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[News] Undying Love...

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Guest, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <table width="90%" bgcolor="#000000" border="1" cellpadding="2" bordercolor="#800000" cellspacing="2"> <tr valign="top"> <td> </td> <td> [​IMG] <div align="center"><font color="#FF0000" size=6>Undying Love</font></div> </td> </tr> <tr valign="top"> <td> </td> <td> <div><font color="#FFFFFF">

    [​IMG] <font color="FFFFFF">hour was late, as Otto ascended the sturdy ladder that lead to his pigeon coop for the last time that day.
    It was a normal part of his end of day routine, to ensure that all matters were closed for the day, and that he knew all that would await him on the morrow.
    Perfectly routine. </p>

    <font color="FFFFFF"> However, this time, the messenger pigeons seemed agitated, as he ascended. Instead of the normal soft coo-ing, they were restless, and making odd squeeking sounds now and then.

    An air of fear could be felt in the pigeon coop - and there was another sound there, too, barely discernable.

    Otto stopped, and listened carefully, his hearing enhanced by years without sight.

    There it was again - a leathery sound, wings far stronger than any pigeon, flapping above the coop.

    Otto half turned, to lull whatever it was into a false sense of security - and then swung back, as the sound came closer, hurling his thick cloak over whatever it was!

    Hurrying downwards, he called to his scribe, holding the writhing bundle in his cloak, strange screams coming from within!

    The scribe hurridly shoved the bundle into a spare pigeon cage, and from the cloth crawled a small black bat, eyes ablaze like red coals.
    It hissed angrily at the humans, and then moved to the front of the cage, and extended a claw.
    Tied to it, was a scroll.
    "'tis in braille, Milord." said the small scribe, nervously removing it from the offered claw.
    Otto took the scroll, and read.

    <font color="FFFFFF"> "Bring me a fresh cloak, scribe, and see that this creature is released! See to it that the stablemaid has my beetle ready! I must journey to the shire!"
    "But, milord, 'tis late at night! What can be so urgent?"
    "Later. Now hurry! Hurry!"
    And with that, Otto rode off into the night, his fire beetle blazing a trail through the night.

    <font color="FFFFFF"> The scribe turned to the note, and read the braille carefully. "Dear Otto,
    I must ask a favor of thee, for old time's sake.
    I ask that ye waste no time, but take this letter to my family, my friends, those in Wispwood shire, so that they may share in my joy."

    </td> </tr> <tr> <td> </td> <td><font color="#FF0000" size="4"> [​IMG] the citizens of Wispwood

    Courtesy of Lord Grot

    My darling family, it has been many months since I last spoke with you. Many things have changed, and I trust that my words will not meet with hatred from those who have loved and been loved by me for so many years. Seems my friendship with the vampires so long ago, met with an end that should have been expected but not suprising. I am that what we fought side by side together. Funny that I would find happiness by being a vampire, but I have. You are still all my family, without you I would have been nothing, so please be happy for me...and for who I have chosen. I will contact you all soon....

    [​IMG] </font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> </td> <td><font color="#FFFFFF">

    <font color="FFFFFF"> She drew a deep breath, and looked out into the night, the blazing trail of the fire beetle disappearing in the direction of Wispwood Shire.
    And there, in the night sky above it, glowed two small red coals...
    </p> </font></div> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> </td> <td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> </td> <td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> </td> <td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> </td> <td><font color="#FFFFFF"> [​IMG] their breathless arival in the shire, Otto's beetle reared up in fright, as a small dark object with glowing eyes plumetted from the dark heavens, straight towards it.
    The blind man was flung from it's saddle, landing on the hard ground nearby.
    As he lay there, the wind knocked from his body, he seemed to sense a cold presence in front of him.

    And then, a voice spoke, sending further chills through him. A voice familiar, and yet not.

    "So, she has chosen you as her messenger. Her taste, as ever, is faultless. They will listen to you.

    With that, a small pouch was tossed onto Otto's chest, and the presence faded.
    Otto staggered to his feet, and calmed his beetle.
    After stabling the nervous creature, he sought out Lord Grot's house, where he relayed the earlier note, and together, they examined the contents of the pouch.


    <font color="FFFFFF"> In the pouch, was another letter, which read: </td> </tr> <tr> <td> </td> <td><font color="#FF0000" size="5"> [​IMG] Grot,

    I am scribing this note to inform you that I have the Lady Katharine of the Shire, and there is little if nothing you can do about it, Mortal.
    We now share a bond... and very soon that bond will be strengthened creating a Power that even the Damned will look upon and smile. Should you attempt to prevent this unholy event from occurring, be warned, the Citizens of Wispwood and its Allies shall be smite down in a bloody whirlwind of unmerciful punishment.

    Prepare yourselves... this bond will bring the Damned one step closer to clensing these lands of the Infidels.

    [​IMG] </font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> </td> <td> </td> </tr> <td> </td> </tr> </table> </div> </font>
  2. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    *cheers for Otto*

    Fabulous! [​IMG]
  3. Wulf2k

    Wulf2k Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Crusader of Chaos

    Feb 27, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Third time's the charm =]
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Nice story, Otto!

