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[NEWS] The Shadowlords Are No More

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Sara Of Baja, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Sara Of Baja

    Sara Of Baja Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    As told by Michael Wolf:
    Sunday, September 6

    I awoke this morning to find a note from an old friend Ghost Writer. He told me of a great battle he witnessed the previous night when the Crimson Dragons were defeated. He also told me Dawn would be gathering the citizens of Britannia tonight at the Counselors' Hall to mount an attack against the Shadowlords and push this evil out of Britannia once and for all.

    I arrived at the Counselors' Hall to find a large gathering of citizens all waiting for the arrival of Lady Dawn and Lady Raelyn McKie. Once they arrived, Dawn told us of how she planned to attack the Shadowlords in their own fortress. All present volunteered to help or die trying.


    We were met at the fortress by a band of Demons which we quickly dispatched while Lady Dawn opened a portal to the depths of the fortress itself.


    Once inside we were met by an onslaught of Shadowlord Manifestations ... The battle had begun! For what seems like hours we fought, many died and were healed and sent back into battle. We fought in groups, and when overwhelmed and dispersed, we regrouped with other and set up new defenses. The citizens fought bravely and tirelessly against the constant onslaught of the Shadowlords and their minions.



    Eventually we found ourselves all together in on large group facing down the Last Shadowlord in final battle. Once we defeated him we gathered our fallen and rezzed and healed them ensuring no citizen was left behind. Lady Raelyn McKie opened a gate to the Castle in Britain and away we went to discuss what was to be done about the so called King Casa.


    It was a proud night to fight along so many Britannians to defeat the evil that has plagued our land for so long.

    Michael Wolf

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    ~~~~Conversation at the Counselors' Hall, before attacking the shadowlord's stronghold.~~~~

    Dawn: Greetings Citizens of Origin
    Frey Wavestrider: hall dawn
    Dr Joshua: hail
    Raelyn McKie: Hail!
    Dawn: and thank you for answering the call
    Dawn: when defenders of the virtues such as Raelyn here must go into hiding
    Dawn: for being branded enemies of the realm
    Dawn: then good people must stand up and put a stop to the evil
    Azreal: agreed!
    Dawn: today, we will drive the shadowlords influence from our lands once and for all!
    Dr Joshua: yup yup
    Michael Wolf: Hear Hear!
    Frey Wavestrider: *nods*
    Dawn: Today, my friends, we take the battle to THEM!
    Dawn: *raises fist in the air*
    an ebil brat: *whoots and stomps*
    Dawn: we shall prevail!
    Michael Wolf: Hear Hear!
    Azreal: yes we shall!
    Dr Joshua: YAY
    Dawn: I have found the entrance to their lair
    Yen Sid: yeehaw
    Azreal: ooo
    an ebil brat: utoh
    Dawn: we will head there and, with the help of the virtues, will open a portal
    Dr Joshua: that cant hide from us
    Dawn: they have secured themselves deep underground
    Drago Atrox: Rel Xen Um - Wraith Form
    Dawn: and set up manifestations as guardians
    Dawn: but be not fooled!
    Dawn: the Shadow Lords themselves MUST be destroyed!
    Decors: Sanctum Viatas - Sacred Journey
    Azreal: and they will!!!
    Dawn: Raelyn and I fight with you today
    Dr Joshua: thatts right
    Dawn: for the freedom of all of us!
    Dawn: are you ready my friends?
    Frey Wavestrider: and we will fight with you
    Yen Sid: indeed
    Cook: yes!
    Azreal: Aye!!!
    Dr Joshua: YES
    Artemis: Yeah
    Drago Atrox: Aye
    Beowolf: My Sword Speaks for Me!
    velma: i hope so
    Dawn: shall we go reclaim our lives?
    velma: lol
    an ebil brat: suicide?
    an ebil brat: of course !
    Dr Joshua: lol
    Azreal: yes!!
    Yen Sid: YES!
    Azreal: we are ready to fight!!
    Yen Sid: Lets Go!
    Michael Wolf: For Britannia!
    Dr Joshua: WE ARE READY
    Dawn: when we arrive at the clearing, please gather and give me room to open the portal!
    Azreal: For Britannia!!!

    ~~~~In the stronghold after defeating the last Shadowlord.~~~~
    An item has been placed in your backpack.
    For your valor in combating the fallen beast, a special artifact has been bestowed on you.

    Raelyn McKie: Evil has been slayed!

    Raelyn McKie: Please await Lady Dawn's return!
    Raelyn McKie: We must capture the gem!

