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[NEWS:] Transcript of Chamber of Virtues Gathering

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Vallend, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Vallend

    Vallend Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 16, 2005
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    {I arrived at the appointed meeting place seeing many people already gathered and waiting. The first thing I did notice was that there were an uncomfortable amount of Royal Guards around the area. I took a seat on a bench and chatted to friends till Solomon stood up and spoke.}
    Solomon Wright: My friends, the time is now 10:00pm...
    Solomon Wright: A humble call for silence for a moment.
    Solomon Wright: If you would be so kind.
    Solomon Wright: My name is Solomon Wright, and I appreciate every one of you coming out this evening.
    Solomon Wright: This sign of unity in times of political and military crisis is quite good for morale.
    Solomon Wright: Take a look around at all of the different faces assembled.
    Solomon Wright: People from all walks of life...
    Solomon Wright: All creeds, all colors, all philosophies and motivations...
    Solomon Wright: But I am not here to preach, nor am I here to lead.
    Solomon Wright: So I will end my comments briefly.
    Solomon Wright: What I would like to begin with is a quick exercise to demonstrate where we stand...
    Solomon Wright: Both divided...
    Solomon Wright: And unified.
    Solomon Wright: I have taken the time to speak with many of you, wandering the streets of this land...
    Solomon Wright: And although I have not had an opportunity to meet most of you, I believe there are a few
    Solomon Wright: common sentiments that have been rippling through our streets that should be addressed.
    Solomon Wright: Lord Casca.
    Solomon Wright: The name itself brings a variety of responses.
    Solomon Wright: Some call for allegiance.
    Solomon Wright: Some call for assassination.
    Solomon Wright: Some call for neutrality.
    Solomon Wright: What I would like to ask of you now...
    Solomon Wright: Is those of you who SUPPORT Lord Casca's ascension to the throne, please say "Aye!" {I counted 8 Ayes from the gathered group. That’s also when I first noticed a Robed Stranger working around the edge of the people gathered to speak and listen.}
    Corvak: No judgment? what of them? *points at the royal guard*
    Solomon Wright: Those of you who are indifferent to Casca's reign, please say "Eh!" {Ehs! I counted 6}
    A Robed Stranger: *looks about*
    Solomon Wright: And those of you who are opposed to his ascension, please say "Nay!" {No surprise there was 29 Nays from the group}
    Solomon Wright: As you can see, we have many different viewpoints represented this evening.
    Solomon Wright: The nays are in great abundance.
    Katherine Elle: *takes a glance at the man in the odd clothes with the red blade*
    Solomon Wright: But there are many sides to this coin we are flipping.
    Katherine Elle: *keeps an eye on the robed stranger*
    A Robed Stranger: *tries to stay unseen*
    Solomon Wright: There are four main points that have caused much of the animosity...
    Solomon Wright: And I would like to define them now.
    A Robed Stranger: Too many royal guards..
    Solomon Wright: Taxation.
    Solomon Wright: War.
    Solomon Wright: The removal of city independence.
    Solomon Wright: The way in which he rose to power.
    Solomon Wright: Those are the four primary issues, as I understand them.
    Solomon Wright: Does anyone differ?
    Solomon Wright: Onward, then...
    A Robed Stranger: I have seen the new council!
    Solomon Wright: On the issue of taxation...
    Solomon Wright: Many of you here have donated to the Library, the Museum and the Zoo.
    Solomon Wright: Say "Aye!" if you have. {This time 32 Aye's rung out}
    Solomon Wright: These were contributions you made to government-maintained institutions.
    Solomon Wright: So I have a question for you.
    Solomon Wright: If you knew where your tax money was going...
    Solomon Wright: Would you have such a problem paying it? {only two people rang in with Nays to this}
    Solomon Wright: Let us put it differently.
    A Robed Stranger: How do you think this place was built?
    Solomon Wright: You use the roads of this land.
    Solomon Wright: You stand in a chamber built on behalf of the people.
    Solomon Wright: Guards protect our streets.
    Solomon Wright: These are public services that have, for so long, been taken for granted.
    Solomon Wright: We have not contributed to their maintenance.
    Solomon Wright: Now, before you call for my assassination...
    Solomon Wright: Let me be clear.
    Solomon Wright: This is not my stance.
    Solomon Wright: This is A stance.
