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[News]The Return - Mazrim's Servant

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Chesapeake News, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. Chesapeake News

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    The Return - Mazrim's Servant
    Tower of Souls, Aryslan
    Monday, June 28, 2010
    By: Jamlyn and Enterprise


    The evening started off just like every other Monday with the town of Aryslan having its weekly meeting at the Empty Tankard. They discussed possible ways to help their old friend Cordell Swiftmender, who played a pivotal roll in the Second Mazrim War, regain his memory since it seems it has been blocked by forces unknown.

    After Aryslan's meeting concluded, members of the United Sosarian Alliance gathered with Aryslan's citizens to discuss a possible alliance and Mazrim's undead attacks. At the conclusion of the USA meeting, it was decided to make a surprise inspection of the Tower of Souls. Shortly after their arrival a Servant of Mazrim rose out of the Well of Souls.

    The Servant told them how foolish they were for visiting, how they would never harness the Tower's power for themselves, and that they would now witness Mazrim's true power!


    The undead rose up around the Tower once more, but this time, it was undead no one had ever seen before! Aryslan's militia and the Alliance members bravely waded into battle against the seemingly endless waves of the unknown undead.

    And they emerged victorious!

    As the allied forces searched the fallen undead looking for clues and valuables, the Tower of Souls started to change. The altars on the roof lifted off and floated to the ground on each side of the tower, and then a mysterious book titled Ritual appeared on the Western alter.


    While they were still trying to figure out what the alters meant, word was received that Paxlair was under attack by the undead. The newly formed defense force quickly made their way to Paxlair and found the entire town drench in the stench of undead. It took some time, but eventually the allies again crushed the horde of undead. Realizing that a full scale invasion was underway, they sent out scouts to all the other player townships. Lord Enterprise arrived in Dragon's Watch and was almost immediately killed by an army of undead. He quickly retreated from the main army and sent word to the defenders that the undead army was laying siege to Dragon's Watch. While he waited for reinforcement, he tended to his wounds.


    Since Dragon's Watch was just north of Aryslan, Lord Jamlyn Hakkendyn called for a rally at Aryslan. Once the force was assembled, they made their blitz into the Undead-held Dragon's Watch!

    After securing Dragon's Watch, scouts reported an undead incursion into Moria, followed by Kijustsu Anei Village, and finally, Zedland. In each township, the defenders were able to drive back the legions of undead. It was noted at each township that a unique and much more powerful than normal undead creature was leading the charge. This is troubling because it implies Mazrim's presence in Sosaria may be much larger than originally thought.


    Regardless, the defenders left no restless dead standing!

    When all seemed to be quiet, the wary defenders returned to Aryslan to rest, but they did not get much. Shush, the Aryslan Emissary to Silvervale and Guardians Gate, suddenly became entralled with the western alter at the Tower of Souls and began to recite the words within the Ritual book. Lord Jamlyn Hakkendyn noticed her only as she completed speaking the final line in the Ritual book, and it was immediately apparently that he was too late to save her. She became possessed by an unknown force and the Servant of Mazrim appeared and lead her up into the Tower and into Mazrim's private chamber on the third floor, where he cast spells upon her. This is when the Crimson Fist of Mazrim revealed themselves, bringing supplies to Mazrim's Servant inside the Tower of Souls.


    The undead arose once again to do battle with us, but this time Shush fought with the undead standing against her fellow Aryslan citizens and USA members. After receiving several spells and several wounds from her friends, she regained control of herself. Her friends and fellow defenders escorted her to the Aryslan Spring of Peace, hoping that the cleansing water would drive out whatever had possessed her. They also knew that whatever had possessed her might corrupt the Spring, but they could think of nothing else they could do.

    As the group approached the Spring, a Polluting Beast sprang forth from it and attacked! It spewed great plumes of toxic gas all around it and was quite difficult to slay, but it was only one against many and was felled just like all the undead before it.


    The group then quickly had Shush touch the water and she appeared to return to normal. Many others also used the water to cleanse themselves of the stench of undeath they had accumulated that night. While the citizens of Aryslan and the USA members attempted to catch their breath around the Spring of Peace, strange noises came forth from it. Some described it as a bubbling, others a gurgling, one thought perhaps the Spring was going to drain out! Lord Jamlyn Hakkendyn looked pale saying that in the previous two wars with Mazrim, this small spring was the only thing Mazrim did not corrupt with his evil and that appears to be no longer the case.

    It is obvious now that Mazrim's followers are far more numerous than previously believed. They are also far more mobile than they had been in the past. (The previous two wars with Mazrim did not spread much father outside Aryslan than Vesper.) It is now up to every Sosarian to keep a lookout for any suspicious activity or undead and report it to the authorities.