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[News] This Month on Europa (June 2010)

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Mapper, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. Mapper

    Mapper Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Oct 24, 2005
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    Edition 3: June 2010 written by Mapper​


    This monthly article will wrap things up for the previous month, Missed an event? Read here to catch up on the entire months events, both player and event moderator events. Have a suggestion or event to advertise? Send it to [email protected] it would be greatly received.

    This month has a special segment on the on-going battle between the Bane and Ophidians in the Lost Lands as well as the results of the first ever Europa Chicken League battles.

    EM Event News

    Last month blackrock returned to Britannia and three mines appeared across the lands dug by the Drows (Dark Elves). One of the mines was invaded and found to be full of dragons, two more mines remained, one near Yew and Vesper.

    This month on the 2nd of June the Yewish Guardsmen shook the dark elf operations by blowing up the entrance to their mine. They claimed that dragons and dark elves had invaded their town of Stonekeep they then fought back by blowing up their entrance.

    On arriving in the city I found the place taken over by large red dragons and a blown up mine entrance, with no solid evidence on who started this war I sided with the Yewish and helped to slaughter the dragons.

    Image taken by Nimuaq

    The following day Queen Dawn held a meeting at her palace in Britain; she went over a few important points and heard proposals from several members of the public.

    A proposal to close the Moonglow Lycaeum was declined, As well as a proposal to allow Cove to be Vespers protectorate.

    On Sunday the 6th of June the Yewish forces, along with the Royal Guard led by Nathan Hawke met in Stonekeep to force their way into the drow mine near the settlement. Using the password DEFGRUD access was gained to the mine and inside were incubated dragon eggs, as well as miners and dragons.

    The dragons were murdered and the caverns empty from evil when suddenly signs of a cave in appeared, the cavern was then quickly evacuated. Outside the cave Nathan Hawke disappeared mysteriously.

    The following week on Wednesday, Nathan Hawke once again gathered up the Royal Guard and headed for Vesper, in the city he asked the now ex-chancellor of the city, Van Cocidius permission to head towards the drow hole, Vesper agreed and came along with the Royal Guard.

    To the west of the city Drow and Dragons began filling up the small cavern where the mine entrance was located. Once the initial spawn had been killed the password VERSNUI was formed from clues found on the corpses.

    Using the password everyone began lowering themselves into the mines and found the caverns filled to the brim with Dragons and Drow. After a battle lasting over an hour the final evil creatures were killed, Nathan Hawke said another meeting would occur the next day to continue the investigation.

    The next day the Royal Guard, along with the Vesper Army met up with Nathan Hawke in Vesper, A gate was opened to the nearby graveyard and Nathan found a tunnel that led to a small cavern filled with Drow, Dragons and Red Deaths.

    The tunnel came out into the Lost Lands where more evil creatures appeared; once they had been killed Nathan asked the troops to locate a man called Father Grant.

    Father Grant was located in a large building to the North of Delucia, and led the group to a small graveyard on the coast. The gravestones were covered in years’ worth of moss however once cleaned they told of a serpent that could be summond by music.

    Terra Sanctum was suggested as a location for the serpent and everyone was gated there. Around the area an entrance to a serpent lair was discovered, Nathan Hawke requested the help of any bards, a tune was played and snakes began appearing from the hole. When they had been killed one of the serpents was milked for its venom and Nathan Hawke took it away when he left.


    On Sunday the 27th Nathan Hawke arranged a meeting with the Royal Guard and Fynn Barrett to summarise this month’s events.

    RP Event News

    The Republic of Vesper was once again looking for a new chancellor to lead them through the continual sticky situations between them and the royalists in Trinsic and Yew. The polling station opened on 27th of June and closed on Monday.

    Three men battled for weeks their campaigns for Vesper, Damien Bedford, Folken Strategos and previous chancellor Van Cocidius.

    The results were collected, counted and then released on Tuesday and are as follows:

    Damien Bedford with 77%
    Folken Strategos with 19%
    Van Cocidius with 4%

    Making the new Vesper Chancellor, by a landslide, Damien Bedford!

    Special Report: The Bane vs Ophidians

    As you may have noticed, On all shards in the Lost Lands a battle involving the Ophidians and a new group of humans riding dragons called the Bane are having a barmy! For the first week or so since the fight began the players of Europa have been killing the Ophidians however now it appears the Bane are being killed.


    Whatever side you decide to take you can find out all the details on this battle, how to take part and what rewards you will get by reading this guide created by Trevelyan. You can read the guide by clicking here.

    House of the Month

    June’s House of the Month is actually two! Both on the west side of Zento the Laughing Llama Inn and Scum Bar & Inn provide a comfortable and cosy stay after a long day of hunting.



    Both are well worth a tour as a lot of the items are rather rare! The detail really is just fascinating. Thanks to the owners Marvin and Maelyn for making such beautiful establishments in a lovely location.

    Events Coming Up in July

    There are several player taverns open throughout each week, See the full schedule here to see when one is open, The recently opened Yew Tree Tavern has been added to the schedule this month.

    Don't forget the Vesper Swaggers Market every Tuesday at 8pm UK Time, Outside the Swaggers Tavern near Vesper, Full details here.

    Banes vs Ophidians – The on-going battle between these two groups of creatures continues in the Lost Lands and is sure to continue through July. You can find all the information you need regarding the battle, how to join and the rewards available in the fantastic guide written by Trevelyan available here.

    Finally a reminder that the fortnightly Chicken Battles have come to an end this summer, they will be back in August with a brand new league! If you’re interested in getting started with battle chickens feel free to reply to this post. I have plenty of battle chickens available!

    Note: Any events that are announced after this is posted will be in two places, Either the Europa Forum or the Europa Events Forum. EM events have the tag [EM Event] at the start so keep an eye out!

    Any Additional Notices

    ECL League Scores


    Finally after 12 weeks of fierce battling the first ever season of the Europe Chicken League has ended and the results are as follows:

    7 : Cyanide.
    5 : Nari, Frosty.
    4 : Trinsic Steel.
    3 : Spike, Shadow, Bernie, Lightning, Spot, Sky.
    2 : Midnight, BlueBlaze, Trinsic Rose, PeckyBalboa, Sango, Nugget, Noir, Mixer, Quicksilver, SpareUno.
    1 : Lime, ThrobbingGristle, SnotKlap, Cerulean, Flash, Moonfeather, Dryad, Eric, Fir, Silver, Camo.

    With the first season over, 1st, 2nd and 3rd places were awarded on Monday the 28th to the following:

    1st place – Cyanide owned by Diddlysquat
    2nd place – Nari owned by Nyu
    3rd place – Frosty owned by Curnuir


    The second league will begin in August in a slightly different location, Just next door to the east of the current arena. See you then!

    See you next month for another edition of This Month on Europa!