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[NEWS:] Two events are planned for this coming weekend April 11th and 12th

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Vallend, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Vallend

    Vallend Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 16, 2005
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    Two new shields have been placed at the Councilors (EM) Hall in Britain announcing two events for the upcoming the weekend. The first is Clainin’s Memorial Service at Lord British’s Castle in Britain on Saturday, April 11th at 6 p.m. EST. The second looks to be a fun Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday April, 12th at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. EST with no location listed as of yet. (When further information is given it will be posted as soon as we can.)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Giggles

    Giggles Wielder of Ebil Cookies
    Moderator Professional Stratics Veteran Social Media Liaison Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter The Squirrel Empire

    May 12, 2008
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    Must... Get.... ALLL the Easter Eggs. *rolls up sleeves* Your all going down!!
  3. Cool sounds like a fun weekend some RP and a egg hunt.. wonder if you open the eggs if a horde of monsters come out..hehe
  4. Bob_the_fart_guy

    Bob_the_fart_guy Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 26, 2005
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    I saw the candles someone placed...I can't believe that I missed it. I was an hour late...I....gosh I suck. I can't believe it.

    Does anyone know if I can at LEAST attend the event on another shard?

    I..I hate myself.
  5. Phaen Grey

    Phaen Grey Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
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    My best suggestion is to check the shard forums to see if any haven't done theirs yet. I will post my transcript of the service in a little while if you would like to at least read it Bob.
  6. Phaen Grey

    Phaen Grey Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
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    Many gathered to remember and bid farewell to Clainin the Royal Mage at Lord British's Castle this evening.

    Lord Owain Surrey: I hope you are all well, and in better spirits than I.
    Anne Nomilly: nay
    Lord Owain Surrey: Let us begin
    Lord Owain Surrey: It brings tears of pride to my eyes to see so many gathered here this day.
    Lord Owain Surrey: To honor such a man whose loyalty to Britannia cannot be summed up in mere words.
    Lord Owain Surrey: To honor a such a man whose magnanimous actions, time and time again,
    Lord Owain Surrey: protected all living things from the travesties of blinding evil.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Only his penetrating gaze could detect Ramuz the Shadowlord when he walked among the people.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Only his powerful machinations protected Britannia when Yew and Cove were overrun by Orcs.
    Lord Owain Surrey: *relights his candle*
    Lord Owain Surrey: Only his great leadership rallied the people, side by side with Dupre.
    Lord Owain Surrey: *bows his head, remembering a time long ago*
    Lord Owain Surrey: And only his gentle words prevented me from drowning in despair, when my life was in ruin.
    Lord Owain Surrey: He was the last of the council whose whereabouts were known,
    Lord Owain Surrey: and thus an era of great men of Britannia,
    Lord Owain Surrey: men whose good deeds we could not fathom to match, even if wed lived 10 lifetimes,
    Lord Owain Surrey: comes to an end this day.
    Lord Owain Surrey: *looks out and over the crowd, his eyes moist with sorrow*
    Lord Owain Surrey: It is our duty, then, to carry on as protectors of valor and virtue, of honor and humility,
    Lord Owain Surrey: *raises head up*
    Lord Owain Surrey: to stay the hand of evil till we breath our last breaths,
    Lord Owain Surrey: till we can no longer grasp the hilts of our swords in old age, for long have we fought damnation.
    Lord Owain Surrey: *takes a deep breath*
    Lord Owain Surrey: When word reached my ears of Clainins awakening, my heart leapt from my chest.
    Lord Owain Surrey: I am sure I am not the only one here who felt thus
    Lord Owain Surrey: eh?
    Lord Owain Surrey: I ran to New Haven, my mind racing, my mentor, after 10 long years, finally awake!
    Lord Owain Surrey: Yet when I arrived, only the outline of Clainin remained in the linen on his sick bed.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Word later came to my ears that Casca had moved him to a safer place and
    Lord Owain Surrey: as my heart had leaped moments ago, now it collapsed in my bosom.
    Lord Owain Surrey: I knew nothing good could come of such a thing, and my premonitions did not lie!
    Beldin Brightaxe: safer me arse
    Lord Owain Surrey: And alas, here we are today, to honor the fourth innocent soul
    Lord Owain Surrey: that the Shadow Lords have rent from my life, from our lives!
    Lord Owain Surrey: *Scans about the crowd and scoffs*
    Lord Owain Surrey: I also see that Casca is not here today, perhaps that is in his best interest,
    Lord Owain Surrey: for we demand answers!
    Lord Owain Surrey: As much peril as I risk in this statement, if he cannot bow his head to honor Clainin,
    Lord Owain Surrey: I cannot bow my head to recognize him as king!
    Lord Owain Surrey: But alas, today is not a day of revolution; it is a day of remembrance.
    Lord Owain Surrey: I remember Clainin as a great teacher, for I was his apprentice, as he was Nystuls.
    Lord Owain Surrey: He taught me not only the arcane arts of the magician,
    Lord Owain Surrey: but more importantly the love of the land and its people.
    Lord Owain Surrey: I carry that love with me this day and for always, and I share that love with you all.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Let us not lament for the man that once was,
    Lord Owain Surrey: but rather let us rejoice for the legacy that forever will be! Long live Clainin!
    Lord Owain Surrey: Never forget!
    Greg: Long live Clainin!
    Beleg Megil: Long live Clainin!
    Lord Owain Surrey: *looks about the crowd*
    Tim Aaron: Long live Clainin! Never forget!
    Angelwings: Never Forget!!
    Echo: never forget
    Lord Owain Surrey: Shall anyone else like to say a few words before we march to his memorial in the gardens??
    Beldin Brightaxe: aye, never forget
    Xavier De Vinnt: lead on
    Lord Owain Surrey: Come, let us go then!
    Lord Owain Surrey: let us form
    Lord Owain Surrey: a line and march!

