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[News] Undying Love...

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Guest, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    [​IMG]ith a welcoming creak, the thick oak doors of the Golden Unicorn opened, and a young man in a brown cloak stepped nervously into the room.

    Another night of comraderie and story telling was drawing to a close, and all eyes turned to the newcomer, in the hope of another good tale.

    Lucrio cleared his throat, not having expected to become the center of attention so soon. "Umm..." he began softly, hoping that no one would hear him, and they'd all find something else to look at.

    "Kush" an elderly man across the room called to the barkeep "I believe there is someone else here who wishes to speak!". Hmm. That one had good ears.
    Ah well, he had faced far worse threats than public speaking.

    Holding a small metal town crest of Iantown aloft, by way of introduction, Lucrio began.

    "I am not a story teller, Nor a poet I fear.
    I am a hunter.
    Kelmo took me in as an abandoned waif."

    'Wait. That sounded far too much like the begining of a story.' He though to himself. 'Get to the point, man, or you will be trading in your bow for the tales and lyre of a bard!'

    "He gave me this job you see. I am searching for Katherine."

    At this, several in the room drew their breath in, and the old man in the corner's face fell, unable to hide a look of utter sadness and anguish. What did he know of Katherine?

    "I must find her. She must not complete this evil union, for it will be her undoing."

    A bombardment of questions followed. How could he know that evil would come of it? Could she be cured, saved? Evil? Why evil? Some useful information came as well, such as the location of homes and a newly built chapel.

    Taken aback at all the questions, Lucrio tried to answer.
    "I am not certain..But I must try.
    Any thing you can tell me will help in my quest."

    A parrot mimicked him, making him even more nervous. A trickle of sweat ran down his spine. Curse it all - he would rather hunt the most vicious of prey, than stand and talk to a room full of strangers!
    "Damned parrots." he muttered.

    A few more bits of advice, opinions, and questions flowed. Eventually, Lucrio could take no more, and decided to investigate the information he had managed to obtain from the taverners. With a bow, he took his leave.

    "Thank you." he said, and was a shadow, vanishing into the night.
  2. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    The former assassin read the missive... glancing at the crimson coffin where his bride to be lie safely slumbering

    He wandered the stone floor of the tomb he'd built for the two of them to sleep during the day, and protected, confused. He looked down at the note and re-read it.

    Sire, You do not have my permission to take Katharine of the Shire unless you both show your true Evilness. And as such, you will not receive the support of your brethren

    SpyderBite growled deeply, upset at his Master's word but forced himself to read further.

    You, Milord, must prove yourself Evil! You must take any blues life, remove all their items, without guilt. And, then you must show no compassion... new to our land or otherwise

    The vampire drew wide his mouth, fangs bared and screamed! Almost immeditately, the crimson coffin flew open and Katharine leaped out, "What? what is going on, Love.. shall I arm!?".

    Spyder acknowledged Katharine, "Please do, I fear we've taken on yet more enemies".

    Without another word, he stormed from the room and prepared for a battle that neither one would survive. A battle of morales... He only hoped that his beloved would stand by him, and resist the unspoken words of their Master, when they were faced with so many enemies.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Pulling his cloak close, Lucrio sets forth on his mission. Many tasks has Kelmo given Luc, but none more important. "Find Katherine, he says" *mutters to self* "it was easier with finding sheep".

    "Where to begin", Lucrio ponders. With grim determination he heads for the very lair of the vampires. Using the skills that arew granted to him, Lucrio hides near the vampire compound. He spies many folk coming and going. *chuckles* Many are blue!

    Lucrio waits patiently. Spyder does show up. Luc fingers his bow. "Yes"' he says to him self. "I could perhaps take him. He is not my target. It is Katherine I seek."

    After a futile trip to Luna, though there were Vampires there. There was no sighting of Katherine. Some what discouraged, Luc made his way to the Shire. He knew there would be folks there. While watching the door, he listened to many marvelous tales.

    After the end end of the story telling, Luc made his plea. "Tis my quest, to find Katherine. This unholy union must not be! Help me find her."
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The former assassin ........

    SpyderBite growled deeply, upset at his Master's word but forced himself to read further.

    You, Milord, must prove yourself Evil! You must take any blues life, remove all their items, without guilt. And, then you must show no compassion... new to our land or otherwise

    As Miranda stood on the steps of the Wintermoor Theatre, cold snowy winds biting at her small frame, a flood of visions filled her head. Visions of memories of times which have gone by inside this building where there were crowds of theatre goers once, all filled with joy and laughter telling their tales and stories sharing their good times together. At one point a human being oft came to hear tales at the theatre and sometimes he was even helpful to the guests and to the few folks in charge of Wintermoor Theatre Thursdays.

    Yet all that changed as the human being betrayed a kind lady by accepting a contract to assassinate her, this lady he called ........ a friend. There were times I felt the man's soul still had a spark of decency about it, and still could be redeemable. The man had even promised he would try to turn over a new leaf, but alas he accepted a job of murder, for gp of a friend. He accepted a contract which he could have turned down, he accepted a contract to exterminate a lady whom called him "friend". But more was to be learned and to be found out in a trial that the Knights held to try to bring some justice into the horrid turn of events and to learn whom the 'other murderer' was..that being the 'lady' the one whom had lived in Iantown and had hired the assassin to begin with. The truth was found out whom the other murderer was the hiree of the assassin. Yet Justice tis an odd thing that often never happens justly, to the victims of cruel brutality and mindless debachery, anger or mayhem.

    But once down that path of enslavement to murdering and death there is no turning back, there normally is no redemption for the ones whom savor the taste of innocent human's life blood. They reach a new plane of descent of mankind or womankind when they go that far there is no turning back for them, they become enslaved by the master of murder, living in caves or hanging from trees, sleeping in coffins, spouting they have eternal life with some misguided glee that for all eternity they will have to slave again and again to feed their own depravity and hunger to slaughter to drink blood to ....survive ! Tis*sort of a catch 22 for em eternal life but only if they descend even further in human subhuman depravity and lack of all compassion and virtues towards any thing or anyone else save for their own burning desires to endlesslly eternally QUENCH the eternal endless madness, within themselves, enslaving them to keep on doing it all to *stay alive* for all eternity doing the same thing over and over again starving killing to quench the hunger and thirst like rats on a perma exercise wheel nonstop for forever repeating themselves mindlessly murdering.

    Odd thing about that lifestyle they must slave/become enslaved to endless mindless starving murdering, to remain "alive" ..yet I choose to DIE..to remain and to live& die.. 100%.. FREE ! They can kill me 10,000 times 10,000 and yet they will 'never own' nor will they ever enslave my soul, yet their souls/ their existances are enslaved.. for forever.

    Miranda took a last glance at Wintermoor and the theatre where once upon a time even the Spyderbite and Katharine were human and welcomed at any story night or event held in the 'moor. Things change people change souls are lost and never can they regain their human nature and being again nor their souls, for they have crossed over to serve base instincts of animals and vampires thus they are no longer ..............human sadly they chose their route their fork in the road their line drawn in the sand and they chose to .........descend to blood spilling debauchery killing innocents yet even that is NOT enough to service and serve their new masters and handlers. HOW LOW CAN THEY GO to please their lords and to SERVE in slavery to them ?? HOW LOW can they go ..to try to remain *eternally alive* fetching and stepping blood letting to feed their own depravity and hunger ??

