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Nexus Spirit event...

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by EMAname, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. EMAname

    EMAname Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 26, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Hey everyone, Since this post from our site is going to be gone soon, I thought I should repost it here..

    Nexus Spirit event chain (and how it is going so far) told in first person by a generic guard member, comments are welcome:

    The captain, or examiner as we knew him, of the guard seemed rather rattled today. He wasn’t able to stay focused during shift and was constantly watching the position of the sun. I approached him and he always told me he can’t tell us yet. The day went on and the examiner seemed more stressed. He told me to watch his post; he had something that he had to do. The day seemed normal with the town’s folk walking around, merchants chanting their trades; yet there was something in the air. Something vile and putrid that could not be explained. I was about to go off shift, to see my family, when the town criers started yelling and the bells were ringing. The Royal Guard was to meet at Castle Britannia.

    I rushed as fast as I could. Over 50 Loyal guards and more than 10 trusted citizens were there to hear the information. Many more arrived after I did. Dawn came out with strong personality but you could feel that something was wrong. She informed us of mishaps which have been occurring recently. This one was the worst so far. She spoke of the many guards requested to investigate this situation. None returned. Our Royal Guard Examiner came forth in battle armour and armed from head to toe. He was ready to take on any challenge. He spoke words to raise morale on something that seemed like a suicide mission. They cast up a gate that lead us to the old lands and the dungeon fire.

    This wasn’t a normal day at fire. There were demons and monsters of unnatural strength. As a team, we defeat the masses near the dungeon entrance. The examiner reminds us that we were to search out a strange rift and find its cause, while capturing any suspicious characters. We charged into the dungeon; however, with the lack of our training some charged ahead and others seemed to fall behind. The examiner tried to stay with the back of the group and support them and help them catch up with the others. I ran on ahead with the group. There was a large gathering of dark wizards and Tilver a High Mage. The face seemed familiar; I couldn’t put my finger onto where I remember him from at this time. He needed to be held under arrest. His position here was very suspicious. I started to raise up my voice “Sir you are under arrest!”… it was muffled out by the appearance demons and maddening horrors. The guards that were there with me drew arms and headed onward toward battle. We needed to hold them off and prevent anymore monsters from appearing before the captain arrived. After a few minutes of battle the rest of the squads joined in combat. With our combined strengths and talents these monsters did not stand for very long.

    All opposing forces were gone now, and Tilver was no where to be found… Did he escape? Was he killed? I am not sure! There were a few bodies on the ground that were too badly mangled to be recognized. The Examiner marched towards the rift, magical scythe in hand. He was ready to vanquish this situation and have a peaceful nights rest. His blade was in mid swing as he froze. Strong currents of energy surged through his body and he was being pulled into the rift. He yelled for us to stay back, but some tried hard to pull him out. He was resisting; nonetheless, seeing his fellow guard get hurt trying to save him, he gave way and allowed for the force to take him. All was silent. Dawn came forth as soon as she had word of the guard captains disappearance. She spoke to the troops and found out more about the situation. She investigated the rift at my discontent since I wouldn’t want to lose our Queen. She said it didn’t matter, it is our people who are important.

    A few minutes in, I noticed some yelling in my ear… A voice of a man that shouldn’t be heard, especially in here. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me until right next to me Nimrad stood. He was asking for his friends and was saying that he wasn’t needed to be proven innocent if it would cause anyone else harm. Within seconds Dawn had Nimrad arrested and he was sent to a holding cell, until they could make time to question him. I asked to be part of the questioning but I was not deemed high enough rank.

    Days which felt like months have passed. The guard was called again. Dawn had, after a supposedly challenging talk, found out that Tilver was trying to make a gate through time, or place which would show the past so people could understand that Nimrad was a good character. This is just the word of the one being accused. She then stated that the best Mages and Alchemist would investigate the situation. They didn’t find much other than that the gate could take you to locations if you said specific things… The only one that was not understood was Zizutranatil which is a language not known to any of the scribes or magi. She requested that we search for the guard in that location and bring him back. We were foolish… and should have known better.

    It was a trap, we arrived to walls of living dead, and of powerful demonic fiends. Our troups were badly injured before we could even take action… We had to flee to a corner and get through it slowly. It took near an hour just to be able to take a breath without worry of a monster being behind you. Every guard was bandaged and pets were fed. We ventured deeper into the catacomb of death. When we worked together and battled head on we stood chance. Everything seemed fine until we found some souls of the dead that seemed to be real, and rather vicious. They released large amounts of energy and started to create earthquakes bringing the cave in slowly. We had to find a way to put these spirit to rest. The mages worked slowly in the background as fellow swordsmen stood in the front lines trying to defeat them. Eventually they were forced back to the ethereal plane.