    The Observers followed Lord Owain Surrey to the memorial set up for Clainin in the castle courtyard.

    Lord Owain Surrey: The flowers have an enchantment upon them
    Lord Owain Surrey: they will never wilt nor die
    Lord Owain Surrey: forever shall they smell sweet to honor Clainin
    Lord Owain Surrey: Does anyone have any items they wish to add, as an everlasting memorial??
    Ahmaya: Yes
    Lord Owain Surrey: Come, hand it to me, I shall place it
    Ahmaya: It isn't much...
    Lord Owain Surrey: Ah, it is the thought and respect that matters
    Lord Owain Surrey: Thank you, Elise
    Lord Owain Surrey: and Scarst
    Xavier De Vinnt: I have an item
    Lord Owain Surrey: Thank you Xavier
    Lord Owain Surrey: virtues represented Clainin more than anything
    Angelwings: i have something
    Lord Owain Surrey: Thank you
    Angelwings: as a sign of his wisdom
    Lord Owain Surrey: Thank you all, these items will help us to remember Clainin and all he has done for us
    Nina Loki: May he rest in peace

    Lord Owain Surrey then placed the items from the observers around Clainin's memorial.

    Lord Owain Surrey: If there were ever a time when the land needed you, Clainin
    Lord Owain Surrey: it is now
    Lord Owain Surrey: I will heed your words of wisdom
    Lord Owain Surrey: and adhere them to the best of my ability
    Lord Owain Surrey: I pray I do not dissapoint.
    Beleg Megil: The world still has all of us.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Aye, perhaps someday we can dedicate our tailors to making such
    Lord Owain Surrey: For he is surely worthy
    Beleg Megil: May we do our best to fill his place together.
    Va'lis Razele: He is invulnerable...
    Lord Owain Surrey: Thank you, Valis, I will place it against the wall
    Lord Owain Surrey: and I am glad to see you certainly Va'lis
    Lord Owain Surrey: Clainin forgives much
    Echo: could you light the candle please
    Va'lis Razele: I cannot forgive myself...
    Echo: thank you
    Lord Owain Surrey: Ah, Va'lis
    Ancyous de Vaile: Esta bien. shh.
    Lord Owain Surrey: Perhaps dedicating his spellbook would put your soul to rest.
    Va'lis Razele: I...dont have it...
    Va'lis Razele: Any longer...
    Lord Owain Surrey: Wherever it is, just keep it as a token of respect
    Lord Owain Surrey: that he fought to protect us all
    Lord Owain Surrey: even in his dying breaths
    Lord Owain Surrey: and as much as he is wise, he is forgiving.
    Lord Owain Surrey: I shall retire to the Counselor's hall, for a few drinks in honor of Clainin.
    Lord Owain Surrey: If any would join me, comfort is always needed

    The observers seperated at this point, heading to their homes or to take Lord Owain Surrey up on his offer of a drink.
  7. Bob_the_fart_guy

    Bob_the_fart_guy Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 26, 2005
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    ****While tide up in official business of outer realms, Hagrid shouted words of encouragement in the ear of his galloping Reptalon "Faster friend, for we may not make Clainin's farewell"! Though Norbert (Hagrid's Reptalon) beat his wings hard, and galloped as fast as he could, Hagrid arrived only to find a trail of candles. Then parting ways with Norbert to the stables Hagrid limped over to the Britannia Guild Hall, where others were just returning from the service itself.****

    Sometimes "RL" events cause us not to be able to make all of the events. Fortunately for me though, I did see Lord Owain Surrey. He looked up from his chess match when I lowered my head in shame, muttering something...

    ****"I can't believe I missed his farewell, for I wanted to return this to it's rightful owner" Hagrid said patting the blood stained spellbook that Clainin once held. Owain's eyes perked up a bit. He excused himself from his chess match, and reaching out grasped Hagrid's shoulder, suddenly in a flash of lightning the world began to spin. His mind melded with Owain's if only for a brief few seconds, Hagrid saw many towns, up was down, down was up...then suddenly Owain and Hagrid stood before the carved statue of Clainin. Hagrid handed over the book to Owain, and with powerful magics not even a few of this world can control he sealed and bonded the book to the memorial. And then...just like that Hagrid found himself back in the Guildhall while Owain seated himself to finish the game of chess. Vallend then offered up some ale in commemoration of the final memory of Clainin. To which Hagrid quickly drank. "Rest in peace dear friend Clainin". ****
  8. CatLord

    CatLord Guest

    * sits quietly in the shadows of the old inn... waiting for Clainin's next move. *