    Solomon Wright: And a valid one.
    Solomon Wright: One that should be considered in this debate.
    Solomon Wright: I will close on taxation with this statement. If you had transparency, would taxes be that bad?
    Solomon Wright: Wars.
    Katherine Elle: Solomon, if I may?
    Katherine Elle: One addition to your statement..
    Katherine Elle: It is not that we are upset about taxes.
    Solomon Wright: Katherine, certainly.
    Katherine Elle: All citizens have paid taxes, and it is taken by the vendors.
    Katherine Elle: Have you not noticed when a tailor does well
    Katherine Elle: His wares cost more?
    Solomon Wright: Ah, so you think there is a sales tax in effect?
    Solomon Wright: *smiles*
    Katherine Elle: They are taxed, and when we buy things, we are paying the taxes.
    Katherine Elle: *nods*
    Solomon Wright: A fair position.
    Katherine Elle: However...
    Katherine Elle: The problem here is that He wishes us to all pay these undefined 'back taxes'
    Solomon Wright: A humble request for silence, briefly.
    Solomon Wright: We do not know the amount being requested, quite yet.
    Katherine Elle: There has never been any mention of where these back taxes are going to be calculated.
    Solomon Wright: Nor do we know how it is to be used.
    Katherine Elle: Actually...
    Solomon Wright: If the amount is reasonable, and the use is visible...
    Katherine Elle: From Casca's words, we know exactly where it will go.
    Solomon Wright: Which brings us to...
    A Robed Stranger: I have seen it!
    Solomon Wright: War.
    Katherine Elle: And looking at these Royal Guardsman, we can tell.
    A Robed Stranger: He will build an army
    Katherine Elle: *nods*
    Solomon Wright: Let us discuss that.
    Solomon Wright: The second topic.
    Solomon Wright: The ophidians are besieging Vesper.
    Solomon Wright: Even now. The criers speak of it.
    A Robed Stranger: Tax to create an army, expand Britannia. It will be our downfall!
    A Robed Stranger: *shudders*
    Solomon Wright: It is intertwined with the war on Felucca, but they remain a threat here.
    Solomon Wright: The Shadowlords and Followers of Armageddon have demonstrated their danger to this world.
    Solomon Wright: It is quite clear that both represent a danger.
    A Robed Stranger: Both? They are one in the same.
    Solomon Wright: How many here feel that stopping the threat of Shadowlords, Zog Cabal and ophidians is just?
    Solomon Wright: Say, "Aye!" {8 Ayes and three nays this time}
    A Robed Stranger: You cannot simply stop the Shadow Lords with sword and shield!
    Solomon Wright: Yes, my friend?
    Va'lis Razele: These are not normal Ophidians attacking.
    Va'lis Razele: They are stronger.
    Solomon Wright: Aye, they are not.
    Solomon Wright: That is understood.
    Va'lis Razele: So who is to say...
    Va'lis Razele: These are ones that we should chase down into the Lost Lands?
    Solomon Wright: Perhaps not.
    Solomon Wright: A valid point that should be discussed.
    Va'lis Razele: Whose to even say...
    Va'lis Razele: That they are of free will?
    A Robed Stranger: War upon the Ophidians is not the answer.
    A Robed Stranger: They are strong, yet foolish!
    Va'lis Razele: Why does a man, call for more war?
    Solomon Wright: You can see differing opinions on this issue.
    A Robed Stranger: They do not act under their own will.
    Va'lis Razele: What we need...
    Katherine Elle: I fear that the one in the corner with the red blade might cause trouble.
    A Robed Stranger: They never have.
    Va'lis Razele: is Peace.
    Solomon Wright: But all of you must admit, a king, a valid king, would be concerned on all military fronts.
    yet you can't repel them?
    Solomon Wright: Let us move to the third topic, with a bit of quiet, kindly.
    Va'lis Razele: *nods*
    Solomon Wright: The removal of city independence.
    Solomon Wright: This was a proclamation many feel is aimed at both Trinsic...
    Solomon Wright: And some suspect Buccaneer's Den, Zento, and other small townships throughout the kingdom...
    Solomon Wright: Let us begin with Trinsic.
    Katherine Elle: We do supply Trinsic's protection.
    Katherine Elle: And we always Have.
    Solomon Wright: Long ago, Lord British offered a very specific honor to the Purple Guardians of Honor.