    Dare I hope this transition in playstyle is being staged as an RP event as it appears or is this just a fancy way of telling us as a group, that Kat formerly(?) of CWS will be running around with a "for the glory of the damned" macro and lugging masonry in her pack? [​IMG]

  5. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    lol.. Kat is still CWS :p

    *hugs Sky* and you'll just have to wait and see hehehe
  6. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest


    Dare I hope this transition in playstyle is being staged as an RP event as it appears[​IMG]

    [/ QUOTE ]

    This would be correct.

    *bows to Otto* Thank you Blind Reporter...
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ummm Wulf? That NewsPro thing? Do me a favor and stab it. A lot.

    I DID edit it. It completely ignored me. My changes were there, it told me the page was updated. Lying bunch of good for nothing bytes! Still - it didn't give me rampaging HTML like it did you.

    Ho - Kelmo, Dor - if you're bored, could you sweep those two dodgy news threads that some litterbug left lying around under the rug? [​IMG]

    *goes to find a monster or two to bash, then realises the most aggressive non-soulstoned skill he has right now is carpentry*

    To the happy (?) couple (?) - my congratulations, and my thanks for asking me to post this - even if it was a complete shambles! [​IMG]
  8. So, what DO you give a vampire as an engagement present?
    (assuming that you two ARE engaged?)

    I know - Spyder would LOVE his own copy of NewsPro, wouldn't you Spyder?
    Now... what to get Kat?

    Love the Spyderbite 'signature' on the letter - maybe more so without the red border, but quibbling about the layout's asking to get Otto after me with his largest hammer!
  9. Goodah

    Goodah Guest

    *grabs a quill and chuckles as he writes*

    To the courageous Spiderbite,

    I must nod my head in respect that you have enough courage to take the Lady Katherine as your bride to be, the mere notion of even entertaining that thought deserves much kudos. She is a spirit that cannot be controlled and her voice is so neverending, that even in your deepest sleep you will hear her whining...erm conversing with you. We of Wispwood Shire have grown accustom to her rambling and most of her impish ways. We also know that we are mortal and we will not be in her prescence forever. May whatever god you pray to give you the shortest life a vampire is allowed, because sometimes immortality although very much desired, is not always a blessing. May your gods be merciful to you, as even I do not wish that kind of mental torture even to my worst enemy.

    The Citizens of Wispwood will still be sharpening our stakes and making a lot of arrows in preparation of trying to reclaim the Lady Katherine. (mostly because we have to, not that we want to).

    Should you consider to return her and force us to keep her...erm Should you be of good will and return the Lady Katherine to the Shire. I would suggest preparing a hefty sum to donate to the Citizens of Wispwood Shire so that we would *cough* happily *cough* take her back.

    Neophyte Battle Mage

    OOC: Just messing with you Kat and Spiderbyte. Kat glad to have you back...really...I really mean that [​IMG]. Sounds like a good storyline. Waiting to see how it unfolds.
  10. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    OOC: Ohhhhhhh I love you too Goodah! :p lol... gawd! Course you literally had me lmao on that one [​IMG]
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hmm, so now that you are engaged to bat breath, Kat - what does your husband Kiron think about it? [​IMG]

  12. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    hehehe ... this is for in game... and out of it .. kiron gonna have the pleasure of going :O when he sees it like everyone else hehe [​IMG]
  13. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Goodah.. for a Mortal you have a brave heart. *bows*

    As for Katharine, she is not held against her will. Her wishes are her own.. I suggest you and the other infidels of the Shire read from the lady's very own journal before assuming her situation is one of abduction. *bows with a flourish*

    OOC: We expect this to be alot of fun over the next few weeks while Katharine plans for the most Unholiest of cermemonies. [​IMG]
  14. *squints at sig*

    Okay.. I give up.. or need glasses. Is that Spyder biting Kat, Kat biting Spyder, Kat biting another woman, or Pappy Joe in need of a haircut?

    (it's a nice sig, really - I just can't make out who is biting who!)
  15. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    hehehe it's a guy biting a girl
  16. *squints*

    Ok. I see it now. Too bad his hairpiece is falling off. [​IMG]

    No - really - it's a nice sig!

    *does shameless bump of hubby's news post that nearly drove him mad*
  17. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Aye.. NewPro certainly did give him a run for his money this morning didn't it..

    Katharine was certainly busy, or bored, today...

  18. There's no accounting for some women's taste in "men"
  19. <blockquote><hr>

    There's no accounting for some women's taste in "men"

    [/ QUOTE ]

    hey...guys like wulf bank on that...
  20. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest


    There's no accounting for some women's taste in "men"

    [/ QUOTE ]

    *hisses at Akane*

    Meh.. on second thought.. I consider myself lucky... I wouldn't have chosen me either.. [​IMG]
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Kelmo sits alone in his modest office above the tavern. The nights revelries being done and the last guest of the pub sent home, he turns to "other" matters. The official business of the town being well handled by the town council, Kelmo turns his attention the messages from his network of associates.