    Baroness: An Corp - Resurrection
    Azreal: Obsu Vulni - Close Wounds
    XX GARA XX: Obsu Vulni - Close Wounds
    Baroness: In Vas Mani - Greater Heal
    Frey Wavestrider: In Vas Mani - Greater Heal
    Beowolf: Obsu Vulni - Close Wounds
    Michael Wolf: ANYONE NEED A RES?
    Cook: In Mani - Heal
    Nessa A'ire: In Vas Mani - Greater Heal
    Michael Wolf: In Vas Mani - Greater Heal

    Dawn: Make sure everyone is here! Leave no one behind!

    Raelyn McKie: Can you capture the gem, Lady Dawn?
    Dawn: is everyone healed and accounted for?

    Dawn: today, my friends, we have driven out the evil that plagued this land
    Dawn: *slowly approaches the gem*
    Raelyn McKie: She's taking the gem!! Lady Dawn, you can do it!
    Dawn: this shall never again be allowed to bring such destruction
    Dawn: *places the gem in an enchanted box*
    Dawn: it can do no more harm
    Dawn: Raelyn
    Raelyn McKie: But what of our King?
    Dawn: Will you please open a portal to the Castle?
    Raelyn McKie: Yes, let us head to the castle!
    Dawn: Please join me Citizens, we have things to discuss


    ~~~~At the castle after the battle.~~~~

    Dawn: My friends
    Dawn: Today, we have prevailed!
    Beowolf: Huzzah!
    an ebil brat: *WHOOTS*
    Cook: *Cheers*
    Nessa A'ire: HOORAH!!!
    Dr Joshua: claps
    Dawn: You fought with honor and valor!
    an ebil brat: and many deaths
    Dawn: YOU came when called
    Dawn: YOU defended the virtues!
    Dawn: I say, the false King Casca MUST be called to account for his actions!

    Cook: Aye, where is he
    an ebil brat: can't we just kill him?
    Azreal: aye!!!
    Frey Wavestrider: Yes where is the little rat
    Azreal: where is he????
    Beowolf: No King named Casca for me and mine!
    Dr Joshua: yea where is he

    Dawn: I shall seek him out and he shall be brought before you!
    Dawn: He WILL answer to us all!
    Raelyn McKie: Bring him to justice, Lady Dawn!
    Dawn: When I have found him and presented our demands for answers
    Dawn: I shall send word to you
    Dawn: you will all bear witness

    Thor: off wit his head
    Michael Wolf: No Answers Needed, His Head will suffice!
    an ebil brat: Then can we kill him?
    Yen Sid: Slay the Beast
    Thor: off wit his head

    Dawn: no longer will evil be allowed to hold us down
    Dawn: the wrongs done by the Shadowlords and their minions will be corrected
    Dawn: the breaches healed
    Raelyn McKie: We will have peace again!

    Michael Wolf: I have a perfectly sharp working Guillotine that's in need of use
    an ebil brat: *cheers for guillotines*

    Dawn: I thank you all for your help today
    Raelyn McKie: Thank you, Lady Dawn!
    Dawn: you've shown the true courage this land was founded on!

    Michael Wolf: Aye! Thank You Lady Dawn!
    Beowolf: We follow gladly in the cause of Free Britannia!

    Raelyn McKie: Free Britannia!
    Dawn: I will send word when Casca is to account to you all

    Dr Joshua: THANKS lady dawn
    an ebil brat: thanks Dawn
    Thor: yes thx
    Drago Atrox: All Hail Lady Dawn!


    A list of who attended the Trammel event. Hope I got everyone.

    Lady Dawn
    Lady Raelyn McKie the Companion of the Wild

    Lady Artemis [HUB]
    Azreal [D1E]
    BeastMaster [KK]
    Choco Cat
    Lord Decors
    Lord Dr Joshua
    Drago Atrox
    Gurth Din
    an ebil brat
    Lady Elektra
    Frey Wavestrider [KK]
    Lord Isami
    Lil Missy ["R"]
    Lord Loki ["R"]
    MaN BeAr PIG
    Lady Melon
    Lord Michael Wolf
    Nessa A'ire
    Lord PETZ
    Santa Baby [DEAD]
    Lord Thor
    Whittle Guy
    Lord XX GARA XX [HUB]
    Yen Sid

    Nosfentor the Shadowlord of Cowardice
    Astaroth the Shadowlord of Hatred
    Faulinei the Shadowlord of Falsehood


    Thank you, Michael Wolf, for all your hard work and dedication.
  2. Viquire

    Viquire Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 5, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Yes indeed many thanks to Michael, and our EM team and Sarah for their wonderful efforts!
  3. Michael Wolf

    Michael Wolf Guest

    Thank you Sarah for all your hard work getting those posted.

    MW & GW