure would be revealed.


    Jigsaw gave the starting signal and everyone started the race.


    It took 25 Minutes before the first players found Jigsaw boat with the books they needed. The clock was ticking!


    Jigsaw waited at the north side of fire island. After 40 minutes the first boat arrived. And 5 minutes before the end three gamers made it with the books.


    And as promised Jigsaw revealed the second ingredient to cure there friend!The second ingredients are ten vials of dragon blood.​

    Game Four.

    Another day gone by and Jigsaw was back in Drachental at the Marktplatz.He warned everyone that this game would require teamwork. And only the best fighters would be good enough to win this game.


    The game would be played at the champions altar on the Tokuno island. This game sounded easy enough for the ones who been here before. Jigsaw games have a time limit and this time was no difference.They had 1,5 hour time to defeat this champion two times. Full of confident the players went to fight against the spawn. A lot of bugs been squashed in the first minutes. Things can get messy!


    But the first champion took a lot longer then expected. Only after a hour the first champion was defeated.Jigsaw kept a close eye on the game. Making sure his rules are followed.


    But it took so long to defeat the first champion. It seemed impossible to defeat a second one in the next 30 minutes. And if things could not get worse the second champion spawn took very long to appear.Jigsaw understood that it would be impossible and said they would get 15 minutes bonus to defeat the second champion.Everyone knew that the second champion had to be killed a lot faster then the first one. The gamers called in some extra friends to fight the spawn. The reinforcement was more then welcome. And after 40 minutes the second champion was slain!


    A big celebration where held after the game. They know a third ingredient was revealed. One Healthy Gland. Three of seven ingredients are known but who knows what dangerous and crazy games Jigsaw still planning to do!