    One clandestine message catches his attention. Katherine... A friend once. Katherine even worked Kelmo's pub as a bar tender for a while. A nervous chill runs though him as he ponders the ramifications.
  22. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    The vampire watches the Day Keeper dust off Katharine's and his own coffin diligently. He smiles when he notices Katharine working feverently at her desk, consulting several ancient tomes stacked chaotically around her. She senses his attention and spins in her chair asking what he's looking at.. smiling, bearing two small fangs.

    "You are putting much effort into this Ceremony, love. Tis only two sacrafices that we need", replies SpyderBite.

    Katharine laughs, "Dear, there is much more involved or haven't you looked before you leaped!?".

    The former assassin sauntered over to where the vampire in crimson armor sat to look over her work. He took a moment to nod at their Day Keeper, called Cattibrie. She scuttled quickly from the room to attend other chores.

    "You've been busy", he commented, drawing a black glove through her long red hair.

    "This Ceremony must be conducted by an Infidel.. were you aware of that?", she commented, discarding his words.

    "Aye.. that I did, love. I have one in mind.. an old friend of both of ours when we once lived".

    Katharine looked up at him and smiled broadly, her fangs shining in the candlelight, "You never cease to make me happy, you know that?"
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This is how I feel about love

  24. Grot

    Grot Guest

    Fully OOC:


    I applaud you for your writing skills.

    Katherine and Spyderbyte, I appreciate what you're doing, and I wish you luck in making it interesting for those willing to get involved.

    But you will need to find another champion. From this thread it looks like you have plenty of takers.

    VMP has shown to me that they have no desire to show the respect that would be required for me to make any effort to roleplay _with_ them. For that matter, I seriously doubt there'd be any attempt on the part of 99% of them to even attempt to roleplay. WyRm might, you might, but sadly, you're overshadowed by the disrespect of the rest of your guild.

    WyRm as GM, condones their actions by inaction. As such, any respect I once had for him is long gone.

    As far as the fighting, I'll continue to react to VMP as I have been. I'll attack them on sight, not likely sparing a word. Thats they role they've encouraged, thats all they will get from me. If you want something different, it'll take a hell of a lot of change and even more convincing.

    Hope I lived up to my reputation. *points to signature below*
  25. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Grot.. this too is OOC:

    I have spoken with several members of VmP who indeed wish to breath RP back in to the guild. Their support is there... all many are asking in VmP and out is that you and others will give it a chance... people have bitched at moaned about the lack of RP.. but when people try, they're shot down with pea shooters... don't join the peanut gallery, please. The nay-sayers have enough supporters as it is.

    Back in character:

    Lord Grot... while I may laugh at your passive position and appreciate your allowing this transition to be that much easier, Katharine weeps at your words. And that I cannot stand for. *twirls cape and storms out in to the night*
  26. Grot

    Grot Guest

    There are people in VMP that have never role-played. The guild as a whole continues to house hide and twink away in any way they can. I'll actively lead the nay-sayers until I see some serious adjustment in VMP's policies and membership. You might consider asking WyRm how our fights were 6 or 7 months ago, when VMP houses were set to public, not designed to house hide in.
    You might begin to understand why I'm sour. I was away from the holidays. In the couple days I've been back I haven't seen any change whatsoever.
  27. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    You may be part of the solution or part of the problem, Grot.. the choice is yours.

    Your response is counter productive.. there is always a first step before the journey is completed. Most are tripped or discouraged during the first step by those who don't wish change, or worse don't fight for it.

    Quotes a small green man.. "Participate or participate not"... this not a debate about RP... if you wish RP to revisit Siege...that is wonderful.. to do otherwise.. you may as well hand the shard over to those guilds who would see our land turn in to a another version of Doom... the choice is yours.

    *bows with a flourish*
  28. Grot

    Grot Guest


    You may be part of the solution or part of the problem, Grot.. the choice is yours.

    Your response is counter productive.. there is always a first step before the journey is completed. Most are tripped or discouraged during the first step by those who don't wish change, or worse don't fight for it.

    Quotes a small green man.. "Participate or participate not"... this not a debate about RP... if you wish RP to revisit Siege...that is wonderful.. to do otherwise.. you may as well hand the shard over to those guilds who would see our land turn in to a another version of Doom... the choice is yours.

    *bows with a flourish*

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I've been here since the first day of this shard, trying to work to make things better. I've tried the subtle route, and it worked with many. It even used to work with VMP. But one day they up and decided to become griefers and twinks. Changing overnight, because of no action of mine. I'll believe there is a change when I see it consistently and when majority of the guild shows it. Until then, I've lost all desire for subtly. If you want to call me part of the problem, then do so. My recommendation from recent experience...if you truly want to bring back an evil RP enemy, then you may as well start your own guild, because it isn't happening in VMP.

    You're more than welcome to prove me wrong, but I repeat, I'll believe it when I see it. Until then, like I said, VMP is an enemy either way, I'll continue to fight them.