    *Miranda turns her cloak round closer onto her shivering body, to leave the snows of Wintermoor and it's many fond memories of times when humans shared joy, laughter, grand meetings, and fighting for justice and the virtues for the citizenry. Whatever unholy bond ceremony the two hope to share will not matter, the two human beings once full of laughter are ....long gone they are no longer humans they are something else now. To try to save them or her even now, is sadly, a lost cause this late in their descent and their downward spiralling.

    Compassion is a fine virtue, but tis a fine line between compassion and stupidity. To show compassion for those that have no compassion whatsoever for any others and those that "need" any/all human, to feed the greed of their own depravity and hunger, is foolhearty or just plain stupid of said human to feel any compassion for any of them. They freely chose to become that enslaved and/or to remain that way.

    Miranda swiftly departed to the land of her exile for she will not be any witness to any unholy ceremonial union but she will know when it transpires for the sky will turn a hideous blackened red and the rivers will not flow clear waters but will flow red in shed blood of the innocents.
  5. Kat SP

    Kat SP Guest


    Many are blue!

    [/ QUOTE ]

    *Gasps* Smurfs?!
  6. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Wearing naught but a gray robe, a man stood before the Shrine of Compassion. Upon the ancient pedestal, before the Holy Ankh, he dropped to his knees. Upon the very Rune of Compassion, tears fell, and evaporated in small sizzling puffs off steam immediately as they hit the ancient symbol.

    He recalled the events that had transpired this evening: Downed by the hand of Lord Grot. Dealt the same Justice he had handed out to so many Inocents himself in attempt to cleanse the lands of what he perceived as "diseased". As he stood weak and healing slowly, he spied a young Infidel attempting to escape the city of Luna. By pure instict he bolted after the evader, striking her down as she ran. He stood over her mangled corpse and felt uneasy. A feeling he had not had in a very, very long time.

    Remembering words he'd read earlier in the night...

    '...and then you must show no compassion... new to our land or otherwise'

    Suddenly he realized he'd reached for a scroll in his pack which would give life to the very soul he'd just stole. Shaken, he dropped the scroll; realizing with with a shock the feeling he was experiencing..


    Shaking the memory from his head, he tore the Death Robe aside and before it hit the ground, a massive black wolf bolted from the Shrine in to the lands of Ilshenar.


    The Lady Queen Zen, suddenly sat straight in her bed, a scream stifled in her throat. She grabbed a dry towel from the wash basin on the night stand beside her, and dabbed at her forhead. What had she dreamed? She could only recall bits and pieces of happier times... she could not recall what had awakened her with such a fright.


    Cattiebrie eyed the empty casket of her Lord warily. She dare not wake the Lady Katharine and give her reason to worry further about her her Lord. She had retired early in the night without a word. But the Day Keeper, Cattibrie knew that her Mistress had been distressed. Something was amiss, as Lord SpyderBite had raged from the Tomb without a word to hunt.. alone.

    She looked to the horizon for the second time in a turn of the clock.. and for the second time.. she attended to her duties and training in an attempt to escape her worries.. and fear.


    The wolf came to a sudden halt, nearly falling over himself, when the scent came to his nose. He made a note of his location.. close to Spirituality. The scent drew him to a nearby clearing where he spied a young Mortal, practicing his hand with the sword amongst the field of Great Harts and Hinds. He stood observing the youth with an odd interest until the boy turned and noticed the dark wolf.

    "Hello!", he greeted the wolf.

    SpyderBite tilted his head curiously at the boy, confused. The words rang again in his head, distantly this time, '...and then you must show no compassion... new to our land or otherwise'.

    The boy looked at the wolf with a smile on his face.. not fear... but, rather amazement, "Are you really a Vampire?".

    The wolf, further confused by his lack of lust to pounce on the young soul, laid down on his haunches before the young one.

    "I just arrived today!", exclaimed the boy with a smile, "Look I too am training the ways of a Ninja", and in a small flash of topaz light, transformed into the form of a small rabbit and ran around the wolf playfully... happily.

    The wolf observed the odd behaivor of the youth and then noted that the land was growing bright with sunlight. The black hair of canine began to burn, but the wolf could do naught but watch the enthusiastic boy hop around as a hare. The rabbit stopped and returned to his human form when he noticed that the wolf before him had returned to his true form as well.. red and blistered.

    "Here", he said draping the Vampire with his cloak.

    SpyderBite was suddenly aware that he was still naked, having discarded his Death Robe earlier. He did not feel the discomfort that came with his unnatural healing, his thoughts were preoccupied with the actions of this Innocent.. and more confusing... his lack of action.
  7. Draxous

    Draxous Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 3, 2004
    Likes Received:

    Please continue with this and disregard those that only have negative things to say. I only wish I had the talent to rp. I am enjoying reading this.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I love to RP! People didn't exactly appreciate my story last night (cause people looted who weren't supposed to) but I thought I put together a pretty good story!

    I got everyone involved!

    *still waiting for ottos pics/write up on the events of last night*
  8. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Rising from her slumber, Katharine snatched up the note Spyder had let drift to the floor. Reading over it once again, she growled softly to herself, looking up at Cattibrie with a small smile spreading across her lips, taking care to keep her fangs hidden so as not to frighten the child.

    "Get some rest, my dear, he will return when he's ready to face his demons.." Katharine said, petting Catti softly and pushing her gently towards the bed.

    Katharine watched as the girl stumbled off to her bed, and reached to the wall for her cloak, stepping into the moonlight and opening a gate into Wispwood....
    She stepped from the gate, hiding in the shadows watching the last of the patrons leave the tavern, and glanced up to see the hunter once more. Her hand automatically reached for the sword at her side, before releasing it and took a step into the light so that he could see her.

    "Looking for me?" she asked in a low voice, eyeing him with a small smile and a seductive glance. "Now that you found me, my lord hunter, what is it you intend to do? Hurt me with your little bows?" she gave a small pretty pout at this. "Kelmo shouldn't send mere boys... especially for me. Go back to your master with a message from me.." With that she stepped closer to him, her breath blowing gently on his neck, whispering softly in his ear. "My lord Kelmo, if you seek me... I will come to you, with only a request from your hands. See that you don't forget that message, my dear boy. Tis very important." And sunk her teeth into his neck, drinking from him but not killing him, and vanished from his sight.

    Hiding in the shadows of the Tower, Katharine watched the hunter stumble, released from her spell and weakened, riding off into the night. Running her tongue over her teeth, savoring the last drops of blood, Katharine opened another gate, this time for Lord Wyrm's home. They had business that needed to be dealt with she and him..... business that could not wait. He wanted evil, he was going to be in for a shocking suprise...
  9. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine stepped from the gate in front of the Nest of the Damned, looking around for any straglers that might heed her progression for her target. She stomped up the steps of the house, only to find her passage blocked by a barrier. Anger boiled the blood coursing through her viens and she glanced up at the house with a snarl.


