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[News] Viktor Cotume

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Katlene, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Katlene

    Katlene Guest


    Viktor Cotume

    The cold stone provided diminutive comfort for the wearisome ache in his bones accrued from spending so long in the confined, dank quarters. It had been four years, four long years of slowly wasting away in this ruinous pit.
    The spark of youth had fled his once vibrant, grey eyes, leaving nothing but dark, vacant sockets and deep lines that marred his brow reflecting the burden of age he now felt within.
    He saw no bars, the smell of death and decay eluded his senses as did the agonizing cries of the fellow captives further down the dim corridor.
    Here he resided, in his own clandestine, tormented existence deep within the bowels of Yew.
    He recalled his last visitor, a man… perhaps his father, their face had been distorted by the shadows but he had known the voice, it had been all too familiar… unlike the words that emanated from his lips.
    Sinister… treason… vile… murderer.
    How long ago had that been? It didn’t matter… time seemed to have lost all significance.

    Voices and the soft drone of footfalls brought his mind from the fanatical place in which his sanity dwelled… Someone approached.
    A resounding, metallic clink besieged his sensitive ears as one by one the steel hinges of the crude cell sprung open.
    Slightly obscured by the murky shadows, a figure transpired in the narrow doorway, their petite form encased in folds of dark material.
    “This is your lucky day, Cotume,”

    Her intense violet eyes shone through muddled darkness of the courtyard, gleaming like beacons in the late ebon haze. She moved like a blur of living shadow, quickly yet with a practiced, deadly grace.
    The nobleman’s brow furrowed deeply; tightly stretching the weatherworn, almost translucent skin across his forehead as his eyes narrowed towards the approaching figure.
    “Ah Viktor Cotume, how long has it been? Twenty years?” Drawled her familiar, feminine voice. “And just look at you, an officer within the ranks of the Royal Guard,” a wry smirk played across her ashen features.
    “What... What do you want with me fiend?” Viktor stammered, his countenance perturbed by her presence.
    “Fiend? So brusque! What ever happened to exchanging pleasantries, Viktor?” she grinned, mischief dancing in her luminous eyes.
    Viktor averted his gaze abruptly; the mere sight of this creature made his skin crawl.
    “If you recall, Viktor… when I found you, you were nothing more than a foolish, pathetic boy languishing away in some filthy cell!” The words sounded almost alien as they escaped her lips in an ill-humored hiss. “Who had you released and your charges erased… you owe me Viktor and I have come to collect!”

  2. von Beck

    von Beck Guest

    Call me thick as a brick, but I can't work out where you got this from or if you wrote it. Its not on UOhearald.com ...
  3. Ovrkill

    Ovrkill Guest

    Its part of the new EM Bio's.

    You will see this character and the other one in coming events.
  4. Petrify

    Petrify Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 17, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Mm and why do "news" reporters get access to this (oh and mods/admins apparently) before everybody else?
  5. Fink

    Fink Guest

    :sleep2: Nng? What? Did I miss something? :eek:

    I would think that Mythic are simply throwing the reporters a bone.
  6. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    Firstly it's not privileged information there’s nothing in there that will benefit us in the slightest.

    They were emailed to news reporters to post up. They were sent by the news manager to each shards group of reporter’s.
    If you have a look at every shard’s news, you will see they all have a bio for their own unique characters for the events.

    If you send an email to [email protected] myself, lady kat & Ovrkill will each receive it.
    Its no secret there’s a link to click on the main news page to submit news.

    We were given "access" to this so that it could be posted up on the shards news page & forums for the players to read.
  7. Deneya

    Deneya Guest

    Events? What events? You mean that thing that started with Casca and is now nothing?
  8. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    We had the valentines events, granted its not the same line as Casca & his new posision, but it was still an event. they finished a week ago then theres clean up and preperation for the next event.
    Someones got to pick times that work for each shard, write the script, make the chars, put in the deco monsters items what ever its not something that can be done instantaniously.

    Id hazzard a guess that this bio and the job reference thing are to fill in a bit of time while they get the next part ready.
  9. von Beck

    von Beck Guest

    Was that the thing where we had to answer five questions and get back to the EM as quick as possible? Or was it something else I missed?

  10. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    yep thats it
    i have the stuff to put a story up on that i just need time to do it. wont be to far off though
  11. Fink

    Fink Guest

    Do we get to know which EM wrote the bio? Guess it would have been Aeon?
  12. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    ive no idea who wrote them ill see if i can find out