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[News] The Regency: From past to present

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by imported_Ishtar, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. <center>[​IMG]</center>

    The one thing about Ultima Online that makes it so wonderful is the history and lore that have allowed players and entity's to take part in the history of the game and Britannia. As we all know years ago, Lord British left , to keep his vision alive and make sure the kingdom and it's people would remain safe a person was chosen to lead them. This individual would be the person for the people to turn to there when unknowns surfaced to face the people of the lands. When this happened, the Regency was formed...


    "The citizens and the Lord and Lady Vassals of Lord British had not heard from the King in ages. Many theories were circulating...Lord British was dead, he was in hiding, even a popular theory that Lord British had been bitten by the wanderlust again and was exploring Ilshenar. Seeing the land under constant conflict and lacking the effective leadership to guide the loyal citizens, the most influential Lords and Ladies of Britannia chose a man to lead them and act in place of the absentee King. This man would be named as Regent, and the Loyalists would swear fealty to him as if he were their own King.

    Unfortunately, no matter who the man was, not all of Britannia would accept his claim. Many powerful people would see this as their opportunity to break away from the crown. Many more would be unwilling to accept the Regent until he proved himself to them. Many others would refuse to accept another man as their liege until they knew for sure whether British still lived or not. Thus, even the nation of Britannia is fractured. The same forces available to Lord British are not available to the Regent. It is the goal of the Regency to prevent any further fracturing of the realm. The Regent lacks the military might of the King, so his only hope to keep the realm from being ripped apart completely is if his loyal vassals can muster the troops necessary to defend the nation. The Regent understands his best chance to secure allies is to not make many enemies. Thus, he is a big proponent of diplomacy and working with the other Lords and Ladies of Sosaria in order to help keep safe the glorious realm of Britannia he has been charged to protect.

    Since our formation, there have been many Regents elected and placed in the Governor-Regent's seat. All of them were great, fair-handed, wise and honorable citizens of our realm. We are all have a part to play in the Regency. We welcome all who believe in the Virtues and want a part in the governing of our land for the glory of our Lord British's Kingdom. We will protect against any who try to tear that down.

    Virtue and Truth is ours! Long live the Governor-Regent!
    Long live the Regency!"

    -Dayel Stormcrow-

    "He invited guests from across the realm met that day, June 30th, 2001, at the Trammel Yew Abbey at 7pm EST. They lined up and waited for the Governor-Regent to arrive so that the caravan could begin. After his arrival, Lord-Chancellor Grimrick spoke..."

    Upon arrival at Castle British in Britain, the many guests stood awaiting for the Coronation Ceremony. All head's turned as the Governor-Regent and party arrived.
    Dayel walked up to the dais and faced the monks that awaited him. The ceremony then began.

    Elder Monk Ryan: *speaks in a loud voice*

    Sirs, I here present unto you Governor - Regent Dayel Stormcrow, your undoubted Regent: Wherefore all you who are come this day to do your homage and service, are you willing to do the same?

    Today is a day of rebirth. A day of rejoicing. A day of peace. A new Britannia will rise from the chaos of our misdeeds. Virtue will guide our path, and prosperity will follow. Lord British has shown us the way, and though he no longer raises his voice to speak on our behalf, I will endeavor to do so from this day forward. I cannot convey to you the depth of my appreciation for your faith in me. Together, we shall strive for peace, for bounty and for Virtue. Together we will forge ahead and create a better realm. Together we will right the wrongs and serve the people. " -Words from Dayel Sormcrow

    This body has it's own constitution for the people as well as players who have taken on the various positions to help run the government effectively. For the past years since the first elected Regent, this has allowed role players to play an integral and vital part of the games history as it moves forward. These people hope to continue to do so until the end of Ultima Online, and hopefully that is still a long time coming.

    Presently, they still hold regular meetings that have moved back to their home in Castle British in Trammel. Guests are always welcome and may see what goes on every Tuesday at 9:00 PM. For those wishing to learn more about the present Regency and what it does as well as a who's who, please feel free to drop in. The coordinates are as follows: 1o40'S; 0o29'E.

    Via the ages and time, the land has seen many Regents elected, and it has always evolved with the game. The faces have changed, but the lore has not. There are many that still keep this alive today down to the most recent elected Regent Lord Ramses. Through the lands many other governments have come and go, been created and died out, but there will always only be one Regency...


    *Note: Excerpts taken from the web.archive.org.