    With that she pulled out her sword and slaughtered nearby creatures, leaving them on his doorstep as a warning of her anger...
    Let that get his attention and that of his Damned ... I care not, the opinions of those close to me over my choice will be their undoing if they choose to care more about their own thoughts and opinions rather than what I see as best for myself. she thought and opened a gate back home to wait for Spyder to come back, seething with pent up anger but refusing to go near any innocents for fear of what she might do to them in this state...
  10. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    The Vampire walked up the steps of the Tomb unarmed, exposed and vulnerable to his enemies. Uncaring, he passed through the arches of his home.

    Let Lucrio strike me down now if he wishes

    As he entered the main hall, his wife to be stepped out from the shadows.

    Head down in shame, he spoke without looking up. He could not bear to peer into her eyes, "Take my head, Katharine. I have spoken out against the Master, and in the same eve, spared the life of an Inocent". He waited for the blow to end his short time spent souless.

    "My love", she said, crossing the room swiftly to his side. Raising his head with a single finger to look up on her, "I would sooner behead myself with my own sword than to harm you".

    He stared in to her eyes, his own eyes glazed over in obvious grief, "I'm torn", he struggled with the words, "I felt compassion this eve". His head dropped again.

    Katharine began examining his scars which would eventually heal themselves, "You have been in the sunlight? How did you survive?".

    "I do not know. A young boy aided me. I felt absolutely no desire to take his soul after his act of compassion towards me", his voice was weak, he sounded confused.

    "Spyder", she replied, once again raising his eyes to meet hers, "I do not fault you for being who you are. A killer? Of course, as am I. Evil?", she shook her head and smiled, "Aye.. but not by the definition of our Lord Wyrm. We kill to feed and to take souls... we do not kill to cause misery or grief. That my Chosen, is the reason I was drawn to you, why I gave myself to the disease, why I will marry you".

    SpyderBite was speechless and could only stare at the woman, seeing her for the first time in a long while as the woman he'd grown to treasure, not a vicious Vampire.

    "But, by completing the ceremony, we shall be stregthening the Damned", was all he could utter.

    "Yes.. but the Damned wants souls.. not to obliviate the lands leaving us to starve without prey by chasing those off with grief and misery", she sighed, "I am so new to this after-life, Love. But, perhaps that is why I am able to see what you are just now realizing. Without the Innocents of this world, we can not exist. We will marry, strengthing the Bond. And, I'll be damned again if we won't use our new found Power to fight those who would exterminate the lands and hide behind their vision of what "Evil" is!", she spit on the ground in disgust.

    SpyderBite took her in his arms and whispered, "We may not.. rather we will most likely perish, on the path we are taking, Katharine", he held her out at arms length and smiled a sad smile, "But we will perish together, fighting side by side.. and despite the fact it is only each other we have now, we will not perish alone".

    A single tear ran down Katharine's cheek.. a bittersweet tear.. for she knew that his words were true. At that moment, they had chosen a path which would change their after-lives, and more importantly the lives of many others of the lands.
  11. Laying in her bed wide awake she can't help but wonder if Lord Spyder and Lady Katharine will last after the unholy ceremony. Being a humble day keeper you start to grow attach to whomever. Makes you feel part of a "family" and after losing her very own family not wanting to lose this one. As she lays awake she also question many things offten saying outloud without noticing.

    "I wonder if Lord Spyder and Lady Katharine knows I would fight to my very own mortal death to protect them." she said to herself forgetting they have perfect hearing. Keeping that in mind she said to herself "I also wonder if Lord Spyder knows just how much Lady Katharine and myself worries about him while he's away."

    With all her worries filling her mind she slowly stubbles into sleep. Still to young to know who or what killed her family but not saying she is happy with it but she is excited for she gets to live out the rest of her long mortal life with two wonderful Vampires. While she is slumbering she starts to dream a dreadful dream. Reliving her past and losing everyone, feeling the blood of her own family wash over her. Waking up screaming and in a sweat seeing Lord Spyder and Lady Katharine lookin at her worried.

    Looking at her with concern, just as they were about to ask if she was ok she responded. "Sorry about the screaming Lord Spyder and Lady Katharine, I was having that horid dream again. Sorry if I disturbed you.." With that she got out of bed and bowed to them both and motioned them to go about their business.

    Closing the door behind them she slid down the door and started to cry a bit, wanting so much to tell them how she truely feels but afraid of hearing "What a silly mortal" she keeps it inside. After getting that out of her system she lays back down on her bed and begins to slumber again, waiting for daylight so she may protect her "family"...
  12. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine watches Cattibrie close the door and looks up at Spyder with concern brewing in her eyes for the little one who was their guardian during their weakest moments.
    "She shouldn't be left alone unprotected in the day, my love. We need to seek out one who will keep her safe. I worry for her." she whispered to him, knowing only he could hear her. "Sadly all those I thought I could trust to ask the favor from do not wish to speak or see me..." she turned and placed a hand on the door with a sigh of regret for those who must endure when she could not protect them.

    Turning and walking out into the moonlight, Katharine sighed again feeling his arms encircle her waist lost in her own thoughts......
    "Why must the ending come to something such as this, when they should be happy? Why must it be a battle over a soul, our souls? Why can't people just accept what we are, without the actions of others clouding their judgement? Why must we be called something that we clearly are not?" she asked to the night, not really expecting an answer, laying her head on his shoulders, holding back the blood tears that would flow if she let them...
  13. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    The vampire sat upon his throne of human bones, a simple cloak clutched in one hand. Lost in thought, he barely noticed the girl Cattibrie before him.

    "You are up early", he said without looking up, still staring blankly at the plain gray cape in his grip. Scorch marks remained where sparks had been extinguished by the young man in Ilshenar.

    "Lord", said Cattibrie, taking a deep breath and collecting herself, "Why did you take me in instead of taking my soul?".

    SpyderBite glanced over at the coffin where Katharine rested... wishing she were awake to address this instead of himself. He was not good with delicate matters such as this. Remembering Katharine's words earlier this evening, he decided it was best to reveal the truth to the young girl before she died, which unfortunately would probably be sooner than later.

    "You are very dear to us", he tried to smile while speaking, "please know that Cattabrie".

    The Day Keeper fidgeted but beamed at the words as if she'd been waiting to hear them forever.

    "Your parents were brutally murdered by vampires", he failed to retain the smile and his eyes softened as he continued, "Two vampires in fact. A man and a woman".

    Cattibrie's lip began to tremble, her face reddening, she feared the words that were to follow.

    "You know the answer to your nightmares, Catt", Spyder stood and stepped down from his thrown. He grabbed a torch from the wall and walked to where the Day Keeper stood trembling looking as if she were about to break down in tears at any second. The vampire snapped the torch over his knee and handed the sharp stake to the girl, discarding the lit end on the floor behind him, "Kat and I destroyed your family ruthlessly, new and eager with the Disease, the lust for blood was insatiable to both of us. We are very different from the Vampires that roam the land these days, however. And, we took you in when we found you hiding beneath your bed".

    He stared down at the girl, stake in hand, "Strike me down, Cattibrie", ripping the chest of his leather tunic aside, he dropped to his knees, heart exposed, in both senses of the word, "Avenge your family. But, promise me you'll give Katharine the benefit of a quick death while she sleeps".

    He closed his eyes, wondering if Hell would welcome him and his bride-to-be or shun them as they had been in life and after-life.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Returning to Iantown, bruised, battered and almost broken, Lucrio notices the peace and tranquility of his little town. Shaking his head sadly, knowing it was all about to change.

