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[NEWS] Upon Further Investigation...An Introduction...

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Andrasta, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Andrasta

    Andrasta Goodman's Rune Library
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Blue Crane Society

    Mar 18, 2004
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    Barra Linath

    ‘Zil tangi rein ulanen l’isto,
    Nindolen nauten sultha l’eggor ssussun,
    Wun draeval khaliizi schiks rezstorm l’Ssivah,
    Ji ol gos pholor lu’pholor xuilebratha inthigg.

    ‘Zil hood krishan verve lauske d’ t’ puuli,
    ‘Zil piwafwi veldrinn Olath Ssivahen dal ussta ml’aen,
    Ji ichl nindolen sel’tur nauten doer ulu natha vier,
    ‘Zil isto kre’jen lu’p’luut ragar v’dri.

    Vendui, those of this mortal coil not in possession of mine tongue.
    You wish to know of Barra Linath?

    Few have heard the Shadow’s Song and lived to tell of it.
    Why should you be different?

    I had the misfortune to be born of dark skinned parents in Heartwood, some time ago now. My people, the Ilythiiri, were exiled from that fair place.. it was decided that dark skinned were dark omen’d and not to be trusted.

    My immediate family made their way to Zento after many trials, meeting there a group of interesting people who cultivated to be what we elves are naturally – agile, lithe and able to blend easily into the shadows. The ninja of Zento took us in and trained us well. Upon graduation I was accorded the name I wear with pride – Barra Linath, the Shadow’s Song.

    So, if you hear a soft hummed tune in the shadows.. don’t bother to run.
    My prey do not escape.

    My song in the tongue of mortals.

    Shadow’s Song

    As day descends towards the night,
    These notes pervade the dying light,
    In time, whetstone schik’s along the Voice,
    So it goes on and on without a choice.

    As hood covers shining tresses white,
    As cloak doth hide Dark Voices from thine sight,
    So too these soft hummed notes draw to a close,
    As night begins and victim’s find repose.
  2. Andrasta

    Andrasta Goodman's Rune Library
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Blue Crane Society

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Corastine Evanir​


    The sun rose on yet another day in Luna. Strange how the days were always the same.. temperature, length, humidity. This was nothing at all like growing up in Trinsic. They had seasons there, with a full compliment of pleasant and unpleasant weather. However, she was happier now than as a child, she reflected. This was the path she chose for herself. It was a nice safe comfortable, place to forget those who she knew and be at peace with her new life. Occasionally those ghosts of her past did return. Some days she still remained in her small cell and sobbed, uncontrollably terrified and inconsolable. Most days however, she was able to follow the strict routine of her Order and be at peace.

    A daily routine is a comforting thing. Every morning, she was up with the sun, as the two moons set on the horizon. After donning ones golden robe, one headed to the chapel where a daily reading was read to start the day in a reflective manner. Today’s had been Brice, one of the healer guildmasters speaking, or should one say droning, about something to do with Truth… “Truth has, as its opposite Falsehood. As our virtues have three parts so too does Falsehood. Those who worship Falsehood, ascribe three Anti-Virtues to it, being Deceit, Shame and Wrong. I remember when I went to Wrong… “ she let it tail off into her semi-awake consciousness. The benches were still hard enough to keep her from dropping any further into unconsciousness, as they were every morning.

    Very comforting.

    Breakfast followed, of hard bread and cheese, with small ale, or if the coffers had been generous, precious coffee. No coffee it seemed today. She sighed. After breakfast she knew, would be the daily training with weapons in the courtyard, with the Paladins jeering on at the Priests with their maces and hammers in their light armor. She wondered if she could afford to skip it again. She knew the Abbot would be after her if she did. She had already missed three this week out of four and she was supposed to be trying to overcome her difficulties.

    Not so comforting, but necessary.

    An acolyte, his dull grey robe with scuffed and dirty hem from some chore of the morning ran in puffing and stopped, looking around the room. Since the house rule for the Priests (who dined separately from the muscle-bound Paladins) was for silence until after breakfast to contemplate the morning reading, there was a rustling as all eyes turned to him. She eyed him warily, while continuing her meagre portion of bread and cheese. Quaking slightly at the attention, he scanned the room. His eyes lit on her and inwardly she cringed. He walked up to her and passed her a small note. She gave him a long look and he hastily backed up, tripping on his robe in his hurry to leave her to her breakfast. She smiled quietly. Such small things, were rewarding.

    The note said simply: My office rather than your training.

    Out of routine! Not good at all.

    It was written in the hand of the Abbot. She sighed and no longer felt hungry. It had only been two days since her last “episode”. She knew her own limits and felt the familiar roiling inside at the thought of a new and different thing happening to her. Before it could get the better of her she stood and left the room with the note in her hand. Her feet strode confidently to his office, although she wondered where they got their confidence and wished the rest of her could feel it. On her arrival, she was surprised to find him seated with a Paladin dressed in armor and with a travel pack by the chair. There was a coffee cup in front of the empty chair steaming with freshly ground brew. He indicated she should take a seat. She did so and buried her face in the warm cup brewed exactly how she liked it. Briefly she wondered if the Abbot had that on file too and nearly giggled.

    “Cora. Good. I was just telling Georgio about you. This..” he indicated the Paladin seated next to her, “ is Georgio Schven. I have a mission for you and the Crusader has graciously allowed Georgio here to accompany you. We are sending materials with you to set up a church in the city of Britain. We have certain insights that such a place will be needed in the coming months, as well as making sure the people have not forgotten the Virtues that were so prevalent under the great Lord British. You will leave as soon as you can be packed. Georgio will meet you in half an hour in the courtyard.”

    At this the Paladin smiled gently, picked up his pack, saluted the Abbot and withdrew at the Abbot’s nod.

    “Cora, the insights I gained through reflection and meditation included a vision. This vision was of a young lady, undaunted and strong in the face of challenges beyond what she has faced. This person was unbroken and whole, full with the Grace of the Virtues and wisdom shining from her eyes. A pair of eyes I might add, that met mine with Valor and Humility. That person Cora, was you. Finish your coffee, then go and pack. Trust Georgio, Cora. He will help you.”

    With that the Abbot patted her kindly on the shoulder and went to see to the Acolytes. Slowly, she drank her coffee wishing that everything would just remain suspended there. She considered the Abbot’s vision with no real hope of it coming to pass. She knew she should go and pack her few belongings and see if her armor needed cleaning, but for the coffee. That was all there should ever be.. all she wanted there to be.

    Comforting routine. Where did you go?
  3. Andrasta

    Andrasta Goodman's Rune Library
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Blue Crane Society

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:

    I am what I am. I am old. I have wandered the length and breadth of this land since I was in the cradle. I want nothing more than to sit on my stool and watch as the world passes, collecting and collating that which I find interesting. Even small things are interesting.

    Do you watch what goes on around you?

    What does that butterfly say as it flaps its wings?

    What does your horse think of the load on its back?

    Does this matter in the grand scheme of things?

    How do you know the answers if you have never considered the questions?​

    Young people these days move so fast – always in a hurry. I am sure I was never in such a hurry. Yet I know I look back with aged eyes at a different time and space. Life was different then. We had a King and he knew what was for the best. Now we swim rudderless in an aching sea of turmoil. Adrift we are - afloat only by the grace of a gentle current. Perhaps things will change…

    Perhaps we will watch the world go by…

    Come sit with me and watch.

    Tell me your tale child, that I might add it to my book.​