    Remember this. You brought me into this by directing things at me. Perhaps you could have saved some trouble by asking me what I felt before doing so.
  29. Revvo

    Revvo Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 10, 2003
    Likes Received:
    If only you could realise what an absolute waste of time it would be to try and convince anyone VMP is a roleplay guild, there's more chance of REV being called a roleplay guild LOL !!!!!
  30. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest


    Remember this. You brought me into this by directing things at me. Perhaps you could have saved some trouble by asking me what I felt before doing so.

    [/ QUOTE ]


    Fair enough.. point made. We'll end the RP debate then, since we have agreed to disagree, and continue on with the RP as was the original intent of this thread in the first place. I have no problem with the lack of support from CWS.. the best thing about RP is that it can be improvised. In the meantime, you sir, have no right to knock it, especially your own guildmate's efforts, if you have no intentions contributing. Back to the sidelines with you.

    Back in character once again:

    Thank you for surrendering the Lady Katharine so easily, False-Leader... once again you've managed to prove that the leaders of these lands are weak and easily broken and divided due to their petty differences. We were expecting a War and thus awakening the Damned further. Tis pitiful how you Mortals value your family and friends so little in place of your own standards.

    *spits on the ground before Grot, then bows and vanishes in to the evening*
  31. Guest

    Guest Guest

    [​IMG]he old miner sat in his smithy, oblivious to the dying glow of the forge, lost in thought.

    He had always wished long life and happiness for his friends, and that had not changed... but this...

    the Lady (was that even an accurate title, now?) Katharine would certainly exist for a very long time, but was it life? And happiness - the creature who now called itself Katharine may appear happy, but would a possible eternity as an undead thing have brought the woman he once knew happiness?
    Did anything of the person he knew remain, or was this just the disease of vampirism, feeding on her now dead mind, and copying all it found therein?

    And then, there was Spyderbite. He had once tried to illuminate a better road for that man - but now he, too, was under the curse of the vampire.
    There was still a trace of the man he had been before - the better aspects - but was that truly him, or was it, too, the vampiric disease, emulating what it had absorbed, while it further corrupted it?

    These worrying thoughts paled, however, as he turned his mind to the larger picture. There was another participant to consider - one who, as yet, remained hidden. Wyrm. The master vampire had turned both of them - and now they seemed drawn to one another. Why? What was Wyrm planning, and did either young vampire actually have any free will in this matter?

    Otto sighed, and rose from his reverie. Calling to his scribe, he dictated a letter, and tinkered a mechanical pigeon, not wanting to send a live bird into the vampire's lair. Mixing a small amount of demon blood into the ink, to ensure the message would be read, he began:

    <font color="#AF0000"> [​IMG]ir Vampire, the dark lord Wyrm,

    I, Otto of Wintermoor, Chronicler of the Silver Serpents, bring you honored greetings.

    I write to you regarding a matter that I am sure has already reached your all-seeing eyes, offering further insight, and, if you will, some queries.

    It seems that two of the younger members of your order are courting.
    I speak, of course, of those former mortals Katharine and Spyderbite.
    Firstly, let me offer my congratulations. As the one who sired them both, you must be proud to have such a happy occurance under your roof - sorry, in your belfry.

    Should this courtship result in a lasting commitment betwixt them, I offer my services in spreading accurate reports of any such ceremony as you vampires may conduct. I do not fear for myself - as you well know, my many, many years in the mines have left me with a peculiar condition, which caused the last vampire to bite me, to obtain nowt but a mouthful of ore dust.

    However, on a more serious note than choking vampires, I must remark on a troubling rumor that is afoot in the land, and ask your honored opinion thereof.

    It is said that the reason for this courtship is simply that there are few true vampires left in your order, and you seek to create a new breed of vampire from their union. It is said, in loud whispers, and even openly in the cesspit of Luna, that most of your number who claim to be vampires, are in fact lesser incubi and succubi, posing as vampires - with much of their appearance, but none of their nobility and power.

    This would certainly explain why they fall so easily in battle. Why, I, myself, had a degree of victory this past Thor's Day, near the Sacrifice shrine, and I think we both agree that an able warrior, I am not.

    So, Wyrm - which is it? Is your vampiric order simply a gaggle of blood-thirsty, mindless incubi and succubi, or do true vampires yet walk this land? I suspect the former - their words, their actions, and their ineptitude in battle betray their true natures.

    It matters little. Evil is evil, and the Knights will prevail.

    However, you have proven to be an honorable foe in the past, and I write, therefore, encouraging you to weed out these false vampires in your midst, or at least to put them through the rites of N'yrn Kardesh, that they may be true to your order. I do this not that evil may prosper, but rather that honor may remain on the battlefield. For without honor, trust me, sir Vampire, ye and yours will be consigned to the history books not as a force to be reckoned with, but rather as a savage beast who was eventually put down, much like a rampaging boar, or a wild dog.

    With respect, such as is due, and such as has been earned,

    Otto of Wintermoor
    Knights of the Silver Serpent

    With a sigh, Otto tucked the letter into the mechanical pigeon's small backpack, and launched it in the direction of the lands of Homare, it's small golem's brain set to seek out the one known as Wyrm...