    Lucrio arrives at the prearranged rendezvous. He tosses what is left of his belongings in a small pack, and collapses into what he hopes is dreamless sleep. Alas, even as his eyes closed, the eyes in his dreams open. Eyes that see through your soul and saps the very will from the heart.

    "Lucrio" whispered the voice, softly... "Lucrio....." "LUC!! Wake up and report!"

    With a start, Lucrio wakes to see Kelmo's agitated look turn to one of concern.

    "Rough night, ehh?"

    Luc snarls,"you have know idea, old man. I seached the night through. I have been beat upon, laughed at, and maybe even bitten. *shakes head* But the answers you seek, elude me. I will continue to search for you. But you know in your heart, that some answers you must seek for your self."

    Kelmo considers this for a moment, "your words Luc, or a message?"

    Lucrio looks away. His gaze settling on the lovely plants at the near by park. A bird is flying nearby, completely unaware of the vampire bat stalking ever closer.

  15. Looking carefully at the weapon she grabs it frimly in her hand. Looking at it closly and then looks at Lady Katharine's coffin then at Lord Spyder. Tears rolling down her face she simply says this...

    "I can not do it Mi'Lord. Even tho Lady Katharine and yourself did that I do forgive you both. You took me in after doing that so there must of been something about me that you both couldn't take. I am a bit upset but yourself and Lady Katharine has giving me so much in return."

    Droping the weapon on the ground and running out of the room leaving a tear trail behind. Wondering why I can't tell them by doing what they did made me extreamly happy, I have always felt as an outsider with my family. Looking behind her after each new entered room just to make sure Lord Spyder was not following her for fear of her life. At the same time she hopes he was. Going back to the throne room to tell Lord Spyder once for all..

    "Mi'Lord, please forgive me.. Please do not be upset with me by not taking both of your lives but over the years you both became a family to me, a family where I felt I belong. I have wanted for so long to tell Lady Katharine and yourself, but I'm sure she can hear me... I hope you both know that no matter what happens I will always be at your side fighting with you both. May I live or die but I shall do everything in my power to keep you both alive. I shall go and clean up my mess I left while I was running."

    Feeling much better that she has told atleast Lord Spyder, she goes back to work humming while cleaning leave the throne room for last giving Lord Spyder to think about what she has said...
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    [​IMG]he blind man stepped back through the glowing mystical gate, his clothes in tatters, the cuts and scrapes all over his arms already starting to heal.

    "Well then. That was painful, but successful. There is not a vampire bat in Umbra that can stomach the taste of me. They certainly tried - but none of them more than once. I can, unfortunately, still be sent tumbling away to the grey lands as easily as before - but I could not find one vampire able to stomach the taste of me."

    "But what good does that do, Milord?" asked Beatrice, placing a fresh robe in his outstretched hand. "Even if they can not drain your blood, take your soul, or infect your with their disease, they can still kill you. Wyrm's horde all carry weapons, and use various spellcasting lore."

    "Aye, they do, they can, and they will. But perhaps the moment or two's confusion over what vile taste fills their mouths will be enough for me to get a well considered word or two to the right ears. Still - a surprise is only a surprise the first time it is used, so I must consider my options well, before taking any action. I still do not even know the battlefield ahead, or truly, who is friend or foe, who is victim or villain. Indeed, perhaps there truly is no villain here - or the true evil is yet to reveal itself."

    "In truth," thought Beatrice "it is true that he came here from another world. There are no others in this one who think that way. To them, the answer is to grab a weapon, and keep hitting until problems are gone. You, Milord, are too compassionate for this world, by far."

    Otto entered his workshop, pulling the clean robe around him for warmth. His deft hands made their way about the work surface, checking components, tools, and finally resting on his latest work. Indeed, if the young scribe without could see, her thoughts of her blind master's overly compassionate nature would be greatly challenged indeed.

    With a click of a switch, the strange shape began to hum, and a small portal, no bigger than a dagger-point, opened in the air. A sharp needle extended into it, and began to drain samples of blood from the writhing form beyond, in the Void...

    On the workbench, in the dim light, a small model of a chapel could be found, braille notes stuck to various spots on it, and arrows and crosses drawn here and there.

    If any had been watching, or had eyes to see, they would have thought that the darkness began to glow with a comforting light...
  17. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Daichi reined his hiyru in at the sound of crying. Squinting to see the source of the whimpers, he caught glimpse of movement beside the home of the crafter Maleeka with whom he had just left a rather 'interesting' evening in Shire with. A young girl lay curled up a ball, tears running down her face.

    "Are you alright, young one?" he asked in the dialect of his distant land. Suddenly he recognized the child, "You stay with the Vampires, eh?", she only nodded at him wordlessly.

    "I am Cattibrie" she finally said in a broken voice.

    Daichi removed his riding cloak and draped over the girls shivering shoulders, "Please, come inside, the evening is chilled".

    Cattibrie smiled slightly, noticing the wicked looking scythe strapped to his belt, "You are a Samurai?", she asked him, eyes shining with both curiosity and tears.

    "Aye", he laughed and then bowed offering the girl his hand to assist her from the ground, "I am called Daichi Yamamoto.. I am honored to meet you, Cattibrie".

    She eyed his avian mount eagerly, biting her lip in anticipation. Daichi laughed again and tossed her behind him on the Hiyru. After several playful laps around the the crafter's home, he took her inside so she could warm her chilled bones beside Maleeka's fire. As he watched her laugh and play with Maleeka's house-cat, he could help but wonder what vile torture those soulless beings had done to the girl to cause her to attempt escape.. luckily for her, successfully.

    He sat down next to Cattibrie and drew hand down the mouse chaser's back and the girl looked up and smiled.

    "Dear, I do not wish to upset you anymore this evening, but may I ask what has driven you from that tomb and into the cold night.. besides the obvious?".

    Cattibrie looked up confused at the Samurai, "Obvious?".

    "I was referring to the Vampires that hold you captive", he replied.

    Catt stood up suddenly, hands on hips, "I am no captive in my home!", she stomped a foot for emphasis and crossed her arms.

    "Forgive me, girl, I assumed that was the case by the tears now drying on your face".

    "Much has come to light this evening, good Daichi", she sat back down next to him and pulled his tighter around her shoulders, "I was crying both tears of happiness and pain. I shall be alright", she looked back up at the man, "They are my family; I cherish them".

    Confused, Daichi only nodded and smiled. As the young girl went back to playing with the cat, Daichi stared out the window at stone tomb that stood sillouetted in the distance, by the arriving sunrise.

    These were not the same vampires that his guild had relations with.. intriguing
  18. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine stepped to the front of the steps of their home, watching carefully over the distance as Cattibrie went inside with the strange new mortal, nodding to herself that the girl was safe enough, and went back inside ...

    Stepping close to Spyder, she placed her hand upon his shining black head, running her fingers absently through his hair in a gesture of comfort, humming a low tune taught to her by her mother when life was still good for them all. Katharine sat on the arm of his throne, smiling down at him

    "Don't fret, my love, she is safe and so are we for the moment. This is a good day, you did not kill one who helped you, you did not do anything that would burden your already heavy soul. No matter what you might think of yourself, you are still good, and I love you all the more for showing compassion to those who will last but a brief amount of time compared to us. Lord Wyrm will see this.." she slit her eyes in a small glare, and looked back down at him keeping her voice light "... and if he doesn't so be it. He can choose his own eternity of the hell of his choosing."

