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[News] Undying Love Part III - Afore weddings, a funeral?

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Guest, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Gates will be provided to the locations of the wedding from the Golden Unicorn Tavern in Wispwood Shire.
    Those who crave exercise can jog there, if they wish - it will be held west of Umbra, at the top of the desert, slightly north from the lake.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    [​IMG] <div><table width="60%" bgcolor="#000000" bordercolor="#A00000" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tr valign="top"> <td bgcolor="#A00000" width="20">  </td> <td bgcolor="#A00000">  </td> <td bgcolor="#A00000" width="20">  </td> </tr> <tr valign="top"> <td bgcolor="#A00000">  </td> <td>  </td> <td bgcolor="#A00000">  </td> </tr> <tr valign="top"> <td bgcolor="#A00000">  </td> <td align="center">  [​IMG] </td> <td bgcolor="#A00000">  </td> </tr> <tr valign="top"> <td bgcolor="#A00000">  </td> <td bgcolor="#A00000">  </td> <td bgcolor="#A00000">  </td> </tr> </table> </div>

    [​IMG]tto's fingers read the two messages carefully.
    The first was an invitation to a wedding. A joyous occasion, usually. Two whom he had known a long while, had fallen in love, and were to commit to each other.
    Normally a cause to be happy. But this... there was too much going on, too many shadows, too many unknown factors.
    He sighed, and, putting the wedding invitation aside, turned to the second document, and it's smaller, attached scroll.

    <div><table width="60%" bgcolor="#000000" bordercolor="#A00000" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tr valign="top"> <td bgcolor="#A00000" width="20">  </td> <td bgcolor="#A00000">  </td> <td bgcolor="#A00000" width="20">  </td> </tr> <tr valign="top"> <td bgcolor="#A00000">  </td> <td>  </td> <td bgcolor="#A00000">  </td> </tr> <tr valign="top"> <td bgcolor="#A00000">  </td> <td align="center">  [​IMG] </td> <td bgcolor="#A00000">  </td> </tr> <tr valign="top"> <td bgcolor="#A00000">  </td> <td bgcolor="#A00000">  </td> <td bgcolor="#A00000">  </td> </tr> </table> </div>

    "Precision." murmured Otto. "It takes a master craftsman to find just the right spot to strike, to achieve the best results. Precision..."
    With a small, wry smile, he began sharpening a newly crafted dagger... one glowing with a strange energy, and with a small chained demon carved into the hilt...

    "It's been a while since I made a Named blade, Freedom." He remarked.
  3. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    The Vampire looked down at the floor where the crumpled parchment lie between his feet. He glanced back up at his fiance with pitch black eyes, "What is this?".

    "Pick it up, read it", she stood before him arms crossed, foot tapping in impatience. She was absolutely livid about something.

    His day did not bode well for him if he didn't calm her soon. He leaned down and fetched the paper from the floor. Unraveling the poster, he read with interest. Suddenly, SpyderBite smiled broadly and then broke in to a fit of hysterical laughter, clutching the Bounty in his hand and struggling to breath in his mirth.

    Katharine's eye widened in astonishment at his reaction. In one swift move, she snatched the Bounty from his hand and smacked him over the head with it.

    "What are you laughing about!", if it was possible for her to be more angry she would literally implode!

    The former Assassin stifled his laughs, but remained smiling. Leaning back in the large crimson throne, he raised a hand as she moved to swat him again with the Bounty.

    "Nay, no more Love", he said, still supressing a laugh, "There will always be people of this world who see only in black and white. The narrow minded of the land condemn themselves". Grabbing his black robe that hung on the throne, he stood and tossed it about his shoulders.

    "Come", he said, "It is time".

    "Time for what?", asked Katharine, a little more placid when he put his arm around her.

    "Do you remember the woman, Silvara?", he asked as they headed to towards the doors of the Tomb.

    Katharine only nodded in acknowledgement. The woman had come to them, beaten and bloody, barely alive, two days earlier. She had petitioned the monsters they were akin to, to be turned. Instead they attacked her savagely and robbed her of everything she carried right on the steps of the Nest.

    "Let us go to the Temple, Love", he smiled as they walked out in to moonlight, "It is time for our first Turning".


    Silvara watched nervously, anxiously, as the Vampires SpyderBite and Katharine spoke with each other near the Altar. She noted the Lady Maleeka preparing spells of Healing in case the Turning failed. She shuddered at the thought of the consequences.

    SpyberBite spun and approached the woman with snow white hair, black robes flowing behind him, "Do you accept the Curse?", he asked her.

    Easily and confidently, she answered him, "Yes, I do".

    He only nodded, "Do you also accept the Blessing?".

    She accepted, and before she knew it, the Vampire had clutched her by her hair pulling her head back sharply, exposing her throat. He sunk his fangs in to her neck so quickly, it was almost painless. Her sight faded as the life was drained from her. Maleeka stifled a gasp. Slowly, Silvara's vision returned to her, as SpyderBite released her and wiped the blood from his lips.

    Katharine looked at the Newly Turned woman, then to her Chosen, "Well?". Maleeka nodded anxiously at him as well.

    He looked around at all three women, then smiled.

    "She has been Turned... I am a Maker", he looked up at the Moon and thought for a moment.

    "Fetch me the woman of the Knights called Miranda. I want her to witness our turning of Cattibrie. To understand that we are not the same monsters that scour the land like locusts attempting to exterminate Humanity. If we can make her understand, surely she can convince Sio as well".

    Katharine marched down the steps of the Temple, Maleeka close behind to find their Day Keeper, as Spyder opened a gate to Wintermoor. His old friend, Miranda could be a difficult woman at times.. strong willed she was.. and a perfect witness to his second Turning.
  4. Katharine

    Katharine Guest


    Hittin this up for a bump and a lil bragging... 2 of my bestest friends from SWG are coming over for the wedding! *bounces around* Sarah (dunno what her character name is gonna be, probably Mheyin) has agreed to be one of the bridesmaids and Travis (character name probably gonna be Aldaris) is just coming over cause he loves me! hehehe... kk just wanted to do a lil braggin. Show em some love (no that doesnt mean kill them every 3 steps! hehe). [​IMG]
  5. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine tugged at her armor in frustration. The night was not going well at all. Not only did she miss another oppuntinity to kill her maker, which was enough to frustrate her, she also had to deal with wedding details. Little more than a week away, she would be more than happy just to elope rather than dealing with all this. Katharine looked over the temple, noticing plants being placed here and there with a small smile. It was going to be a beautiful ceremony. Dark, but beautiful. She walked around the temple catching glimpses of the alter here and there, marking down where more walls needed to go up to provide easier viewing for some, chewing on her pen lost in thought. Spyder seemed distracted as of late, but Catti's training was coming along very nicely. Her skills had improved so much within the past couple of weeks. Katharine plopped down in one of the guest chairs, staring out over the crumbled edge of the temple with a sigh. Friends come and go like water through a broken pitcher these days it seemed. Not only has this ceremony caused a rift between her family but with the Knights as well... well one in particular. Who would have thought being in love would cause so much trouble? She chuckled softly and shrugged at her thoughts. At least she didn't have to worry about assembling a guest list, since everyone was welcome to come. Katharine stood up from the seat, stretching her arms above her head she smiled, going in to wake up Spyder. She was hungry, and blood vials just weren't cutting it today...

    Stepping from the temple, Katharine saw a familiar face run by. That of her stalker. She laughed and sauntered up next to him with a grin, only to recieve a glare in return.
    "Hello Lucrio, out for a stroll?" she laughed softly.
    "You are not who I am looking for .." he ground out.
    "Oh, you're looking for my Chosen? Well you won't find him." she grinned up at him, showing off her tiny fangs taking pleasure in watching him squirm.
    He snorted and shouted "I will!"
    "Wanna bet?" she challenged with a soft smile playing at her lips, and laughed as he rode off. "Go see your boss.." she shouted at him as he rode off, only to hear a small grunt from him.
    "Poor Lucrio, he looks like hell.." she mumbled and shrugged walking into the house ...
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    and Hubby knows about this?
  7. Katharine

    Katharine Guest



    Reged: 10/20/03
    Posts: 14
    Re: [News] Undying Love... [Re: Skylark SP]
    #6372003 - 01/10/06 07:59 PM Edit Reply Quote


    Hmm, so now that you are engaged to bat breath, Kat - what does your husband Kiron think about it?