    He then sat back, and after some thought, wrote another letter - this one to the Lady Skylark, enquiring after recipes for a Wedding Stake Cake.
  32. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Goes back to writing after Spyder left, mumbling under her breath about the idiocies of men when it comes to planning with a small chuckle. Then suddenly stops writing, feeling a small tremor course through her. Katharine stood up from her desk, grabbing her bright blue cloak from the wall staring at it with a small smile, before slipping it around her shoulders and stepping outside to open a gate ...
    She stepped through the gate looking around, pulling the cloak tighter against the icy winds and knocked softly on the door, smiling a small smile at the appearance of Lord Otto.

    "My dear friend, it does me good to see you still alive and well" she said in her usual happy light voice, leaning in to give him a hug sighing as he flinched.
    "Scared of me as well I see..." she said slightly pained, then sighs putting a happy tone back in her voice for his sake. "I just came to apologize for putting you in an awkward situation. It was never my intent to hurt those that I care most about..."
    And with that she turned away walking back a few paces from the house, opening another gate into the Shire... a home once so long ago. Stepping through in front of the Unicorn Tavern, Katharine looked around hoping to see a familiar face, but met with no success. With a heavy sigh she turned and walked into the tavern, picking up a pen, and began to pen a letter to her friends on the board inside....


    My dear friends,
    I am sorry for sending a messenger with my thoughts, but here are my own words in my own hand just for you. I am not a part of Lord Wyrm's group, I am merely a friend to them as I hope to still be to you all. You have always known of my friendship with them, no matter the battles we all fought with each other, that has never changed.
    She chuckled softly as she wrote this, thinking that one thing had indeed changed. I am sorry if my transformation has altered your opinion of me, but I am still Katharine.. only I won't be hogging all the liquor behind the bar anymore. Feel free to contact me, I promise to keep the fangs to myself... Katharine chuckled as she ran her tongue across her tiny fangs and finished up her message with a smile

    Katharine, the impling.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    She walked back outside humming happily to herself, and opened a gate back to home, and sat back down getting back to work on planning, pulling out a vial of blood to sustain her for the evening. Then remembered she had one more missive to write for the evening....

    My Lord Kelmo,
    Hiya bossman, I hear you heard the news already so I will make this as short as possible, so as not to interrupt your *coughs* busy schedule. Just wanted to let you know, I'm happy you agreed... It is an honor most assuredly.
    Many blessings,
    Katharine, the barwench

    [/ QUOTE ]
    She laughed at her little missive and sent it on it's way, glancing up at the sky beginning to light up with a growl. So much for getting any work done ...

    Side note for Grot: Mine was a message for all of CWS, courtesy of you :p So quit being grumpy. As GM who else would I send a message like that to so that everyone would get it. As for not RPing with VmP, I know this will fall on deaf ears, but I've never had a problem with it from them.... and neither did anyone else a while ago. The raids were always fun.. and then everything changed, you want to see it fixed then help fix it, otherwise it's just going to be one bashing post after another, and no one wants to see that.
    Something like this *points up to the thread* has the potential to be a great RP thing... CWS paired with VmP you can't get more out of this world than that. lol
  33. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Gotta add this since I just got it.. lol

    Katharine turned back to the sky to see a squawking pigeon flying straight for her, tilting her head curiously at the stupid bird she watched as it landed right on her shoulder with a note dangling from it's leg. Reaching up to take the note and pet the bird sending it back on it's way, she went inside to read it ....


    Have patience dear lady, the elves are coming back to the shire soon, ill be damned if you will be a vampire while i still breath breath...i only hope i can get back before you do the deed. Felinious

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Katharine laughed softly and decided to pen a letter back tomorrow, the day was coming in fast and sleep was imminent.
  34. Grot

    Grot Guest


    Side note for Grot: Mine was a message for all of CWS, courtesy of you :p So quit being grumpy. As GM who else would I send a message like that to so that everyone would get it. As for not RPing with VmP, I know this will fall on deaf ears, but I've never had a problem with it from them.... and neither did anyone else a while ago. The raids were always fun.. and then everything changed, you want to see it fixed then help fix it

    [/ QUOTE ]

    The rest of CWS is free to interact in this as they will, they always have been.

    "A while ago" is the key phrase. "then everything changed" is right.

    I've tried to help fix it. I've spoken at some length with WyRm. He flat out told me that he won't do anything to stop what his guildmates do to "blues". Until he grows some balls and the desire to enforce roleplay within his guild, nothing will change.
  35. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Spyder tried to sort out the numerous missives he'd received while he slumbered, sorting them in to two seperate stacks. Out of the blue, he tossed his back and laughed, fangs beared, slamming a taloned hand upon the smaller pile of messages. A melodeous voice spoke from behind him..

    "You are in a cheerful mood this evening, my love", Katharine put a hand on his shoulder, looking upon the missives, "Letters from your fan club?".