    He looked up at her, with a pained expression covering his face "I told her...... everything."
    "I know love, I heard. Now there is something I must do before it is time to sleep, try not worry so much or you will give that lovely immortal face of yours wrinkles, and that I can not have.." she chuckled softly, kissing his forehead tenderly taking a care of the burns, and stands up slipping her cloak around her shoulders.

    Katharine walked out of the house and opened a gate into Iantown, looking around to make sure no more hunters were going to pop out of nowhere, she sauntered into the Pub, pulling a book from one of the chests, and scribed a message for Kelmo, placing it on the bar. Then went home to sleep beside her husband to be instead of alone in her own bed, curling into his arms smiling as the sun climbed over the horizon once again.
  19. Not sure what Daichi Yamamoto thought he was going to get out of her about Lord Spyder and Lady Katharine but he wasn't going to get anything. While playing with his house cat, she glanced over and gave him a smile

    "Sir Daichi, if I may be so humble to ask but what gave you the idea I was held captive? Just because they are vampires do not mean they are evil."

    While waiting for his reply she could sence that Lord Spyder was a tad worried but at the same time she felt to unconfortable sitting in his home. Not to seem ungreatful to Daichi sharing his warm fire and alowing her to play with his house cat she did not want to seem like a bad guest in his home and leave so soon without finding out what he expects to find out. So she desided to stay for a little while until returning to where she feels she belongs.
  20. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    SpyderBite sat hidden beside the Temple as Maleeka surveyed the interior.

    "Could you have picked an older and less stable structure to have a wedding, Spyder?", she mused.

    The vampire revealed himself, merely baring his fangs at the Crafter and smiled. While startled at his appearance the night he was turned, she grew used it and after a while simply accepted him for what he was. He was a killer, but nothing else about him had changed. His humor, their conversations that lasted late in to the night, it was the same Spyder she'd known for so long prior to his transition. Yes. He was a friend.

    She looked around the Temple a bit more, then spoke indirectly in the spot Spyder had last stood, "Well, I think I have an idea, and I have Katharines'notes here as well. I shall go fetch supplies and get started".

    The vampire appeared next to her, and she nearly jumped out of her shoes, "Good show, Maleeka", he put an arm about her shoulder and squeezed her into him, "Was Cattibrie any trouble last night?", he added.

    "Oh my no! The girl is an absolute sweetheart! She insisted helping me with dinner, stock my vendors, and wore out poor Oscar tossing a ball of yarn around for hours", she smirked, "The mice in my home were quite safe last night", she looked up at him and smiled, "The two of you have done well. She has grown in to quite a young woman". She seems to be training hard as well.. at last count she had four of those foul Minions wandering aimlessly about my dining room".

    "Thank you, my friend. We may need her to spend more time with you as things are growing more dangerous for us each day that we draw closer to the Ceremony".

    "Tis no trouble, if you sense trouble brewing send her to my home immediately, or to Daichi's if I am away", she replied cheerfully.

    "Daichi?", Spyder thought for a second, "Ah, the Yamamoto that lives to the north. I haven't had the pleasure yet. Now is not the time to make acquaintances".

    "Oh! Where IS Katharine by the way? I haven't seen her for two nights", concern spread over the Crafter's face like a dark cloud.

    "She went to pay a visit to an old friend", knowing that it was going to raise her ire, he smiled, "In Iantown".

    Small birds took flight from the nearby trees at the sound of obscenities and a laughing vampire filled the evening.
  21. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Spyder stuffed his pack with scrolls of Resurection and Gates.. hoping that they'd be left when he, Katharine and Cattibrie exited the first portal.

    Expecting many deaths, they took Catt on a tour of Malas. Kept close to home, the girl now a woman, had experieced little of our lands. Spyder regretted the courage he lacked to contact his old friend, Mayor Kelmo, to provide a tour of the lands.

    Ironically, they visited Iantown first. Katharine ran amongst the tables as soon as they entered Kelmo's Pub to a book on the bar which neither Spyder or Catt were able to open. The Pub was empty however, so Spyder suggested visiting the wonderous vendors of Iantown instead. His wife to be, had business to attend to in the Shire, so he dragged the girl, Cattie off to the Iantown Mall enthusiastically.

    When two stepped in to the Mall, he hung his head in dissapointment. Where numerous vendors of splendorous goods once stood, 3 simple vendors, empty of wares, stood instead.

    A gate opened, and Katharine returned leaping from the gate. Spyder tried to spare the woman's view of the vacant Mall but he was not quick enough. The couple tried to hide their dissapointment by inviting Cattie to the Yard for drinks and merriment... to meet the great people of the land they called, Siege.

    As they approached the bar, Katharine noted the cobwebs on the barstools and pulled SpyderBite to the side, "Perhaps this is not a good time to show Catti this place".

    Her husband-to-be however, drowning in nostalgia, gated forward on his Charger, the two ladies in tow, "Where is everyone?", was all he could mutter, mouth open in shock.

    "Come upstairs Catti", urged Spyder, surely there were folks dueling this Eve. Again he was met with an empty arena.

    Defeated, the three left the Yard, but were immediately confronted by Kemo. Spyder applied a dose of poison to his blade and prepared for an attack. Instead, the three were greeted cheefully, and flattered with compliments of their recent rebellion against the grief-spreading Vampires, who were once respected.

    SpyderBite and Katharine smiled and acknowledged each other's enthusiasm as they spoke with Kemo. Both decided later that it would best if Kelmo should show the gal they'd raised, the sights of the land should he be willing.

    OCC: Thank you Kemo and Castor... for exposing this one new to our land that RP still exists in our world.

    *bows with a flourish*
  22. KironofSiron

    KironofSiron Guest

    *Steps outside his small home looking around slowly at first, to only remove his old hat and look up at the moon.* What should I do...I know of the one they speak of...I have seen her..and even stalked her for many of my days.. he says to himself then whispers some words and simply vanishes*

    *The elevn mage reappears outside of a building he has never seen..nor been too but yet he seems to know exactly where he is. He smirks slightly to himself and then shouts*

    "Katharine!! I know you were here...show yourself to me NOW! *he words booming like thunder in the calm dark night. He stands and waits for the one he always called a demon but tonight he spoke her name, so there he stands waiting as his long blonde hair flowing in the wind*
  23. [​IMG] young scribe poured over the pages of her dozens of books, trying to find the answers that Otto had requested she seek.

    Page after page, tome after tome, filled with tales of bloodthirsty vampires, stories of their depraved evil, various images depicting their wanton acts of savagery - all these assailed her eyes as she read. On not just one occasion, she had to run to the window, and hope that no respectable visitors were below at that moment.
    Thankfully, apart from one angry cry of <font color=" darkgreen">"Pagog pushdug shematut Tark!! Nub pushagigat throku ob uruks!!!"</font>, which she didn't quite understand, there were no incidents.

    Just as she could take no more, and decided the next book would be the last, she found therein the usual depicions of depravity, under the heading of 'Vampyre', read through them, and turned the page. There, as an adendum, in a different pen to the main, was another section. 'Wamphyre', it read.
    With interest she read on.