    *reads over the parchment then his eyes widen, his hands busting into flames burning it into ashes*


    I must return it seems...to make this DEMON VANISH ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!

    [/ QUOTE ]
    &lt;You mean that one who's been playing along? *chuckles*&gt;
  8. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    The Vampire, SpyderBite watched from his crimson throne as Katharine tore the ribbon of the gift box excitedly. Tossing the lid behind her, she reached in to the box and pulled out the white dress and hat. She beamed up at her chosen and then turned to the Mortal called Skylark. With a childlike giggle she snatched up the outfit and ran off to the next room to change in to the gift.

    Spyder attempted to stifle a small chuckle, "White?".

    Skylark glowered at the former Assassin and reached in to her bag for a muffin, "No, no.. put your baked goods away, Woman. I fear them more than a wooden spike dipped in Holy Water at times!".

    She stayed her hand and smiled, then laughed, "Well then Spyder, you should know that I have spent many hours baking such goods for your Ceremony!".

    Laughing along with her he replied, "Is that a gift or your own device for stopping the Union from taking place!".

    Both laughed, but stopped suddenly as Katharine appeared in the doorway.. the white dress and matching hat literally glowed on the woman. Seeing that they were both at a loss for words, she curtsied and smiled, "How do I look?".

    Sky was the first to collect her self, "It's absolutely beautiful Dear". SpyderBite could only nod in agreement at the site of his wife to be in the elegant dress. Skylark then turned to SpyderBite, "I bring these gifts now, for alas, I may not be able to attend the Union. I have much going on, and should this change, know that I will be ther for both of you on your day. If not enjoy these gifts and I shall have the grandest wedding cake you've ever seen delivered to the ceremony".

    Trying not to ruffle the gown, Katharine hugged Skylark tightly and whispered, "Thank you. For the gifts and for your support. Neither is treasured any more than the other".

    Skylark bowed, smiled at SpyderBite, and took her leave of the Tomb. Leaping on to her massive black Mare she thundered off across the deserts of Malas.

    Katharine turned to SpyderBite, still beaming in sheer happiness, to which he responded, "It would seem, Love, that we are not not hunted by everyone after all".
  9. "[​IMG]hat say you, Danag?" asked the hideous creature of the ancient vampire who stood before him. "You were once friend to these humans, so very long ago. Have you any insights to offer?"

    "It is as I have long said." hissed the voice from the shadows "Humans have their merits. But they hid the sweetness from me for so long... so long... There is nothing good in them that can not be considered less by comparison to their wonderful nectar.. nothing."

    "So, you view them as food, nothing more. That is less than useful in this case. Dismissed. Send in the Dearg-Due"

    The shadow flickered and glided from the room. A moment later, a young woman, beautiful by human standards, floated in, her feet about 6 inches off the floor. Head on one side, she looked seductively at the elder demon.

    "How may this one pleassse thee, Azi Dahaka, she half hissed, half whispered, hunger in her eyes. Azi Dahaka scowled. He hated working with vampires at the best of times, and the ancient ones most of all. The humans had the right idea with this one, he thought - stick her in a grave, and keep a good supply of rocks on top! Still, she may have her uses...

    "Spyderbite, made by Wyrm. Do you know of him?" he asked.

    "I haven'ttt had the pleassssure, but I will devourrrr him if you wisshhh, o masssterr" she leered, moving her head from one side to another in a most disconcerting way. The demon shifted in his seat, in spite of himself.

    "No. He is not to be harmed. Not yet, anyway. I am conducting an experiment. I wish to see if our victory can be made greater by imbuing the evil that springs from humans with good, before utterly shattering them, and hurling them to the seven hells. Tell me - you have lured many a man to his doom. What would lure him to his salvation?"

    The vampiress threw back her head and howled with laughter, the ancient sound of the far-off moors that is said to have inspired various strange musical instruments in primative tribes. The demon wished his ears were somewhat smaller.

    "Ssso verrry, verrrry eassssy. Ssssso eassssy that one issss. Too eassssy! The youngesst aswang knowsss that one!"


    "What do ALL humans fearrrr? What? What? Easssy! They fearrrr the voidddd. They fearrrr rejectionnnn. ALONE is the name of theirrr fearrr. ALONE is itttt! Thenn, whennn fully alonnne, thennn offerrrr hope! Thennn... any humannn is yourssss! Fearrrr is nott our greatessttt weaponnn! It isss hope!"

    Laughing horribly, she floated from the room, much to the demon's relief.

    So, he had been correct all along. Every machination, every plot, every little tweak he had made to Spyderbite's path had driven him deeper and deeper into solitude. The manipulation of his old guildmate's emotions, the offering of the contract, having her pardoned and he reviled, the subsequent murders, every act, every scheme, every rumor, every gossip monger, had lead Spyderbite to one place, and one place alone. Solitude.

    But, he mused, he had not intended to use hope. He had not sent Katharine. Yet, here she was. Had somene else been playing a similar game?

    "Hope is our greatest weapon" he repeated. "Yet, who wields the weapon?"

    Down the hallway, in the creature's workshop, the last drop of glowing liquid slid down a tube, and into another dimension, where an old man smiled defiantly.

    "Remember, Beatrice, no one is ever alone if they have friends." he remarked, as his scribe gazed in wonder at the strange apparatus he had assembled in his workshop, and at the great glowing blade, filled with runes, on the workbench.

    Far away, the last of Spyderbite's talons crumbled and fell from his hands, leaving Katharine commenting on how much more pleasurable his touch was that night.
  10. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    The man edged along the side of the bank carefully. Moving about in the night was a simple task; most Mortals slept late in the evening. During the day was another task all together and more challenging without the power of Concealment which he had discarded weeks earlier.

    Quickly he rummaged about the contents of the chest he'd maintained before being Turned. Frustrated that he had horded so many worthless baubles while he lived, he searched feverently through the unorganized mess. "Damn, this reminds me of one of Katharine's chests..", he mumbled to himself.

    Spotting the object he had sought, he reached in to the chest and with drew a book. Blowing the dust off the tome, he checked its condition. Running a finger down the spine of the book, he smiled wide, fangs exposed. He looked at his hands as an after thought; the talons had fallen off recently and at first that had concerned him. But, as long as the desire to Feed remained, he knew he would not lose the Curse he treasured so dearly. What he needed to determine however, was the source of the Blessing.

    As if on cue, he caught a glimpse of the shadow that had been following him amongst a grove of trees nearby. SpyderBite smiled to himself, It was time to confront this little pest once and for all.

    In a blur of robes, the bank box slammed shut as the Vampire launched himself in to the grove of Yew trees, content on finding out the truth.
  11. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    OOC: Adding a quick supplement to my last post... rather see other's contribute between my own posts... and speaking of which.. I've received ICQ's from many who want to participate in game and here, but state they have no talent for Role Playing. Please contribute anyways.. there's no "talent" involved.. and it will only enrich the story, I promise

    The Imp struggled violently to free itself from the Vampire's grasp around it's neck. The grip was tight enough to allow it to breathe, but secure enough to prevent it from casting a spell at that Day Walker.

    "Whomever you serve is going to be severely dissapointed in your lack of tact", sneered the Vampire.

    "Release me", squealed the black Imp, "I shall not flee or attack you My Lord".

    SpyderBite dropped the creature to the ground and laughed loudly, "Attack me?!". A black dagger dripping in Dread Spider venom appeared in his hand seemingly out of no where, "I encourage you to attack me".

    The Imp struggled to his feet and brushed off its stunted wings. Looking up at the Cursed in his long black robes, he suddenly felt very, very short.

    "I was sent to watch you", he spat the dust from his mouth, "nothing more. No need to get violent with me Day Walker", spitting the last words in disgust.

    "I know that", replied SpyderBite, "I want to know who you are watching me for. Better, I want to know why". Casully, the former Assassin tested the balance of the dagger by balancing it by its tip on his index finger.

    The black Imp crossed it's arms and scowled up at him, "Now you know that I by disclosing that I am condemning myself to long and nasty death". With a defiant "hrmpph" it smirked.

    "What makes you think you're death will be any quicker or less painless by my hand?", was all Spyder said, ignoring the Imp as its eyes widened in terror at his words.

    "Now lets be civil about this. Perhaps elsewhere we can speak?" stuttered the Imp, "There are great Powers that play with your existance like a chess piece. I wish a place safe from their ears if you are to interrogate me, Day Walker". There was naught but pure fear on the creature's face as SpyderBite nodded and paged through his Rune Book.
  12. (OC)I will try, although I feel very, very much out of my depth here.

