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[News] When Vampires Vow... In Vogue!

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Guest, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <table bordercolor="#f8c107" width="100%" bgcolor="#000000" border="1" name="tblMain"> <tr height="137"> <td> <p align="center">[​IMG]
    <font size="2"><font color="#ffd600">(By Beatrice Quill, very temporary fashion editor)
    [​IMG]</font> </p></td></tr> <tr> <td><font color="#ffd600">Well, since Otto's idea of good fashion is a pair of mining gloves, an arcane cloak, and mine dust, I have no choice.
    I have to step in.

    Besides, who would trust a blind man to decide what is fashionable, and what is not? No, this requires a woman's touch.

    The wedding of Katharine and Spyderbite was very interesting, especially from a fashion viewpoint.
    I had hoped that Skylark would be there - mainly so that I could ask her to do this job - but also to see what she wore to such an event - but, 'twas not to be, as the good cook's duties took her elsewhere. Hmm. No sign of Castor either. I wonder if we'll have another wedding at any point?

    Yes, Otto, I know. That's for the gossip column, this is the fashion segment, and never the twain shall meet. Go back to your own crafting. It's all under control here.

    Anyway, many an interesting outfit was seen last night! The outfits worn by those who supported both bride and groom were beautifully designed! The mens outfits initially sported an arcane cloak as part of the ensamble. Personally, I liked it, but the general concensus was that it was a bit too much, and made them look fat. So, the cloaks were put aside.

    I tried my uttermost to get Otto's pesky picture imp to paint every outfit in the place. If I missed anyone, I am truly sorry, it was not intentional. I even tried to get pictures of VmP's outfits, but every picture of them was obscured by greenish flames, with one exception. Unfortunately, while painting the picture of Wyrm in Katharine's dress, the picture imp was stricken blind by the horror of it, and so that picture was not finished. I was able to heal the poor imp, so it could continue it's work, but the sight of Wyrm in drag is one that I cannot share. I hope you are all extremely grateful - he does have extremely hairy legs.

    But, without further ado, here are several pages of fashion! The best that the best of Siege are wearing these days!

    We start with the blushing bride, a little while before the ceremony. Her wedding outfit is covered by a glowing white robe here. Unfortunately, Wyrm was so taken by the look of her outfit, that he just HAD to have it, and so I can not include it here. Here, however, she is, mere minutes before leaving for the temple.

    <p align="center"> [​IMG]</p>

    Here are a few of the guests, in a wide variety of outfits. All very nicely put together!
    My vote for 'best put together' simply has to go to Shad, though! Yum-MEE!
    Nay-Nay is sporting a trendy elven robe, looking very mysterious in dark hues. I'm not too sure about Wayland's beard, though. Someone needs to teach you how to accessorise. Pehaps a matching green half-apron, or a pair of boots would set it off nicely?

    DJCresum arrived in a more traditional outfit, looking for all the world as if he expected a fight. How right he was!

    But Shad... Mmmmmm..... oops, where was I?


    Moving on...
    Here are some more of the guests.  Particularly striking are the outfits made for the wedding, with the combinations of black, red and white complimenting not only each other, but the wearers as well. Very well designed indeed!


    And some late arrivals!


    And some more!

    <p align="center"> [​IMG]</p>


    Here, we have some very good examples of how shades of grey can be used to great effect.
    On the left, Memnoch, in a fetching white outfit, that shows off his butt nicely. (edit that out for me, will you, Otto?)

    <p align="center">[​IMG]</p>

    Next to him, just after a rendition of "Withering Heights", Silvara is in the ever-reliable death robe, which accentuates her lovely hair very nicely!

    And here we have that very same rendition! Something about remember the... what was it again? Matsumatek? No, that wasn't it...
    Good fun, and I didn't even need to use 'chicken mode' to get the picture in colour!

    <p align="center">[​IMG]</p>

    Now, what would a review of a wedding be without the bride and groom?
    Here, we have the whole wedding party, in a lovely mixture of reds, whites and black.
    I have to admit, my heart nearly stopped here. Kelmo said "do you?" and Katharine...

    ... was Katharine.