    <font color="darkred">

    "It doth come to pass, perchance, that when yon demon-spawn contained within the spittle of the vampyre tries to infect yon host, it is not always successful.

    Sometimes the host body is too weak to allow the spawn to mature, and in these cases, the lesser vampyres, those of limited inteligence and strength, yet filled with a higher craving for blood than normal, are formed.
    These creatures have little in common with man, and much in common with the rabid wolf that stalks the woodlands at nyte.

    On rare occysions, the strength of will of the victim is such that the spawn can not fully mature in inteligence, it's mind suppressed by the victim's own willpower.
    In these cases, the victim gains the usual power of the true vampyre, but usually lives a tortured life, fighting an ever-harder battle against the blood-lust of the demonling within.

    A third sort can occur, but is even rarer.
    In this case, the strength of spirit, and power of sinew of the victim is so great that the blood lust does not have a chance to gain a foothold after the vampyre's bite. Mighty heroes have risen from these rare cases - legendary men of inhuman power and might, but with a spyrit that is bold and true, nevyr wavering from their original path of virtue.

    All three of these afflictions are known to our circles as Wamphyre."


    Beatrice knew little of Spyderbite, as he had mostly kept to the shadows before his...transformation, but at those few rare meetings, he had certainly seemed to have a strong sense of who he was, and why he was. Katherine, however, there was no doubt about. Strength of will was what defined the woman. Perhaps there was hope... a GOOD vampire?? That was not a thought that settled into her mind easily. 'Square pegs, round holes', she muttered to herself, closing the book to look at the title.
    "Ye Bestiary of Dark Sosaria, by Norrath the Mad"
    Hm. What would anyone hope to gain by signing themselves as 'the Mad', she wondered, as she took her findings to Otto, greatly troubled by the thought of a good vampire, and refusing to even let the prospect of a heroic one enter her mind.
  24. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine stretched, waking slowly from her slumber looking down at the one beside her with a soft smile, and climbed slowly out of the bed so as not to wake him. Walking over to her desk she began the laborious task of planning, relaxing to the sounds of Cattibrie going about her normal task and Spyder's breathing slowly returning to normal. Humming to herself she shifted through piles of parchments, still wondering what to do about Kelmo's refusal when she heard a voice outside...

    Walking slowly to the window upstairs, Katharine observed the old man standing out in the yard with a small hiss under her breath, and stepped from the awning to glare at him.

    "Come to tell me I can't do as a please, old man? Or is this just a friendly little visit?" she said sarcastically. "Well you can save your breath, just turn around and open up your little portal and return back to the Shire, I am in no mood to have my day ruined.."

    And with that she turned back into the house, shaking her head at Cattibrie's concerned face, and went back to her desk to finish up the plans.
  25. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    The wolf stopped dead in in his tracks beneath the canopy of trees, remaining in the shadows to observe the stranger out side the Temple where the Union was to take place. A blonde man, perhaps a mage. Unlike his brethren, could he call them that now? So different in behaivor.. almost unthinking.. without conscience.. like.. an animal? Regardless, he believed in tact. To study one's potential victim or enemy did not guarantee victory, but definately gave one an advantage. The wolf beared its fangs.. a grin? making a mental note to write that down some time..

    Returning his attention to the stranger, he noted the spell book in his grasp; definately a mage. The hackles on his neck rose when the stranger suddenly screamed his fiance's name at the top of his lungs. Resisting the urge to leap at the mage, he trusted in the barriers that protected the couple while they slept. Instead he took a mental pictograph of stranger, and reminded himself that one must not label one ally or enemy until they have proven themselves one or the other.

    He suddenly felt very warm, and wondered what magicks were at play. Scanning the canopy of trees to be sure he hadn't allowed a Pixie to follow him back from Iantown he noticed a ray of light, of sunshine, bearing down on his back. Stepping aside to let the beam of sunshine hit the forest floor, he grew very curious. Carfully, he put stepped upon the beam with a single paw expecting agonizing pain and fire. Instead he once again experienced only a very hot sensation, much like one who sits too close to the campfire.

    He did not have time to investigate this oddity further and looked back at the Temple. The stranger had vanished, only a red moongate remained and that too expired eventually.

    Taking the opportunity, he dashed for the Tomb where his bride-to-be would be slumbering in their coffin. He approached the casket feeling the warmth of the sun, not fire, still upon him.
  26. KironofSiron

    KironofSiron Guest

    *glances up with a slightly sinister smirk upon his lips*

    Demon perphaps your new eyes fell you too see but I am not as old as I once was. As for ruining your day that is not of my intent...yet.

    *stands there humming slightly as she walks back inside tehn glances to see the beast and smirks softly*

    Beast for I know your Master can hear me make sure he gets this message. Keep the demon she is but what was meant too be but hate her more or less that has yet remained to be seen for I will one day reveal myself you, then and only then will you understand I do not fear you or those like you.

    *grins down at the beast then as suddenly as he appeared with no gate he merely vanishes once more the sinister laugh being heard*
  27. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Spyder read the missive from the Master, Wyrm and snarled. Tossing the parchment into the fireplace to burn along with his anger, he stood and walked to open balcony where the mid-morning sun illuminated stone floor only inches from his feet. Instead of closing the stained glass doors in fear, he stepped in to the sunlight and spread his arms outward. Warmth engulfed him, a pleasent and comfortable warmth. A sensation he had not felt in a very, very long time... since his turning.

    He had conducted these experiments secretly less he worry Katharine. He did not yet want her to know what was happening to him. He could still feel the lust for blood, the blessing of the Damned, and the Disease. But, each morning, before he retired with his wife, he would step in to the light of the sun. And, each time the warmth became more welcome, more enjoyable.. he began looking forward to these daily tests.

    Stepping out of the daylight, his thoughts returned to Wyrm's missive. Even the morning warmth of the sunshine could not distract his dissapointment.

    He and Katharine had much to do before the Union took place. In addition, he needed her to confide in him regarding the stranger that had visited. He just hadn't figured out a way to approach her about that mystery yet.
  28. Not wanting Lord Spyder to notice her she watched him as he stood out in the light, wondering what he is doing if he's asking for an early death.. Still pondering to tell Lady Katharine about this and wondering to tell Lord Spyder about what the stranger wanted while he was here.

    "I don't want to lose either of them, even tho what they did to my family wasn't right I do not have any anger towards them. They took me in after they did that and I still wonder why they did that" she thought to herself, "Maybe I'll ask them both this evening, what was so special about me? And why they couldn't take my life like my family's? Most imporantly, why did they not tell me the truth earlier? Why keep it from me all these years?" So many questions and such a short time she thought to herself.

    With every new question she kept remember she has chours to do around the house before Lady Katharine and Lord Spyder awakes. Not wanting to get introuble she returned back to her work but her mind still comes up with questions to ask them both.
  29. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine crawled away from Spyder later that evening, humming to herself she climbed out of bed and slipped on a robe of bright green chuckling at the color as it was a gift from Felinous long ago, and sat at her desk calling for Cattibrie.

