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Normal Distribution -vs- Random Distribution

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by JoyousGard, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. JoyousGard

    JoyousGard Guest

    Is this news?
    I tamed 100 standard horses looking for a near max HP one (Max HP is 148).

    I kept a log of those 100 horses HP and STR.

    I found that HP is randomly distributed and that STR was normally distributed (picturesque bell curve).

    That changes my probability assumptions quite a bit if some stats are following a normal curve.

    Is there any documentation on what to expect as pertains to distribution? Is HP always random and STR follows a normal curve?

    I have the graphs and I think you might want to see them, how do I post jpgs? I dod not have a website.
  2. JoyousGard

    JoyousGard Guest

    Come on... graphs, distirubution, statistics!! YAY!!!

    Anyway, how do you get picture up on this thing (must be free). I have UO graphs to put up.
  3. JoyousGard

    JoyousGard Guest

    OK, I got a lot of requests for these, so here goes
    First is the Strength Bell Curve

    Second is the HP Random Distribution
    Ideally the equation would be a straight line, but I do not have enough points. I think the polynomial fit was a tiny bit better.

    This just shows that getting a HIGH HP/ LOW STR critter is harder when you are dealing with a bell curve compared to random distribution.

    OK, tomorrow, bring your textbooks and be ready for a pop quiz!!
  4. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    I know what your getting at here but, Ive seen no such luck on depicting a basis for attempting a lore based on a compensation of the RNG favoring a specific number line. Ive tamed 1000s and lored many more than that and simply put a lore attempt can still be the actuating response from the RNG and not the spawn initiation IMHO.
    But on to the question at hand. Will it be possible to find a stat base that leads to a stronger hp base when trained and its likely hood. Running numbers in a "fixed" and "changing" system will only lead to well, better math skills and not a finite example. But the awsner is yes it is possible with enough dedicated time and attempts. I wish I had an example for you but, like life the RNG will always be in the hands of the devs!

    Thx, I always enjoy seeing these types of posts! There was a nice one in the mining forum a while back deducing the proper method for smelting the high end ores! Also, while less refined, there was the one hit white wyrven kill thread that stoked some interest.

    Good luck but remember server side patches come and go with out any notice and one change may indeed change things unintended. For a truer form you`ll need a finite system for a finite example
  5. JoyousGard

    JoyousGard Guest

    Yeah, my graph doesn't improve game play or predict when something will spawn but it kind of stinks that some of stats/res are normally distributed (some numbers appear more often then others) compared to random (any number has an equal chance of being drawn as any other number).

    Random seemed hard enough, but normal distribution makes getting that 95 percentile on multiple traits that much harder.

    But, it doesn't help anything knowing this. I just ahve to redouble my efforts and tame!!

    PS- that str graph is cool.
  6. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    Did you try just buying the horses from the stable master as opposed to finding them in the wild? Theres is a slight timer on this method but, its got to be quicker than walking the country side.
    Day to day week to week or year to year you find that it is truly random. All the possibilities are represented but as you say some come up more often then others. This is the representation of your bell. But id be willing to bet if you spend enough time in the RNG your bell will change and not be steady. Try it again in a few months and rate the change to see the "corruption" of this system.
  7. Llewen

    Llewen Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Mar 3, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Good lord, smart people make my head spin... [​IMG]

    But seriously, I have noticed that certain stats are much easier to find than others. For example high strength is harder to find in rune beetles than other stats. Which probably indicates that for rune beetles as well at least, strength is on a curve.