    Hector pulled himself out of the haystack in Trinsic, where he'd been forced to spend the night. Blast those pixies! Why hadn't he thought to check his backpack for his coin pouch before leaving Umbra?

    Pulling bits of hay out of his hair, he staggered towards the tree where he'd tied his horse for the night. The tree was still there. The reins were still there. But someone had replaced his horse with a chair, which was tied to the reins.

    He sighed. This was going to be one of those lives.

    By midday, he'd collected enough wild nightshade from the fields to make, and sell, one keg of poison to a passing assassin, who swore that he was just a harmless monk.
    Hector wondered what sort of monk dressed all in black, and had enough sharp metal items hanging about his body to be mistaken for a walking cutlery shop, but he wasn't complaining about the gold.

    He headed back towards the stables, hoping that the stablemaster had a spare horse for sale, when he saw a group of men and women, all nearly identically dressed, come singing and dancing down the road towards him, holding banners with a large pointy tooth on them.

    "La di dee di dee,
    free vampires are we!
    Serve no maker will we!
    Fear us not indeed!

    La di dee di dee,
    out in the sun go we!
    The vampire man with the amazing tan,
    came to set us free!

    La di dee di dee,
    off to the beach go we!
    Sand surf and sea,
    It's a vampire's life for me!"

    Hector stood and gawped at this, as the procession cavorted onwards towards the Trinsic beach. Soon after, an inflated bagball could be seen, flying back and forth through the air.

    Shaking his head and wondering if he was still asleep in the haystack, he resumed his path to the stable.

    Outside the stable, he found two young women arguing.

    "No, no! Harmony's hairstyle is just to DIE for!"
    "Oh, please! That is SO year of the mongbat! Katharine's 'do is the one everyone's talking about! I do wish I knew how she'll have it at the wedding!"
    "Oh, I hate you! You're always chasing the trendy ones! Can't you just fit in with the rest of us for a change?"

    Not having the slightest clue what this was, he looked around for the stablemaster. Unfortunately, he was nowhere to be seen.

    "Can we help you, mister?" asked one of the women.

    "I wanted to buy a horse." replied Hector.

    "Ooh, you're out of luck there, lovey" she said "all sold out. Everyone wanted to get up to Umbra, ready for the wedding."


    "Oh, by Lord British's pantaloons! He hasn't heard??? What rock have you been living under? It's all over the front scroll of 'Sosarian Scandal', you know!"

    She shoved a terribly brightly painted bundle of scroll under Hector's nose, half blinding him with the neon and blaze hues. Squinting at it, he could make out:
    "When Vampires Wear White"
    "The wedding of the hour!"
    "Katharine - the curvy fangs of Cove"

    Hector looked blankly at this. "Uh?" he said.

    "What are you, the village idiot? Or some hermit? EVERYONE is talking about it!" scowled the other woman. "Katharine and Spyderbite! They're celebrities, don'cha know? The whole town just LOOOVES them!"

    "Well, I'm sorry, but all I want is a horse. I don't even know what a celebrity IS!" he replied, still feeling as if he was in a dream.

    "Don't know what a.... well, I never! Well, you're out of luck. No horses. Try a quick jog west to the moongate - maybe there's one for sale in another town, but I wouldn't bet on it!"

    With a sigh, Hector trudged off down the road, narrowly avoiding being run over by another procession of banner wavers, these ones reading "Support Fang Pride Day".

    The world had gone mad.

  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Lucrio twitches. He does that a lot these days. He thinks of good moments. The last fight against WyRm. He smiles. The battle was going well, until the master vampires minion came. Luc chuckles, all good fun. "I had him going for a bit".

    His thoughts quickly turn to the scorn of Katherine. Her mocking him. Her verbal jabs ring in his ears. "I will show her. I will show them all! Her betrothed will die by my hands", he mutters to himself.

    Lucrio hides amongst the trees and brambles, and he waits.
  14. Katharine

    Katharine Guest


    K, thoroughly amused... and I'd post something if I could stop laughing! lol [​IMG] Back to wedding details... lol keep it up *cheers*
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    OOC: Laugh will you! All good fun. I dig this kinda drama.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Miranda pens a small missive to this bride to be.

    Dearest Katharine,

    I hear tell ye were given a lovely wedding gown for the ceremony.Tis wonderous joy, that ye were given such finery to wear from the lass Skylark and her kin.

    But alas word on the winds cameth to me that the bride-to-be hath let the groom-to-be see her in said ceremonial gown.

    It is well known fact in all life form realms, that tis bad luck if not ill omen, for the groom-to-be to ever see the bride-to-be in her wedding attire, before tis time.


    Whoa, to ye both, ifn this has happened. Therefore ye hath open the doors and opened the veiled fabric of cruel dimension and of vile cruel fates, if this is true, so be ye watchful therefore; for ill willed winds and ill fates can now cross the thin veil to come up thee both and come upon ye union to strife it, ifn tis true that the groom hath seen ye, in the lovely gown, before ye ceremony of binding ! Be ye watchful therefore!

    Sincerly, Miranda craftswoman of the KSS.
  17. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine reads over the missive from Miranda with a smile, and picks up her pen to send one back


    Wonderful to hear from you, and aye I did recieve a very lovely gown from Lady Skylark. Very bright, not quite as bright as Lord Castor's penchant for that firey stuff, but no need to fear for bad luck. As much as I love the gown and the earrings (those I will wear), alas I fear white is not the color I will be married in. *She grinned as she wrote this* White is the color of purity and some.... ok everyone.. know's this to be an untrue statement. However, I will wear the outfit to the reception because I just love to be noticed. *she chuckled* I am, however, still looking for a wonderful tailor to do the wedding clothes if you by chance know a good one. **hint freakin hint hint people! hehe**
    As always,

    [/ QUOTE ]
    Katharine smiled at the note and sent the bird on it's way, turning to pull out the gown once more with a big grin before carefully tucking it away in it's box to keep the dust off of it, and walked outside into the moonlight to enjoy the evening...
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *feeds her birdy to fill it's belly for another flight*

    Miranda pens another missive to yon bride to be.


    Tis true in olden day white stood for purity, innocence and um virginity. But that is a newer theory. In even older olden day, the color white actually meant something else entirely. For when cloth was created from flax and cottons and wool, it twas oft dyed many a lovely hue. Even back in the oldest of olden day folks got carried away with dyes and colorings of cloth.

    Thus a resistance movelment began but it was among some of the wealthier of folks. They wanted to be set apart from commoners basking in their colors and neons, and or natural white cloth hue.

    There was this strange cult back in the day, called REV, way back in the time of of pyramid builders that farmed this chemical. No one knows how they found nor created this chemical calleth "Bleach", which cast suspicions upon them ever since. Oft these REV told folks to drink bleach, either out of kawky sayings, or to beguile and befool the befuddled. But alas twas the "not too bright" of mind, whom were actually be dumb enough to drink this substance called/nicknamed... bleach and these not to bright of minded ones so fooled, swiftly became dirtnappeth deaths of new funerals, which kept the undertakers happy and income high. They this odd cult of REV, oft sold this pricey chemical, only affordable to the very wealthy back in the earlier early day of civilisation or lack ther of. The substance was nicknamed bleach and all the new cloth of the wealthiest of in crowds, became BLEACHED whites, which differed entirely from natural whites etc.

    Therefore the wealthiest of families opted to show off their wealth and the brides to be to show off their richer dowrys, so bleached their linens and fine silks and cloths WHITE. White thus then stood for wealth. Brides in this older olden day wearing white simply meant they were set apart rich folks from the commoners. Twas not till middle centuries the commoners could afford said mystery chemicall of bleach or to wed in more pure white cloth. That twas when the concept of innocence and purity etc. became associated with the color or lack of color there in to WHITE, when commoners could then better afford to bleach their whites.

    But we are in yet another new era of WHITE.
    I bet ifn ye check the fabric carefully and count the threads per square inch of the cloth in the gown of white that Skylark's kin made for ye, ye will find something entirely different mayhaps. The <u>new hue</u> white that we are seeing upon our lands now, is spun from the finest silk of none other than the infamous, Dread Spiders . Ifn that is the white cloth that Skylark's kin sewn ye wedding attire from, then that would be a greatly appropriate wedding gown made from....... <font color="red"> dread spider's silk. </font> Ye are afterall becoming joined to ................a nuance of a dread spider called Spyderbite. *smiles* So check the cloth for threads per square inch and for silkiness of touch for instinct tells me that is no ordinary WHITE cloth that was spun for ye wedding but that cloth nay silks of Dread SPIDERS.

