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[News]Township Summit Report 7/28/10

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    Township Summit Report
    Wednesday, July 28, 2010
    Castle, Britain


    Tavalia Zodok opened the meeting with an announcement from her Majesty. She wished to offer her sincerest thanks for everyone’s assistance determining the cause of disappearing Gypsies.

    Guardians Gate previously petitioned the crown to remove El Allisande from the table due to inactivity and desertion of the realm. She asked if anyone in the hall had any objections. The governor of PaxLair asked about buildings and if they are gone. Tavalia informed the governor it has been a long time since a resident from the town has sat at the table. The town also appears to be deserted. The township known as Al Ellisande has ejected from the summit table and will be added to the historical records.

    Tavalia Zodok shuffled some paper and chuckled some after finding a note. The note contained information on a force advancing on the city of Britain. The large military force should make landfall on Sunday evening. Unsure if the note was a mistake, she went on to say that it cannot be ignored, fake or real.

    “By order of Her Majesty the City of Britain is hereby placed on High Alert until Monday morning. Royal guard forces as well as all able citizens throughout the realm are asked to stand in defense of any threats that the City of Britain may face on Saturday, the Thirty-First of July.” Tavalia took a shot in the dark saying they may reach the city around ten o'clock.

    It would seem that the Livery Guild is looking to expand its number of stations throughout the realm. They are offering any interested township the opportunity to achieve a designation of Station. Any interested township may deposit a post in the mailbox at the Hall of Commons, designated for the Livery guild.

    Governor Winfield of the PaxLair Statehood requested to bring in an expert to address the summit. With the permission of Tavalia Zodok, Walt the Chemist informed all the townships in attendance about the quality of the waters and such in the realm. The locations in the Realm where he took samples were from the Pond of Peace (Aryslan), the Spring of Courage (PaxLair), The Well of Souls (Near Aryslan) and the Swamps (Guardians Gate). Walt is investigating if recent undead sightings are the cause for the waters being contaminated. Walt believes all of the water supplies in every township are connected together by an underground stream and all towns in every land could be in danger. They requested to take samples from the Castle moat and permission was granted by Tavalia.

    “All citizens are advised to drink only fine spirits, ales, and wines. Until the source of the contamination can be detected and eliminated, so ordered this day” ~Tavalia Zodok

    Ashlynn representing PaxOku suggested a motion to relieve Commander Drake Foxx of duty. Given Commander Foxx's record of success and Her Majesty's respect for him, her request was denied.

    Jamlyn Hakkendyn returned to the water subject. The Aryslan pond of Peace, and PaxLairs spring of Courage has certainly been attacked directly by the undead invasions. There has been "polluted Beats" coming out of each location and some found in the Rock Dungeon. Aryslan will be looking for the undead and the "Servant" and any township wishing to aid them in their search. The townships that announced to help thus far are Guardians Gate, PaxLair and Dragons Watch. They request aid from every township to help put an end to the servant. The Servant deceived them all by posting as a servant to Mazrim. This angers Jamlyn even more. They won’t sit around and wait to be attack and plan to take the fight to them.

    Mayor Scorpio requested to know what stance the crown takes on the undead subject. Tavalia responded that it has already been established. Skirmishes have occurred throughout the realm and various townships but no attempts have been made on Her Majesty's Cities.

    The Mayor went on to request time estimations on how long it would be before they are linked into the township teleport hub. Tavalia responded by saying the Royal Surveyor was contacted and the City of Action will be included soon. The Census for Action was also recorded by the Survey team.

    Mayor Rivi Ravenwynd of Zedland discussed with her people the undead invasions. Zedland has been attacked and is willing to give aid in the effort to defeat the undead. Zedland is ready and will answer the call to fight.

    Mayor Nanoc of Dragons Watch asked what time and date should a note be placed in the mailbox to contact the Livery guild. Tavalia said it is open at anytime.

    Lox from the Legacy Of The Fallen reminded Tavalia that a surveyor was to be sent to their town. They have constructed more buildings since then and have around five or six. They have been in contact with many builders and guilds. The township guild will be allied with the UHOH guild and the township name will be "The Citadel Of The Fallen". The township is located on the land that the former township of Fen was. Some of the older folks may remember the township.

    Benito petition the crown for recognition. The township name is Friar's Folly and is the size of a settlement. Tavalia asked a rune be deposited at the Hall of Commons. (Homare-Jima, Tokuno Islands.)

    Her Majesty wished to convey her warmest congratulations on Mayor Tancred RedStars nuptials.

    Meeting Adjourn

  2. Jamlyn

    Jamlyn Guest

    Thank you for posting the meeting notes.
  3. Sean

    Sean Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 10, 2003
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    Yes Thank you very much!