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Next YAMAMOTO event - 1/13/06 - "Who kidnapped the Shogun?"

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Yasou Wakayama, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. This is just an FYI for the people of Siege ... hopefully a number of you will be able to participate in some way or other with this event ... we will be promoting again on other shards forums and contacting some guilds directly from other shards in order to get them to participate ...

    Anyone that has helped in the planning - and has access to the planning forum on the WAKA boards I need your help now with the promotion and set-up for the night - please check in and we will get the ball rolling ...

    Hail citizens of Sosoria …

    The Wakayama Clan of the Siege Perilous shard invites you to partake in a night of roleplay, warfare, complete mayhem, and an overall fun time!

    Back story: On Friday, January 13th there will be a special event on Siege Perilous … “Who Kidnapped the Shogun??” … The Shogun of the Wakayama Clan has gone missing ... with war being waged on severeal fronts the Wakayama Clan has sent an appeal to it's sister guild for aid ... the YAMAMOTO's are needed once again in a time of crisis, with many an obstacle in the way a horde of Yamamoto's will be needed to sniff out the clues and rescue the Shogun!

    a. People who wish to participate must create a character with an asian first name and the last name Yamamoto. The must create either a ninja or a samurai. New characters are fine – the fun will be in LARGE numbers of Yamamoto’s participating from many shards.

    b. Once you have made your character you will be outfitted in gear with the Yamamoto mark … all ninja’s will be outfitted the same … all samurai will be outfitted the same … in the interest of keeping this event somewhat Tolkein-esque we ask that all Ninja’s be fencers and all samurai be swordsmen.

    c. Anyone that wishes to prepare their character earlier and be outfitted this is both encouraged and appreciated – we will be gearing people/preparing for the event from 5pm EST day of the event – after 8:00PM there is no guarantee we can outfit you and get you to the initial starting point the YAMA Stronghold west of Umbra … you may create your character now if you wish.

    d. The actual event itself will begin at 8:30pm EST … there will be some guilds officially invited to participate in various stepes of the event … there will be other guilds told of the event who are classic enemies of the Wakayama Clan … there will be battles ... once actual battle starts we do not expect you to know who is friend or foe … if the person is green to you they are a friend … on siege everywhere is felucca so make sure you turn off your kill prompt – a number of you will go red (assuming those that die count you) which is part of the fun of this event.

    e. All Yamamoto’s will be added to the YAMA guild – that way you will appear green to the WAKA’s

    What to expect:
    a. Some Roleplay during the stops along the search for the Shogun – we will be marching everyone from clue to clue and using public moongates rather then gating everyone which should make for a more exciting night ...

    b. A number of enemies and those that do not recognize our Sovereign empire have heard of the event and will stop at nothing to stop the Yamamoto's from finding the Shogun – we expect Vampires, Werewolves, and some of the most heinous killers to stalk the search parties.

    c. Fighting in many different locations as the group searches from clue to clue.

    d. Chances are you will die – a lot – there is a chance you will be looted – while we will ask the combatants to not loot the Yamamoto’s this night in the interest of prolonged fun there are no guarantees … if a large number of people are looted we will regroup and reequip those who need it.

    e. We will have a shared automap for the evening that all participants will be welcome to use (the chat function will be how we communicate across the various parties)

    Places we will “visit” on siege that evening:
    Well finding out will be half the fun ... and once the Shogun is found (assuming of course that this group of Yamamoto's is brave and continues on ... we will have a party at the Yard)
    West Umbra (PARTY!) at the Yard – a pub/dueling arena where we will drink ale and celebrate our many victories or lick our wounds

    Friday – January 13th
    Event starts promptly at 8:30PM EST … all must be outfitted prior to 8:00 … you may do so starting now … either contact Yasou Wakayama on ICQ at 107503605 … or Yasou Wakayama via PM on stratics … or visit the Wakayama message boards (http//:www.motherbox.com/forums) and leave your info in the Yamamoto event thread
  2. MeMn0cH

    MeMn0cH Guest

    What would be to happen if say.. The "evil dewds" found the shogun first and killed him..