    "Sit dear, we have to talk." she smiled softly at her and waited for her to take a seat near her. "I know Spyder told you what happened when you were younger, but theres a bit more than my Chosen spoke about. Poor thing has no words for ... delicate things." Katharine smiled at Catti and winked. "Men, you know how it is. Anyway, we were both young and taking from you what should have been the most important things to you, was almost more than I could bear. Having not the heart to hurt such a small, innocent thing as you, I requested..and we both know if I want it I get it.." she chuckled ".. that you be spared and given a position in our home. Not one of a servant, which you obviously seem to be fulfilling, but one as a companion. Your innocence and those of others, are what keep us grounded. Think on that, little one, while I run to see a man about a horse.. or two"

    She grinned and stood up, walking into the early evening light opening a gate for a shop she once frequented so long ago. Stepping into the shop, she browsed the clothing vendors, finding nothing to meet her needs. Katharine sighed heavily and pulled out a list of tailors she had known, wondering who she could contact for the order of wedding attire....

    With a shrug, she opened another gate and stepped in front of the Unicorn Tavern once again. Sighing heavily she turned from the tavern, and walked into the Tower touching objects here and there remembering the times she walked up the stairs for ceremonies and meetings. Pulling a piece of parchment and a pen from one of the tables near the door, Kat penned one more missive for Lord Grot...


    <font color="red"> Lord Grot,
    I have come with a request. Seeing as my own father disappeared before I ever knew him, you are the closest I have to it. It would be a great honor if you were to give your blessing to my upcoming Union, and walk me into the arms of my Chosen. I eagerly await your reply,

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Rereading the note she nodded and placed it on the table where he could find it. Penning another missive quickly, she tied it to the legs of a pigeon and sent it on it's way to Iantown. Walking through another gate, she continued on her way....
  30. Maleeka

    Maleeka Guest

    Maleeka sat in her shop thinking about the time she had spent surveying the Temple. It was certainly fitting for the two individuals who would be wed there. Spyder had appeared and they had exchanged pleasantries about the upcoming event as well as Cattibrie. It had been wonderful to make the young girl’s acquaintance earlier and she now knew what he and Katharine saw in her. She had agreed to take her in if necessary to keep her out of harm’s way. One only hoped things wouldn’t be as he had warned, and Cattibrie would not be the target of the evil forces that vowed to stop this union.

    Her mind drifted back to the plans for the temple decorations and the measurements she had taken. She knew that she would have to ask for her crafters' help for this unique endeavor. Plenty of chairs would need to be made, the dark colors of evil would have to be incorporated, and plenty of flowers. Her thoughts trailed off. This is no normal wedding. What flowers are appropriate for a wedding between two vampires? Garlic would not do she laughed to herself, and made a note to get together with Katharine over this detail and soon. The day was fast approaching and she had much to do in preparation for the wedding and the reception to follow.
  31. Felinious stood with his foot on the bow of the ship, looking down upon the mass of dirt and rock, known as Sosaria. The spelljammer ship that he had taken from Evermeet on Faerun to get back to his "home" had born him somewhat fast but it was a long way to travel. He had returned to Faerun to take care of some family matters and to assist in a huge orc invasion that had sprung out of the Spine of the World and that had come to a stalemate till spring. Galador his cousin had fallen to the orcs defending a human city,and while it was a grievious blow to his heart, he knew Galador died as he had always wanted, in battle for a good cause. His thoughts turned to the events that he had seen through his elven seeing stone, and used the magic of the mages on board to see what had been happening below while he had been away...

    The land seems darker to him then when he left, the first thing he noted was the Shire of course, still green and with a few new buildings, and he had watched a story night with the stone a few nights before, the house had been full and it seemed many had had a good time. He smiled as he thought of Kush behind the bar, and taking votes on who had the best story. His gaze turned to Wintermoore, where his friends the Knights of the Silver Serpants lived, it seems a cold and somewhat empty place to him now, as if the some had lost their faith in Mithiris, or taken their faith of him to other lands, and left the cold valley to the wolves and walrus'. He had tried to contact his old friend Py, but, he seemed to be out of reach. Just last night, he had watch the Waka clan and the minons of REV in a long pitched battle, in the Lost Lands, while the camps of monsters they were fighting in almost stopped and looked on. He had hoped the Waka had had a victory but he had lost sight of the fight...

    His gaze had turned to Homare and the home of the vampires, there was a blond amoung them, a blond so bright it shone in the sun like a golden beacon, Woody had sent word that Katherine, the young swordswoman, whom Woody had made many a sword for when she was training was it seems held captive by the vampires and being forced to marry one of them. How dreadful Fel thought, he thought of the young woman who's smile was so bright and her mouth so talkative, he laughed, being held against her will, a very strong will, and being forced into the bed of one of those evil beings, he thought of his kindred Kiron, and the pain it must be causing him, if Kiron was even alive to feel pain.

    Where had the Knights gone, were the rangers and the other heros of the shire ready to take up the cause once again, like so many times before, when the vampres had taken captives, although this captive was one so innocent and vunrable, it was more dire it seemed if she fell.

    He strode up to the spelljamming throne and looked as it stood empty, as the mages were resting, to gain their strength to contuine their travel. It has been an unventful trip, but in a few hours, the mind flyer ships that had been following them from a distance would begin an attack that would slow the Elf in his journey...hopefully he would not arrive in the Shire to late...

    i did this story as if i know nothing of the posts on this board,just what woody told me i would always assume Kat is being forced to do this, anyway see you all soon...
  32. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    The Vampire called SpyderBite by most, and Elg'cahl by those close to him, stared at the the two glowing stone fragments before him. Within those stones magicks held safely his ability to elude detection by the untrained eye. If he invoked these ancient stones, it would be necessary to sacrifice to sacrafice his abilities in battle for two full turns of the clock.

    I have no choice. So why am I hesitant? Is it my inability to defend myself that I fear?

    With resolute he placed a hand on two similar fragments and let go of his knowledge with the bladed weapons and toxins. Immediately, he turned to the glowing twins and placed his hands in a similar fashion and felt the long forgotten ability to hide. On his way out of the Tomb he grabbed a gray pouch judging its weight to be sure he had plent of the egg bombs to last him the entire evening.

    SpyderBite had some investigating to do this eve, and would not have the opportunity to hunt. He drank three full vials of blood before doning the the black robe of the Assassin. A profession he had abadoned many moons ago.

    Dropping to four paws in flash of topaz radiance, he looked around, and in an instant the black wolf with glowing red eyes, vanished from site. The only sound, the claws of the wolf clacking against the cold stone floor.


    One with golden hair passed the alley where the wolf remained hidden. His first impulse was to incapacitate the mage, and question him about his connection to Katharine. That had bothered him much the past few nights. As he prepaired to launch himself at the stranger, he noticed pointed ears petruding from the hair. An Elf. This was not the stranger that had called out to his wife to be the previous eve. He let him pass before moving silently up the steps of the Golden Unicorn; a tavern he had visited regularly before he had been turned and recently as seven days ago when they told tales. For a moment, he regarded the room and remembering his dear friend, Mandolin, who had finally been granted his wish. To be drunk and killed by a great Dragon. It really never registered why he considered that a "wish", but then, the man always had been odd when he didn't drink enough.

    Looking about the room, he noted there had been a scuffle here recently; scorch marks of violent spells scarred the wooden floors. He immediately checked the bar. He remembered that Katharine had left a book for the Mayor Kelmo, on the bar in Iantown, and knowing his love, would have similarily done the same. After a searching fruitlessly, he left the Golden Unicorn and left the establishment frustrated.

