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[News] The Union of Anna Fox and Melchior

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Lord Exmortis, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Dinner is a peaceful time for us to sit down and reflect on the day’s events. First Aid had made a fantastic Mongbat soufflé with a side of blood spawn pudding. We decided to eat at our villa in Makoto-Jima this evening instead of the dusty Stratics Hall as it is very peaceful and serene….so I thought!

    The crowd of people brushed by our house, laughter and excitement filled the air. My curiosity peaked and I motioned to First Aid to follow me outside to see where these happy hooligans were going. Then I remembered! There was a wedding today and I was to attend! The excessive consumption of Buc’s Den special brew must have clouded my mind and I welcomed the loud noise the crowd made as it jarred my memory back into place.

    We arrived at the wedding location only a few blocks from out home and it was a beautiful site. The building was decorated and designed by Queen Mum, Katrina and Brieanna..it was tastefully done with a hint of love, I really hope Queen Mum leaves it as is because it increases the property value around here.

    The wedding was to be the union of Anna Fox and Melchior who are long-time members of the Sonoma community. The groom stood stout as he waited for his bride to arrive and joked nervously with his best man Galahad. EM Eira posing as an ordained minister was to perform the ceremony (I am going to have to check her credentials) and was ready to make it official.

    The music began and Maggie, the Matron of Honor, walked into the wedding hall doors dropping rose petals on the floor as she swept by. Then the bride came in dressed in a white gown that reradiated the purity of her. Her eyes met with Melchior’s and he knew that he was the luckiest man alive….the ceremony then began.


    EM Eira - Welcome all ye Citizens of Britannia,
    who have gathered among us today to
    witness the most joyous of occasions,
    the Holy joining of Lord Melchior and Lady Anna Fox
    in this blessed union.

    We struggle hard, Citizens of Britannia and
    of the whole of Sosaria. We seek adventure,
    truth, justice, wealth and fame... but much
    deeper within, we seek companionship.

    Thus it is a special moment, one worthy of celebration,
    when two of our brethren, wish to become one
    under the Holy Covenant of Marriage.

    No warrior throughout the land or Mage of the highest
    circles is as powerful or as wise, as those who have
    found the truest of all forces…
    that of love.

    For it is within the virtue of Love
    that compassion, honor and spirituality are known.

    And for finding that love, my friends, are thou
    truly blessed.

    Lady Anna Fox are thou ready to begin
    this journey of Marriage with Lord Melchior?

    Lady Anna Fox - I am

    EM Eira - Lord Melchior are thou also ready to begin
    this journey of Marriage with Lady Anna Fox?

    Lord Melchior - I am

    EM Eira - Thou both hast spoken...let us begin

    Lord Melchior,
    dost thou take Lady Anna Fox to be your wife,...
    to have and to hold in love, honor and tenderness?...
    Dost thou promise to love, cherish, and honor her,...
    as long as you both shall live,...
    according to this Holy union...
    and the sacred covenant of marriage?

    Lord Melchior - I do

    EM Eira - Lady Anna Fox,
    dost thou take Lord Melchior to be your husband,...
    to have and to hold in love, honor and tenderness?...
    Dost thou promise to love, cherish and honor him,...
    as long as you both shall live,...
    according to this Holy union...
    and the sacred covenant of marriage?

    Lady Anna Fox - I do

    EM Eira - Lady Anna Fox and Lord Melchior have chosen rings
    to offer as a sign of their covenant to one another.

    The ring is a symbol of the unbroken circle of love.
    Love freely given has no beginning and no end.
    May these rings be forever the symbol of the oneness
    you have chosen to share with one another.

    By placing these rings on the finger of your beloved
    you are bonding your union as husband and wife --
    for today, tomorrow, and all the years to come.

    Lord Melchior - places ring on Anna's finger

    Lady Anna Fox - places ring on Melchior’s finger

    EM Eria - Lord Melchior and Lady Anna Fox,
    having bonded your vows to one another,
    having exchanged rings to seal those vows,
    and having formalized in our presence
    the bond between you,
    by the powers committed to me
    and by the laws of Britannia,

    I now pronounce you husband and wife.

    You may now kiss your beloved.


    Citizens and friends,
    We have now witnessed the wedding between
    Lord Melchior and Lady Anna Fox.
    May we all save for the rest of our life
    the memory of this sacred day.

    A new family is born today,
    and a new hope of peace and joy
    is brought to the lands of Britannia.

    On behalf of the new couple,
    we wish to thank you all for
    being present at this wedding
    and we wish everyone, a long
    and peaceful life.

    The couple now accepts your congratulations ;)


    And with that the crowd roared and the fireworks were a plenty. Queen Mum then announced the reception would be held upstairs with an open bar and Mongbat darts….Mum knows how to party.

    We all filed up the stairs and the festivities began but of course I drank ¼ of the spirits within 30 minutes and found myself wandering through the building until I found a nice dark corner to fall asleep in. When this happens you know that the ceremony was a total success and the vision I have for this couple is their bond that will stand the test of time….congratulations you two.