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[News] Trubo Captured In Bloody Exodus Brawl

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Cymidei Fier, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. Cymidei Fier

    Cymidei Fier Guest

    The crowd pressed into the throne room eagerly awaiting the arrival of Queen Dawn. Rumors circulated through the throne room about Lord Trubo Saius and the discovery of his hiding place and his involvement in the assassination of Lady Aino Nystad and the killing at Lord Blackthorn’s Castle. After a few moments, Queen Dawn entered the throne room and addressed us all.


    “My friends, my fellow warriors I will be brief. Let me first commend and recognize those that aided my agents in their investigation. It is due to your cleverness and determination that we stand here today, ready to strike. Some have questioned me of what is to be done about the ex-disciple Zephera.

    For now, stay away. So long as she is content to remain in her corner. Some suggested she still posed some kind of danger. Reports written to me said that Trubo, curse his name, had visited her. I will say again as I have said before.

    Should you find and confront Trubo Saius. Bring him alive, if at all possible. For greater things may be at work, and I believe there is still something we may learn. Yes, alive, and coherent. No doubt the whisperings and rumors have made their rounds and I can say, Kullervo Nystad will be leading you to confront Saius.

    Despite the death of his only sibling, Kullervo has remained calm and vigilant. In this errand, he has my confidence as I hope he has yours as well. Before I let you go let me say this. In each of you I do not doubt your abilities or your resourcefulness and by the same token, I have no illusion of Trubo Saius as well. I do not underestimate what he may bring against us. So in what you do the sacred virtues must guide you.”

    We met Kullervo at the West Britain Bank and many noticed that he was wearing a bright new pair of Air Urlik running shoes. For those of you who don’t know Urlik Fangborn of the Town Guard made Sollerets of Sacrifice the most fashionable shoes in Britannia by wearing them on his official patrols!


    Next we set out for the Exodus Dungeon in Ilshenar to confront Trubo Saius in his base. Just outside of the Exodus Dungeon we faced stiff resistance from legions of dangerous Nether Daemons, Upgraded Golems and Modified Clockworks and Slavers.


    After a long struggle we were able to drive off Trubo’s minions and gain entry into the Exodus Dungeon. Our fight against Trubo Saius’ army intensified once we were inside and we pressed relentlessly into the final room where Lord Trubo awaited us.


    Lord Saius hovered overhead just out of reach as he taunted us with bold words, including a vile comment about Queen Dawn. “Let us raise this land anew! The master‘s memory speaks to me. Serve the master! Serve his memory! Better yet flee for your lives. It's far more satisfying to kill cowards. Such devotion and strength could be of use Very well if you will not bow….”


    In reaction to Lord Trubo’s insults someone in the crowd remarked. “Look who is standing up there out of reach.” We were all ready to engage Trubo and put a stop to his madness. Kullervo and Trubo exchanged a few more taunts and then Trubo descended into the crowd.


    For a few moments, it seemed that Trubo was free of the entity that possessed him and acting under his own will. Lord Trubo’s terrible powers left most of us slaughtered on the dungeon floor which was slick with blood. Lord Trubo unleashed volleys of lightning and hurled globes of water at everyone in the room.


    I tried to stand at a distance from Lord Trubo and shoot him at a long range but it was to no avail! Soon I was dead and most of the party was dead also. Trubo’s life was slowly ebbing away when Kullervo struck Trubo with a powerful blow and knocked him out cold!



    Lady Halo In Reverse reportedly stole Lord Trubo Saius’ old worn robe, when he was knocked out. Trubo was taken back to the Castle’s throne room and Kullervo told us that he would be kept prisoner by the Queen’s sentries. Lord Trubo hissed that “this is not over yet” as he was lead away.
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    I'm sorry I missed this! I got busy last night =]