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(NEWS) United Sosarian Alliance Naked Dungeon Run League Champion Crowned!

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Morpheus Mardox, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Morpheus Mardox

    Morpheus Mardox UO Chesapeake News Manager
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Jul 20, 2008
    Likes Received:
    United Sosarian Alliance Naked Dungeon
    Run League Champion - Lord Broli!

    Febuary's USA Alliance League Events wrapped up a great month of activities with the Monday night finals of the Naked Dungeon Run League. The league, hosted by the player run cities of Port Baldmor, Gyldenfeld, Silvervale, and Guardians Gate visited a different dungeon each Mondays eve dropping unsuspecting players deep into the depths of each dungeon with only one goal, to be the first to reach the entrance alive!


    The league visited the dungeons of Covetous in week one, Despise in week two, Fire during week three with the finale in Shame. All of which were met well by players around the realm as turnout was tremendous as you can see from the photo above. Much to the surprise of those organizing the events was the eventual Champion Lord Broli's performance. Broli not only took the leagues overall championship but did it in a dominating fashion none could forsee sweeping ALL four legs of the league. For his efforts he took home 2 million in gold and prizes along with the newfound title of Legendary Runner amongst those who witnessed his dominace. The rest of the final standings were as follows:

    Lord Broli (RoT) ---------------------- 20pts
    Lady Lyra Sleviana ($CG$) ------------ 7 pts
    Lord Claggart (RBG) ------------------ 7pts
    Lady Pheonix (DWxC) ---------------- 6pts
    Lord Jeff (REGS) --------------------- 5pts
    Lord James Von Krieg (RBG) ---------- 4pts
    Lord Tom (WoWz) ------------------- 4pts
    Lord Tancred Redstar (*V*) --------- 2pts
    Lord Drifter (RBG) ------------------- 1pts

    The United Sosarian Alliance would like to thank everyone for coming out to participate and have some fun as well as invite the realm to next months league set to begin the second Monday in March with the event TBA. Here's some more pics of the months action:






  2. Turles

    Turles Guest

    cant wait to see what next month is
  3. claggart

    claggart Guest

    cat herding *runs*