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Norman! Norman! It's the Loons Norman! Quick!

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Sirkus, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Sirkus

    Sirkus Guest

    (for those of you who do not understand the title, go to your parent's house and ask to borrow their copy of the movie On Golden Pond)

    Ok. So. Work is done, it's 9pm. Time to take Sirkus out and see what SP has in store for us.

    I have been reading a lot of smack between the guilds (OTF, VmP, PDQ, EAT, MEI, etc..) and it seems that Luna is a happening place for an engaging discourse of pwnage and general anarchy. I spawn, put upon my best deathrobe (dyed red of course), and step into the 'glow gate. Mr. Sulu, set a course for Luna.

    And "Luna" sure lived up to it's name.

    Stepping outside of the safe comfy guard zone I watched from a distance the fairly concise and orchestrated PVP that was going on. It was refreshing to watch some decent PVP without the newb styles of house hiding and the such. It is going to take a long time to understand the combinations again to get into this fray.

    But then, as I was standing there minding my own business... WHACK.. out of NOWHERE.. I take an arrow into the right butt cheek. "OWWW!" I scream, whirling around at the couple of reds standing there laughing at me. Then before I could spout off some cool "ownage speak" the world goes gray.

    No big deal. I expected it. Nothing like these high powered characters ganking some newbage standing outside the guardzone. After all, this newb was wearing his l33t DEATHROBE and a mismash of BONE ARMOR COLLECTED FROM THE BRIT CEM. I mean, really?

    And, at that moment as I strolled over to the ever present healers standing there at the gate for a quick res, I could not believe my UO eyes..

    The reds LOOTED my newb corpse.

    I could not contain my laughter. What in the world could these SuperPK's of the world want with my newb ass corpse that contained the above items and I think a shield I found in the toilet next to Lord British's throne. It still had the royal toilet paper spindle on the handle to keep from chaffing. Surely they looked at my paper doll and realized I was a newbie... and why did the 1.5 hit kill not give away my low hit point totals? It was nothing but "Luney".

    So, after my laughter, I put on what's left of my gear (all they took was my bone armor chest piece) and promptly stood around watching death rain all around me. Sure - I was ganked every now and then by a passing macho man that was evnious of my deathrobes but that is part of the game.


    But then! Ah.. then! FATE came to my aid! A Mr. "Tyrant of All" approached me. He was impressed with my newb pwnage skills and must of recognized my abilities. In his graciousness he bestowed on to me a promotion.. yes.. a promotion! No longer was I just "Sirkus the Bone Maggot". No... I was moving up the food chain. I was becoming of age. .. My Renaissance was upon me. A Third Dawn was rising over the horizon.. Dare I say a 16th publish was in the making.. (ok.. enough already)

    I was given a promotion to "Bone Scout".

    Ok, I admit. I fainted. How girly man, right? Along with this promotion Mr. Tyrant of All awarded me a nice leather armor suit and arcane robe to wear. I thanked Mr. All profusely..

    .... and ran to the bank to deposit my new suit. No sense in wearing it as I see more death in my future.

    So I logged out after my first visit to Luna. A successful one at that! (and I raised my hiding to 22.6%!) I am sure I will see you all there very soon.

    Sirkus The Bone Scout
  2. *grins*

    It's a distinct pleasure reading of your (mis)adventures.
  3. ShintoMonk

    ShintoMonk Guest

    Shurley you cant be talking aobut the time you were hidden and got hit by an earthquake and killed?

    we were hunting for a thief that had been griefing (stealing bandies and arrows) in the area , and you were a casualty of war
  4. Sirkus

    Sirkus Guest


    Shurley you cant be talking aobut the time you were hidden and got hit by an earthquake and killed?

    we were hunting for a thief that had been griefing (stealing bandies and arrows) in the area , and you were a casualty of war

    [/ QUOTE ]

    No no no no... I died then too.. The story I am relating was before. [​IMG]