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Nice Try

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by kittenrose, May 30, 2008.

  1. kittenrose

    kittenrose Guest

    Everyone should check your accounts now....we are still being charged monthly for the game:wall:....now what do I do to get my money back?
    Thought it was free from the day they announced they r closing to the day it ends?....Nice try EA. I want a refund.
  2. Founder

    Founder Guest

    Go to your account and pull the billing info out! :bdh:
  3. fire_storm

    fire_storm Guest

    I sent them an email and they refunded my money. I just checked my acct earlier, it was in there for all 3 EA accounts. I told them in my email not to put my accounts on temp status either lol
  4. Qute Pi

    Qute Pi Guest

    I know many people have been able to get refunds, even tho its a hassle to have to call or email, especially since their customer service people aren't aware (by now) of the situation. lol.

    I also realize we were told the last 60 days would be free. So if August 1st is the last day I'd "assume" no one will be charged after June 1st.
    If I get charged after June 1st I plan to complain, but till then I'm dealing with it so I only have to call once, later.

    And yes, I know...there is no point paying for a game that is ending, so in actuality I believe we shouldn't have been charged a penny from the moment the closing announcement was made.

    Either way I will never subscribe to an EA service again, and probably will refrain from buying their products.

    Edit to add: Parizad also posted her email address on the tso-e blog in regards to this exact problem.
  5. Mavric

    Mavric Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Qute Pi is right, Parizad posted THIS at the EA-Land Blog on May 26th.

    As for me I removed my billing info and EA turned my accounts off a few days ago, and I havent been able to get EA to turn them back on yet.
    You might gear up for that possibility if you remove your billing info. Don't take that wrong I'm sure EA will sooner or later turn my accounts back on. LOL :pint:

  6. coz1969

    coz1969 Guest

    I got charged for all three of my accounts in May. I sent a support ticket in from the main EA page, got a response the same day, and have my $$ refunded.

    As far as 60 days free... when we pay, it's for the upcoming 30 days, NOT the previous 30 days. Therefore, anyone who was charged after May 1st isn't technically getting 60 days free. Regardless of that, the notice said that billing would stop immediately, and that was April 29th.
  7. i got charged the 27th i emailed pparav but got no refund so this is probably a waste of time better to call.
  8. rpsky3

    rpsky3 Guest

    I got charged for the months of May and June on 5 accounts. i called and they said they would refund them. we shall see! i have yet to see it appear on my account!
  9. Shari

    Shari Guest

    I went the online route and was refunded for two months. Hopefully they do not charge me again.
  10. Raisin

    Raisin Guest

    My guess is they will charge until the end. It's automatic.
    Be prepared to ask for more refunds.
    Parizad fixed ours.