    Solomon Wright: It involved a royal decree, and a document being granted.
    Katherine Elle: *nods to Solomon*
    Solomon Wright: The debate as it stands, as I understand it, is whether or not this document is still legally
    Solomon Wright: binding.
    Solomon Wright: The Guardians declare it is.
    A Robed Stranger: Casca will demand proof
    Solomon Wright: As it was issued by Lord British.
    Katherine Elle: It is accurate, and has no expiration date.
    Solomon Wright: Casca appears to wish to overturn it.
    Katherine Elle: It is not a package of meat.
    Solomon Wright: And so, I propose this solution, in the case of Trinsic...
    Solomon Wright: A formal hearing at the Court of Truth, with both sides represented.
    Solomon Wright: So that a legal proceeding may establish the legitimacy of the claim contested.
    Katherine Elle: If I might interject...
    Katherine Elle: We all saw what happened to Ricardo.
    Katherine Elle: And Avery has not even had a hearing.
    Katherine Elle: I have no faith in the courts of Yew.
    Solomon Wright: Aye, so it is a hearing we must organize ourselves.
    Katherine Elle: Also...
    Katherine Elle: Since it is Lord Casca whom hires the judges
    Katherine Elle: Appoints the juries
    Katherine Elle: And pays the court repair costs...
    Solomon Wright: This brings up a side tangent, involving legitimacy of courts and establishing independent
    Katherine Elle: How exactly do you think it will proceed?
    Solomon Wright: judiciaries.
    Solomon Wright: But let us not go down that path quite yet.
    Katherine Elle: *nods*
    Katherine Elle: The way I see it is simple
    Solomon Wright: Let us address the final topic, so that I may relinquish the floor.
    Katherine Elle: Very well.
    Solomon Wright: The fourth and final topic...
    Katherine Elle: but I wish to have first chance to speak when able.
    Solomon Wright: How did Casca rise to power?
    Solomon Wright: Regarding this issue, I will say there are many questions.
    Solomon Wright: And questions that are fair.
    Solomon Wright: Some would say treasonous...
    Solomon Wright: But I would argue that those with Britannia in their hearts have fair concern here.
    Solomon Wright: A council was killed, a new council secretly elected...
    Solomon Wright: We must know who these nobles are.
    A Robed Stranger: Nobles!
    A Robed Stranger: They are no such thing
    A Robed Stranger: I lay last night
    A Robed Stranger: in a cold, dank cave
    A Robed Stranger: and a vision came to me, of Casca's council!
    Solomon Wright: We cannot judge the legitimacy of the crown until we see the credentials of those who
    Solomon Wright: pushed him to power.
    Solomon Wright: I will close with this...
    A Robed Stranger: They sit, corpulent, feasting on meat of all sorts!
    A Robed Stranger: and have only avarice in their hearts
    A Robed Stranger: I know not where Casca found them
    Solomon Wright: In his speech, Casca claimed Clainin, a surviving member of the Council, gave his blessing...
    A Robed Stranger: nor what is in his heart
    A Robed Stranger: but I know his council is false!
    Solomon Wright: A visit to the healer in New Haven will allow you to meet Clainin.
    Solomon Wright: He remains deranged and semi-conscious, with no ability to make competent judgments.
    Solomon Wright: So...those are the primary issues of contention, with some broad points regarding them.
    Solomon Wright: I will now relinquish the floor to...
    Solomon Wright: Whomever wishes to maintain order for a bit.
    Katherine Elle: *raises hand*
    Katherine Elle: I wish to speak.
    Katherine Elle: Since it is we Guardians who are at the center of a large issue here.
    Katherine Elle: Trinsic has long stood under the Purple Guardians of Honor's protection.
    Katherine Elle: Even if we were not owners of the city, we would still protect it.
    Katherine Elle: Casca claims to have our best interests at heart, but we have seen no aid
    Katherine Elle: No help since he came to power
    Katherine Elle: In any of the cities whom have been invaded.
    Katherine Elle: Trinsic will remain under our protection
    Katherine Elle: and instead of even speaking with us
    Katherine Elle: Lord Casca decreed that he would take it from us by force.
    Katherine Elle: Know this, all of you
    Katherine Elle: We do not advocate violence against Lord Casca.
    Katherine Elle: but if he brings it to our doorstep, we will not shy away.