    Any reward? [​IMG]

    Anywho.. Doesnt look like I'll be able to make this Yamamoto event either friday night..

    Last one was like Monday.. couldnt make it... This one is friday.. cant make it

    0 for 2
  3. The evil guys will not find the Shogun until everyone else does ... I can guarantee that ...
  4. As dusk turned to night in Wakatown the town guards extend their patrol from the main thoroughfares of the village to the very fringes ...

    This night was like any other ... the creatures of the swamps to the North East were trying to slip unnoticed out of their realm and like every night were being puniched by some of the younger town guards ... the air was still and the moon was high and full.

    Hugibear and Bruener rode together along the eastern fringe ... the western patrol of Jessie and Staley had just blown the horn to say all was quiet on their patrol ... and Bruener had his horn at the ready for they only had one more area to patrol near .. the Keep of the Shogun.

    The Shoguns Keep was out of the village proper ... slightly to the south east ... each night the first two patrols of the evening would stop at the keep and share the days events with the Shogun and he would share some insight with the warriors of the Empire.

    Like most nights Bruener expected to see the Shogun at the entrance to the vast keep ... but tonight as they rounded a corner the door was shut ... the keep appeared dark. Hugibear glanced at Bruener in alarm ... and motioned for him to be silent ...

    The two warriors dismounted their steeds and proceeded cautiously towards the keep ... Hugibear pointed to the ground ... "Hoofmarks, 2 mounts ... heading west," he hissed. Bruener proceeded to the keep and found the door slightly ajar ... throwing the door open it appeared there may have been a struggle ... a table was knocked on its side ... a button with the Wakayama Crest on it, the thread still attached lay on the floor ... Bruenor could not sense the Shogun's presence ...

    He turned and saw Hugibear step through the entrance ... as Hugibear looked around ... Bruener rushed outside and blew three peals on the horn ... the danger/warning call ...

    He looked back to Hugibear who seemed to be examining a stain on the Goza mat ... what had happened to Yasou? As soon as more arrived they would follow that trail...
  5. Maleeka

    Maleeka Guest

    Wow! I might just leave my house for this one. [​IMG]
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    yay finally, event at a weekend =D ill try to be around for sure
  7. Akane and Kanaye were deep in the west woods practicing stalking techniques … when they heard the distant sound of horses growing ever closer.

    “Let’s practice stalking a live prey for a while” Akane suggested.

    Kanaye nodded his acknowledgement, “And if the riders be an enemy of the Clan it won’t be practice for long.”

    Akane giggled as she changed and Kanaye morphed into llama form. The two proceeded east to meet the on-coming riders … they stopped as they realized the distant riders had stopped moving…

    The two ninja’s who practiced their art so often together almost simultaneously morphed back into human form. Kanaye signaled silently that they should stealth forward and see what had happened. Akane affirmed and silently removed an arrow from her quiver to her bow as they began to proceed forward. Kanye looked up and saw the moon was full, they must stay in the shadows or their cover would be blown.

    As the ninjas proceeded forward they saw two horses close to each other … the riders appeared to be locked in struggle though from the distance of 200 yards it was not easy to see what was happening … Akane motioned to Kanaye to proceed closer still …

    One of the riders suddenly made an alarmed sound … and the two riders took off to the east at a high rate of speed toward Wakatown. Akane looked at Kanaye, “Did that voice sound familiar?” Kanaye nodded he knew that voice well, “That was the shogun” …

    The two ran to where the horses had been … amidst the hoof prints was a sash with the mark of the shogun …

    Kanaye changed to wolf form and turned to Akane, “I will pursue … go tell Hugi what we saw.” And with that he was off after the riders … Akane morphed into a llama and ran off towards Wakatown.
  8. The Silver Serpents will ride that eve in support of the Wakayama Clan....

