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[News] UO Oblivious Revisited

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Pluffina, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    I gave away my favorite things to some of my favorite people. I sold off the rest of four plus years of pernicious collecting at Grond’s place in Luna and stuffed my bank box obscenely full (just in case). Then I loaded whatever was left in the chitonous wing-pocket of SpearmintCup, and there was only one thing left to do…go play a final round of UO Oblivious, The Game Show You Don’t Know You’re Playing. Obviously.

    My friend Kwuteg Ulot and I took about 100 dumb pills apiece and we started wandering the land, having arguments about where to get an ostard, what a bloodmoss does, and whether or not you can dig up treasure using a map that says, “Completed by Dingo.”


    We dragged passers by into our newbish fussings, and anyone who stopped long enough to help us and correctly answer some questions got the first thing I could grab out of the beetle. We hit moongates, popular vendor shops, the less populated banks, and even trit-trotted like gormless ducklings into Destard.


    We found my favorite contestant at Skara Brae Bank. He recognized me while Kwu and I stood blathering about how much gold a level 3 T-Map might yield.

    “Pluffy, is that you? I heard you quit,” he said.

    “I don’t know?” I said. “I just got this account off ebay today?” And so he stood there endlessly answering questions, helping out the newbies while Kwu and I acted so dumb we were practically drooling onto our boots. And yet he stayed patiently with us, explaining and explaining, trying to open up this amazing world for us. He’s what makes UO great.

    At last the beetle was empty and Kwuteg and I headed over to Glow to drop The Plush (my L-Shaped house) to the ground. I hit DEMOLISH and watched as the house dropped but the deco remained, sitting out on the grass. It looked like a pink-obsessed lawn-art fairy did a drive-by puking.

    “That’s that!” I said.

    “Yep,” said Kwu, And we logged off right there, with the everlasting and eternally irritating Mongbat spawn nibbling fiercely at our heels.

    And so I ‘spose really the only thing left to say is this:

    So long. And thanks for all the fish.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I, For one, Will forever miss you Pluffy..

    Goodluck with the book and I'll bug you on ICQ =PPP

    Me and Goldie will have to come Visit you sometime down south hehe =)
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Leaving? It's always sad when someone you know leaves the game, especially when they've had a good reputation and an impact on the players around them. Sad to see you go, Pluffina. I wish you the best of luck.
  4. Though I have not talked to you in what seems to be eons, at least, I will miss you. Your witty repertoire, your fabulous humor, your endless kindness to our Sonoma, all a sweet sweet blessing to those who knew you and had the grandest pleasure of being in your company. You are, and will always be a true icon to this shard, and it will never be quite the same knowing that Pluffy is gone.

    I want you to know, that in the beginning of my journey into Sonoma, some 4 years ago, there were two people who have never ceased to amaze me. One is Dor, her undying commitment to the YMCA is legendary. And the other was you. Your words inspired me to join the crew of reporters so long ago (and I miss it so). I could never attain what you have accomplished; your eloquent and humorous way of reliving a tale was and always has been an utter joy to read.

    I wish you the very best in every thing that you endeavor. I wait with eager anticipation for your book. I will always look up to you, as you’re a star that shines brightly in the history of Sonoma.

    Be well dear Pluffy, may the winds be kind to you.

    Rose Bush
  5. God Pluffy, this is the hardest thing to hit Sonoma, ever. I just wish you had mentioned the L-shape when we spoke earlier, I have an open acct and would have held it for you longing for your return. Good luck to you and Bob, and take with you the gratitude for all you 2 have done for me both in my absence long ago and upon my return. I thank you for years of being my friend, a source of laughter, your unparalleled generosity, and your sheer Pluffiness /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    I for one await your return and help you I will in any way I can. You and Bob are 2 of the finest people I have ever known and this greatly saddens me and many others. If anything dear Pluffy, dont become a starnger to those here on the boards, we need that sense of humor once in a while.

    To those of you new to our shard (as there are many now) who may have not gotten to know Pluffy and Mr. Mc Forge, take my word for it, we will all have to work several times harder to make up for their loss. Sonoma lost 2 of its finest citizens this day.

    OMG, I just noticed how you concluded your post....42 to you Pluffy!!
  6. Threnody

    Threnody Guest

    You will be missed! I never really knew you, but I think I have your house decorating site memorized. You seem like a very creative and amiable person. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Good luck in wherever you go from here.
  7. Jade of Sonoma

    Jade of Sonoma Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    <center>To A Stratic's Legend!!

    *salutes* /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif *Fires twelve guns*

    <font color=green>Now that's what I call going out in Style
    Never Say Goodbye!
    </font color=green>

    <font color=blue>"We'll be seeing you!!!

