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[News] Welcome to Sonoma

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Caledor Moonrise, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. As I read the parchment paper addressed to me from Piotr, the famous and sage news manager for Stratics, my hands trembled, "You have been hired as a news reporter for the land of Sonoma" the words blurred as I read them over and over. "Could it be?", I mused. "A mere apprentice mage chosen for such an important assignment?" "Father, father, I have been chosen by Stratics to go to a land called Sonoma to be a news reporter of the comings and goings of its citizens", I exclaimed.

    "Be cautious my son", my father warned through his stern gaze. "Sonoma is a lawless land full of bloodthirsty, reckless and dangerous killers who have no loyalty to any but themselves", he said. "You would be wise to remain here and continue your studies with the Wizard Legronde Willowwhisp, for high elves should not concern themselves in such matters". "Surely there are those in Sonoma who have honor and all cannot be of that lot father", I exclaimed. "You are young and innocent my son", my father said, "If have taught you to see the good in people, And a man must make his way into the world". "But I have been trained well in the arts of magic and I am ready to put my skills to the test father", I replied. "Be weary my son, for your skills are no match for the wizards of the dark magic, the wizards who use their magic in battle and for the warriors who will simply shrug your spells off like the wind in their hair", "Sonoma is a world that is not for the weak of constitution", he exclaimed.

    "But I must go to Sonoma father, I have given my word to Piotr", I said firmly. "Very well, my son", knowing he could not change my mind, my father handed me a satchel bulging with leather armor, a staff, a pendant, a magical ring and bracelet, some gold coins and a gleaming shield. "Take these and guard them my son", said my father, "For this is all I can give you to help you in your journey".

    I quickly dressed in the items and armor given me by my father, feeling like the most powerful wizard in the land, rather than the apprentice mage I was. On unsteady feet I walked to the crystal ball and sent word to Piotr that I was ready to travel to my new assignment. "Be well my son", my father whispered as the air crackled with the powerful magic, translocating me to Sonoma and my new adventure.

    I arrived in the town of Britain, where the air was dank and heavy. I quickly gathered the books of locations given me by the Stratics staff, anxious to begin my travels. "Kal ort por" I chanted touching the magical rune labled, "Brit gate-Fel".

    I appeared with the blue moongate behind me and the form of a formidable and seasoned warrior was blurred by the morning sun. "Good day kind sire", I greeted him. Spankalicious [MOO], his war axe and shield gleaming in the sun and the blood of those who challenged him, smeared on his armor. "A slow day here today", he mused. "Are the fighters all still sleeping?", I asked, sounding more like a child than the man of 17 years that I am. "More than likely" he said, all the while scanning the terrain for an unseen threat. I told him of my purpose in Sonoma and over the sounds of thundering hooves, he muttered, "good luck" in a tone so cold that it made me shudder from the deepest recesses of my soul.

    From what seemed out of nowhere appeared two young warriors with eyes of steel and dark stares that would wither the most vibrant foilage. They were both murderers of some notoriety sporting blood on armor and a darkness in their sould. Before I could tell them of my purpose in Sonoma, Hypnotic (COP) reduced me to ashes at his feet with no effort, well before I could summon the assistance of the Royal Guards. "Game over, game over" Hypnotic exclaimed as I fell to the ground. I quickly arose and found a kindly wandering healer named Tamara. I ran back intent on explaining to these warriors that I meant them no harm, but was there only to report the news. When I arrived and began to dress, SixSixSix [COP] laid me to waste with almost a flick of his wrist. "Game over, game over" screamed Hypnotic.

    I found Tamara again and made my way back to the Inn at Britain to meditate and formulate a plan for the 'morrow.

    I look foward to meeting and talking with all the citizens of Sonoma. If you see me, tell me of your travels and tales.
  2. Lord Sir Scott

    Lord Sir Scott Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 15, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Just wanted to be the first person to welcome you here!
    We are in a great need of your service and i hope the whole shard Welcomes you too...
    Dont kill the News guy Now people...& That was that you i saw running about in Delucia Felluca! [​IMG]
  3. now wait a sec Scott, sometimes you can see better when in the grey, and I will be glad to help them test that theory [​IMG] Total Reporting, from the land of the living, and of the dead....

  4. That was I running the streets of Delucia trying to cover the King of the Hill event. **note to self, do not go to fel before everyone gets to know who you are and you have only 82 hit points fully suited** [​IMG]
  5. You may find yourself in ghost form a lot in fel, but I'll tell you what I have told other stratics reporters that came before you. If you are in ghost form and have uoassist, just hit the display tab and select a form from view as.. then your screen will go back to color and you can take some decent screen shots for your articles.

    I suggest you do interviews with all the fel guilds and see what's going on.
  6. I welcome the leaders of all the guilds in Sonoma to contact me. My ICQ is 441131328. I have spoke with some of the leaders of the guilds and would like to interview as many are willing to speak with me.
  7. Piotr

    Piotr Stratic's Finest
    Professional Stratics Veteran Supporter Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Patron

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Very nice introduction! [​IMG]

    Please let him live long enough to ask a few questions next time and you may be known for something else besides being a malicious murderer... [​IMG]

    Good luck Caledor!
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thank you, sir, for accepting the role of our reporter. If I may be of any assistance I will do what I can to help.

    Maddwg, Raconteur of Sonoma
  9. Aia

    Aia Guest

    Suggestion - add hiding, stealth and ninja to your template. If you want to take this one step further, add alchemy and wear a resist suit with as much hit point reg as you can get (bracelet of health is a must). With this template, suit, smoke bombs and pots, you'll be able to hop around any battle and stay alive. well... much more likely to stay alive.

    As you post stories about fel, you'll find the fel population will make an effort to keep you alive. (the view self as option doesn't always work underground, has to do with night sight - so for colored screen shots, that often means keeping you alive.)
  10. Welcome to Sonoma, Caledor Moonrise. May you find rewarding tales in your journies here.

    I believe your quest will take you to all of our facets, famous buildings, towns, and historic guilds. I would also encourage you to wander the great wilds, of the land, for even the dusty miner or lowly beggar may have a tale for you.

    But your most important quest of all, is to find the Manbearbig.

    For the Manbearpig must be stopped!

    I am Jack's speaking cereally.

  11. *smiles*

    Welcome to Sonoma indeed, Caledor Moonrise!

    Fare you well in these tempestuous times, friend. If you require aught, pray ask it of me.