    The vampire took her hand in his and looked up at his bride to be, "Messages from various citizens of the lands, my dear", he smiled at the larger stack; gesturing to it, "This would be correspondence from many who have either offered their support to our union, or to hunt us down as a result of it", then he nodded at the smaller stack, "those two messages are from those who are quite content with the lands as they are, and would sooner leave it or hand it over to the miscreants of the world". Grinning wider, exposing his incisors, he kissed her hand.

    "Elg'cahl", replied the vampiress, "we shall go through with this.. Fear not, I shall not back down".

    "Oh, I never feared that, Katharine", he grinned, humored with her comment, "I know as well as your family does, the determination you posess", his smile diminished briefly as he seemed to be lost in a thought.

    "What? What is it, Spyder?", inquired Katharine noting his change of mood immediately.

    "It seems to me these in the minority assume our goal, and the goal of others about the lands, is one soley intent in sparking the souls of our bretheren. I believe they are being short sighted and that concerns me".

    The vampiress squeezed his shoulder supportively, "Aye, I understand that of which you speak. It occurred to me as well, that they believe the plans of many are but a small image in a much larger picture", she stopped to consider, "perhaps if we concetrated on the larger stack of messages, and gave little thought to the smaller stack?", she reached down and took one missive from the smaller stack, "this one", she crumpled the small parchment and tossed over her shoulder, "we can dismiss all together", grinning, "it comes from a non-factor".

    Spyder pulled Kat into his lap and they laughed together, but both were still noting the single message from Lord Grot which remained of the smaller pile. The two hid their dissapointment well however.

    "Come", laughed Spyder, standing attempting to playfully drop Kat on the floor, "we have much to do".

    The vampiress grinned at him as she landed square on her feet, hands on hips, "You are a silly man... undead has given you no wisdom. You forget what I am now".

    At the sight of his mischevous grin, with a slight "eep" she bolted from the window as the vampire called SpyderBite chased after her. Laughter echoed about the night as the pair began their nightly hunting.
  36. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    The vampire dropped his victim to the ground at the sight of a pigeon soaring towards the pair of vampires who stood in crimson snow, bodies scattered about them. Katharine squinted at the incoming bird.

    "Duck!", both tumbled in seperate directions, and the pigeon slammed in to a snow bank between them. They approached the messenger pigeon which was wet and wore a collar of garlic. Spyder reached out to the bird and Katharine grabbed his wrist with deft speed.

    "That foul bird is soaked in Holy Water", she scanned the clearing and spied a dead sappling branch on the ground. Grabbing the stick, she poked at the bird which did not respond, obviously dead of a broken neck from the impact. Tactfully, she tugged at the message attached to the bird's leg. She unfolded the missive and read it to herself, concerned.

    Handing it to Spyder, "Seems I've misunderstood Mayor Kelmo's eagerness to perform the ceremony".

    SpyderBite read the message, and grinned, "Aye.. but I percieve this as an invitation of sorts.. 'you'll need to drag my dead body out of Iantown before I'll perform such an unholy ceremony'... would be impolite of us not to acknowledge his request would it not?".

    Kat leaped at him grabbing him in a hug, "How many times must I tell you.. never cease to make me happy!".
  37. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Grins up at Spyder and lowers her eyes to the missive, then waves her hand watching a gate open up. Grabbing his hand, Katharine drug him through the gate stepping in front of the Iantown Tavern. Pulling a pen and parchment from her pack, she quickly scribbled a letter and tacked it to the door.


    Mayor Kelmo,
    I am deeply saddened by your refusal. As a friend your blood is safe from me, however my Chosen might not be so inclined. Please, as a friend I ask for this favor, but if you choose to refuse I will leave it to him to decide. A wise man once said "To think is the nature of man, to understand that thought is the understanding of one's intelligence" I do hope I'm not remiss in thinking you are unintelligent, my dear friend.
    As always,

    [/ QUOTE ]
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    Jul 10, 2003
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    Does this mean some members of VJ will start roleplaying human beings to tie in with your wasted attempt at vampire roleplaying?? (sorry but if you think VMP will ever have any credibility as a roleplay guild you are gravely mistaken, why not start your own guild and at least people will start you off with a fair chance)
  39. [​IMG]eanwhile...

    "He appears well, Mistress Quill." said the old healer, packing away the strange devices and herbs she always carried. "And yet... No, no - forget I said anything. He is in good health, for a man his age. Incredibly good health."

    "I will forget nothing, Florence." said the small scribe, arms folded. "I have sworn my loyalty to my master, and if there is something amis, I would know of it."

    The healer stared at Beatrice, struggling to refuse. Eventually, she relented.

    "It is my leeches, scribe." she said, eventually.


    "Aye, leeches. They are the best in the land, from the swamps of Trinsic, and there is not an ailment they cannot help with before the patient dies! And yet..."

    The scribe gave a small smile, knowing full well that there were at least two interpretations to the description of the leeches' abilities.
    "yet?" She asked, one eyebrow raised.