    That heart-stopping moment past, I could pay attention to fashion again, and noticed something strange about Kelmo's talisman, while taking a picture of the soon-to-be newlyweds.


    I had thought that without Castor present, there would be a significant lack of blaze, but Katharine was prepared. Her reception outfit gleamed like the sun, leaving no doubt that she was the best dressed person there! Apart from Wyrm, in her original outfit, of course.


    Some wonderful outfits, worn by one and all! Thank you to Katharine and Spyderbite - I had a lot of fun!
    I'll hand you back to your regularly scheduled reporter/news manager now!


    Oh, Otto? Are you sure that last pic will only show up in Spyderbite's private collection?
    Really sure?
    The green button, you say. Ok. I've pressed it. There it goes. I'm sure he'll love it.


    Hold on... how does a blind man know which button's green?



    What do you mean, I can't edit it?



    <p align="center"> [​IMG]</p> </font>

  2. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Beatrice! I never knew! *blushes* [​IMG]
  3. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Bea we gotta talk bout that lil Imp sneaking in my room! [​IMG] [​IMG] very lovely job though... wonderful pictures
  4. HalfDead

    HalfDead Guest

    Nice art.
  5. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Heh.. "Heart-stopping moment".. Mine was at 5 minutes til the Ceremony.. I was half way out the back door to escape the embarassment of a Runaway Bride when I caught a glimpse of Kat rushing through the gate towards the temple.. *wipes brow in relief*
  6. Katharine

    Katharine Guest


    Heh.. "Heart-stopping moment".. Mine was at 5 minutes til the Ceremony.. I was half way out the back door to escape the embarassment of a Runaway Bride when I caught a glimpse of Kat rushing through the gate towards the temple.. *wipes brow in relief*

    [/ QUOTE ]

    *snickers* Poor Spyder... almost gave the poor thing a heartattack, well you can blame my mother for that one! [​IMG] she figured 10pm her time (an hour before the wedding btw) was a good time to call and jabber!
  7. You could have told her, you know.

    Katharine: "Mom, I can't stay and talk to you, I'm getting married to a vampire in 15 minutes."
    Mom: "You what?"

    K: "Married. Vampire. 15 minutes. Got to go!"
    M: "And when were you going to tell ME about this??"

    K: "Mom, it's not serious, it's just a game!"
    M: "That's so TYPICAL of you young people these days! No commitment! Why, in my day, marriage was for life! Young lady, this IS serious! It's one of the most serious commitments you will ever make!"

    K: "Mom, it's ok. He's a vampire. He's imortal. It's forever. Oh, I'm a vampire too - one bit me a while ago."
    M: "You young people and your wild, crazy sex games! No good will come of this! What do you mean, a vampire? You aren't one of those weird goth people are you? All black makeup and the KISS clothes?"

    K: *sigh* "No, Mom. Now, please - I've got to be there in 10 minutes."
    M: "And why aren't I invited? My daughter's getting married, and she doesn't even invite her own mother! I only find out by accident at the last minute?? And don't you sigh at me, young lady!"

    K: "MOTH-ER!!! It's a freakin' GAME!"
    M: "You wash your mouth out, using language like that with your mother! And here you go with the airy-fairy non-commital metality again! Well, let me tell you something - if this marriage doesn't work out, and you leave that man, don't you ever speak to me again! I will not have my daughter becoming one of these repeat divorcees that you see on the television talk shows! I won't have it!" *starts sobbing*

    K: "Mom! It's a GAME! Ultima! Five minutes, Mom."
    M: *sniff* "I don't care if it's 'Ultima'. You young people and your crazy slang! Fine. Go. I don't care. My daughter doesn't want me at her wedding. I haven't even met the man. Go. Does my future son-in-law even have a NAME?"

    K: "Yes, mom. His name's Spyderbite. But it's a GAME."
    M: "Spy.... you're marrying a filthy hippie?"

    K: "No, Filthy Hippy's in a different guild. Spyder's a vampire."
    M: "Guild? Oh my goodness! You've joined a cult! Oooh!"
    *begins to wail*

    K: "Bye, Mom."