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[News]Welcome to Chesapeake Rares Fest 2011!

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    Welcome to Chesapeake Rares Fest 2011!

    Located in the player run township of Merxmere and hosted by Lord Gareth, Lineman and the Ethereal Void Imperium.We are all very excited to host the first Rares Festival of the year here on the Chesapeake shard. Basic Rares Festival information you will need is written below. We hope you enjoy yourselves and find every rare you are looking for oh and regular bacon is not allowed at the festival, it is offensive to Elvis the pig.

    Global Chat Channel
    Rares Fest

    Host Icq Numbers
    Lord Gareth:267944224

    If you are planning to attend the EM Events [Click Here]


    Rare Auction House
    Location: West side of Merxmere
    (teleport tile located in the Fire pit vendor mall)

    Hosts: Demon Slayer and Sundina

    Demon Slayer and Sundina are the ONLY people who can accept items for the Rare Auction House. NO other staff member or host may accept them, NO exceptions!!!

    ICQ Numbers
    Demon Slayer 102388892
    Sundina 95509325

    Vendor Malls
    Location: East side of Merxmere
    Hosts: Lord Gareth, WildStar, Sheila and Mirt

    Books have been locked down on the rental deeds for players who have reserved a vendor. If you did not reserve a vendor and there are deeds without books on them, then you may request that vendor spot. Vendors can be rented out by these four players, if one is not online then try contacting another one.

    1. NO naked vendors (If you make a naked vendor you will be banned from all vendor malls, auction house and your vendor will be covered in gozas)
    2. You may move your vendor deed to a spot that does not already have a reserve book on it.
    3. Swapping vendor spots with your friend can only be done by Lord Gareth.
    4. No stocking harbinger crystals (Don't even complain about it, unless you are willing to take responsibility for player deaths and replace lost items)
    5. Have your vendors face outwards

    ICQ Numbers
    Lord Gareth 267944224
    WildStar 8040775
    Sheila 151699391
    Mirt 573882459

    SHE Auction House
    Location:Zedland City in Malas
    Hosts:Zelda of Zed, Rivi Ravenwynd, Daktari Zinn and Shelra

    Chesapeakes oldest and longest running auction house will be holding a regular auction on Saturday at 7pm ET. You can submit items to the auction at 6:15pm ET. During the auction look out for Pop up Vendors and Floor bag release.

    ICQ Numbers
    Zelda of Zed 278781346
    Rivi Ravenwynd 442577511

    Location: Probably on top of your character
    Hosts: Annoying players who were unpopular and picked on in High School

    Harbingers are such beautiful creatures until they target you. If harbingers are releasedwait why am I saying if? WHEN harbingers are released try not to run all over gods green earth or fight it right in the middle of everyone, causing more players to die. All Harbingers should be taken NORTH of the festival malls. If you want to help kill the harbinger please lead it away, so the acid doesn't spray all over Bliss Marie's new dress. We want to minimize player deaths.

    If the harbinger targets you please try leading it away from the malls. Contact a Rares Fest Staff member in global chat or icq and they will dispatch the E.H.T (Elite Harbinger Team) to take care of it. They have years of experience due to Gunga Dinn living on the Chesapeake Shard.

    Player Run Township Tours
    Township: Aryslan City (Felucca)
    Host: Jamlyn

    Aryslan City located in the Felucca facet is one of Chesapeakes most historic and still thriving townships. They actively host some of the most wonderful events such as Casino night at the Bow and Whip. However this city is not for the faint of heart, it is for those with a heart of courage. Aryslan is historically and still known as the front line defense against the evil and vile Mazrim, who ravaged the lands of our world in the earlier days. Followers of Mazrim can still be found lurking around and Mazrim's essence still lingers in the..You can hear more by attending the tour!

    Township: The City of Kijustsu Anei Village (Tokuno)
    Host: Lord Gareth

    The City of Kijustsu Anei Village located on the Tokuno Islands is the Capital city of the Ethereal Void Imperium. KAV for short was founded in 2007 and became an independent township in 2009 with just five citizens. Through hard work, the ability to adapt and a reputation for welcoming anyone wishing to be a positive addition, they laid the foundation for the Ethereal Void Imperium entity which now consists of 8 different townships. Besides being the Capital of the EVI the township is best known for its chaotic nature and community service events. From Savages and Paladins to a mixed batch of KAV leadership from different shards such as Baja, you never know what they are going to do next! Which keeps things very interesting..

    More information and full events list coming soon
  2. Lord Gareth

    Lord Gareth UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
    Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Alumni

    Dec 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    New Vendor Policy

    Vendors will no longer be rented to players who just walk up to the malls and ask for one.
    Do not worry about this if you are on the Reserve list.

    How go get a vendor

    1. One of Three ways to contact you
    Icq number
    Stratics login (with successful PM)

    2. Show the house owner a bag of
    10 decent EM or Rare items

    This does not apply to players who are on the reserve list.

    We are getting some junk non Rare vendors and players putting items on vendors to scam others out of gold. If you are unsure about a item please ask a festival staff member.

    Remember the Ethy hue on (Cloaks, Shirts pants, kilts and bananas) will be deleted if seen by EA workers. They are illegal items