    "And yet, they can not draw blood from your master. There is blood there, I can hear it flowing, by means of my listening tube, some had dried on his robe from the wounds he took when his beetle threw him - but the leeches will not draw it. And, when his skin is broken, the wound appears to almost fade away, after a short while.

    "Well, he did fall in a cauldron of greater heal potions when he was a baby." remarked Bea, remembering tales Otto had told of his childhood, and incidents in a small village's druid's hut. "Perhaps that is to blame? He has always healed quickly."

    "No, not at all. I believe this is what I hinted at last year. His many decades in the mines, and his countless battles with magically charged ore elementals there, seem to have affected his very blood. There is a trace of metal therein - that is what causes my leeches to shy away, and, I believe, that is what causes him to heal so rapidly. I suspect the accident at the Temple of Mithras last year also affected this, when that vat of Holy Water that Mjolniraa requested exploded all over him. Whatever the cause, there is something strange about this man's blood."

    "Surely, then, this is a good thing?" asked the scribe. "For a quick recovery from wounds is something anyone would be pleased to have!"

    "Perhaps. We do not know every aspect of his condition. I have never seen it's like before. Still - as I said, he seems remarkably healthy for a man his age - especially one who has recently fallen from a fire beetle. Keep an eye on him, and call me if you have any concerns."

    The scribe showed the healer out, and returned to her desk, there to create a multitude of spellbooks to donate to the Lady Shalimar's guild. As she was closing the 20th book, Otto spoke.

    "So, scribe, did I hear the healer correctly? I am become... a half golem, or some such?? Have I gained clockwork parts, like those foul abombinations in Ilshnar?"

    "Nay, master, nay. You are as human as ever. She simply said that your blood is laced with certain ores, which seem to aid your recovery, and leave a foul taste in the mouths of leeches."

    "Hmm. Interesting." Otto remarked. "I wonder if that explains the reaction of those vampires I met last week? One bit me, and fled instantly, screaming in pain. I had thought it a sign that I was overdue for my yearly trip to Buccaneer's Den Baths, but perhaps there was more to it? This, we must put to the test, methinks!"

    "Oh, no, master! No, no no! You are going to STAY in that sick bed, if I have to get Ottobug to sit on you! I have had enough of you running out to battle, when you should be taking life more sedately!"

    Otto frowned, knowing there was no point in arguing with her. He would bide his time, and put that time to good use. There was much to think one, in any case - not the least of which was the news from Katherine.

    He leaned back in his bed, and began to plan, listing as many eventualities as he could in his mind.

    [OC] To all the nay-sayers - do you have a problem with the role-play that has been presented here so far? Is it of inferior quality? Could you, perhaps, do better? If so - join in. If not - shut up. You moan when they don't RP, and you moan when they do. What do you want? Personally, I'm having fun reading this - enough fun that I just spent time contributing to it.
    Moaners, all I have to say to you is, U Hall-------------&gt;[/OC]
  40. Please continue with this and disregard those that only have negative things to say. I only wish I had the talent to rp. I am enjoying reading this.
  41. Guest

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    You have the talent. I believe in you!
  42. Mandolin

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    Daichi Yamamoto stood upon his balcony and surveyed the gothic homes of his neighbors that had been raised almost overnight. So much activity inside those walls.. he sensed an evil presence and made a note to discuss this with the Crafter, Maleeka. In the meantime, he had been called upon by the Shogun Yasou Wakayama. A call he could not ignore.


    The girl, Cattibrie hurried to prepare the coffins for her Master and Mistress. Noting that the sun had nearly risen she grew concerned and hoped that they had found shelter from the sunshine as they certainly would not return before the morning rained upon the land on this cloudless day. Where could they be? She continued on with her duties with double effort to keep her mind from worrying needlessly.


    OOC: Rev.. I know you find it your civil duty to poo-poo on every thread.. but would it kill ya to ignore a single post which obviously contains nothing that interests you?

    As for VmP... there seems to be the misconception by both you and Grot that this is an attempt to solely convert each and every vampire in a single event. That isn't even close to mark. It is about a handful of people trying to give the community what they've been screaming for.. the community as a whole.. not just one guild. Is one event going to change Siege forever.. of course not... We currently have two RP events rolling now.. Yamamoto event this friday.. and the weeks proceeding the Unholy Union... participate or don't if you'd like.. but let those who wish to do so enjoy themselves.
  43. Guest

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    "Lucrio, I have sent you on many missions" Kelmo stated gravely. "This is one carries with it great danger, but I must know what nefarious plans are afoot. Search the lands high and low. Seek information, no matter how trivial it seems. Search the Vampire compound, even Luna if you must."

    "Find this Spyder's lair, and report back."
  44. i hear ya Ibichi, I have ZERO talent when it comes to rp. Reading about it is still fun sometimes.
  45. Mandolin

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    Spyder watched the man leap upon his horse, great bow strapped to his back, ride off from Kelmo's Pub. He growled as he recognized the rider and began drawing his kryss.

    "No, you let your anger cloud your judgement", said Katharine, "The Hunter Lucrio is not our only enemy this day", she gestured at the sun which hung low in the morning sky.

