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[News]Thugs Stir Trouble at the Golden Brew Tavern

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Baja News, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. Baja News

    Baja News Guest

    Thugs Stir Trouble at the Golden Brew Tavern
    By WarderDragon


    On Thursday, the 25th of March, a mob of foul-smelling ruffians and uncouth drunks began to gather at the Golden Brew Tavern near Justice Lake in Northern Britannia. While such gatherings are not uncommon and seldom inspire serious note; the audible slips exchanged by this merry band of inebriated malefactors hinted to patrons that something sinister was about to occur.

    And if the words exchanged shortly following their departure was of any indication; whatever was about to happen would surely end ankle deep in blood.

    Sara (TAO) arrived to discover a common room in chaos. The eight scarlet-clad thugs had made themselves at home; breaking furniture, smashing the china, and demanding more whiskey for all their troubles. When their lecherous eyes fell upon Kita, the Proprietor and Grand Master of the Golden Knighthood, they proceeded to describe the woman by all sorts of rude and uncivil names.


    A patron later that evening would remark how fortunate they were that Master Ironbeard didn't administrate the scoundrels a Pickaxe Lobotomy.

    Nicholas Tarrant heard the commotion as he approached the fabled tavern, slowing his black charger to a walk. As he emerged from the trees, he watched as Kita threw Zog and another brigand out for fighting and stealing food from her cats' dish. The Knight eyed the man suspiciously - scarlet-clad ruffians usually were the first signs of an impending headache - but ignored them as he stepped through the door into the smoke-filled common room. Neither man wore the distinctive red headband that marked them as Redcaps.

    As Nicholas proceeded through the throng, his wolfish eyes catching Thorin standing behind the bar; the Knight was set upon by two loosely dressed woman wearing the same distinctive scarlet-hue as their companions outside. Seeking an escape before he was molested; a hooded figure emerged from the shadows, clutching his sleeves and tugging him away.

    Silver Fox? Nicholas curled his lip into a sardonic smirk.

    The two men looked at each other and shook their heads.


    The brigands, including those who had been thrown out only moments before, gathered around a table in the center of the common room. The eight whispered in low, hushed voices; exchanging plans regarding their upcoming Job. Zog couldn't seem to contain his excitement, or his drink; loudly announcing that they would strike just after sunset on Saturday, March 27th (8PM PST) in the Kingdom of Dawn (The Dark World of Felucca).


    Lindae leaned over. Did he just say Dawn', Lord Nicholas?

    Yes, Nicholas murmured. He did. The Knight lifted a finger, curling; summoning Lady Kita close to him. M'lady, he murmured. Those men look thirsty. Dehydrated. The faintest annunciation of a sinister smirk played across his lips. Why don't you get them another round of drinks? I'll take care of the tab.

    How philanthropic of you, Lindae shook his head.

    The brigands continued to speak of their plans; the Knight and the Necromancer listening closely for any audible slip of the tongue. And there were many. Once they were done the eight returned to enjoying themselves; singing bawdy songs off-key, beating each other over the head with cudgels, and trying to seduce the patrons.

    Kita had enough. Enough, she yelled. You're irritating me and the other patrons. Leave. With a threatening look that would make most men cower, she led the brigands out the door.

    Give my regards to your retinue. I'm sure we'll meet again, Nicholas murmured to one as she was exiting the door. But it was not a flirtatious gesture. It was, as one would say, a promise and a threat.


    Kita collapsed in one of the chairs. Why do I feel like I just waged the Battle of Trinsic?

    Thorin stood over her soothingly, rubbing her shoulders.

    Nicholas, Lindae, Kita, and Thorin would spend the next hour discussing the matter before Proserpina and Grand Duchess Wildstar would arrive. Kita retold the events, explaining the damaged chairs and the mess made on the floors, and Nicholas would then explain his suspicions to the Duchess; that this Job' was part of a larger plot that he and Corporal Brackus had become aware of earlier that winter.

    A farmer with a quarter stave an' a couple shepherds could fight off that a' band o' idiots.

    I don't intend to fight them off, Thorin, Nicholas said in tones of quiet steel. I intend to cut them down to the last man.

  2. SuperKen

    SuperKen Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 22, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I'm sure Dawn's excellent knights would be able to handle that drunken lot. Perhaps the Golden Brew should look into hiring a bouncer!
  3. KitaTalith

    KitaTalith Guest

    Hmmm..... I begin to see the value in that idea! Perhaps I should hold auditions for bouncers as well! *grins*