    He had several more stops to make before heading home. It really wasn't necessary for him to return before the dawn any longer, but Katharine was still unaware of the strange ability he'd developed since the incident in Ilshenar. Until he determined the cause; and more importantly whether it was permanent, he would say nothing to her.

    Coincidental to his thoughts, his next stop would be the home of Blind Otto, a long time friend and confidant. Regardless that he lacked eyesight, he held many other talents and would certainly have some thoughts about his situation.

    Quickly changing to his true form, cast a gate for a snow cove east of Luna to seek answers.
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Kelmo sits alone at the rendezvous point. Lucrio is very much over due. The candle burns low as Kelmo ponders the situation. Lucrio has always been the most dependable of scouts. Never has he missed an appointment.

    As the flames flicker out on the candle, so does Kelmo's hopes of telling Lucrio of the changes in the situation. Kelmo fears that Lucrio may have come to harm. As terrible as that thought is, Kelmo fears the other option as much. Has Lucrio gone too far? Has he taken this mission too heart for some unknown reason?

    Lucrio seemed different. That encounter with the Lady Katherine had changed him. The easy smile Luc always had seemed to have disappeared. A haunted look had replaced his easy demeanor.

    "Damn!" Kelmo mutters to him self. "I should have seen it coming. If Lucrio has gone rouge..."

    Kelmo sighs. There was a day when Kelmo would go out and search for Lucrio himself. That day is long gone and almost forgotten. Who to send after Luc... Who else to send into this Spyder's web?
  34. Kemo/Dras

    Kemo/Dras Guest

    Badly wounded from a previous encounter with the Vampires near luna and knocked unconcious and stripped of my armor and clothing, I bore my way to Umbra. I staggered, severly wounded my pride shaken and bore no ways to protect myself from the world. I walked Westward to my favorite Waka tailor Icanbuildits finest armor. As I was turning leaving the vendor I see Lady Kathrine and Spyderbite with a new lady I had never seen before. They Stared at me with bloodlust in there eyes. I quickly strapped my Gorget around my neck, pointed my bow towards lord spyderbites head but alas my arrows had been stripped along with all my wares. Lord spyderbite saw my disarmed bow and shook his head while smiling, and said "what do you tend to do with that Insolent mortal?" Fear and Terror raised across my face as I lowered my bow.

    "what do you intend to do to me?" I asked
    "Milady Katherine what has he done to you, your skin is so fair and your eyes, your eyes have changed.!"
    Shock and astonishment came over my face once more as they procceeded to venture closer to me, now bearing fangs. I quickly mount my noble steed and douse some holy water in their direction and quickly speed off to re-arm and possibly repent lord spyderbite and try to save Lady katherine.

    I speed off to the Umbra bank pulling out a slew of stakes to fire at the vampires heart. But alas my steeds feet were slow as was my ability to find my finest stakes, and when I left umbra it was nearly light fall. I returned to the temple of the damned that the resided but alas the gates were sealed and I couldnt penetrate the Defenses.

    May it be known lord spyderbite that I will do all that I can to revert the demonic entity that you have inbedded into Lady Katherine. I shall hunt you Vampires down like the Ancient Vermin you are, I will not stop until all the damned have been slain. My mission will not be complete till either I am slain beyond the point of healing or that Katherine has reverted back to her original state. Mark Mine words Infidel your cold black heart will cease to beat and my stake will shoved through your cold heart once for each victim you have slain. I will enjoy every moment seing the pain on your face for all the suffering and pain you have caused.

    For the Glory of the Righteousness thou shall be smited.

    -Kemo Ven Ayen "The holy light shines brightest during the darkest of days."
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Lucrio's eyes narrow. He has been stalking Maleeka for some time. He is certain that there is some tie here. Some clue, some hint. "She knows something", he thinks to himself.

    "She is not the enemy", he reminds himself. "But she knows..." The last jumbled night is all but lost to Lucrio. Kelmo said some words, but for the life of him, he can not remember them. Only two things are clear to Lucrio. His mission, and the eyes in his dreams.
  36. KironofSiron

    KironofSiron Guest

    The wind whistles across his head as they always did in this valley within the mountains not a half days ride from luna. There he stood gazing up at the place he once spent so much of his time, to only bow one last time to the tower of Lord Darkmane. Slowly he turns and removes his hat and ties up his hair exposing his elven ears to the world for the first time since he awoke on the shores of Skara Brae. His thought for a moment turn to one that he called brother then a whisper yet so faint but to those that listen could be heard as clear as that of a Shire rain.

    "Fel...my brother I have returned and I need your guidance most of all" the words barly escaping his lips.

    Once again he simply vanishes to only once more appear outside of the house just the night before appeared in front of and there he waits..for the wolf..for the demon...
  37. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine awoke with a start and looked around the room... her dreams were becoming odder by the day. Daywalkers, elven brethren returning, damned elven old men annoying.. she sighed, not seeing Spyder she shrugged and figured he had gotten up early to deal with whatever business he must deal with. Her eyes scanned her desk in the hopes of finding a return missive on her proposal left at the Shire, but seeing none she Slipped from the room with naught more than a skirt and cloak on, since people seemed to find it amusing to steal her tops! She slipped silently into the night, moving quietly to Maleeka's house hoping to find a new top. Staying within the shadows a smile slowly spread across her face, seeing the hunter hiding in the shadows as well...

    My my, he just doesn't give up does he? Hiding in the shadows, waiting for me on orders again is he? she chuckled softly, and walked up to the vendors, brazenly browsing their wares with what seemed like a sense of security that she wouldn't be harmed, waiting for the hunter to make his move.

    Katharine ducked just as an arrow flew past her head, she turned and eyed the hunter with a gleam in her eyes laughing softly.
    "Seems you missed, my dear. Care to try again?" she taunted him with a wicked grin spreading across her face her teeth gleaming in the light, slipping the newly purchased bustier over her head taking a care to leave her sword free. "Poor poor little hunter, you don't look so good." she reached down and picked up the arrow embedded in the ground, walking over to him as he notched another arrow. "Now now, play nice or you'll upset me... and we don't want that do we?" she smiled, looking up at him through lowered lashes.

    Katharine stepped closer to the hunter, knocking the arrow from the loosely held bow with ease, and laughed softly placing her lips close to his ear.
    "Don't come looking for me again, or I won't play so nice. Stay away from me and my family, little hunter." she whispered in his ear resisting the urge to drink from him once more, and knocked him out instead.
    Opening a gate into Iantown, she dumped the hunter's unconcious body on the front steps of the pub, walking back through the gate before it closed. Humming to herself, she walked to the chapel to check the progress. After making sure everything else was in order, Katharine decided a little hunt would calm her nerves. That hunter was becoming more of a pest. Opening a gate into Destard, she stepped into the cave to see what fate awaited her with the dragons...
  38. Mandolin

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    OOC: FYI everyone.. this Chapter has has concluded... Please continue with the next Chapter, Chapter II - The Hunt, here to read on about these ingame events, or for information on participating yourself!
  39. Bumping this so people can read part I , maybe sticky(Kemo??) it as they are good for the community, and one of the only RP thing we have going right now.

    Yes i know i can save it in favs for later, but new comers might want to read it,