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Nostalgic for UO, thinking of coming back.

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Yazman, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. Yazman

    Yazman Guest

    So I quit UO back in January, it's been almost a year although at the time I quit I really wasn't playing much.. I played a guy called Yari Wildheart on Oceania (I originally started on Catskills all those years ago..) and it seemed really dead when I quit. I hadn't really been playing much at all for about two or three years before that although I always maintained my account and subscription, logging in casually to play with people...

    I've been playing World of Warcraft but it just doesn't feel the same as UO and I really miss it, I miss the game and the feel. I miss the people and I miss the systems in the game, the places and the events.

    I'm thinking of coming back, maybe re-opening my old account or just making an entirely new one. But at the same time I'm hesitant because coming back to these forums it seems like everything is dead, like it's a ghost town/skeleton of a game whispering the nostalgic glories of its past to old players like me, but from what I see on the boards they are empty whispers.

    Can anybody give me some thoughts? Whats been happening lately? I read something about a new client coming out in the next expansion and gargoyles? Also I saw somebody post somewhere that Mythic entertainment runs UO now?

  2. Dermott of LS

    Dermott of LS UOEC Modder
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:

    UO is officially under Mythic's banner now (although Mythic is technically under EA's banner).

    SA is still being developed, and the KR client, while playable is still unfinished and getting a HUGE revamp to be rereleased as the SA client.

    The current ingame content has been given a bit of a boost with the past two publishes (the prior publish allowing Factions to control invasions in Trammel towns, the latter adding new rewards to champ spawns in all facets), however, the game is still in that weird "wait and see" phase to see if it can turn the corner it's been trying to turn for a few years now.
  3. DPudding

    DPudding Guest

    Came back recently....but I'm remembering why I left. My interest in the game is gone. No ones fault. It's just not fun anymore.
  4. ColterDC

    ColterDC Visitor

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    My advice... You're better off going and finding a different game to play.

    Unless you're a scripter, duper or speedhacking PvPer..........then UO is for you.
  5. telling people they would be better off NOT coming back UO does WHAT exactly?!?
    i mean holy crap!

    personally i love the game as much or more as i ever did. what i DONT like are the fools and idiots in the game. but i cant do much about them short of whackin em for bein a jerk when the realm permits. and o course there is the issue with these new devs who, most of which, dont seem to understand the value of communicating with their 'money' (by that i mean us of course).

    but beyond that, UO is the only game for me. i have looked at others but not a single one of them even comes close to the content we have here in UO. so i dont tell ppl things like dont bother coming back, instead i welcome them back and do everything in my power to make sure they have a nice intro/re-introduction into the game. at the very least it allows me a new person to possibly interact with and could even, on rare occasion, evolve into a meaningful friendship in the end. that has happened a few times over the yrs and its really a pretty damn cool thing.

    i'm not real sure where i would go to get my gaming fix without UO, so it is in my best interest to give ppl i meet a positive experience rather than not. if i dont then i am contributing to the downfall of something i love. but further still, i know how hard it is just surviving in a new game like this, so i help just cuz i been there and helping others that deserve it is its own reward for me. its really a shame that there arent alot of us left out there willing to help a fellow player.
    i treat people in UO as i would if they were face to face with me. and thats how some of you punk jacksticks should be as well.

    *gets a vision of some poor kid hiding away in the basement peckin away at the keyboard. no social skills. no morals cuz their parents are drug addicts or pervs or some other thing. and they get picked on in rl cuz they are weak of mind or a cup short of sanity. but inside the computer, far away from reality, they find a warm little fuzzy if they can exude some measure of control over their gaming peers*

    its these people that do the most to ruin my time in the game. or the cheats.
    but they have always been there. granted there certainly seems to be more of them now, but i feel that is directly related to the creation of trammel and isnt go to change anytime soon i fear. now pls dont go crazy and flame me thinking i am pushing to do away with fel or trammel or anything like that. i do prefer tram over fel cuz most of the jerks and cheats hide out in fel and run in packs like mindless fools. but trammel did give the losers a place to grief with next to no way to do anything to 'learn' them that they are goin about it all wrong. heh.

    lets try to help UO grow, not help it die aye? its doesnt take much as people to be civil to each other even if some find it impossible to be generous or even polite. one cool person cancels out ten losers.

    can ya dig it?

    ya well its a really long post i know but i couldnt fit my feelings into less words than this and still convey my meaning ...sorry bout that folks.
  6. And thus you are hanging around ... why? :stir:

    That's really not a good thing to be stating ... even if it is YOUR opinion. First, UO is what you make of it - whether you cheat or not, PvP or not, run a thief or not, garden or not ... you get the picture.