    BEST WISHES &amp; GOOD LUCK!!!" </font color=blue>

  8. CitizenKane2

    CitizenKane2 Guest


    I am extremely sad to see you leave UO, Pluffina. I enjoyed reading your posts / reports.

    Best of luck in your future endeavours.
  9. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest

    GOD! When I read this I was getting ready to leave for work, The game was log off, so I log it back it, it seem to crawl but finally I had the log in window. It was on Dad's Account he had just finished watering his plants at the tower. I grab Zita and recalled to Moonglow bank, then raced down the road to where your house stood, only to see someone gating a packer in and out as they carried all off.
    In shock I look about what to grab to keep as a keepsake of yours. A pink pillow caught my eye, I grab it. Then I see a Leather Helm crafted by you I grab it, then I fine another sought after prize, a sword crafted by the Drow, my only keepsake of his when he left was a sewing kit, so I grab the sword. I see the two pink stone wing horses, in my pack they go. I was out of time, in tears I recalled back to THB tower. Logging off I am crying for I will never forget the first time I met you in game. Perhasp you might remember that first day we met in game at Lord Minderwind marble on Ice island. Ezcrow the Drow was making somethings for you and I was there working my skills.
    sorry if I butcher the spelling of names I am at work and have no access to records or files on home PC

    I will have to search for my pictures of that first day and post them somewhere so all can see.

    Like Rose, I wanted to be a reporter like you, but after being turned down twice by Jordan, I felt I would do something else. Later when Dad played on Siege he once said to me, "You know there are no reporters on Siege, why not try there", So I did, was I so happy to be told I was accepted, only later to cry when told I could not, I had failed the back-ground check. Seems you must have a perfect posting record and I am far from being the angel I should be when I apply for that job. Then I was asked to take over THB and came back to Sonoma to do so, because of what had happen, and with Charactor transfer coming, Dad left also, returning to Sonoma.

    I could not fine those pictures, when I ask my father, he reminded me that was on the OLD PC that crashed years ago, those pictures were lost. However I did fine this

  10. Pluffy and Bob, there is so much that you have brought to Sonoma and this forum over the years that it simply is not possible for me to convey my thoughts by words alone. From Bob's unerring insightfulness and well-worded tactful replies in many volatile threads that helped calm them considerably to Pluffy's near-maniacal and always humorous style of posting which lead to her becoming a true legend of the Sonoma and Stratics community, the legacy left behind is truly one that will be cherished by the Sonoma faithful.

    Instead of going on about this or that about myself which has nothing at all to do with this thread, please accept my most sincere thanks for everything that you have ever done for me, my friends, Stratics, decorators around UO and the Sonoma community in general. As has been said by Ning and possibly others, I look forward to a day that the temptation to return to UO proves to be too great and you find yourself back in Sosaria.

    My best to you, Bob, Sam and Maisy. May everyday reward you and your family with the same joy and fortune you spread to everybody that your online lives have touched!

    [edit] P.S. My Tailors needed to say thanks for everything T-Borg related as well!
  11. LadyMoriana

    LadyMoriana Guest

    Wow.. Never In all my days of UO would I ever think Id stumble upon Pluffy Leaving Uo!! I thought she would be one of those who would play until they shut us all down. I myself ( tho she doesnt realize I dont think) met Pluffy years ago.. Remember when she and (name escapes me atm) her friend and there husbands ran the little tower outside the north gates of Moonglow? I would go there everyday to talk to her friend. This is how I came to meet Pluffy. She would come in on one of her fishing endeavors I believe and we would sit and talk for awhile. I was at this point extremly new to the game.. I used to buy recalls strictly from this vendor house and hope Id run into one of them while shopping. Over the years Miss Pluffy has grown to be a big part of alot of our Uo lives. To know her was to love her. And even If you didnt know her In most cases when she would enter the screen or post here on stratics .. you still liked her a hell of alot. I almost bet there wasnt a single person who didnt like her.
    Pluffy.. I didnt get to know you as well over the years as I would of liked as we sorta lost touch in the last ohh 3 years. But Id like to thank you for those few months of my Uo career for giving me those memorys and just being yerself.
    I wish you well in whatever you choose to do from here on out. And please do pop in to say hello and let us know how yer doing from time to time. I know alot of us would appreciate it.
    I know Personally Ill always think of you when I see Pink hehe. Im sure the rest of the Sonoma Community feels the same.
  12. Who will I tease about pink stuff now!!?? Eh!? Answer me that! You could at least stuffed your bankbox - 'just in case' ... Oh! You did that! OK! Well ... see ya soon ... I hope. I left for awhile meself but ...
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <font color=green> Your reports will be greatly missed. Your kind spirit can never be replaced. Sonoma and UO will be a bit "less" with your absence. May life give you much joy .. and may you return someday.. to brighten this gamers time again with your wonderful stories. I will be waiting to buy your book.... Blessed Be ... /php-bin/shared/images/icons/members/catsmiley.gif
  14. Pluffy, Can't say much about you, considering I barely knew you, you were always a great story teller, and for those of us in far off countrys, reading your articles and seeing your pictures, was somtimes the only way for us to keep up with current events, and the happenings of sonoma.

