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[News] Thoughts on being Queen...

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by Lady Mana, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Lady Mana

    Lady Mana Guest

    Greetings, Britannia! Last week we witnessed the death of the former King of Britannia, Casca. He has always been ill suited for the throne, and his presence was a taint which we have tried desperately to remove. Now that his wicked will has been silenced, the throne once again lays empty. Some hope that Lord British will return from the void and reclaim that which was once his... others think a more immediate remedy may be more appropriate. Lady Dawn, a heroine in the recent war against the Shadowlords, is one such candidate. Read on for further information.

    Lady Mana
    Lieutenant of the Royal Britannian Guards
  2. five oclock

    five oclock Guest

    If she gives out free ale..she has my vote :D

    Honestly...Lord Brit is dead and gone...I say lets see what a woman can do :D
  3. Salya Sin

    Salya Sin Guest

    I second that...
  4. dielock

    dielock Guest

    As long as she leaves our Health Care alone and lets companies fail when they screw up and cheat, she has my vote.
  5. kalzaketh

    kalzaketh Guest

    at least, lady dawn fought against the juka's at yew, she has proven herself very worthy, in the vein of past warrior queensboudika to name, atrue historical warrior queen, she led the scottish tribes against the invading roman legions, dawn rallied alot of us at yew she nearly died in the defensive battles more than once but never offered to flee the field, hell caska can't even find the battle fields. :)
  6. Salya Sin

    Salya Sin Guest

    On another note... did anyone see Dawn today? I looked... and I looked... and then I looked some more?

    The EM website said she would be throughout looking for escorts to meet the queen... umm... maybe she decided to lose the lag and go by herself?

    Just curious...
  7. Deb

    Deb Guest

    She was in Luna yesterday and is very humble about being queen. Almost
    got the impression she felt she might not be worthy.
  8. Drazasamus

    Drazasamus Guest

    the EM website? i keep going there and all i see is a big smiley face... :(
  9. Artemyth

    Artemyth Guest

    Lady Mana: Thoughts on being queen...

    I could see you running for Queen... known you longer than I've known Dawn xD
  10. Lost-Soul

    Lost-Soul Guest

    I'd rather have sherry the mouse!
  11. zared of napa

    zared of napa Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 26, 2007
    Likes Received:
    hmmm a queen i like the idea.
    after all of of the most ruthless leaders were women..
    Will she have public hangings?What about a regular ol public Flogging of lets say Otis ;)
    She has my vote if she does
  12. Otis Firefly

    Otis Firefly Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    they would have to stick around long enough to do the flogging!!
    lately the queen seems to take off on the people without warning...lmfao
  13. MorganaLeFey

    MorganaLeFey Guest

    I'd like to see Z and Otis try and school her in how to be a queen. That would be freakin' hilarious. LOL