    T'is commentary such as you wrote that makes many think UO players are rude, uncaring folk. T'is commentary such as yours that also prevents new players from coming in ... why should they when manners of "veteran" UO players are such as yours!
  7. Petra Fyde

    Petra Fyde Peerless Chatterbox
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jan 5, 2001
    Likes Received:
    UO to a great extent, is what you make of it. I still find more things to do than I have time to do them in. I maintain vendors on 2 shards, I hunt with tamer or warrior, depending on my mood, I'm still training a mage, I'm having a lovely time stealing from monsters with my rares thief, I'm occasionally going to Magincia and releasing the ghosts in hopes that it will work towards rebuilding the town. I've yet to find time to chase the slimes.

    Most of these I do solo, or occasionally a casual teaming up with whoever I run in to, if they are willing to accept my help. Sometimes I'll craft for someone and they'll join me while I work. However I interact daily through these boards, icq and irc with numerous people, asking and answering questions, seeking and offering advice.

    I don't belong to a big guild, I don't go hunting in a group, I also don't pvp though, having discovered I have absolutely zero talent for it. That doesn't stop me playing a pvp shard (Siege) and, I believe, making a valuable contribution to the community of that shard via my vendors, and through the boards, a contribution to the game as a whole by sharing my fairly extensive knowledge of it.
  8. I left UO and played WoW for nearly a year, then getting somewhat tired of the same ol' grind day after day in the same ol' raid instance over and over, I came back to UO. I closed my WoW account and never looked back. UO was like a whole new game when I came back.

    The short of it is that everyone feels differently about the game as everyone plays it differently and has different goals. The only way to know if coming back is what you want to do is to give it a try for a month. At worst you'll have spent 12 bucks, at best you'll have a blast.
  9. Yazman

    Yazman Guest

    I guess I have three main concerns here:

    1. I'm not sure if I will be able to AT THE MOMENT because I am staying with my girlfriend long-term (will have my pc again next year but thats six months away), and I am stuck with having to use a ****ty Mac.. I dunno if I can get UO to run on this. Maybe with emulation software or something?

    2. If I do come back, I won't have any friends. Its been ages and I don't know if my old friends are still around or if they would even remember me, I've known so many people over the years but I don't know where I would go, and Oceania is a really cool shard but it seemed to be really dead last time. I was thinking of going one of these places after reading these boards again: Siege Perilous, Great Lakes, Chesapeake, Lake Superior. Any tips? Or are there any players on here who know their server has a decent population? Events etc? Or that could "take me under their wing" so to speak and play with me?

    3. Whats UO's future like? The other major UO forum that I used to always go to, that I checked again recently, seems to think UO has a pretty bright future but Stratics as always is full of doom and gloom. I'm not sure who to believe here, I mean Stratics has ALWAYS been full of Doom & Gloom, I remember people saying the game would die with the changes in AOS and they also were saying that UO "couldn't sell" although it sold like crazy and doubled the game's population back then. Maybe that could be the same? But then again, I've been out of the loop for ages.
  10. Akalabeth

    Akalabeth Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 24, 2008
    Likes Received:
    The wonderful thing about UO is that you (the person) make the game what it is for you. I have played all the leveling games along with UO. They last a little while and then I am back on UO. In My opinion all of the other games are really just the same, only UO shines with its own individuality. Come back and make the game be what you want it to be.
  11. Sarphus

    Sarphus Guest

    I haven't been playing much lately, but I have fun when I play. I have just been to busy irl to play latley.

    The devs have been consistantly putting out interesting content and there's pretty much always something to do. UO would be worth playing as a stand-alone game, but it is more fun to play with other people. IMO, it's worth keeping a UO subscription even if you don't play it that much, becuase it's not that expensive and it will be fun for you when you get around to playing.