    I'm sure you will be missed very very much, and as for me, I know i'll miss seeing the articles, and the great hint of Pink in just about every post, Good Luck in whatever your going to do, and you will be in our thoughts.......now for the great goodbye of Ni!.............Ni! Ni! Ni! Ni! Ni! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif you will be missed
  15. OMG Pluffy!!! I hope this is another one of your'e jokes!!! (I remember the one you pulled on me April 1st) Anywho, if your'e really leaving, I need something to remember you by! This Empress needs some New Clothes :p I speak for everyone when I say " I'm gonna miss ya Pluffy "
  16. Rizarium

    Rizarium Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Arrr & Yarr Pirates!

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Nope not a joke, but I truely respect the reasons for this! I wish ye well in all your endevours Pluffy!!
    Safe Journies
  17. Drex NThrak

    Drex NThrak Guest

    *Cries* (yes it's ok for guys to cry)

    You and Bob will be missed. I'll always remember the public outhouse you put up near Bob's and my former villas...'twas very thoughtful, especially on those late-night smithing sessions when you just *couldn't hold it any longer*. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    Good luck with your future endeavers. And thanks again for being great UO players!
  18. Miri

    Miri Guest

    Hail Bob and Pluffy.

    It has indeed been an honour to know both of you. I too would like to thank you for everything you have done. I know you have enriched the UO experience of many (myself included) as you are both very unique (and surprizing /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif ) characters. It's sad to say goodbye and I"m not very good at it...I"m just glad that I met Pluffina, Macy, and the Bob's and I hope they will all be back one day. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Fen asked me to convey to you both what a pleasure it was for her to be part of TBORG with you. TBORG's success was due in large part to Pluffy's tremendous energy and dedication. Who else could have taken TBORG from a cabin, to a tower, to a keep...to a castle! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    I wish you all much happiness and like the others look forward to a day when you might be lured back.

    Strength and Honour
  19. hiai

    hiai Guest

    I...I...*bursts into tears*

    *lip quivers* I..I.. just know you'll come back!

    *sniffles* You must post when your book is done. I NEED to get it.

    I think of how I would log on to Sonoma Stratics, and an involuntary smile would burst out at the sight of your name on a post.... I would quickly doubleclick the post, eager to read a bit of Pluffy wisdom.. or silliness.

    I always logged off with a smile on my face, even if I had waded through a ton of flame and trade posts afterward.

    When I think of that little touch of pink, and how I won't see it for a long time, if ever... I just... *chokes* I can't...*swallows painfully*

    It's just not fair! *wailing*

    And Bob gone, too! Argh! *sobs uncontrollably*
  20. I'm sad to see you go Pluffy.

    I can still remember moving to Sonoma and shortly after running into a fellow who had just bought a villa behind me named Bob McForge. I wasn't really sure what to make of Bob at first. Then he introduced me to Pluffy, his wife. I'll never forget that. You'd just came for a short stop in between killing earthies in the desert and I swear you never quit talking.

    You were the one who really brought me out of my solo gamestyle and introduced me to the joys of the Stratics message boards. I've always enjoyed our conversations and the time never felt wasted.

    I hope you keep in touch with everyone and I'm sure that UO and Stratics will miss you immensely.
  21. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    Thanks for all the kind replies -- Yeah I am kinda sad to shut down, but things are just crazy here. If I don't find some more time, I will never finish this book to deadline. SO! Maybe after I get the second novel turned in to Warner and edited, I will be back. I am certainly going to miss playing but UO is just too TEMPTY to have on the computer when I NEED to be working *grin*

    At any rate, no need to be sad -- I will be around and probably be back to play as soon as I can, and in the interim, if you want to talk to me, you can ALWAYS find me at

    the joshilyn jackson website

    I am BLOGGING over there and LOVE it when I get uo folks commenting *grin*

  22. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest

    Been a while since we last heard from you. I was trying your links but getting errors, so hope you pop over once in a while to check us over and say hi.
  23. Calell

    Calell Guest

    The links are going to an http link, but instead of to the website it's going to the email addie which comes up as dns entry. Try this one...

    Pluffy's Page

    That goes to the main page, I haven't finished exploring it yet [​IMG] but obviously Pluffy is still Pluffy.

    The blog link is

    Pluffy's Blog, Faster than Kudzu

    Hope that helps!
  24. Kimi_Mori

    Kimi_Mori Guest