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Nex Morbus-US-Destruction-Forest of Shadows

Discussion in 'Warhammer Guild Recruitment' started by Volksturm, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Volksturm

    Volksturm Guest

    A Destruction based Regiment for those who are 21 years and older! Nex Morbus will focus on crushing the forces of Order under foot, while having a fun time doing it. Nex Morbus accepts all races and classes of Destruction. We pride ourselves on being fair, and showing no favortism towards anyone in the Regiment. Rank is earned, as is respect. Nex Morbus will be active in all aspects of end game content, PVP, and RVR.

    In Nex Morbus, there will not be a predetermined amount of time someone is required to play in order to remain a member of the Regiment. This is a game, and we understand. However, when we reach end game content, those who play the most and have proven their worth will be taken on raids over those who do not play as much.

    Nex Morbus is an adult themed guild. This means mature! Conversation will sometimes be of a mature nature, thus the reason for the age requirement. While conversation may sometimes be mature, this isnt a license to be vulgar, or use foul language every other sentence. However, we understand that during gameplay, the telling of jokes, etc... Foul language will sometimes be used. We like to keep some semblance of civility! And with that... Two flies are sitting on a piece of crap, one fly lifts his leg up and farts. The other fly looks at him and says, "DUDE!!! I'm trying to eat!!!"

    We also like to host drunken raids once in a while, where everyone picks their favorite swill, and we all drink, and run around crushing the skulls of our enemies! This tradition goes back a few years, and has been carried through various different MMORPG's. It is a fun tradition, and it will bring the Regiment together.

    Waivers can be granted under special circumstances in regards to the age requirement. Examples include being the sibling or relative of an existing member. While we do grant waivers on a case by case basis, this does not guarantee that a person who does not meet the age requirement will be let in. This truly is case by case, and various things will be looked at before making a decision. Let me make this clear, the guild will not change its flavor, for anyone! Nex Morbus is what it is!

    Lastly, if you intend to bring political correctness to Nex Morbus, go somewhere else. This definately isn't the place for those who get their feelings hurt to easily. Nor is it the place for those who get offended by everything. If fart jokes make you laugh, join up. If you can take people poking fun at you and others, this is the place for you. If you realize this is a game, and we are here to have fun, come this way.

    Please visit http://morbus.guildlaunch.com and register today!



    Regiment Commander
    Nex Morbus