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[News] This Month on Europa (August 2010)

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Mapper, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Mapper

    Mapper Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Oct 24, 2005
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    Edition 5: August 2010 written by Mapper
    Danger Level: LOW


    This monthly article will wrap things up for the previous month, Missed an event? Read here to catch up on the entire months events, both player and event moderator events. Have a suggestion or event to advertise? Send it to [email protected] it would be greatly received.

    Little late this month as I was waiting for the Serpentwyne hunt to draw to a close.

    The hunt for Serpentwyne draws to an end


    On Thursday the 26th ex-monk Roshi began giving out information on where the five remaining bottles of Serpentwyne (a possible blackrock poison cure) were located. Congratulations to the following people who found the five bottles: Hex, Heimlich, The Black Cobra, Trevelyan and Blade.

    For a full report on all the hunts, Read my report here.

    All we can do now is hope that the Serpentwyne collected will cure the unfortunate miners currently still ill in Britain.

    The Crystal of Duplicity Stolen!


    Remember back, July 4th when Queen Dawn had dug up her Throne Room? She sent in a miner to the suspected Lord British Vault to recover a mysterious crystal Sherry the Mouse had found. This crystal turned out to be the Crystal of Duplicity, an extremely powerful crystal that Nystul used to copy the lands of Felucca onto Trammel. This crystal was put on display in the Throne Room a few days later and many awwed in it's beauty through a specially crafted display case.


    However, Just as I was writing an article on July's events Daemonic Scouts were searching the cities of Vesper, Luna, Minoc and Britain. At the time it was unsure what they wanted but they were exceedingly fast and tough and certainly meant business!

    On August 8th the reasoning became clear as these Daemons along with Blackrock Golems marched into Castle British! Queen Dawn asked the guard to protect the area as much as possible, Although the guard thought they had done a good job on clearing the invading creatures it was soon clear what they wanted as the Crystal of Duplicity had been taken!

    Who is at fault for this? Well it seems the Queens decision to put such a powerful crystal on display in a public area is a major error on her part...

    EM Event News

    Last month the Royal Guard were very busy! They first rescued Father Grant from the Serpent Lair in the Lost Lands. Then late in the month the final and largest Drow Mine was gutted of dragons and drow, Sadly Nathan Hawke was injured in the mission and Fynn Barrett took over. His first task being a practice rescue mission for miners still trapped in the Drow Mine.

    This month has been equally busy, On the first Thursday of the month Fynn Barrett called the guard together once more to put the practice training to good use!

    Using pickaxes and shovels the guard dug their way through the collapsed cave walls and defeated the huge variety of monsters before rescuing several of the miners. The miners rescued were placed in quarantine in the North Britain Inn with Blackrock poisoning, Something no one knows for sure can be cured.


    A few days later on Sunday Britain became the focal point of the daemonic scouts (from the story above). They along with Blackrock Golems ambushed Castle Britannia and the crystal dug up last month mysteriously disappeared. Players in the throne room at the time were awarded with a replica of the display case.



    A week later Fynn Barrett called the Royal Guard to assemble again. The first mission was to visit Father Grant and his Serpent eggs, They were to hatch very soon.


    Two small hatchling silver serpents sucessfully hatched on the Paladin Isle of Trinsic, The snakes were crucial towards any possible blackrock poisoning cure however with the snakes just having been born it was far too early to be of use. Before heading home Fynn decided to tell the ill miners the good news about the hatchlings and the potential cure.

    Suddenly one of the miners mutated in the crowded room and the guards faces turned from shock to anger as they battled the mutated creature to the ground.


    The next Sunday reports came from Selcius the Astronomer in Moonglow. Trinsic was to be attacked by 'dark forces'. The Royal Guard were immediately grouped together and headed towards Trinsic and Father Grant, the suspected target in this attack.


    Thankfully Father Grand and his two hatchlings were just fine, However just as the battle seemed over in Trinsic alarm bells began ringing from Britain!

    Near the ill miners Inn more and more red demons with the symbol -M- on them began appearing, When they had been slaughtered Fynn rushed to the Inn, Brannan a miner had been taken! A clue at the Inn led the guard to a building in Moonglow where Brannan was found, He had been taken and injected with something then brought to Moonglow. Fynn and the guard brought him back to the Inn and made sure everything had settled down before leaving.

    Coming to a Moonglow Soon!

    Beergarden as it was in 2004.

    That's right! The old Moonglow Beer Garden will be getting rebuilt sometime in the near future by Mesanna ever since it vanished when the large blackrock detector blew up and left a gaping hole.

    Augusts Establishment of the Month!

    When you think shopping center you will probably think Luna, or perhaps Umbra road. But would you think the Orc Fort? Well you should from now on!


    Umbra Fort Trading Village is in the middle of opening up four huge shops inside the Orc Fort West of Umbra, Pop by and have a right old browse, You won't regret it.

    Events Coming Up in September

    There are several player taverns open throughout each week, See the full schedule here to see when one is open, The recently opened Yew Tree Tavern has been added to the schedule this month.

    Don't forget the Vesper Swaggers Market every Tuesday at 8pm UK Time, Outside the Swaggers Tavern near Vesper, Full details here.

    The second season of the Europa Chicken Season continues on the 6th and 20th of September at 8pm UK Time. Take along your chicken to the new arena in West Zento and see if your a winner! Don't have a chicken? Come round and bet on a favourite and win some gold!

    Note: Any events that are announced after this is posted will be in two places, Either the Europa Forum or the Europa Events Forum. EM events have the tag [EM Event] at the start so keep an eye out!

    Other Notices


    There have been two battles sicne the second season began in August and the league tables are as follows!

    PeckyBalboa 2
    Lightning 2

    Old Blue Eyes 1
    Quicksilver 1
    Sky 1
    Sapphie 1
    Tea 1
    Cerulean 1
    Trinsic Steel 1

    First Second Third

    Pecky and Lightning are holding the top of the charts and 3rd place winner from Season 1 Trinsic Steel holding 1 point. There is still plenty of time for change so who knows what will happen next!

    See you next month for another edition of This Month on Europa!​