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[NEWS] Touchdown!

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Shiel, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. Shiel

    Shiel Guest


    Introducing the very first bagball game of the season, led by our very own Ellis and Viktor!
    Looking very handsome I might add in their Bagball Adjudicator robes.

    Four teams competed for the honour of having their names placed upon the first shield of the tourney. Lets hear the cheers and the tinny music playing as they are introduced!

    The first team ready to play and champing at the bit for the opportunity to prove themselves to the fickle crowd were dressed in silver and are (from the top): Snakes Fury, Lady point and click and baked beans!


    Next up, sporting a rather nice shade of purple we have Samuel, Phoenix Sebratis and Held!


    Looking very vibrant dressed in a brilliant shade of green, give it up for Phoebe Halliwell, BBurnyeWest and Ascot D'Scar from the Pirates of Cove!


    Last but not least, we have the red robes belonging to Heronimus, Peter and LocKPicKer!


    *Listens to the crowd cheering wildly*

    Field umpire, Ellis called the first two teams to the centre and spoke with them briefly before the ball was bounced (the details of which I was not privy to as he could not be heard over the crowd. The silver team as you can see were very keen on adding bloodshed to the game.. perhaps Ellis might need to consider a Bagball Death Match in Felucca in the future?


    The game was held in two halves each lasting five minutes. The highest scoring team from each of the first rounds would play off in the final!

    Unfortunately for the audience, while fast paced.. the first game was rather one sided with the silver team coming in victorious at 5 points to nil.


    The second round was red versus green in a very festive looking affair. The teams formed up around the square and they were quickly underway!


    Again the match was very one sided.. as Viktor announced..
    "0-7 Red. That concludes the match!"


    The crowd waited anxiously as the teams were changed so the Red and Silver robed players faced each other in the final.


    Again, it seemed all stitched up from the minute the first bagball was dropped. The Silver robed team dominated the event, scoring a massive ten points with the Red team unable to overcome their brutal offensive strategy.


    Fun had by all at this first tourney, and we will look forward to the future shields appearing by the first.


    This is Shiel, your roving Sports Reporter, signing off.
  2. Teeshy

    Teeshy Guest

    Oh very cool! Sounds like fun was had by all!

    Was bummed I couldn't make it - I've still never played bagball, or seen it played, and still have NO idea how it is played =P

    Congrats to the silver robed team!