    (oh ya...buzzmp)
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest


    The Silver Serpents will ride that eve in support of the Wakayama Clan....

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Very nice.

    I also plan to be on hand the evening of the event to help, doing...well, whatever it is I do. What is the saying, though? It is the thought that counts [​IMG].

  10. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Hey Sky.. get over on the waka boards and hook up with Yasou for access to coordination forum so we can sort that out for ya. [​IMG]
  11. Kalia Vorjen

    Kalia Vorjen Guest

    Sonds kewl

    icq: 235-101-864
  12. A YAMA story - Rescue the Shogun Part 3 - The high priestess takes charge

    There was a fog heavy over the swamp as Kanaye reached the fringe … the trail of the horses led directly into the swamp, most definitely a place that usually the Shogun would ignore. Beyond the vast swamps lie the remains of Safe Haven, a township that had long ago suffered the fate of many towns of these lands … many homes now lay abandonded or had been reduced to rubble … “Surely the Shogun would not be going there alone or under his own freewill,” thought Kanaye.


    Bruener, Papuo, and Shabba took the guard at the Shogun’s Keep as Hugibear proceeded back to the town proper. All that lived in the vicinity of Wakatown had been alerted now to the absence of the Shogun and Ibichi had summoned Hugi to the main meeting hall. As Hugi approached … Iragael rode out to meet him. “The priestess had a vision Warlord.” Hugibear nodded solemnly. Iragael continued, “She saw a fleeting vision of Safe Haven and has dispatched Xavier and Dante there to scout for clues. Perhaps the UNDead have risen again?!” The Warlord scoffed … “There is no manner of undead that our Shogun could not handle on his own … this is the work of some other deviant.” Iragael shrugged, “She is rarely wrong with her visions, something happened in Safe Haven.” To this the Warlord nodded.


    Ibichi was on the steps of the meeting hall as the Warlord and Iragael approached … “I believe we have a ninja following the riders now – and I have sent a party to Safe Haven … if my vision was a premonition then perhaps we will head them off … if not at least we can continue to follow the trail while it is hot – as well as see what is happening in that dead town …”
    Akane stepped from the shadows “I have already told the Priestess all I have seen. Kanaye is in pursuit, he will not rest I assure you until he reaches his quarry.”
    The Warlord acknowledged Akane’s statement with a slight head nod. “We need someone studied in forensics to examine the Shoguns Keep. No member of our clan is skilled in that area, and while Mizo is skilled in the dark arts he only felt weak negative energy which perplexes me further.”
    The high priestess nodded and turned to Akane, “Go to Luna and seek the scientist … ask around he should not be hard to find as he preys in shadows as you do.” Akane morphed into a llama and ran from the area. To the Warlord she turned, “Tell all those of our Clan to gather here – collectively we will work as we do best – as a group – those who do not live close find them – bring them here – if we have word of anything we will be set to move.” Hugibear agreed and went to toll the gathering bell – this process would take some time but they would come. To Iragael she spoke, “Go find the leader of our kindred, the death talker.” Iragael winced. “He has with him a large number of ninja warriors who can aid us … as well as a score of samurai. He also has a better rapport with the darker elements of these lands and may hear something that we may not.” Iragael stalled, he did not want to involve the Yamamoto’s yet … “This is not a request Iragael, this is an order. Do not forget in the absence of the Shogun I have supreme power.” Iragael lowered his eyes ashamed … “I am sorry priestess … I am at your command.” With this he bowed and departed toward Umbra … home of the Yamamoto Clan.
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Wow! This is going to be GREAT!
  14. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest


    Wow! This is going to be GREAT!

    [/ QUOTE ]

    *claps and points to D* What he said!!! [​IMG]
  15. This will be starting soon, folks [​IMG]

    Read up, get in there, and participate!