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Night Games

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Aedon Durreah, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 2, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Sitting on the steps of Connemara Aedon breathed in deeply, enjoying the crisp fall air. Close by, a small family of wolves was frolicking in the snow, chasing after a rather colorful ball Aedon had thrown into the field near his home a few hours before. It had been a rather interesting day, and some of the things brought to light cause him to wonder if he had a large sign tacked to his back which read, lie to me.

    As he thought about what Dramora had told him he could not help but chuckle a bit. It would seem that in spite of her assuring Aedon that she simply wished to keep the book safe; it had been her intention all along to try to destroy it. And in fact she confessed that she had no intention of returning the tome, even though she had promised to do so if asked

    He tried to be angry with her, and wasted the better part of a minute trying to contrive a look of ire on his face. But the fact was he could not fault her from attempting to do the very thing he was certain from the beginning she would try.

    “But I am not getting the book back?” He asked dejectedly

    “No, I saw the effect it had on you and Clive. " She replied flatly, and then quickly changed the subject.

    She told Aedon about a chance meeting at the Rest with Mikael. She had been polite and not dumped any drinks over his head or in his lap. When she asked him flatly what he really wanted with Yew he said that were she to be a bit nicer, he might tell her.

    This set them both wondering what it was he could have meant by that. After a bit Aedon told Dramora of an idea he had. She should invite Mikael to a dinner at the Rest. Something held public view, so that she would feel safe. At first she balked at the idea, but after a bit of talk, she agreed and quickly wrote out the invitation to Mikael and left it with Aedon. He was to see to it that James took it to the keep Malekai owned so it could then be passed to Mikael. After she handed Aedon the note, she bid him good night and left.

    Looking at the sealed parcel in his hand Aedon thought about the many bad things this move might bring. What if he became angry and tried to harm Dramora, or perhaps he saw through what they were trying to do and only led her on to use her towards his own ends. He knew full well that it had always been the intention to use Dramora as bait for Mikael. She herself was well aware that she was fulfilling the purpose that had called her back to Yew. And yet now, as they attempted to push their piece on the chess board, Aedon feared that his actions or inactions might bring harm to this lady who was quickly becoming a dear friend to him.

    He sat for the better part of an hour lost in thoughts, his mind quickly running through all possible outcomes of this little gambit. He was still sitting there when James arrived in Aegis. After a few pleasantries, he looked to James and said;

    “James, I have an errand for you.”

    He was as always thankful for James’ presence. More times than he could count the pooka had shown up when he most needed him, and always helped him through difficult times and decisions. Sliding Dramora’s note towards James he said.

    “Please take this to Malekais keep, and ask that he pass it over to Mikael.”

    Nodding, James said, "I will see you later," and vanished into that space where only pooka travel.

    The moon was moving slowly across the sky, and it would not be long till the darkness of the night surrendered to the light of a new day. If their choice were the wrong one it was now too late to recall the note. By now it would be in Mikaels hands, and the game continues. Would this latest move result in a checkmate, or had he simply moved too quickly and placed his queen in jeopardy?