    At any rate, do not cast any more omens of bad luck ye way. Ifn ye do need another hue of wedding gown, twould be safer to contact the original maker of ye gown or her kin Skylark. For to get another gown now would be another bad luck omen cast upon ye wedding. I too can tailor as can others, but whoa to ye to change the fates of ye wedding or upon the maker .. of ye gown now. Ifn ye need help with others in the bridal party; I, Maleeka, Skylark's kin can all assist thee in their attire making ifn ye need sewings of clothings, for the others.


    Miranda, craftswoman to the KSS
  19. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine reread the missive again, almost falling out of her chair laughing at it. Then looked up at Spyder, passing him the note watching his brows furrow in concentration at trying to read Miranda's rambling scrawl.
    "So much for not wearing white!" she chuckled, looking over at the box. "Unless I can sweet talk Sky into asking her kin for a new dress in red. Really is a very lovely white gown though.." she smiled up at him.
    "Yes it is, and you looked very lovely in it too. Or maybe it's just those eyes and how the sparkle when you're happy." he chuckled and leaned down pressing a soft kiss to her forehead.
    She grinned and looked up at him, scruntching up her face in mock disdain. "Pfft, if you could look above other assets I might believe you about the eyes, my dear!" He laughed and ruffled her hair playfully, walking back over to the bed, lounging and watched as she pulled out another piece of parchment and set to work on her reply to Miranda, smiling happily.


    You amaze me yet again, Miss Miranda. I shall see if Skylark's kin can fashion a new dress. Hopefully as beautifully done as the previous garment. I do require service for the other outfits however. So if we could set up a time to meet about though, considering time is running out very fast to get all the fittings done, that would be wonderful. And yes, more bad luck is just what we don't need. As always, Kat

    [/ QUOTE ]
    She double checked the missive and tied it to the poor birds leg, sending it on it's way. Then walked over to the bed, propping against the side smiling down at Spyder.
    "Get up lazybones, there is much to do... and I'm hungry" she chuckled as he lept out of bed, bearing his fangs to her and started to stalk her with a wicked grin in his eyes. "Not that kind of hungry you dolt, come on..." she laughed softly and drug him out of the house...
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    Katharine Guest


    Hitting this up for a bump, for those that want to spend a day reading the back story and for those that don't look up at the events calendar.... [​IMG]
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    Yall still need outfits sewn for the wedding party ?
  22. Katharine

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    Yes Ma'am sure do give me a buzz on icq and i'll tell ya what all I need hehe
  23. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    SpyderBite tucked the missive into his robes when he sensed Katharine nearing. As she entered the room, stopped to regard the terrified black Imp backed up in a corner, eyes filled with fear.

    She ****ed an eye at her Chosen, "Friend of yours?".

    The Maker smirked back at his wife to be, "Aye, we've gotten to know each other quite well". He glanced back at the Imp, who sank back in to the corner, eyes growing wider at the Vampire's stare. "Seems he knows me better than I him though". Turning his attention back to Katharine, "The filthy little beast has been tracking me for quite some time it seems".

    Katharine placed a finger on her lip, brow wrinkled in thought, "Very well, but what is it?".

    "He's got quite a little drawer of answers, my Love", the former Assassin shook his head, "Alas, the only intelligible answer I could pull from that drawer was the word 'Hunter'".

    Katharine noted something in the Imp's eyes that suddenly seemed familiar. She couldn't put her finger on it at the moment, but yes, something desperate. Ignoring the Imp, she changed the subject.

    "Have you finally decided on a Third to stand by you at our Ceremony?".

    SpyderBite stood and took her hand, "Yes. An old friend from Iantown has agreed to stand by me when we wed four nights from now", he smiled warmly at her.

    As she looked upon his face, she could tell that this pleased him much. She turned her head to glance at the Imp who still shook with terror in the corner... very very familiar.
  24. Mandolin

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    Don't forget Mortals... the union will take place this Friday Night (Saturday night for those overseas and on the east coast... Details Here

    You don't want to miss this... *bares a fanged grin*

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    That's MY army not yours .. .:p get your own [​IMG]
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    I hate to inform ye but the soldier in the ranks in the last row left is ..inhaling shrooms. Thus he will not be fit for duty and will probably go AWOL, flying high on yall inhaling them shrooms.
  27. Mandolin

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    inhaling them shrooms.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    OOC: You "eat" shrooms not inhale them, unless things have changed since I was in college. [​IMG]
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    Wouldn't advise eating them either.. you know where shrooms come from?!!!
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    inhaling them shrooms.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    OOC: You "eat" shrooms not inhale them, unless things have changed since I was in college. [​IMG]

    [/ QUOTE ]Drink in the form of a very nasty tea.

    umm not that I would know this of course, I umm googled it? Hearsay? A friend told me?
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    haha right ..........................
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    [​IMG]pyderbite is in a great deal of danger." remarked the old crafter, as noncholantly as if he had just commented on the weather.

    "Should this disturb us? He is not the most agreeable of folks at the best of times - and meeting him sporting fangs, with a red glow in his eye, is not the best of times!" This came from Vortex, scout of KSS.

    "Aye. I'll give you three reasons to be disturbed, my brother-in-arms. Firstly, if he succumbs to the evil that is puppeteering him, this land gains another Wyrm. One is more than enough - two would be horrific."

    The scout's face grew pale, at the thought of Wyrm, doubled.

    "Second, he is not just to be a puppet, as Wyrm already is, but to be a gateway, a portal, to eventually unleash a far greater evil. The denizens of the void are plotting - but, fortunately, so am I." The grin on the old man's face was most unsettling...

    "Lastly, the most simple reason of all. Something within Spyderbite has tried, time and time again, to turn from the path of evil. It has never succeeded. Ask yourself this one question: What if his failures were not due to his own weakness? What if something CAUSED him to fail at every attempt?"

    With that in mind - we have gathering evil, and possibly, a victim - there is cause to be prepared.

    Vortex left the tower, with troubled mind, a short while later. As he left, his keen scout's eyes picked out shapes moving on the upper ridge, watching him. Deftly, he ducked into the bushes, and began to stalk the stalkers...


    Otto went back to his workshop, which was looking more and more like a laboratory with each passing day, and took up the blade he had made, and then lifted a single small glass phial of glowing liquid from a wooden box on the bench next to him. Adding a few powders from a pouch, he shook it well, and it took on a strange blue-ish red hue, instead of it's former white glow.
    Otto put the phial in his robe's inner pocket, and turned to the workbench.

    Just as Beatrice entered, to offer him some refreshment, the floor of the workshop began to shudder, and the air became hot! Otto shoved Beatrice back out the door, just as the floor exploded in a great shower of stone, ash, and sulphur!

    As the door slammed shut, with her master and friend behind it, Beatrice just had time to glimpse a huge, red hand, reaching for Otto.

    A horrible voice, cracking like fire, growled to him "So, mortal... we meet again! I took your home, I took your world, I took your eyes - it seems I must take your life as well, before I am rid of your meddling!"

    She threw every spell she knew at the door, but by the time she could get back in - Otto was gone. All that remained was a huge, smoking crater in the floor, with lava trickling back into it. Then, with a mighty crash, the sides of the crater fell in, sealing it.

    Glowing runes had appeared on the walls, but what they said, she did not know. She ran to the library above the workshop, but found it in flames!
    By the time her magery had mastered the flames, and the room had cooled enough to enter, all the books and scrolls on demonology were in ashes.

    And where, oh where, was Otto?

    Otto awoke, rather disappointed to find himself chained to a wall. Such a lack of originality. It was true - you couldn't teach old demons new tricks.

    "Ahhh.... human. You are awake. You are lucky that Adramaleck owes me his service. Left to him, you would be ashes. Oh, do not pretend to be unconscious - we are far better versed in lies than you are! Come now, this is where you tell me that I'll never get away with it, or that good will overcome evil, or some other such tired nonsense! "

    This, Otto considered, was a new trick. It was unusual to find a demon with a civil tongue, much less one with a sense of occasion.

    You are too late, though. My plans - which I will NOT divulge to you, in the tired old fashion - are well in motion. I may even be good enough to return your vision to you for a moment, when they come to fruition - if only so you can see your beloved lands burn and fall, as we devour them, and hurl their occupants souls to the void. In the meantime, please feel free to scream.