    The vampire stayed his weapon with snort, "Of course, you are right again, Love".

    "You must learn to accept that more often", she giggled, "Lucrio will find us soon enough. This day we must watch Kelmo til it is once again eve".

    SpyderBite sat down in the leaves of the forest floor and sighed, "I hate hiding in the trees like a hind", he searched his pack, "Did you bring a scroll and quill?" he asked his bride to be.

    "Aye, who do you mean to contact?", she asked while retrieving the items from her own pack.

    "Its time that I address this state of affairs with Wyrm", he took the scroll and quill from Katharine and began scribing away.


    Many battles are to come upon us soon. More battles than Katharine and I can handle on our own. We will be outnumbered and the odds will be great. I pray that you contact the rest of the brethren who are willing to aid us. Katharine and I will attempt to make it back to the Nest soon and report all that has happened recently. We hope to make it back to Homare in a day and a half.

    For The Glory of the Damned,



    Daichi Yamamoto bowed deeply before the Shogun Yasou.

    "I smell war on the wind My Liege", Yasou acknowledged the young Samurai, and Daichi continued, "I fear this war will not be one fought from a single direction however".

    Yasou, looked down at the map Daichi had spread across the table. He pointed to various towns across the land, "Many leaders are raising arms against one another.. others are hiding in their homes", he looked up at the Shogun who considered the boy's words carefully, rubbing his chin.

    "Go on Ronin, you are impressing me", replied Yasou.

    "My Siege, I am concerned that you may be in danger. The vampires have began building on the continent of Malas. I understand that we have an understanding with the Vampires, so I don't fear any harm will come from them, but I still feel uneasy. Please watch your back. It is important that you remain unharmed and safe as this storm cloud approaches, to lead us into battle.. whichever battle that may be".

    Yasou looked upon the Samurai proudly, and placed a gauntleted hand on his shoulder, "Well done Daichi. Go investigate further and keep me informed. I shall be fine and appreciate your concern. I've evaded danger many times and have no intention of letting my guard down this time either".

    Daichi stormed from the stables upon his great mount, a red and blue Hiryu, towards the Zento Moongate.
  46. Katharine

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    Katharine watched the rider and pigeon disappear virtually at the same time, and drug Spyder off to to the safety of a cave close by where they could rest in peace.

    Closing her eyes as the day began to lull her body to sleep, her mind raced with thoughts of her family and friends and their animosity, fear, angst against the union that was inevitable...
  47. <blockquote><hr>

    I've tried to help fix it. I've spoken at some length with WyRm. He flat out told me that he won't do anything to stop what his guildmates do to "blues". Until he grows some balls and the desire to enforce roleplay within his guild, nothing will change.

    [/ QUOTE ]
    I thought VmP was an awesome idea that hadn't been utilized to its full potential. I decided to join and try to make some changes for the better. It became clear before long that Wyrm pretty much let people do anything they wanted.

    Rykus plans to get LICH up and running again...if you're interested in evil rp, you might wanna talk to him.
  48. Mandolin

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    Both vampires took turns watching Kelmo's pub until deep in to the night, with no sight of their quarry. One would watch the Iantown pub while the other scouted the surrounding homes. Occasionally the sherriff would pass them on her rounds, but they stayed their hunger with vials of blood to avoid drawing attention to themselves.

    Katharine watched eagerly for any sign of SpyderBite, hoping he'd not run in to anyone accidently while scouting. Suddenly, from behind her, he burst in through the trees, in what he called his "hunting form"; a massive black wolf with red coals for eyes, "You took too long, I began to worry", she scolded while scratching behind his canine ears.

    After a slobbery kiss to her cheek he transformed back to his true form, locks of obsidion hair falling about his shoulders. He shook himself as he adjusted to the change, "My pigeon had found me", he said reaching for her hand and pulling her to her feet, "We must meet with Wyrm immediately. He shall not condone our Union until we have harvest enough souls".

    The vampiress only nodded, a tingle ran down her spine and she grew excited at the notion of killing once again and abandoning the stale blood from the vials.

    The couple disappeard in into the night, a woman and her wolf running by her side to the casual passer by. Fortunate for any potential victims, no one was about at such a late hour in the village of Iantown
  49. KironofSiron

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    Hmm, so now that you are engaged to bat breath, Kat - what does your husband Kiron think about it? [​IMG]


    [/ QUOTE ]

    *reads over the parchment then his eyes widen, his hands busting into flames burning it into ashes*


    I must return it seems...to make this DEMON VANISH ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!
  50. marichessy

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    I have had not so fun run ins with VMP myself. When I first came to siege there was a lot more rp from them and dying was no biggie and was actually kinda fun too at times.

    BUT, everyone participating in the rp here is doing such a great job and I am thoroughly enjoying a good read. So kudos to you all for your efforts and I wish I had some of the talent you guys show for writing rp stories. For lack of better words.....cool stories so far! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I really would love to see more rp return to Siege so keep it up! I hope it's contagious.