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Ninja Question

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by PizzaTheHut, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. PizzaTheHut

    PizzaTheHut Guest

    How much ninja you need to form into dog and or animal form.. all i wanna do is change into a dog. im trying to complete my archer/tamer and trying to incorporate archer/tact/tame/lore/ninja/chiv or drop ninja and add wrestle.

    making archer 120, tactics 120, and wrestle 120 then rest in 100's if possible.. my account is only 13 months.. trying to see whats the best way to approach this. Thats why wanted to ask how much ninja could be used.. so i can see what skills to add or subtract. Link has opened my eyes on my other post on tamer/ archer and tweak it out. with either wrestle or ninja what would be more beneficial?
  2. If your sole reason for using Ninjitsu is for forms so you can be at mounted speed while controlling a GD in PvP I wouldn't waste the time on it. It's going to be changed very soon so that animal forms takes up a control slot, so either you won't be able to use a GD or you won't be able to use the forms.
  3. PizzaTheHut

    PizzaTheHut Guest

    u answered my question.. i will switch that for wrestle to make it a lil harder for them to hit me. and keep chiv. what ever i have left over if any.. into med. i'll just have to dismount and put the fighting at my level then.. and use a mare incase they wanna run a lil ways..
  4. GFY

    GFY Guest

    Your mistaken about wrestling. Your archery skill serves the same purpose as wrestling as far as defense goes. Any weapon skill, wrestling, or magery if your using a mage weapon, count as your defensive skill.
  5. PizzaTheHut

    PizzaTheHut Guest

    o really.. so if i had 120 archery and 120 tactics i wouldnt need to add wrestle to bring my defense up.. just get a suit with more dci? so far im hitting.
    resist but thinking bout switching resist for something
  6. GFY

    GFY Guest


    Resist can be accounted for with items and actions but I went back a squeezed it onto my ABC archer. (personal preference)

    I prefer a tamer mage and My ABC archer to trying to combine the 2. An ABC archer hits very hard and doesn't need ubber gear and weapons to be very effective.

    I like my tamer mage with vet so I can heal my pets with bandages and spells if needed. This template can be very effective with a pet and mage spells for a bit of added damage.