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[News]Zento Station (USN)

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Chesapeake News, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Chesapeake News

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    Zento Station [USN]
    April 8, 2010
    By: Merik


    Admiral Greyylene of the USN invites citizens of the realm to join
    her on Thursday nights around 9:00pm ET at the Zento Station
    located on the outer walls of Zento City. During this Thursdays
    event a lone Savage known as Sai'ge brought Admiral Greyylene
    a recipe for the worlds famous "Savage Ale" or at least she
    thought that was what she had. Sai'ge handed over the recipe
    allowing Greyylene to read it. The Admiral seemed confused....

    "This Recipe is for Orc Love Potion."

    Sai'ge became angry and violent. She knocked liquor bottles off the
    ground and over turned furniture. Sai'ge pulls out some paper and
    attempted to set fire to the banner on the back wall. Greyylene
    warned the Savage again and again. This time Greyylene had no
    choice but to fire arrows at the Savage. Sai'ge was no match for
    a USN Admiral and quickly withdrew to outside of the house.

    Savage Ale Back Story
    {Written by Greyylene}


    Well on the way to making a name for herself Greyylene carried out the orders of the Pirate Captain with enthusiasm and vigor. Great lands were claimed in the name of Red Daggers, so much that they were almost far too spread out to maintain order, even by pirate standards. None of that stopped Greyy. She was fierce and driven by an inner turmoil that not even she could understand. The discovery of new lands and peoples seemed to ease her heart and vexed spirit.

    Across distant seas and around forgotten islands Captain Greyy and her crew found civilizations and settlements along with great fishing waters. Some that were found became the territory of Greyy and her Pirate clan, others were left uncharted and never mentioned. Such became the fate of a Savage Tribe known as Meer.
    Buried deep in the hidden mists of a small island chain live a race of humanoids so stealthy and cunning that the ability to describe them is impossible. Sailors who would get lost in these waters would swear they were being watched by an eerie presence. The lush green of the high trees and thick undergrowth always beckoned to be explored, but the few who would venture ashore never made it back.

    Crystal blue sky kissed with fluffy white clouds wrap an envelope of untainted serenity around the thick mass of foliage of the Meer home land. They are tall sleek and elegant remarkably feline in appearance an have a deep intelligence and understanding of their world. Their clear yellow eyes with hints of gold and bronze have a clear view through the undergrowth and an uncanny ability to see in dark places. Long bodies and fierce retractable claws make high tree tops the desired vantage points for observation and ambush. These Savage felines speak in the language of their ancestors, but with a growling purr have adopted the language common to Man. They have a hierarchy and established rules and order along with a deeply spiritual reverence for the world in which they live.

    Surrounded by the sea and separated from clans the Cat Race are uniquely adopted by the water. Uncommon for felines these people enjoy the water and will often be seen playing in tide pools or bathing in small inlets and fresh water springs hidden deep within the jungle home. Primitive in their life style and surroundings but sly in the use of environment their tools and toys echo the nature of the habitat.

    How Greyylene happened upon this unique people was quite accidental. They had given chase to a small merchant vessel of the king's personal service, when it suddenly vanished into a large fog bank and thicket of trees grown from the very seabed itself. They enter after them but was given no sign of their presence, not even a ripple of the wake. The winds died and the sound of surf and life itself ended quite abruptly. For having no wind in the sails they moved at the pace of a deep and quiet current. The Vharcan is no small vessel and yet it did not risk running aground, not even the anchor drop would catch bottom. They were quite at the mercy of the drifting water as they rode quiet deeper into this hedge' of an obstacle.

    The canopy above became thick blocking light from sun or stars. Silently they were drawn in deeper, hardly daring to breathe or even speak expecting at any moment an ambush. Behind the sea was lost and aft was no sign of anything other than thick branches. Suddenly, more of a feeling than a sight, many eyes peering down from all around them. At full alert the crew stood prepared to battle and most certainly to die, for all thought it would be the last voyage.

    Opening ahead to a large flat meadow' (for want of another term) in the midst of the water a village tucked away neatly in the barrier of floating woods came into view. As they drew near to the harbor the current stopped bringing them to a stand still. With burning green eyes stood a tall grizzled feline witch doctor with a tall staff in hand and robes flowing full to the ground. His voice said nothing yet spoke in loud clear tones all of the purpose and desires of the entire crew. When they next looked at the surroundings Greyy and the first mate were in a small hovel lined with shelves and bottles. Each was handed a cup and commanded to drink. Immediately after partaking of his vicious ale they both became violently ill. Secrets and ambitions were revealed with great degree of heartache and agony.

    After what seemed days in his presence the first mate was in no condition to realize his name much less survive the open seas. He became the first fatality of the damned ship. Apparently his heart was not up to the challenge of harnessing revenge and exacting justice, either real or perceived. The Captain faired better only for her own will and desire to continue. She took a very long time to recover from the encounter. At the end of our trial by liquor the witch doctor set Greyylene by a fire and showed not only the ingredients to the Savage Ale but also the incantation to which flows its power to loosen tongues and spirits. The ingredients are rather easy to acquire, the charm is all together another matter. Over and over she was commanded to repeat the incantation making sure it was said correctly and with proper intonations and accent to ensure the brew was made correctly.

    When they were done with this witch of the watery Meer lands the grove vanished and the course reset. The only evidence of the detour was the keg of Savage Ale marked quite clearly in an electric green keg and the ripping headache that laid the Captain wasted in quarters for almost a week.