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[NEWS] Zhah, Queen of Ter Mur, Meets With Dawn, Queen of Britannia

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Sara Of Baja, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Sara Of Baja

    Sara Of Baja Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
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    Wednesday, September 23, 2009

    Queen Dawn had requested the citizens of Origin gather at the Britain moongate to provide an escort for the Gargoyle Queen Zhah while she visited our lands.


    A crowd gathered around Britannia's Queen Dawn as she awaited the arrival of Queen Zhah of Ter Mur.


    Queen Zhah arrived and greeted Queen Dawn, ' Des-ailem esh ben met, Lady Dawn, pri-lem de Britannia.' (Hail and well met, Lady Dawn, Queen of Britannia) 'I am pleased to make your acquaintance, and acknowledge your dedication to these lands.'

    Queen Dawn replied, ' Des-ailem esh ben met, Queen Zhah, pri-lem de Ter Mur. (Hail and well met, Lady Zhah, Queen of Ter Mur) We are honored that you accepted our invitation and hope to forge a harmonious co-existence between our people and yours.
    The citizens of Britannia have come to honor you and celebrate our victory over the evils that have plagued these lands.'

    Queen Zhah: 'aro! Please know that I hold no ill will for the unfortunate attack und*.'

    Queen Dawn then gestured towards the city saying, 'Please allow us now to escort you into the City proper.'

    At a bend in the road the queens were ambushed, but the brigands were quickly dealt with before harm could come to either queen.



    The crowd escorted the queens safely to Britain, where the procession made its way through the streets to Lord British's Castle.


    Upon arrival at the castle, Queen Dawn quickly apologized to the visiting queen of the gargoyles for the attack they had encountered along the way.


    'Queen Zhah, I sincerely apologize for the attack along our journey. Please believe me when I say we are working to rid the land of the lawlessness that has plagued us in our past days. My most humble thanks to our valiant escort for our safe arrival.'

    Queen Zhah graciously replied, 'Please know that I hold no ill will for the unfortunate attack. Your defenders proved themselves to be all that we had heard, and I am proud to have had them as my escort this eve.
    I have spent many generations safeguarding the future of the gargoyle race. I do not appear before you capriciously; you have earned this visit in many ways. The gargoyle Infel -- you know of him?'

    Queen Dawn, 'Yes Queen Zhah, we know of Infel. Unfortunately, many of us who only wished to help were betrayed by his machinations. It saddens us deeply to have caused the destruction of the those gargoyles who were only trying to protect the knowledge that Donal had gathered.'

    Queen Zhah, 'I know all too well of your pain, for his betrayal of his own kind tore through the gargoyle lands as a dagger through flesh. Infel betrayed the gargoyle race, and he betrayed you. You must know that there is no animosity towards your people for the slaying of the Gargoyle Guardians.
    I have allowed the monk called Donal to work closely with my followers, and the slaying of the Guardians was as much my fault as yours; that is to say, it was neither our faults. Your remorse speaks volumes of your character. Infel betrayed us both, and our common pain will nurture our common strength.'

    Queen Dawn, 'As well, we hold no ill feelings for one such as Infel. We are all too aware that evil can lurk in even the most virtuous of races. Our own recent experiences have shown us that plainly.' Dawns face reflecting the sadness of the memories of the false King Casca.

    Queen Zhah, 'Let us move now past that sadness and forward into a new light -- one that knows not the darkness of evil or the bloodshed of deception. Your false king is dead. The disloyalty displayed by Infel shall cease on my word. May we walk amongst each other as citizens in common.'

    Queen Dawn, 'As you say, Queen Zhah, this is our fondest desire. To embrace peace and walk together as a common people. From this day forward, may your hopes be our hopes, and may your enemies be our enemies. May we seek to blend our cultures and learn from each other as true allies and friends. '

    Queen Zhah, 'As a sign of our friendship and future co-existence, I would like to offer a gift to the people of both lands. Would you be so kind as to accompany me?'

    Queen Dawn, 'We shall be pleased to follow you.'
    A gate was opened, and we followed the queens through it back to the Britain moongate.


    Queen Zhah began speaking, 'For many generations, the passage between our lands was closed. The moongates were wiped of the ability for travel, and our races separated by great distance and dangers. It is my great honor to now proclaim that our Mystics have found a way to repair this ancient damage. It gives me great pleasure this day to be able to finally fed ui-de ter-reg, Ter Mur esh Britannia. (Connect our lands, Ter Mur and Britannia) Link the moongates.


    With Queen Zhah's words spoken, the moongate slowly shifted colors from blue, to green, then back to blue, and Ter Mur's Royal City was now accessible through the moongate.


    We followed the queens through the portal, and were welcomed to Ter Mur by Queen Zhah.


    Queen Dawn thanked Queen Zhah and her people for restoring the moongates, then led us to the Royal City so we might explore the wondrous new land.



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