    A white hot flame ran through every nerve in the old man's body, and his world turned to an endless plummet into pain. His last thought, before his mind occupied itself with screaming was 'I'm glad I sent the wedding gifts to Spyder and Katharine before this happened'.
  32. Mandolin

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    The Vampire SpyderBite visibly shuddered and slumped slightly in his throne as Katharine grabbed his arm to steady him. He shook his head and attempted to regain his blurred vision, while his wife to be watched him with concern in her eyes.

    "What is it? Are you ok?", she made sure he would not fall out of his chair, then ran to the chest where they kept their stock of blood. She grabbed several vials desperately dropping two in the effort to the floor where they shattered and splattering blood upon the stone floor.

    SpyderBite motioned to her weakly, waving his hand in refusal, "Nay, Love, I have fed this day".

    Feeling helpless, Katharine could do naught but stand, with an arm full of blood vials, and watch her Chosen as he fought whatever was happening to him, "Then what is it!!?" she screamed at him, tears beginning to well in her eyes.

    "Come next to me, Love.. please sit". He attempted a smile but it did little to comfort the Vampiress as she watched him suffer. She sat down, now shaking herself in frustration and worry. "It has passed I believe".

    "What has passed, Spyder", she replied in a desperate whisper.

    "I can't say exactly what caused it", he paused, small shiver ran down his spine like an aftershock when he tried to put the episode in to words for the woman. "It felt as if something dear to us, nay, someone dear to us, important to the world in fact, had been suddenly taken from us".

    Katharine examined her Chosen's face, brow wrinkled in concern and confusion, "Who? Where?" were the only words she could utter.

    SpyderBite looked at her, a look of utter fear upon his face, "Someone has fallen into the Void, Love". His gaze looked right through her as he searched for a name or a face to associate with shock and despair he had felt moments earlier. "The only one that is dear to us and to these lands has been taken by the Void".

    Katharine's lip trembled as she tried to keep breathing.. "Oh Gods... Otto".
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    [​IMG] white wall of pain filled his mind, leaving no room for anything else, not even thoughts of escape. The demon left Otto slumped in his chains, a dark reddish glow around his head, inflicting unimaginable suffering on the old man.

    "You gave me your word, dark lord." the fire beast named Adramaleck crackled, knowing full well that a demon's word was worth slightly less than nothing. "His eyes were such a delicious treat. I will savor the rest, as I devour him over the next few centuries."

    "I have no further need of him." came the reply. "Whatever he was plotting, to stop my glorious plan, will have stopped now that he is here. My plan will proceed, and, as such, of what use is he to me? Take him, and do as you will."

    With a scorching grin, the beast turned, lifted Otto by the chains, and trudged off down the passage dragging it's prize behind it.


    [​IMG]eatrice pounded on the great doors of the Temple of Mithras in Wintermoor, screaming for any Knight who might hear. Fireballs rose from her fingers to the sky, in the hope of signaling anyone near. But, there was silence.
    She ran from building to building, looking for anyone who might help her kidnapped master - but found no one. Small, glowing footprints were here and there in the snow, looking rather like those of a fairly heavy-set imp, but of the creature who had made them, there was no sign.

    Finally, she found a note at the bar, in the tavern, from Castor to Skylark, telling of how the Knights had been called to ride forth against an evil uprising near Jhelom. She sighed, and slumped onto a bar stool, and buried her head in her hands.

    After she had regained her composure, she journied to the Wispwood shire, but found all the able-bodied citizens had gone hunting, or had accompanied the Knights. Another gate took her to Iantown, but the recent Festival of the Sheep had left the citizens severely hung-over, and of little help.

    Riding back towards Umbra, she stopped outside the home of Spyderbite, and, her hope dwindling, pounded on the door.

    "Otto said he was in danger" she thought to herself. "If nothing else, perhaps self-preservation will be enough to get him to help"

    A hidden teleporter beneath her feet suddenly glowed, and she found herself inside, in front of two very concerned looking vampires.

    Spyderbite moved forwards. "I have been expecting you, Scribe. Had we not heard from you sooner we would have sought you out ourselves. Otto is an integral part of these lands and our own lives. Tell us all you know.. we shall do anything necessary to assist."

    "Where is he, and how can we help him?" asked Katharine, her fangs gleaming in the candlelight, her eyes blazing dangerously. Beatrice gulped, and took a step backwards.


    [​IMG]he told them all she knew. Of the ancient vampires. Of the strange liquid that Otto had stolen from the demon. Of the effigy of Spyderbite that had been treated in the liquid. Of the huge, red hand, and the fire beast's history with Otto, and how Otto had first come to these lands. Beneath Spyder's robe, the black imp squirmed and squealed at these words, but was soon stilled by a firm grip around it's beak-like jaw.

    Exhausted from the outpouring of all this information, she staggered forward, and was more than a little surprised to find Spyderbite catch her, and help her to a chair.

    "There is a little more. I brought these with me - I thought they might be important."

    She handed Spyderbite the blade that Otto had made, and one of the phials of liquid. Looking at the blade, Spyderbite handed it to his betrothed. "This is more your type of weapon than mine, I feel." he said.

    Katharine looked at it, but did not take it. "No my Love.. inspect the blade again. Otto was clever enough to fashion it so that it can be wielded by either you or him.. but no one else. He had to the forsight to know that should something befall either of you, it would still serve its purpose".

    Nodding at his wife to be, he took the weapon back from her. Too long to be a dagger that he was accustomed to, yet shorter than a sword. He noted that its balance and feel however were strangely familiar to him. He sheathed the knife in his belt and turned his attention to Beatrice.

    "How do we proceed, Scribe? I do not have the power to open the Void or whatever Hells our friend is captive".

    "There may already be a doorway, sir Vampire." she said, still unsure as to how one addresses a vampire politely. All the vampires she had encountered before had not really given her the chance to utter a sound.

    "The liquid in this vial is not of this world. Otto had somehow managed to open a spy-hole into the lair of the demon I told you of, and through that hole, he did siphon off a huge quantity of this fluid - the same fluid the effigy of you was immersed in. I believe that if I was to either cast a gate spell, or summon an energy vortex, right onto the rim of the spy hole, it would widen enough to allow us through. But - even if it does - what do we do when we arrive there? These are beings far more ancient than any of us, or even than any we have encountered - they play with lives, souls, and worlds, as we might move a pebble about with our feet!"

    Katharine looked suspiciously at the small glass container in the scribe's hand. "That looks terribly like liquid sunlight." she scowled. "You are sure it is not dangerous?"

    "I do not know, ma'am." replied Beatrice meekly. "All I know is it's origin, and how it was being used. Beyond that, I know nothing else."

    Spyderbite took it, and studied it. "This is not sunlight." He said after a while. "Watch, and you will see. There, in the swirling liquid - see you there? Small forms move and dart about. I see men and women of legend in there, in miniature. Their greatest moments, their greatest hours, being re-enacted. Most strange. If I did not know better, I would claim that what you have here is either bottled valor, or goodness!"

    "Well, whatever it is, I am sure Otto was gathering it for a reason!" said Spyderbite. "Now come - time is wasting, and our friend is no doubt suffering. If they wanted him dead, we would be gathering around his grave by now. He is most certainly in pain, and probably wishing that he were dead. Show me this 'spy hole', and swiftly!"

    Beatrice hesitated, unsure as to whether she should allow them into Otto's home, much less his private workshop... but then thought of the claw that had seized Otto - and opened a gateway to the snow field Otto called home.

    Once in the shambles of a workshop, she set to work widening the hole, until, finally, it stood there, wide enough for a grown man to stride through. Fortunately, there was no sign of anyone, or any creature, on the other side.

    Beatrice looked up from her spell casting, to find Spyderbite standing over her, with a strange look in his eye. "You have served your purpose well, little one." He said menacingly. Then Beatrice's world went black.

  34. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Checking Beatrice's pulse, SpyderBite stood and turned to find Katharine staring at him in shock, "What?", he said matter of factly.

    "Why would you do such a thing to her?!", she screamed, "She has done nothing but help us!".

    He could see the fury burning in her eyes, and smiled at her, "Love, she would not survive what we must face. I will not have her blood on my hands", he took her hand and they both turned towards the portal, "Worse, Katharine.. should we manage to survive this somehow, do you wish to be the one to tell him she had perished in the attempt?".