    Katherine Elle: He has sent his collectors after us
    Katherine Elle: We told them to go home, and have him parley with us.
    Solomon Wright: To prevent bloodshed, are you willing to demonstrate your claim in an open, unbiased Court?
    Katherine Elle: It is a well recorded fact. If you can get a truly open court, then we have no problem.
    Solomon Wright: *nods*
    Solomon Wright: Very well.
    Katherine Elle: But what is to prevent Casca from stealing the document from Evidence?
    Katherine Elle: Burning it?
    Katherine Elle: We are all at danger, even here.
    Katherine Elle: *gestures to the guards*
    Katherine Elle: They already wish that we do not speak the truth.
    Solomon Wright: Let us seek to resolve that dispute peaceably.
    Katherine Elle: My final statement be this...
    Katherine Elle: The people of Trinsic have never asked to be removed from our Protection.
    Katherine Elle: The people of Trinsic have not wanted.
    Katherine Elle: Minax's forces were repelled...
    Katherine Elle: Juo'nar's forces repelled...
    Katherine Elle: Ventryn, Xenthyl, and now the shadowlords have been fought by us.
    Solomon Wright: *glances over at the man in purple*
    Katherine Elle: We will continue to do what is right by the people.
    Solomon Wright: Katherine...
    Solomon Wright: Please hold one moment.
    Katherine Elle: I am done, Solomon.
    Solomon Wright: My friends...
    Solomon Wright: We seem to have a distinguished guest this evening.
    Solomon Wright: *gestures*
    A Robed Stranger: Ah, but I dare not bring notice to myself, not with this many Royal Guards here.
    A Robed Stranger: I am a wanted man!
    Solomon Wright: *nods*
    A Robed Stranger: Outcast from Britannia..
    A Robed Stranger: I only came to tell my vision
    A Robed Stranger: of Casca's 'council'
    A Robed Stranger: and that they are false!
    Solomon Wright: We will allow you the floor after Va'lis speaks.
    Va'lis Razele: Friends..
    Va'lis Razele: Many of you know my opinion.
    Va'lis Razele: **whips out a glass dagger**
    Va'lis Razele: In fact, perhaps you have heard e speaking in New Haven!
    Va'lis Razele: where is Casca?
    Va'lis Razele: Hmm?
    Va'lis Razele: Where is he now?
    Va'lis Razele: Hiding?
    Va'lis Razele: I see his guards.
    Va'lis Razele: Yet
    Va'lis Razele: They are nothing.
    Va'lis Razele: I tried to Kill Casca!
    Va'lis Razele: thrice.
    Va'lis Razele: i will try again.
    Va'lis Razele: Let his guards show me his power.
    Va'lis Razele: Arrest me Casca
    Solomon Wright: Va'lis, that's not really what we're here to discuss this evening.
    Solomon Wright: But thank you for expressing your view.
    Va'lis Razele: If he is truly King...
    Va'lis Razele: He will.
    Solomon Wright: Which is an important one to consider...
    Solomon Wright: As you can see, there are calls for anarchy.
    Solomon Wright: There are calls for remaining inert until something occurs to require action.
    Solomon Wright: I think, what we have demonstrated this evening, is that Britannia is diverse in its motivations.
    Solomon Wright: But we do have one common purpose.
    Solomon Wright: And that is to write the history of this world, together, as a people.
    Solomon Wright: *gestures*
    Solomon Wright: The guards have dispersed.
    Solomon Wright: Perhaps our Robed Friend will come out and speak with us?
    Batlin Hawkwind: excuse me sir Solomon
    Batlin Hawkwind: i have a weird question
    Solomon Wright: Yes, my friend?
    Solomon Wright: Please, ask.
    Batlin Hawkwind: we had a regent
    Batlin Hawkwind: Dawn
    Batlin Hawkwind: she vanished?
    Solomon Wright: *nods*
    Solomon Wright: One of many nobles who have come and gone.
    Batlin Hawkwind: I see
    Batlin Hawkwind: thank you
    Solomon Wright: I do not know what has become of her.
    Batlin Hawkwind: I don’t understand
    Solomon Wright: But that is part of the problem.
    Solomon Wright: We have a rotating door of ascendancy.
