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(NEWS) Wedding Explosions Sound

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    [​IMG]Wedding Explosions Sound[​IMG]
    Luna Fair Grounds
    August 28, 2009


    Bride and Groom:
    Jazz & Lord Drakemore

    Wedding Party:
    Lady ThaiRoses [RBG], Darth Oni [SoVs], Daria Blackmoore [RBG],
    Bear [RBG], Maximillion [RBG],

    Em Vladimere

    In Attendance:
    Lord Angus [RBG], Rod Marlin [RBG], Lord Buffas Vale [RBG], Niva The Savage [T_T],
    Logan Blackmoore [RBG], Shyla [RBG], Labbat Blue [RBG], Maximillion [RBG],
    Ryo-Ohki [RBG], Vran [DWxC], Virem [RBG], Gregarius Phlight, Morpheus Mardox [UOSS],
    Lord Loki [RBG], Phoenix [DWxC], John Duke [Pax], Jarod Weber [DWxC],
    Lord NANOC [DWxC], Lady Minkx [RBG], Darth Oni [SoVs], Lady Ravenna [DWxC],
    Indian Chief Joe [RBG], Lady Yoshi [DWxC], Cara [DWxC]

    Em Vladimere:
    Brothers, Sisters, Family and friends .... May the Grace of Our Lord be with you all.
    Lord, We have come together today, for one of your most sacred gifts: Marriage.
    Today he will join Drakemore and Jezz in one of the Holiest Bonds.

    *Please all be silent a moment*
    Let us bow our heads in prayer

    Oh Lord, hear our prayers for Drakemore and Jazz. Who today are united in
    marriage before you. Give them your blessings always to strengthen their love
    for each other. May this be the beginning of a relationship that will grow and
    mature with each passing day. Let the later days become more wonferful
    then the first.

    Who doth give Jazz to be married to Drakemore?

    I do.

    Em Vladimere:
    I now ask you each to agree to these Marriage Vows. Drakemore, do you
    take Jazz for your wedded wife... To love and cherish her from this day
    forward for better or worse.

    I do.

    Em Vladimere:
    Not yet lol.


    Em Vladimere:
    For richer or for poorer and in sickness and in health?

    Jazz do you take Drakemore for your wedded Husband... to love and cherish
    him from this day forward. For better or worse, for richer or for poorer and
    in sickness and in heath?

    I do.

    Em Vladimere:
    Will ye both please face each other... and take reach other by the hand. The

    *Jazz and Drakemore hold each others hand*

    Em Vladimere:
    The hand you offer each other is an extension of thyself in thy Mutual Love.
    Cherish that touch now and forever. Will the ring bearers please give the bride
    and groom their rings.

    Drakemore, will you place the ring on Jazz's hand and repeat after me
    these words: With this ring. I Thee Wed.

    With this Ring. I thee Wed.

    Em Vladimere:
    Jazz, will you place the ring on Drakemore's hand and repeat after me
    these words: With this ring. I thee Wed.

    With this Ring. I thee Wed.

    Em Vladimere:
    By the powers vested in me by our Lord, I now pronounce yet husband
    and wife. You may now kiss your Bride!