    She only nodded, finally understanding. "Let us go then", she hesitated for a moment, looking into the darkness of nightmares that awaited them. With out a word, and nothing but purpose in his eyes, SpyderBite stalked through the portal behind her.

    Beatrice Quill raised her head weakly, relieved to see that the portal remained open. Her vision was blurred, but its glow was easily definable. A small dark shape scampered past her and through the portal. Remembering the strange footprints in the snow at Wintermoor she struggled to scream, but it only came out as a whisper as the blackness took her once again.. "Spyder!!"


    Otto wrestled with the cuffs that bound him on the table as he watched the beast called Adramaleck prepare his wicked tools of torture. He wasn't sure if it was the sight of the cold steel and heated lava or the gleeful giggles of the monster that scared him more. Regardless, he focused on the ancient locks of the shackles. He surprised himself with a painful smile as he thanked the stars of Malas that he'd studied Tinkering for so many years. As he concentrated on the gears of the complex device a sound distracted him. A voice?

    "You will suffer with me for many centuries", the voice muttered, barely audible. Luckily, Otto's years of sightlessness had blessed him with keen hearing, "there is no escape for those of us who have challenged these Daemons with our acts of Valor or Justice".

    The crafter twisted his head vein, unable to see the man who was speaking to him, "Who are you? Your voice sounds familiar".

    "I am a man like you. And like you, I have attempted to do much good in my lifetime". The man coughed, obviously parched for a long period of time. Otto looked over in the direction of Adramaleck, its back turned to them and obvlivious to their conversation. Obviously the monster only fed its victims enough to keep them alive. The man next to him spoke again, "I was touched by the taint of these Daemons myself, and I let it direct my actions, my thoughts, my direction".

    Otto thought on that for a moment, and in sudden realization, he replied, "SpyderBite".

    The stranger beside him chuckled, followed by another fit of coughing. Once he'd composed himself he whispered, "I have heard that name many times while trapped here".

    The crafter began working once again on the lock, risking only quick glances at Adramaleck while he organized his tortureous tools. At this rate, he'd only have one shackle free and by then it would be too late. Abandoning his attempt at escape by his own devices, he asked again of the stranger and fellow prisoner, "Who are you?".

    With a slight laugh, the man answered Otto, "I am the one you and your Knights have opposed", he coughed a bit more, "the one expelled from the lands according to your books".

    Otto could not restrain a gasp as he stared up at the ceiling of the cavern, "Lord British".


    The former Assassin cursed himself for placing his ability to conceal himself from the world as he edged his way down along the ancient rock walls of the caverns. Spying Katharine ahead of him, he resolved that it would not have helped her anyways. At the least he could have scouted ahead for any danger. He feared for her, and wished he'd left her behind as well, to face this on his own; his Love, helpless but safe on the floor beside Beatrice.

    He watched her slowly slide the long blade from the sheath off her back, and followed her lead. With the blade Otto had crafted, in his hand, he prepared himself for the worst.

    They rounded a corner, and Katharine stopped suddenly, a small gasp escaping her lips. SpyderBite ran towards her, but stopped in his own tracks at the sight before him. Together they stood, weapons readied, and fangs bared.

    Adramaleck turned, several weapons in hand, and nodded at the pair of Vampires.

    "Welcome Elg'cahl", it hissed, "I've been expecting you".
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Waving a small hand over the crystal ball, she released the connection to the spirit world, and gently covered it with a piece of dark velvet.

    “That damned old fool” she muttered. “He had promised he would only watch and perhaps nudge a bit, not get directly involved.” Deep down she had known it was an empty promise once he found out Adramaleck was involved.

    Gathering several reagents, her favorite arcane jewelry, and a set of finely enchanted armor she opened a gate. Not just any gate but a strange shimmering white gate.

    “I bind unto myself today the virtues of the starlit heaven,
    The glorious sun's life-giving ray,
    The whiteness of the moon at ev'n.
    The flashing of the lightning free,
    The whirling wind's tempestuous shocks,
    The stable earth, the deep salt sea,
    Around the old eternal rocks.

    As it was, as it is, as it shall be,
    With the ebb and flow of grace.”

    And she stepped into the blinding light.
  36. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    The Daemon Spawn called Adramaleck approached the two Vampires, smiling with four rows of teeth down at them. Katharine whirled her sword, re-testing its balance in anticipation. The beast chortled and the ground shook with its laughter.

    "Surely, you don't think I can be harmed by your 'Vampire Powers' and weapons do you?", Katharine stood strong, ignoring the monster's words as she waited for an opportunity to take him. The Spawn gestured towards her betrothed, "Look there, even your 'undying love' has come to understand". RIsking a glance, she looked at SpyderBite who stood staring up at Adramaleck, his blade at his side.

    Katharine looked back at the beast, but it was too late. In a blur of steel she felt the blow to her arm which sent her sword flying across the cavern floor.

    "I gave you the Curse!" he screamed at them, causing the room to vibrate with his tone. "You can not harm me you insignifigant being".

    The Vampiress, adorned in red horned leather began to panick, unarmed and facing the Daemon Spawn. "Spyder!", she screamed at her Chosen who stood there still, brow wrinkled in thought or confusion, she could not determine. Suddenly he spoke, breaking the stare down between her and the monster Adramaleck. Both looked in his direction.

    "I know your game, foul one", was all he said as he walked past the Daemon Spawn to the tables where two men lie bound in shackles and chains. Meanwhile, Katharine scrambled to regain her weapon. Once she'd retrieved her sword from the floor she stood ready to strike at the monster as they both watched the Vampire, SpyderBite, or as the Daemons had named him, Elg'cahl, position himself between the two torture racks.

    "It was no accident that I fell in to the caves of the Drow so many years ago", said the Vampire as he inspected both captives on each side of him. He looked upon Otto, who stared at him, hope in his eyes. Looking back at his betrothed and the lesser Daemon before him, he continued, "I was given a path by you, Adramaleck from the day I took my first breath. But, I have strayed from that path", he looked back at Otto who only nodded the best he could from his restraints, "and that has raised much interest among your vile kin".

    Katharine, unwilling to let her guard down again, noticed a small figure race behind her in to the shadows. Dismissing it as a foul minion of this Hell, she returned her attention to Spyder who stood, looking defeated, between the two men on the tables. Slowly he looked up at her, a sad smile on his face.

    "My love," he said, "It seems I am to make choice". SpyderBite held the dagger out before him and admired the craftmanship. "One of these men is to die if I wish to undo what this Daemon Spawn has done".

    Slowly he raised the blade over Otto's chest, a single tear running down his cheek. Otto only turned his unseeing eyes towards SpyderBite and nodded, then whispered, "You have good in you, I know you'll make the right decision". He then closed his eyes and waited for what was invevitable.

    The former Assassin stood in resolve, but paused to speak, "There is only one man in this room that should die". He took one last look at Katharine and smiled at her as more tears fell down his face.

    Katharine, suddenly realizing what he planned to do, screamed out at him, "Spyder, Nooooooo!!!". Running towards him, dropping her sword behind her, she rushed to stop him but found herself frozen. The Daemon Spawn, Adramaleck, chuckled behind her.
  37. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine screamed as Spyder fell, his body turning to ash from the effects of the blade. Whipping around to the demon she screamed again her voice full of fury and anguish. Raising her sword, she charged at the beast only to have her sword knocked out of her hand and broken.
    "You took him from me! I will kill you and watch you suffer for that!" she screamed at him, tears streaming down her face.
    "I gave him to you, little one. He took himself from you, maybe his love is not as strong." it laughed hissingly at her. "This love of yours was not part of the plan anyway, you almost ruined it for me."
    Katharine took a deep breath steadying herself, then smiled menacing up at the demon, casually walking over to where Otto lay, placing a hand on his forehead unlocking his chains and leaned to whisper in his ear... "I'm sorry Otto, but I have to do this.." and with that she shoved him back through the portal and watched it close behind him.
    The demon screamed in frustration and turned to glare at Katharine.
    "I will get him back, when I am finished with you, little vampiress. He will suffer more for your actions."
    Katharine looked up at the demon stonefaced, then reached down to pick up the blade that still lay by Spyder's remains, smiling softly at the ghost that stood beside them knowing only she could see it. "Forgive me my love, but I will make you well once again..."
    The demon laughed at her which only served to make her more angry. "And what do you plan to do with that thing? Scratch my scales?"
    "No..." she walked over to him and looked up knowing he thought himself safe from her "I plan to do this.." and with that she stabbed him right through the heart, jumping back quickly as the demon screamed out in suprise when white light shot through his body bursting into flames. "Your games are finished!"