    I agree with the OP, though. WoW doesn't satisfy the gaming experience that UO does. WoW is designed to be an addiction engine while UO is designed to be a persistant world. If you like constantly grinding to get the next toy (which will be obsoletized by the next expansion), WoW is your game :)
  12. Tina Small

    Tina Small Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend 4H

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I don't know the answer to this question. However, you might get an answer if you post in the UO Player's Corner forum.

    Where are you located? I'm having trouble guessing since you played both Catskills and Oceania! *smiles* Also, are you looking for any specific types of activities or environment, since some shards are perhaps a little better known than others for things like role playing or, in the case of Siege and Mugen, for their unique ruleset? Would hate to just recommend you try the couple of shards with the largest population if you're really interested in something other than just rubbing a lot of elbows every day.

    Also, keep in mind that EA/Mythic is getting ready to re-launch the EM program, perhaps with a slightly different focus and with more uniformity than previously. As a result, it seems theoretically possible that EM events should be more consistent across shards and maybe not as big a factor in your decision-making process as it would have been two or three years ago.

    As far as guilds go and finding folks to hang out with, may I suggest that you perhaps make a character each on a couple of shards you're interested in and just work on building them up while you're also watching their shard forums and visiting the local hang outs. You'll soon pick up on which guilds seem to have to have the most folks on at the times you play and also get to observe to an extent how they act with each other. If you're interested in PvP, you can also try checking out the scene in Fel, even if you're only doing it as a ghostly observer. Building up the new characters will also give you a taste of how Haven has been redesigned and you just might happen upon some nice folks who can point you towards some good guilds.

    Yes, Stratics can be a pretty gloomy place at times. Since EA/Mythic relocated the UO team to Virginia about a year ago, it has seemed perhaps even more so at times. However, we have had some encouraging updates this year from Cal Crowner, UO's Development Manager, that may give you a sense of where things are headed:

    February 5th - http://www.uoherald.com/news/news.php?newsid=306
    April 11th - http://www.uoherald.com/news/news.php?newsid=347
    May 14th - http://www.uoherald.com/news/news.php?newsid=365
    October 29th - http://www.uoherald.com/news/news.php?newsid=455
    December 12th - http://www.uoherald.com/news/news.php?newsid=476

    I won't lie to you and tell you that everything in UO is rosy and perfect. I believe that a lot of the changes that were made in the relatively recent past to try to get the economy under control (e.g., nerfing bags of sending, randomizing ore and lumber spawns) discouraged a lot of casual players to the point that they decided to spend their entertainment budget on something other than UO. Add on top of that losing UO staff in late 2007, the move to Virginia, and the gradual process of bringing in new team members and getting them up to speed and what we've seen has been a year in UO that has at many times seemed eerily and disconcertingly quiet. However, we've also had a couple of publishes this year that included some pretty decent stuff. So, all in all, given what happened to the UO team and the way the economy has gone and the number of subscribers UO still has left, my personal assessment is that I think 2008 was actually not a bad year for UO. Hopefully, the EA/Mythic management feels the same and views it as a transition year and a good foundation for the revival of UO that has been promised and hinted at lately. And as far as those two particular changes go (bags of sending and resource randomization), I truly wish the folks that left because of them would consider coming back. Adjusting to those changes was a mite difficult, but not impossible. Resource randomization hasn't been as bad as I feared because the spots generally stay good for a while (found some good lumber spots I marked 3 1/2 months ago that were still good) and lately I've been really enjoying lumberjacking and mining, especially mining for granite now that it stacks and is much lighter than it used to be.

    If you have the money to spend, I urge you to give UO another shot and see what you think. If you have a buddy or two that you can convince to do likewise, all the better. And once you do, please don't hesitate to speak up if you need some help, especially if you decide to check out some new shards before you settle in. There are still good folks around who will be happy to give you a hand. And the UO Players Corner forum is a great resource for getting answers to your questions about all things UO.
  13. Yazman

    Yazman Guest

    Tina, you really make me want to come back. I think I will if I can make it run on this mac.. maybe I'll even install windows for it... because this is an intel-based mac.

