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[News] The Moonglow Project: Blackrock Disaster

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by Chango Pelon, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Chango Pelon

    Chango Pelon Guest

    <center><font size=4>The Moonglow Project: Blackrock Disaster</font>
    By Chango

    Time had finally caught up with Kronos and his Blackrock Detector. The city of Moonglow was crowded with onlookers as Kronos and his assistants, Melissa and Dexter, prepared to turn on the Detector.




    It is with great pride that I stand before you today.

    Soon, we'll be able to focus intense magical energy in a small confined space.

    I postulate that every single piece of blackrock in the world will be made unto us!

    Imagine it! Soon, we'll be able to gather all of the blackrock we want and...

    Hop to it then, boy!

    Did you seal the resonance chamber?

    Did you double check the figures?

    Bet Wis Ex!

    As the crowd waited in anticipation, Dexter flipped the switch...




    We'll be a few minutes folks.

    Well wait now! Come back tomorrow! It'll work tomorrow!

    And with that, the crowd went away disappointed. One onlooker was heard saying, "Nobody even caught on fire!"

    What a tough crowd, I tell you.

    The next night, as promised, Kronos and his crew were once again ready.

    Kronos showed up and began his final checks.



    Is everything ready this time? Good.

    Melissa was late, but she also made it.


    Melissa: Did I keep you? I had some last minute business. Great.

    She waved to the crowd that was easily double the size from the previous nights activity.

    I shan't keep you waiting a minute more.

    Bet Wis Ex!


    The detector started up and began producing a great power. many in the crowd grew nervous.


    Something was going terribly wrong!



    At first, it appeared we were standing in Moonglow and then the attacks began. We were being blindsided by Fetid Essence, Dark Wisp, and Fallen Warriors.




    It was a slaughter! We tried to form some sort of organized resistance and had partial luck.


    After some time we were able to clear some areas to regroup and think out our situation. It seemed we were in a mirrored rift of Moonglow. A globe of sorts.



    All attention was soon focused at the detector where three great and powerful entities showed up. The Shadowlords.



    Kronos and his mages appeared to be stopping them from accessing the rift caused by the detector. I tired to understand what was taking place...


    The Shadowlords were talking to the mages.

    SL: Pitiful humans.

    Why do you resist so?

    We are eternal.

    Dexter: Master!

    SL: We are patient.

    We are stronger.

    Listen to us

    Kronos: Don't let them through!


    SL: We mean you no harm.

    Yet resistance will be punished.

    Why do you fight?

    Kronos: Hang on! The worst is almost over!

    Just keep going! Help will be here soon!


    SL: Let it go.

    Melissa: Kronos,they are too strong!

    SL: Free yourselves of your burdens

    Dexter: Yes master

    SL: Or die

    Peace is with us.

    Melissa: I'm ....I'm....

    Dexter: Don't....!

    Kronos: Melissa!

    Melissa: I can't hold it.

    Kronos: Melissa No!

    SL: Rest now

    You will know our strength



    The Shadowlord killed Kronos. The Timelord had arrived to assist in keeping the Shadowlords from leaving this plane, but Kronos was gone. Nothing could be done to help.

    Timelord: From the shadows you came.. And to the shadows you shall return.


    There was a big explosion and the Mages, the Timelord, and the Shadowlords were no longer present.

    I took a few minutes to regain my senses. I exited the rift in hopes of clearing my mind.

    The evidence of what took place was overwhelmingly obvious on this side of the rift.


    My senses cleared, I headed back in to offer aid to those fighting the hordes still in the rift.

    The armies in the rift were being dealt with until etheral forms of the Shadowlords appeared causing more destruction.

    These forms of the lords, though weaker then their true form, were seemingly unbeatable. Somewhere, the idea of using blackrock against these lords started to be considered. Casting the Armageddon spell near these beasts greatly aided in their demise. Though the battles are being won, the war goes on.

    New items have been found in this rift causing more confusion then answers.




    And the most confusing are the threads of fate and life.



    As I examined these threads, I felt them communicating to me.


    I asked an old scholar friend for some help. He examined them but he did not feel the same as I did. We asked his pupil and he "heard" exactly what I did. It seems those who are talented in the Medium arts can detect this special force coming from the threads. Much to be learned, much to be discovered.

    The battle within the rift goes on. I will bring more information as it arrives.

    Until next time...
  2. Nice report. I wish my vision were better so that I could attend events like that and not get so stressed out because I couldn't see things to figure out what the hell was going on. It just overwhelms me and I miss out. Such is life though for an old lady. *sigh*
  3. OMG!! I completely missed the bits about the shadow lords, lol I think I was still inside fighting stuff. But thanks to Chango I now know all!! He's like the eyes in the back of my head that I don't have... But would seriously rock if I did.... [​IMG]
  4. Very nice report indeed. I still love the pic with all the ghosts. That was so crazy! I thought everyone had died there were bodies and ghosts everywhere! Then I found a few good souls attempting to secure a corner for a rez station. I visited them a couple times [​IMG]