    A portal opened as the demons body dissipated into nothing but ash, collecting Spyder's remains and making sure his ghost was still with her, Katharine jumped through the gate and landed on Otto's front porch. Walking through the house, her arm bleeding from the use of the knife that was never meant for her to use, Katharine screamed for Otto and promptly passed out on his porch. Her face bruised and bloodied and completely covered in charred remains of the demon that stole her life....
  38. [​IMG]eatrice sat where she had for two long days, on a firm chair, in one of the guest rooms. She had dragged two beds in there, and converted it to a basic healer's hut. No healer could she call - not given the nature of one of the patients.

    She, herself, had a thick bandage wrapped around her head, healing the wound that Spyderbite had caused when he prevented her from following them. But, Otto could not be awakened, and Katharine... she had never seen the like of it.

    Katharine's wounds had been tended, but, even for all her vampiric healing power, they remained. Just as Beatrice thought they began to heal, they would flow unceasingly once more. No healing spell in the charred remains of the library seemed to work for more than a few moments, and no bandages could do more than just soak up the constant tide of blood.

    The scribe had expected a vampire to have a lot of blood in her, but not this much. The bowls that had caught the spilt blood now numbered in the hundreds, and Otto's supply of crafted containers was nearly exhausted.
    It was as if every drop of blood she had ever consumed was leaving her body - through her wounds. Yet, she lived.

    It was impossible to break Katharine's fever - every wet cloth the young scribe applied to her head burst into flame, and the water fizzled away in clouds of steam. For some reason, the pillows of the bed were unscathed.

    Beatrice turned to the ghostlike form of Spyderbite once more. At first, the ghost had seemed active, fairly normal, at least, as normal as ghosts in the land ever were. But as time had passed, he had grown more and more motionless, and she was certain that he was becoming harder to see, despite her mastery of speaking with spirits. She had tried and tried to resurrect him, but it was as if her spells had nothing to connect with.

    She could barely make out his words. "Beatri... I died.. outside this world. The shackles .. death... not bind death to life there, as here. I fear....am going. Tell Kathar... love her."

    And the wraith like form was gone.

    <center> [​IMG] </center>

    [​IMG]tto dreamed.

    Mithras sat on a river bank beside him, whittling a large branch into what appeared to be a smaller branch. The floppy hat on his head seemed rather out of place for a god, as well. Otto also noticed that he could see.

    "Er. Hail." he said to Mithras.

    "Shhhh. You'll scare the fish."

    "Oh. Sorry."

    A long, uncomfortable silence passed.

    "That went better than expected, you know."

    "It did?"

    "Oh, yes. I fully expected you to die, the vampires to turn to evil, and Lord British to save the day."


    "Well, he is a folk hero, isn't he?"

    "Not to me."

    "You've always been one to swim against the stream, Otto. But still - the end is not here yet. As is said in that town in Tokuno, all is not over until the woman who ate all Skylark's pies has sung."


    "You need to go back. Through the portal, I mean. Katharine has done a good job of destroying the one you wanted revenge on. Adramaleck is unmade. But his master, Azi Dahaka, still plots and schemes. Spyderbite's soul has been taken. Unless Azi Dahaka's foul spell of binding upon him is broken forever, that creature will hold sway over both good and evil in the land you now call home.

    "I'm hallucinating, aren't I?"



    "Go now. Leave the fishing to me. Your Knight Regent has my blessing and protection, and knows the path to follow. But you have your own path. Go now - and see if that rarest of things, redemption for a soul, can yet be found. Seek peace, as you always have. Oh, and don't forget to beat that demon to a bloody pulp while you're at it."

    Otto awoke in a bed in his tower, his body wracked with pain, just in time to see Spyderbite's ghost vanish into the ether. Then his vision faded back to the familiar blackness that he had known since the demon's first attack, years ago.

    Some days, it just didn't pay to offer service to gods.

    <center> [​IMG] </center>
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    "[​IMG]en!!!!" complained Beatrice to no one in particular, having failed dismally to get Otto to stay in his bed and recover. "Mother was right! Whatever it is you use to think with, it's not between your ears!!"

    "Beatrice, even before I pledged my path to join that of the Knights of the Silver Serpent, I would never have lain idle while another was in danger, and I'll not start now!" Otto barked at her, teeth clenched with pain, as he leaned heavily on a thick walking staff, and made his way back to the ruins of his workshop.

    "Aye, and you'll be such a great help when your consciousness leaves you, and you land in a heap on the flagstones!" muttered Bea, and then caught herself before she said more, remembering Otto's keen hearing.

    Fine. If he was going to be as stubborn as a runebeetle in June, then so be it. With a huff, and a scowl that was totally wasted on the blind man, she brought a chair to the workshop, and made the battered crafter as comfortable as possible.

    "Bring me Katharine's clothes." intoned Otto. Beatrice's jaw dropped.

    "Otto, my lord Otto, my liege, my friend - please listen to reason! Your wounds must be even worse than I had thought!" Beatrice's concern was only interrupted by an image at the back of her mind of Otto wearing one of Katharine's outfits, and she had to suppress a giggle.

    "Beatrice. The clothes. Now. Lives depend on it."

    With a sigh, and wondering which of them had suffered the worse blow to the head, Beatrice fetched the outfit that Katharine had been wearing when she had found her, unconscious, on the porch. It was torn, filthy, and covered in ash and blood. Whatever could Otto want with it?


    [​IMG]lowly, painstakingly, and fighting back the discomfort his own wounds caused him, Otto's finely tuned fingers worked back and forth across the cloth, collecting every last speck of ash, and putting it all safely in a jar.

    Beatrice left him to it, just looking in now and then to make sure that he was all right... at least, as all right as a man picking ash from a vampire's dress could be.

    After the best part of a day, Otto stood up from his task, and felt around on the floor. After a long search, he found the wooden box that contained all the phials of liquid he had captured from under the nose of the demons, and was very relieved to find that they were all intact, protected from the devestation by the fine craftsmanship of the frostwood box.

    Taking one of the glowing tubes, he carefully measured out a precise amount, and mixed it with the soot and ash, while uttering a prayer over the strange mixture.

    He then turned to the small casket that contained Spyder's remains, and did similarly. The two mixtures glowed and crackled, and sparks of energy leapt between the two, almost as if trying to attack each other.

    Finally, the mixture taken from Katharine's clothes glowed brightly, a small flame appeared above it, and went out. The mixture turned crystal clear.

    The mixture made from Spyder's remains glowed as bright as the midday sun. If Otto had not been blind, the glow would certainly have seen to it that his sight departed.

    "Now," he pondered aloud "I wonder what path the good Regent is walking?"


    [​IMG]p above, in the guest room, Katharine began to stir, and her fever began to lessen. Her fangs were clearly visible, but apart from that, there was nothing about her appearance that even vaguely suggested a vampire. The bowls which Beatrice had been using to collect the blood that poured from her wounds, in an attempt to keep the floor clean, began to glow, and small wisps of energy began to rise from them, and head out the window.

    In her sleep, Katharine gave a small smile, and all tension left her face. Beatrice was able to make out one word that she murmured. "Redeemed".


    [​IMG]omewhere in the void, for the first time in many a year, the tortured face of the man once known as Lord British began to smile.

    "Forgiveness is real, after all." he sighed, much to the amusement of the demons who were torturing him. "Perhaps there can be an end, after all."

    The torturers had to be replaced, as they were found to be utterly paralysed with laughter. Even the first day of receiving what they had been providing did nothing to ease their laughter.

    Somewhere else in the void, a lone spirit drifted. "Katharine... I'll not be late. I'll not." it would have been heard to say - if any ears were there to hear.

  40. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    SpyderBite looked down on himself, he was whole again. When he raised his hands and flexed his fingers to be sure it was real, he noticed that he no longer wore the Black Robes of the Assassin. A trade he had long since abandoned before he'd been Turned. Instead, he was dressed in flowing white robes.

    "Welcome back, Elg'cal"

    Spyder was startled by the sudden appearance of Azi Dahaka, the Dark Daemon that Beatrice had told him and Katharine of. The Master behind the Minion who held Otto. Immediately his attention turned to the torture rack where Otto was bound, a little shocked to see it now empty.

