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Nightmares about nightmares

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Pluffina, Mar 20, 2001.

  1. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    OKAY! All the time I see people riding around on these big black horses called Nightmares? You may have seen one yourself, or THOUGHT you were actually taming, riding, buying or owning one. But I am here to tell you that they are figments of your imagination. If someone tries to sell you a so-called "Nightmare" laugh and walk away, for now you know these things are the product of a mass hallucination.

    Here is what is really going on. High Level mages in a vast pony conspiracy are getting regular old horses and dipping them in a black dye tub. ALl these mages have GMed stealth. Once they sell you the pony, they follow you around in stealth mode, for MONTHS if necesary, up until the pony dies. When you tell the mare to attack something, they crouch behind a bush flamestriking your target and YOU foolishly think you actualy have a MAGIC HORSE!

    How, you might ask, did I figure out this HAD to be going on?

    Well, last night a little party of 3 pretty dern decent bards and a GM Tamer went to GET one of these so called "Nightmares." We gated into a swampy place and there found 700 million-trillion-billion ophids and piders whacking the stew out of each other and us. We all started Provving like mad until the little swampy area was FILLED with HUGE HORRIFIC CLOTS of HORRIBLE THINGS snarling and fussing at each other. Then we headed down into some tunnels CHOCK FULL of just snakey-poos, no distracting Spiders to get them off US unless we put them on each other. There were so dern MANY. I mean it was like the Ophidian National Convention and apparently the Ophids only have ONE political party because they were ALL THERE.

    The Tamer went and got ED the wonder-trained Dragon (ever see a drag actually LISTEN to everything the person who owns it says? And then go DO what the person says? Immediately? Me neither. Ed may be fictional as well, so obedient and dear was he) and Ed pulled our ahes out of the fire SEVERAL times running. We had BARELY made progress into the tunnels when all the stuff in the SWAMPY AREA suddenly RESPAWNED.
    Ophids to the left of me
    terries to the right,
    there I was,
    stuck in the middle with Ed.

    And once you leave the swampy area you can't gate out. NEAT! Several of our little party took various forms of dirt nap. Eventually we battled our way back OUT to the swampy area and fled to Vesper.

    We never even SAW a nightmare. That was when I realized the whole "mare" thing was a BIG SCAM! Do not be fooled by these stealth mages!

    OR explain to me how one GETS to the place where mares spawn, and then, unable to gate, how one LEADS the mare all the many miles back through 750 billion ophids. Explain it slowly using small words. If it sounds at ALL believable, I shall revise my opinion and may eventually come to admit that mares MIGHT exist. Especially if your explanation starts out something like, "You gather about 750 players you don't like very much and tell them there is a birthday party going on with free cake and punch, and then you send them in first"


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  2. PamR

    PamR Guest

    LOL, you're so funny Pluffy. Last night was a bit of a nightmare (pun intended). I just appreciate that you, Illiana and Ax tried to help me get down to tame a mare. I'd been down there many times as a ghost to check out the local color and knew it could be ugly...I guess it just doesn't look AS ugly when you're a ghost. Thanks also for the nice comments about my pet Ed. I'm rather partial to him myself : )

    Anyway, this is a bit of a follow up to Pluffy's request for instructions on how to actually try to tame a nightmare...not the taming itself but how the heck to get down to one. I just want to say that I really don't like using cheesy tactics and teleporting to safe spots when I tame. So if someone advises me to go to spot X, put a banana in a crate then In Lor it and click my heels 3 times so that I'm suddenly invincible then I'm not going to do that. Frankly, I can only follow so many instructions at a time before my little head starts to pound and my eyeballs begin to bleed.

    Would we be better off trying to tame one in Felucca where the mares spawn right near the area that you gate into? I've read so many stories lately on the tamer's board about how it's a real griefer's area so I was hesitant to try there. However, last night we had "700 million-trillion-billion ophids" (as Pluffy said) "griefing us" that I doubt PimpDaddyHo could be all that much worse.
  3. Tarapazu

    Tarapazu Guest

    Ladies. First off I believe you get a stealth walker to creep down there and mark a rune for you. recall in invis... tame.... get on recall out... I am not a tamer nor do I have a mare... But, this would be the most logical method...
  4. *Draven*

    *Draven* Guest

    OMG I can't believe you actually tried to enter Hell. I would highly recommend taming mares in Fel. I've been there hunting avengers in the swamp a couple times when it was busy in Tram, and there is a nice constant spawn of mares. I didn't have any problems with griefers or PKs; the only people I saw were tamers.

    If you want to head back for another shot, I would be more than happy to go with! I love Tera Keep!

    - Sonoma -
    Draven - GM Bard/GM Mage
    Fletch - GM Lumberjack
    Magog - GM Mage True Brits
  5. PamR

    PamR Guest

    It's my understanding that you can only mark,gate and recall into one small area of the keep...and that area is sortof at the "entrance". So getting to the mare area (Trammel) still involves a bit of travel. If I'm wrong then please let me know.
  6. PamR

    PamR Guest

    Draven? Have you considered seeking therapy? LOL You LOVE the Keep? Oh, I bet you're the dare devil type, the type of person who runs with scissors in his or her hands. I'm just a bit chicken at heart.

    I'm headed back down there with my GM Ghost OOooOO character in a few to check it out. I'm just waiting for this nervous twitch I developed in my eye last night to go away. I can still hear the cackling sounds of those monsters in my head. I did go over to the Felucca side this morning and managed to mark one rune before death came knocking at my door. (Anyone notice how fat those gray robes make you look?) Anyway, don't be surprised if we come knocking on your door for help Draven. Very kind of you to offer : )
  7. *Draven*

    *Draven* Guest

    Underneath Tera Keep is one of the best places in the world for a bard! Avengers, Matriarchs, and Balrons are fun. PLEASE NOTE: I do not venture to 'Hell' (where you were) often..that's just crazy! In the swampy part and the halls just north of it are best. But yeah I wanna go with you to Fel! Maybe if we are lucky some PKs will come down there and we can really have fun!

    - Sonoma -
    Draven - GM Bard/GM Mage
    Fletch - GM Lumberjack
    Magog - GM Mage True Brits
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    LOL! Last night was a BLAST! I LOVED it!!!! All that screaming and yelling... From Pluffina no less =P I had so much fun down there. My 90.7 provoke really showed it's strength when I only failed to incite them ONCE! That's right, I provoked a googol of snakes and only failed once! YAY ME!!! I think I was maybe the sanest person there and finally told them all to retreat. Fenny (Pluffy's alter ego) wanted to go in! LOL! I told her to let me go ahead (me and my big mouth) and I would find the mare and gate them all in. Well, we had a hard time getting back to the swamp where we can gate but we finally got everyone out.

    Heroic me decides to go in and find those cursed mares. I run while peacemaking and invis'ing. I make it to a room just around the corner from where the other swamp area is at when.... "You spasm uncontrollably like someone who is about to take a dirt nap becuase she was fool enough to think she could make it through". OMG!!!! I In Nox and run! The NOX works, YAY!!! I have 3hp's, BOO!!!! I peace and invis just as I see the two errants and the other bagillion-gagoogols of snake men target me! PHEW!!!! So I am there with (remember, peacing lets the creatures keep moving to where the target was standing at) 5000000000000000000000000 snakes on me! The other gagoogols where all standing around me too but a bit farther off!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! So I just stand there waiting for the invis to wear off and die. Then I say to myself "Lady Illiana (cause I am a Lady and my name says so), you have two choices: Die like a coward or be brave and try a recall". I almost passed out! So I go for the recall. I open my runebook and decide to use one of the scrolls in them so I do not fizzle this thing (Magery at 89 but I wasn't thinking straight). So I click on the blue gem and pray. I cannot see myself doing the animation for casting over the tons of snake scales swarming around my body but I do see my words of power!!! Then suddenly, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!! My 3hp's CALL to all the snakes and they, as one, target me! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! I hit peace and PRAY that my 86.whatever peacemaking does not fail! IT WORKS!!! YAY!!!!!! Suddenly my body is ripped from HELL and tossed through the cosmos as I appear all battered and ripped apart in Vesper. *passes out* Fenny quickly rushes to my side and starts bandaging.

    As I come to, Fenny is telling me that I was fine. She says that I had a whole 5 hp's (I seem to have regained 2 hp's in all this) worth of snake-killing life left. That was THE most fun I have had in a long time! Sure I was almost went on myself last night but today I can just remember how fun it was! Btw, I am STILL Lady! Woo hoo! I died once there. =P

    I would not mind going down there again but please... Let me kill those weak Shadow Wyrms and that Ancient guy some more so I can die a few times without losing my Ladyhood =)
  9. As a GM tamer I can tell you that getting to Hell is half the fun. Once you get there, in addition to the Ophids and Terras, you also get to make friends with dragons, drakes, and of course nightmares. Makes for a really interesting adventure. Oh by the way, once you tame the mare you just jump on and ride out to recall, no gate necessary.

    PS. On the way to hell, do not disturb the Slayer. He has a tendancy to not take it very well.

    Socrates, Mage of Minoc, ODF
    Barabbas, Grandmaster Tamer, ODF
    Leviathon, Grandmaster Fisherman