    About shards, well I usually live in Australia although I'm currently located in the Philippines. I'm not on dialup so I guess bandwidth shouldn't be an issue for me. In terms of gameplay experience I am up for many things, I'm not much of a pvp'er although I did have a character on siege who was in the u'wah tribe for a short time, for the rp. RP is cool, I'm also into dungeon running and exploring.. even when I've already been there before lol.

    I think I will make a new account rather than open my old one, and that will give me a lot of incentives to do things I wouldn't do if I just re-opened my old account. What do you think?

    Also I'm glad to hear about the EM program coming back.
  14. Cyrah

    Cyrah Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Unless you have money problems irl, to reactivate is cheaper than a movie.

    Just come back one month and see for your own self. It will either be fun or not. I wish you well.
  15. Maplestone

    Maplestone Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 26, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I agree ... even if you're just revisiting for nostalgia and it doesn't turn out, the worst it will have cost you is the price of a movie.

    It will be the same. It will be completely different. The game changes, the game remains the same. You will have changed, you will have remained the same. Memories smoothed and polished by time will always feel a little different than the grainy truth of experience.

    The boards ... well, it's the classic Internet problem: the most visible discussions are the ones that generate the most friction because they'll keep coming back up to the top. There are a surprising number of people complaining who claim they don't play - yet still post here. I guess I can understand how that happens, although I still feel sorry for the people who get themselves into that rut, but at least they give us something to talk about.

    Whether we are here to welcome you back, or merely nod as you pass by our gates, peace be with you in all your travels.
  16. Tina Small

    Tina Small Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend 4H

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I'm glad my post helped, Yazman!

    As far as shards go, you should probably include Oceania in the list of shards that you try again. I play there a bit myself, although it's terribly laggy. Folks there seem to be pretty friendly. I think Yamato's a pretty busy shard too and, as with a couple of other Asian shards, still benefits from having EMs.

    You could also check out some of the shards that have servers located on the North American west coast: Origin, Pacific, Napa, Sonoma, Baja, and Lake Austin. Out of those six, Pacific seems to have the largest active population, perhaps followed next by Sonoma. The others are a bit quieter but each has its own charms and a good core group of players.

    I like your idea of opening a new account to give things a try again. Playing on your old characters might be a tad bit too bittersweet at this point if most of the folks you played with are no longer around.

    However, if you played at any time at all in 2008 on that account, you might want to activate it for just one month to log onto your old characters and claim their holiday gift tickets. There's no deadline to use the tickets to claim your gift choices, but you must log on the characters before mid-January to have the tickets show up in their backpacks.

    Also, you may want to use your old account's developed characters if you want to try to get one of the nice spellbooks or some nice weapons from the generals and captains that are part of the invasion forces. The invasion's going to wrap up sometime in the next month or so, I think, so you might not have enough time to ramp up a new character sufficiently to participate before then. To find out where there's an invasion going on, just ask a town crier for news and check out the cities (in Trammel) that he/she mentions. (If you're feeling a bit rusty, I'd recommend staying away from invasion stuff in Magincia and maybe in Moonglow until you feel a bit more confident.) Publish 56 went live on October 29th, so you'll find a lot of threads here in U Hall about the invasion if you scroll back to November. The publish notes are here: http://www.uoherald.com/news/news.php?newsid=454 . Note that the Halloween activities from Publish 56 (i.e., the quest to get deco spider webs, the graveyard scene, and trick or treating) have all been turned off.

    Best of luck to you and I hope you will have a lot of fun!

    P.S. Just thought of something else. If you plan to work on crafters on the shard you finally settle on, there is a new and very cool vet reward called a Commodity Deed Box. You lock it down in your house (or a house that you're co-owned on) and then can use it to either "redeem" commodity deeds or to turn deedable resources into commodity deeds. It's a first year vet reward, so it's something you wouldn't be able to claim as a reward with a new account you might make, although I believe you can still use those boxes if they belong to someone else and you have access to it (e.g., as a friend or co-owner of the house). I'm not sure about that though. It's a small thing, but maybe worth considering if you plan to work on crafters and anticipate having a lot of materials to lug between the house and the bank.
  17. drinkbeerallday

    drinkbeerallday Visitor

    Jun 4, 2008
    Likes Received:
  18. hawkeye_pike

    hawkeye_pike Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    May 15, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Har, we should get paid for helping EA advertising their game.