    Batlin Hawkwind: how can we have a new regent
    Batlin Hawkwind: with the last one still around
    Solomon Wright: Leaders who randomly appear, and then vanish after a short time has elapsed...
    Solomon Wright: With no accountability to the people.
    Batlin Hawkwind: those are whispers in the sands of time
    Batlin Hawkwind: thank you
    Solomon Wright: Another purpose of this evening's gathering is to discuss two things...
    Solomon Wright: The first...
    Solomon Wright: Do we rebuild the system that provides for our monarchy?
    Solomon Wright: The second, if not, what is the new path we should walk?
    Solomon Wright: Some say democracy.
    Va'lis Razele: One man with too much power is corruptible.
    Solomon Wright: Others wish for the status quo.
    Solomon Wright: What I would propose, over the coming days...
    Solomon Wright: Is that we all consider...
    Edders: If we cannot agree on one thing....We may have Civil War upon us!!!
    Solomon Wright: Do we want a just monarchy, or democracy?
    Solomon Wright: Do we want anarchy, or order?
    Solomon Wright: And is there a middle ground between them?
    Solomon Wright: If all things must exist in balance...
    Solomon Wright: Could we not create it within our system of governance?
    Solomon Wright: That is what Blackthorne and British explored where their Order and Chaos orientations.
    NataS SanE: until Minax yes they did
    Solomon Wright: Until Minax.
    Solomon Wright: Indeed.
    Solomon Wright: The final thing of note...
    Solomon Wright: That I can think of...
    Solomon Wright: Is this man...
    Solomon Wright: Owain Surrey.
    Solomon Wright: Have you heard of him?
    Solomon Wright: Both Casca and Emissary Kasaven have mentioned him.
    Solomon Wright: A prophet with a desire for vengeance.
    Solomon Wright: Haunted by dreams, some real, some warped by the Shadowlords...
    Solomon Wright: That foretell of the future.
    Solomon Wright: This man can see what lies before us.
    Solomon Wright: The question is...
    Solomon Wright: Can we trust what he sees?
    Solomon Wright: I believe he stood before us tonight.
    Solomon Wright: We should seek him out.
    NataS SanE: that purple guy?
    Solomon Wright: I believe that was him.
    Solomon Wright: He had a sword of remarkable energy with him.
    Solomon Wright: Someone else should speak. Will a pirate take the floor?
    Solomon Wright: I am interested in their perspective.
    Solomon Wright: They must have all departed.
    Solomon Wright: The guards...!
    Solomon Wright: Surround the corner!
    Solomon Wright: Create a circle!
    Solomon Wright: He must have run!

    {At that point Solomon recommended that that everyone seek Kasavens help in finding Owain, and we should move up to the old Councilors Hall. Most rushed after him to the hall but I was a few minutes late in following. I arrived there to find the following.}

    EM Annendora: I am so confused! One minute sitting in the office, then knocked on my head and here I stand!
    Owain Surrey: Knocked on your head? By who?
    EM Annendora: I do not know, they told me, begged me not to come into here
    Owain Surrey: Guardsmen?
    EM Annendora: I tried to run in the door and I blacked out!
    Solomon Wright: Annendora, what did your assailants look like?
    Owain Surrey: As do I, I must find Kasaven!
    Owain Surrey: Damn the guard!
    Owain Surrey: I shall leave you all a message
    Owain Surrey: if I find any clues
    Solomon Wright: *listens closely*
    Owain Surrey: but I doubt it will be this night
    Owain Surrey: for already he is lost..
    Fur Trader: true britanian royal guards fear nothing and give their lives to defend the land
    Owain Surrey: true? They were not true, their falsehood reeked like rotten corpses
    EM Annendora: Good luck to you Owain
    Solomon Wright: Owain, what is your message?
    Owain Surrey: To keep an eye open and a hand open for Kasaven
    Owain Surrey: if he needs assistance!
    Solomon Wright: *nods*
    Owain Surrey: I shall go in search of him
    Owain Surrey: If I find any clues
    Owain Surrey: I will report them back here, on the morrow
    Owain Surrey: Well met, Britannians!
    {Owain then left the hall and most of the gathered people followed hoping to find a way to help poor Kasaven. The ones that stayed behind had a discussion with Solomon about the legal status of the PGoHs claim to the city of Trinsic. The sticking point being the Deed to the city of Trinsic given to them by Lord British Himself years ago.}