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"No Cookies, No Cake, and No Sleep."

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by imported_Chad Sexington, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. "No Cookies, No Cake, and No Sleep."
    by Chad Sexington

    He lay in his bed; cold, dark, and dreary.
    He tussled and turned, his eyes wide and leery.

    Why must he suffer? Why couldn't he sleep?
    Questions, no answers. Alone in the deep.

    Was it the lightning? Or was it the thunder?
    What was this menace that broke his sweet slumber?

    To the pub he would go! He leapt to his feet.
    The joy! Oh the thrill! Cookies and cake he would eat!

    Their cookies with sugar, the finest in town.
    And cake? His face now an upside-down frown.

    "Some cake and some beer!" he proclaimed with a smile.
    "Make haste, be a dear." he said without guile.

    "I'm sorry to tell you..." the waitress did speak,
    "...we're all out of cookies and cake 'til next week!"

    "What will I do? How will I sleep?"
    "Tell me you're joking." Shocked disbelief.

    "Settle down, just hold on, and put down that chair..."
    "...or I'll call the guards." she said with a glare.

    He paused for a moment and gave it some thought.
    He pondered, concluded, justice be sought!

    One to the left, two more to the right.
    No where to run, they wanted to fight!

    "Stay back!" he commanded, "Stay back and don't move!"
    They approached despite protest. This fight would ensue.

    "I'm sorry! I snapped!" he let out a peep.
    "The news of no cookies, no cake, and no sleep!"

    The guards did not flinch as his plee became louder.
    Their answer; his face, their magical powder!

    His eye-lids grew heavy, strength he did lack.
    At last, the embrace, the deep, dark, and black.

    This, the beginning, not noble nor bold.
    A tale of a thief and a treasure...

    ...he thought would only be gold.