    The Daemon laughed at surprised look up on the Vampire's face. Another, behind him laughed evilly behind.. a female? The sound it emitted was so evil that it was hard to determine. That question was quickly answered as an Ancient Vampiress, a Succubi, floated out from the shadows and taking her place beside her Lord. SpyderBite studied her for a moment, then turned back to Azi Dahaka.

    "Why have you returned me to my body?", he asked, "I will not serve you. I have taken my life once, I have tasted death and the Void. I shall do it again with out hesitation". He noted the crumpled body of Adramaleck nearby, the blade Otto had crafted buried deep in the dead Minion's chest.

    Azi Dahaka sneered, and Spyder shuttered, "You will not take your own life again". The Daemon pointed at the corpse of Adramaleck, "He was your Maker".

    Dread washed over the Vampire as he suddenly understood the Daemon's plans. His Maker had been Un-Made. That meant that all those that SpyderBite had Turned himself would perish with him if he were take his own life with Otto's dagger again. Faces of so many cruel people who he'd Turned, now out helping the community. Cattibrie and Silvara who had served him faithfully for so long now. All would fall without knowing how or why.

    SpyderBite looked back at the Daemon, "But, you can not harm Katharine. I did not Make her. You haven't succeeded completely, Azi Dahaka".

    The Daemon's smile widened, its eyes never leaving the Vampire as he leaned over to the Succubi and whispered something in her ear. She hissed evilly, almost joyfully if possible, and left the chamber, floating only inches above the floor. Azi Dahaka crossed his massive arms and his eyes widening in satisfaction.

    "There.. now you see, that matter is easily taken care of. While you remain here with me, my pet is on her way to the Portal to finish off those misfits who have assisted you, including your precious Katharine".

    The Vampire felt as helpless as Otto had been on the torture rack. He ignored the laughter of the minor daemons who continued the torturing of the remaining prisoner. SpyderBite caught his breath as a voice spoke to him far off in the back of his mind. A voice that made him smile and sent feelings of confidence and warmth. Mjolniraa.

    "M'lord..." spoke the Priestess to him, almost musically, "Mithras is watching. You needn't fear the one you face. You must stay strong. You must release the one who is held. Through him Azi Dahaka channels the powers which bind you as well".

    SpyderBite stared at the Daemon who simply watched the Vampire amused. The former Assassin, now adorned in glowing white robes, never took his eyes off of Azi Dahaka as he reached down, clutching the hilt of Otto's blade and pulled it from the Maker's chest.

    Still smiling, Spyder said, "You have underestimate Humanity. You underestimate the Virtues. Most importantly you have underestimated me, Azi Dahaka".

    Azi Dahaka only watched the Vampire curiously as he strode fearlessly past the torturous minions and stood before the torture rack where the the captive lie bound. Looking up at the Daemon, then back to the man in chains, he spoke to the captive. "You are Lord British, aren't you?". The man smiled and only nodded. "Your sins were not your own.. they were the strings of the puppet-masters here". Again, Lord British only nodded. In the backgound the Daemon Azi Dahaka watched the two men curiously.

    SpyderBite turned in Azi Dahaka's direction, "I have touched each of the Virtues. With each Virtue that I have embraced, I have cut the your strings".

    Azi Dahaka laughed, "Strings or not you are going no where, pawn. And I will watch you grieve while you feel your beloved one and friends vanish in to the Void as my Succubi drains the life from each one of them".

    The taunt did not seem to have any effect on the Vampire. He stood in resolve next to the Exiled Lord British. "Nay... I don't think so", he looked down at Lord British who nodded and smiled at the Vampire. With one swift move, SpyderBite spun and plunged the magical knife in to the Ancient Knight's heart.

    As the unseen strings snapped one by one, the shackles binding him slammed open until he was freed completely from his bonds. Looking up at SpyderBite, the life quickly escaping his eyes, he spoke, "Thank you", his final words were but a whisper, "Tell those who follow Mithras that I am sorry". With that he slumped lifelessly, a smile on his face, free of the evil that had controlled him for so long.

    Azi Dahaka's scream caused the room to errupt in to flames. He stormed towards the Vampire who leaped aside, rolling on the ground and quickly to his feet behind the mighty Daemon. Spinning, the Ancient Daemon roared as it thundered back at SpyderBite in rage. As he approached however his dark skin began to wrinkle and smoke, flames began to consume him from the inside. It stopped short of the Vampire a deafening cry of pain and suffering from those lives he'd effected over the milleniums exploded within him.

    SpyderBite reached down to the ground and grabbed the phial of Good that lay discarded on the floor. Walking confidently towards the Master Daemon, he said, "I have drank from the Innocent. I have drank from the Unworthy", he uncorked the phial and with a sneer shouted, "Now you DRINK THIS!". He shoved the glowing vial in to the Daemon's jaws ignoring the molten flames. Azi Dahaka reared back and screamed as the white light coursed throught its body.

    Dropping Otto's knife to the floor, and oblivious that his charred and burned arm was healing immediately, he turned and left the cavern. He didn't even turn to look as the cavern exploded in an inferno of flames and holy light.


    Spyder stopped short in the cavern at the sight before him. He had walked past several lesser daemons that only looked at him in confusion. Those that dare raise an arm to him, he dispatched mindlessly, intent only on getting back to the Portal and stop the Succubi from completing her mission.

    On the floor of the cavern lie the corpse of the Succubi. Next to it, stood the black Imp, wooden stake in hand. It grinned up at him with tiny little fangs. "I have followed you for so long", it said, smiling? Spyder couldn't tell but its eyes shown relief, resolution. "I knew you would be the one to lead me to the one I had hunted for so many centuries".

    SpyderBite nodded as he now understood the Imp's purpose in this whole web of events. The black Imp bowed to him, and said, "Now I will take my leave to live out what is left of my now Mortal life. I thank you and your friends. Before I do..", he paused as he turned towards the Portal, "Your Hunter, Lucrio, can be released as well and spared my fate".

    The Vampire regarded the Imp, "How?".

    The Imp smiled again as he looked over his shoulder, "Turn him, Maker. Carrying the Good that is in you.. he will be more powerful than any other Hunter that has ever existed". With that, the Imp walked through the Portal.

    Shaken from all that had occurred, he himself walked towards the Portal, eager to see his beloved's face again. As he stepped the the Gate, the minor Daemons heard him mutter a single word.

  41. Mandolin

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    OOC: I just wanted to remind everyone that the wedding is tonite... in order to accomodate our friends over seas it is rather later late.

    Also.. a quick thanks for everyone that participated in the story threads and/or in game. We've all had a lot of fun with this and hope those reading or pariticpating have as well. *bows*
  42. Guest

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    *speechless Miranda pondered the many events and changes of recent days, regarding the couple whom are to be wed this eve, and all whom were involved*

    For the two whom are to be bound this eve, only one wedding gift seems to come to mind that seems appropriate for me to give to ye both. Let us all look into our souls and into our hearts.

    I hath contacted the bard that originally created the words and the melody. The bards' names are Enigma...this their song I give to ye for ye union this eve.

    *curtseys &amp; exits* [​IMG]



    "The Rivers Of Belief"

    Take me back to the rivers of belief
    Take me back to the rivers of belief
    my friend
    I look inside my heart
    I look inside my soul
    I promise you
    I will return
    And when the Lamb opened the seventh seal
    silence covered the sky
    Take me back to the rivers of belief
    Take me back to the rivers of belief
    my friend
    I look inside my heart
    I look inside my soul
    I'm reaching out for you
    Lets hope one day
    We'll rest in peace
    on my rivers of belief
  43. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    OOC: Not to upstage you, my dear friend. But I 'll go one further.. a song to my bride to be which is quite appropriate based on the story line that proceeded tonights event...

    Been thinking a lot about my ways
    Guess I’m sorry baby
    Been searching
    Out a way to say
    Guess I’m sorry baby
    This time I give all to you
    It’s time I prove something to you

    So I’ll lift you up and hold you near
    Warm your heart and calm your fears
    See I don’t want to lose this love I found
    So I’ll burn my bridges, burn them down

    Been hurting a lot without you here
    Guess I need you baby
    Been sleeping upon a bed of tears guess I miss you baby
    This time I give all to you
    It’s time I prove something to you

    Take all my world and shake it
    Take my dear heart and embrace it
    Take what I say and listen
    My world’s changing, changing for you

    So I’ll lift you up and hold you near
    Warm your heart and calm your fears
    See I don’t want to lose this love I found
    So I’ll burn my bridges, burn them down