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[News] This Month On Europa (July 2010)

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Mapper, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. Mapper

    Mapper Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Oct 24, 2005
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    Edition 4: July 2010 written by Mapper
    Danger Level: HIGH


    This monthly article will wrap things up for the previous month, Missed an event? Read here to catch up on the entire months events, both player and event moderator events. Have a suggestion or event to advertise? Send it to [email protected] it would be greatly received.

    Danger Level HIGH in all Cities


    Daemonic Scouts have been spotted in Vesper, Luna, Minoc and Britain on Saturday Morning. These creatures are extremely tough and in short described as 'Paragon Putrifiers'. Players should be on high alert when visiting towns and also bank sitting at Luna or Britain banks. Guards have been put on high alert at Castle British in Britain.

    The Bane to move on?


    You may have noticed and even took part in the war between the Bane and Ophidians in the Lost Lands. Well rumour has it the Bane are moving on from the Ophidians and will be setting up camp at the Spirituality gate in Ilshenar. Who will they attack next? Well it seems likely it could be the Meer! More news in another article when it arrives.

    EM Event News

    July has brought another busy month for the Royal Guard, But before I get into what we acomplished this month, A quick roundup of last months events!

    Last month Drow mining caves in Yew and Vesper were invaded and the dragons and drow inside killed. Miners inside the caves were sadly also killed during the battle. Queen Dawn met up with the citizens of Britannia to discuss several proposals - She declined them all. Later in the month Nathan Hawke teamed up with Vesper and using a tunnel in the Vesper Graveyard discovered another graveyard in the Lost Lands which led to an Ancient Silver Serpent lair.

    This month on the 4th of July Queen Dawn called the citizens of Britannia to her castle in Britain. A builder was just about to travel down into a hole he had dug to try retrieve a crystal. He sucessfully retrieved the gem and it can be found on display in Castle British.

    Later that day the citizens of Skara Brae were hit by surprise as Blackrock infected creatures and giant green demons began attacking the city.


    After the battle had ended a red staff could be collected from a statue, The staff shoots of a random amount of fireworks. They are no longer obtainable.


    The next week on the 17th of July Nathan Hawke gathered up the Royal Guard to rescue Father Grant.


    After a search of the area around Papua, Father Grants shoes were found next to the Ancient Silver serpent Lair that had bene discovered in June.

    Suddenly the group were attacked by assassins. After the assassins had been killed Father Grant was pulled out of the hole by some rope and taken to Trinsic to keep an eye on his serpent eggs which are located on Paladin Isle.


    The week later on the 22nd of July Nathan Hawke once again gathered the Royal Guard. A final Drow mining cave was to be invaded and cleared, A password was found from boxes located randomly around Britannia - The Honor Shrine, Near Britain, Near Cove and finally Near Yew.

    With the password found Nathan gated everyone to the entrance and the battle began.


    Finally the Royal Guard won against the tough creatures and everyone was able to claim a Dark Elf Longsword. These are also no longer obtainable.


    At the end of the month on the 27th of July Fynn Barrett, Replacement for Nathan Hawke due to an injury, Took the guard on a practice rescue mission.

    Out of around 30 miners, Only 2 were saved. Fynn Barrett has yet to tell the Royal Guard when miners stuck down a mining shaft are to be rescued, After the training session I dare say they shouldn't bother.

    RP Event News

    Stonekeep celebrated its 10th anniversary this month, One of the longest living player towns on Europa. Congratulations to all those who keep the Yewish army fresh and busy!


    The new Chancellor of Vesper has caused chaos among the Vesperian Army and its citizens with Tax increased and rumoured Guard pay cuts!

    All citizens will have to pay 10% of all earnings to the city! Guardsmen will also have to pay tax with that being taken from their wages.

    If that wasn't enough the Guard have also been rumoured to be getting a 20% pay decrease! This will surely cause even more chaos in the City of Vesper.

    Special Report: Player Towns

    You may have noticed over the past couple of months the EMs of Europa have been requesting players with towns to write in and request a banner!

    Well I have been looking around and have found three new player towns and their banners!


    If you have a player town and want your own permanent banner you can read all the requirements and details at this link.

    Events Coming Up in August

    There are several player taverns open throughout each week, See the full schedule here to see when one is open, The recently opened Yew Tree Tavern has been added to the schedule this month.

    Don't forget the Vesper Swaggers Market every Tuesday at 8pm UK Time, Outside the Swaggers Tavern near Vesper, Full details here.

    The Bane continue to attack the Ophidians in the Lost Lands however with the rumour of them moving to Spirituality will the battle become harder? Who knows! I will post an article if and when the Bane decide to move into Ilshenar.

    The second season of the Europa Chicken Season will be restarting on the 9th of August at 8pm. Gates will be available from 7:45pm in Luna - If you have a rune to the Arena or wish to walk please note the Arena has moved 15 tiles to the east of the old Arena, Someone will be at the old location to direct you. So get your chickens ready! You could be in with a chance to snap up a fantasic prize!

    Note: Any events that are announced after this is posted will be in two places, Either the Europa Forum or the Europa Events Forum. EM events have the tag [EM Event] at the start so keep an eye out!

    Final Notes

    Finally I would like to personally wish Escaflowne and Hanse Davion the best of luck as they have decided to part from Vesper and Ultima Online. It's been a wonderful 6 months roleplaying with you both and I wish you the best of luck in whatever you do next.

    See you next month for another edition of This Month on Europa!
  2. cheerful

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    Fantastic job as always Mapper :thumbup1: