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Nihilum Achieves World First Live Kill of Eredar Twins, SK Gaming right behind them

Discussion in 'WoW Stratics Announcements' started by Eldorian, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    The first gate in Sunwell Plateau has been dropped and we have quickly seen the first boss behind the gate taken out, the Eredar Twins. This is the last boss in Sunwell Plateau that had been killed on the PTR, so from now on the fights are fairly unknown (M'uru, 5th boss of Sunwell did recieve some PTR testing, no guild was able to complete the encounter though).
    Nihilum's Main Tank, Kungen, had a few things to say about the encounter:
    Also there is nothing random in the encounter, we can beat it every
    single try, we do not need some special magical try. If you need that
    then you're doing it wrong. Trust me.

    We used 10 healers, 2 tanks and 13 dps. We can use 8 healers, 5 melee
    dps and whatever else you want us to use the next kill and still own
    it. We just took the raid we had online, belived in it and kicked ass.
    It's not harder then that.

    The first US kill should come most likely by tonight as this will be most hardcore guilds third night of really getting into the encounter. ​
    Source: Nihilum.eu
    Update: SK-Gaming has followed right behind Nihilum with the world's 2nd kill of the Eredar Twins. Their loot was: Boots of the Forgotten Conqueror, Crimson Paragon's Cover, Sin'dorei Pendant of Triumph, Book of Highborne Hymns, Golden Bow of Quel'Thalas
    Source: SK-Gaming WoW