    I tried to head upstairs however it seemed that the damage from the battle caved them in. The rocks were to heavy to move, even with the assistance of dragons and packing beetles. Dawn asked for clues if anyone noticed anything out of place. No one spoke. She asked again, and a citizen spoke up. “I think I noticed an M in the blood”. Some laughed however it was the best that we had. Everyone searched for letters written in pools of blood. In a matter of seconds all recognizable letters were found. MNTOOR. It had to be encrypted. Scribes quickly started to write down notes and find something. Montor. A lost dead town in Ilshenar. It was the only thing that we had. I hoped that it is correct.

    Someone created a portal which would lead us to Montor, must have been one of the old runes before the magic prevented it. When I arrived I was shocked at what I found. There was a creature, which now I know is to be called, The Nexus Spirit. He floated in the air High and Mighty as a lord or lady. He spoke of how he had plans for this “new land” that he was quite pleased with the first “Body” he was given… Someone yelled “You Monster! Give back our guardsmen NOW!” This seemed to please the spirit and make it “laugh”. It’s body shade started to fade… was he vanishing? Or something else? What was seen then was terrifying. Our Guard captain stood there beaten and lifeless. I approached him and he “laughed” the same as the spirit… I thought he might just be ill. “Sir are you alright, please state your condit…” Our captain swung his blade blindly at me. A fellow guard pulled me away just in time to keep my helm on. We had to stop him. Just so that we could find some way to cure him. The guard and Queen Dawn worked on weakening him although no lethal attacks were made.

    Nothing seemed to be working. He kept attacking at full strength and we were tiring. Then he suddenly stopped and regained his warm welcoming smile. Falling to the ground he said that he was sorry for not being able to live up to the guard that he should have been, and to forgive him since he had no control over what had happened. I started to give my respect and see if I could tend any of the wound… however he was beyond my skills. I noticed a paper in his pocket which I quickly grabbed to give to the Queen, it might have had some clues on it. Before I could mention anything the Nexus Spirit appeared again with his “laugh”. We all turned head and shouted at the despicable creature, however he was out of our reach. He spoke of plans to gain more power and to take over the throne. Stating that he will be the new leader and you could have a choice to follow him or die.

    Many guards seemed upset and fretted about his words. Dawn stood and stated that this is just another challenge that needs to be overcome. That there will be a plan of action to solve this and to bring peace back to the land. However she first had to attend to the families of those lost.

    There was a long period of time to wait it seemed. No words, no rumours, no sight of Dawn. I read the note that was on the Examiners body. It was written in blood, and told of a location above that which we originally traveled. It told how there would be an increase of energy materializing there. The Spirit would be taking action to prevent anyone tampering with it thus making it hard to access.

    I delivered the letter to a royal representative who knew of the where about of Dawn. She quickly took action and had the virtuous Lieutenant of the guard, Sir Elrington the Fourth, lead an attack to the location. The gathering of the guard was spread by mouth… however it seemed that the dark words of fear sunk into many of the guards’ hearts and they chose not to assist. Well, that was my first thought until the report arrived before we headed out.

    “Over 24 Different able bodies have taken a gate created by a follower of the Nexus Spirit. It seems that they are protecting a large source of energy as in the letter. There is a wall which is protecting the the energy also. It has a strange coding to it and will release large amount of energy if someone tries to decode it and is incorrect. It could be fatal. I was not going to test to find out. This is all the time I have. I think some of the others are onto me, for they have started to attack each other…”

    Today was the day the Royal Guard would prove their worth once again. We would strike deep, weaken or potentially destroy any backup for the Nexus spirit. However with this new report that we have been given our numbers are almost equal, we only have 2 more people than they do, and we lack the skills that are needed to combat with other people in a lethal manor, everything we have learned was to subdue and miss vital locations. This would be a true test of skills for us. The Lt. started to speak and told of our mission, and the goals. We were to stick together and take out the pillars, or monsters which are preventing the energy from being accessed. The battle started and things were looking grim. Sir Elrington IV said he would lure a group of them away, do not look for him until he comes back, he will stall for the time needed for you all… He smiled grimly and bravely charged into the heart of the opposing forces front. Sadly he died this day, but not in vain. He was able to hold up five to nine people at some times keeping them from attacking the other guards. This will also bring forth requirement for higher ranking in the guard, however this is a different matter when we are ready for it… The Pillars were destroyed and the masterminds of the guard disabled the walls blocking the monster. A long and hard battle took place. We had to defend ourselves on both sides, from the people serving the Nexus Spirit and from the Energy that we soon found out, was going to consume. The energy was dissipated and the Spirit arrived. He was furious! We were successful! He spoke quickly and left….

    I was not able to completely understand him. His voice was fading and he seemed as though he had been drained… From what I understood, we had destroyed what he was going to use as his source of power to defeat the Queen and rule, yet he was still going to try. He mentioned that the next time they meet will be the last for both side, either us or it, will no longer be able to exist for another day.

    I now will have to prepare for this next attack and as soon as the information of the location of this monster is retrieved I will head out. I am not sure how this battle will go, however I know with my fellow guards, and knowing that he is greatly weakened we will stand a chance.