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[News] Wanna Meet Meraktus For Yourself?

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by imported_Blackrock Frank, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Hey there, Catskillians!

    Wednesday, April 30, 9 PM EST, prepare for death, destruction, epic battles, and mad cows!

    Paradox has posted the following, and I'm sticking it up here on the front page in the hopes that some of you male warriors will get your heads handed to you so I can comfort your lady folk.

    Labyrinth (Malas - 56° 36' North 28° 37' East)

    "An immense avalanche has revealed the existence of a previously inaccessible ancient structure. Through a winding gorge, players descend to the crumbling edifice built into the cliff wall. The mysterious building is covered in bas relief sculptures of terrifying men-beasts, with bull heads and powerful human torsos. The building is smaller than the exterior would suggest and exits into an immense courtyard, open to the sky and surrounded by other buildings to explore.

    Portions of the ancient city are still inhabited by its founders, the minotaur. Meraktus, a powerful tormented minotaur (champion spawn) rules her people from the center of an ornate labyrinth. Scavengers and winged creatures have nests and dens in ruined portions of the city including: Scorpions, Air Elementals, Drakes, Chimaera, and a Phoenix."

    - 9 PM EST, Prism of Light Focus (if you are poor, gold will be supplied by the entrance)
    - 9.15 PM... Labyrinth under siege.

    Specific tactics:
    - Move slowly but surely into the Core (stone building)
    - Cross heal and avoid being a target
    - The many buildings provide safe niches where you can vet your dragon, stand behind your earth elementals...
    - Para Fields will be VERY helpfull...
    - Units of necros can clean the entire area...FAST (remember to have an appointed healer)
    - Talismans of Cow Slaying will work (duh)
    - Repond Weapons
    - Gather the blessed minotaur artefacts for a later quest
    - SKIN them all for extra resources
    - Be extra carefull with the phoenix (area damage)
    - Pull the miasmas and other tough monsters SOUTH if you feel like it.

    What to expect:
    - The Minotaur Spawn in Labyrinth Dungeon is the only known Champion Spawn without an altar. Simply by killing spawn near the back of the dungeon, stronger spawn will appear. There are two system messages that are broadcast each time the spawn level advances:

    A minotaur captain barks an order to his fellow scouts, "Aid the others! Kill the invaders!"
    A minotaur captain bellows, "Meraktus has arrived!"
    Then Meraktus the Tormented appears. Meraktus the Tormented Minotaur is the Peerless champion in the Labyrinth. Meraktus has only been summoned a few times. He has an area effect that is brutal, so if he's summoned, be careful. He also has an attendant spawn of 4 Tormented Minotaurs

    There are no known special rewards for completing this difficult spawn... but we'll offer a wheel of cheese to everyone...

    (The only requirement to enter the dungeon is access to Mondain's Legacy content.)

    DO COME INSURED and if you need insurance gold do ask, so you have a safety net...

    May You Live In Interesting Times,
    Lord Franklin
    [Blackrock Infected]
  2. <blockquote><hr>

    I'm sticking it up here on the front page in the hopes that some of you male warriors will get your heads handed to you so I can comfort your lady folk.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Translation: I'm afraid of minotaurs. They hurt me. Bad.

  3. <blockquote><hr>

    Translation: I'm afraid of minotaurs. They hurt me. Bad.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Yeah, well, at least I'm not afraid of mongbats. Mongbats!!

    We all know you couldn't get any action in a brothel in Buc's Den with a pack full of Roses of Trinsic to hand out anyway.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If someone reminds me on ICQ I will be there and help out.
  5. Aw man, I read the first post and quite literally forgot there was a champ spawn even in there (whoops), and then forgot the meet last night due to being distracted crosshealing and running like a bandit in the rift.

    What's this that was posted in the other thread about the spawn being broken? I'll come down there and see if we can't shred enough stuff to force it to spawn, and if all else fails I'll page a GM and see if they can force the spawn to reset.

    They've done it in the past at times for broken champ spawns in fel for me, don't see why it wouldn't work the same in the Labyrinth.
  6. We killed everything for about 90 minutes... nothing happened.

    So we rolled for a champion spawn... and it was fun.

    Stay tuned for the next chapter of our... Dungeon Tour.