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[NEWS] Tickle me Cyno Celebrates 2 years of service!

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Lyconis, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Lyconis

    Lyconis Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    May 20, 2008
    Likes Received:

    Tickle me Cyno Celebrates 2 years of service!
    Saturday December 18th, 2010
    Tonight we celebrated EM "Tickle me Cyno’s" 2nd year Anniversary as Pacific's EM. As all Pacificans know we torture and torment our EMs quite frequently making many of them quit. I'm amazed any of them EMs made it one year, but TWO is pure amazement. Knowing the sadistic Pacificans as well as he does Cyno had a special event in store for us. Most thought the same thing was going to happen, FREE DEATHROBES! We were told a story about tonight’s event and how we will use Mesanna’s cream pies as our deadly weapons. Cream pies were littered across the floor in hopes everyone would be able to grab one.

    Not knowing what to expect we were led to the bag ball arena where "Evil Elder EM Cyno Razik" appeared. Some psychotic Pacificans had their entrails thrown into the stands while the Evil Cyno toyed with us. Every time the pie annihilated the Evil Cyno he was resurrected and the relentless attack continued. After at least 10 deaths our aggression for the passed ten years had settled some......

    We continued at the Luna fair grounds with some Trivia Questions:
    "Can anybody name the first EM partner I had?"
    Answer : Annendora
    Winner : Wazzle

    "Can you name all of the EMs that have come to Pacific in the passed two years?"
    Answer : Annendora, Lillimu, Tazzy, Tailspin, Iphitus, Kaz
    Winner : -none-

    "Anybody Remember how long I couldn't leave the EM Hall for?"
    Answer : EM Cyno was "Hall-bound" for 1 month
    Winner : Belle

    "Tickle me Cyno" also knows that Pacificans are greedy little creatures, saying gimme gimme gimme, even if they have no idea what they are asking for. A line formed quickly and crookedly for a NOT PINK but Baby blue robes crafted by Cyno Razik Himself. The "Special" part of the robe is that the crafted title reads "Elder EM Cyno Razik (12/18/2010)". After receiving the gifts the crowd quickly turned into a group of maniacal smurfs!

    A hailstorm of fireworks appeared, as the smoke cleared Mesanna appeared! Mesanna came to wish "Tickle me Cyno" a warm two year anniversary and everyone a Merry Christmas.

    Some odd person, someone that isn't me*, asked Messana to Kill Cyno for us. A rumble in the crowd started and a faint chant of what sounded like "Kill Cyno, Kill Cyno, Kill Cyno" could be heard. Apparently the psycotic Pacificans had not had their fill of torture with Cyno yet. Hearing the crowd Messana had no choice, EM Cyno had to DIE! Pulling the helpless Elder EM "Tickle me Cyno" towards her she smashed him in the noodle quickly dropping our beloved and much tortured EM.

    As it was EM "Tickle me Cyno's" special day Mesanna took pitty upon Cyno and resurrected him. There was however a side effect, similar to the incredible hulk, our EM turned into an angry green guy! Again the Pacificans afraid of nothing stood there waiting to be "Cyno Smashed."

    Luckily by the time "Tickle me Cyno" made it to the edge of the stage his rage subsided.

    Our next adventure was to play "Where's Cyno". Cyno blipped off of the stage and gave simple clues to where he would be. The first clue was "My first home." A group of players found him at the Counselors hall in Britain! The next location had a prize with it, the green bone remains of Elder EM Cyno Razik. The next locations clue was "There is a gate on an island on Ilshenar that leads to a special place."

    A rat race ensued, the greedy little Pacificans knew if they found Cyno first they could desecrate on his green bones anywhere in the world whenever they wanted to. Perhaps the bones might act like some type of Voodoo Doll that allows us to control our little EM. Four of us were running toe to toe pushing through the spider cave to get to the island of Reg Volum. Joy, Aradiva, April and I arrived at the island nearly at the same time. Low and behold one had beaten all of us, his name was demon.

    Many Pacificans were angry that they could not use the bones to fulfill there deepest evil desires. Luckily demon had discovered how to control "Tickle me Cyno" and managed to get him to place one of Mesanna’s cream pies into his bag. The crowed relentlessly pummeled "Tickle me Cyno" with pies.

    Oh and for those that didn't realize it by this point our EMs have new names. "Elder EM Cyno Razik" is now "Tickle me Cyno". And "EM Kaz" is now "Troublemaker Kazspazastic."

    * - Clearly as a reporter whatever I say is true, so if I say it isn't me. There is absolutely no way it was me and anyone that wishes to take credit for the killing of Cyno can have it, so long as it is not myself or I asking for said credit. And might I add it was totally proven at this event that psychotic personalities do well on Pacific.