    Face the truth, though: The game has changed a lot. Player activity is dwindling on all shards. The landscape is cluttered with houses, cause many many players have an active account, but don't play anymore. The only new people I see in game, are returning veterans on rare occasions. I haven't met a single completely new player in UO since the last 12 months. However, the game still can be a lot of fun, if you find your niche in UO that suits you best. And UO has a lot of niches.

    Positive aspects of UO:

    The things you can do in game are extremely variable and broad. Content is added permantently, the recent updates have improved the game a lot. Its complexity is challenging and entertaining. Devs are adding constantly new features.

    You can expect even more changes and improvements to the game in the future. We all put our hopes especially on the coming Stygian Abyss client, so we finally can get rid of this cheap-looking, crappy, laggy, 10-year-old, lame excuse of a 2D game client. (I will not even start to mention KR.) If SA is done well and advertised well, probably a lot of new players will join UO again.

    Major downsides of UO:

    It has become (and still becomes more and more) item based. Which really sucks. Trammel, Insurance, Artifacts, Item-Collecting, really has destroyed a lot of what UO once was: A community game, where people sticked together and played for their friends and community, instead of hunting for the newest nifty artifact.

    UO is full of scripters and hackers and dupers. Although EA is trying to do something against it, the actions taken are too much delayed, halfhearted and not as consequent as they should be. I guess a lack of budget is the major problem to get rid of this scum once and for all.

    I'd advise to spend the 12 bucks and just give it a try for a month. Find some good people to be with and dive into the adventure once again. Then you still can decide whether you want to stay, or leave for good.
  19. drinkbeerallday

    drinkbeerallday Visitor

    Jun 4, 2008
    Likes Received:
    why? are movies cheaper for people that have money problems IRL?

    also i spend 7.50 on a movie. UO costs 14.03.
  20. Duskofdead

    Duskofdead Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 6, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Okay OP, I will give you my honest answers, as I have recently returned and have been back for about three weeks. However--- I do not know what the game was really like at the time that you left, as you sound like a relatively newer UO player than I was. I returned from a departure since sometime in 2001 or perhaps close to 2002. At any rate we were well into Tram & Fel and we still used Felucca moonstones in those days. ;) So my impressions may differ from yours as far as what I missed and what is new/different since I've been back.

    I, like you, left UO-- not FOR wow, but just because it seemed like the game I liked playing was gone. A year or so into the 2nd Age, I couldn't say the game was really deserted--- but it felt that way. There had been a turnover and the crowd had changed. People who weren't present in UO's first two years really would have a hard time knowing exactly what I mean by this-- but we really had Community. I don't mean we just sort of had a good pep spirit about UO, I mean that, literally, we had Community. Like you knew most of the people who frequented whatever town was your "home." Most people didn't own houses. Most people wound up being guildmates, party members, friends or hunting partners with the people they bumped into at the bank all the time. You went to the weapon/armor shop in town and nearly always, there was a player there working on smelting or blacksmithing, who would repair gear for you. (No repair deeds.) People had a sense of pride in where they were from. The game was full of its problems too (like a virtual mafia always buying out all the reagent respawns and reselling them on vendors at inflated rates) but it had flavor. The first and only home I owned back then was the tiniest possible two story sandstone (the 2nd floor was really nothing but a roof with enough room for a loom and a small table or something) which I co-owned with another person because home space was so scarce. There were always enough people wandering through (either exploring or taking travel shortcuts) the wilderness that no matter where your house was placed, you could make some money off NPC vendors at your house, without even going much out of your way to advertise it.

    I think at the time I left, that flavor was gone. Much more had been done, in part because of what I would call the "casual demand", to solo player-ize the game. First off, nearly everyone had all their own professional mules and thus no one needed to cross-trade services between accounts anymore. This was in part due to the addition of more character slots which goes way back, but still, had an impact. It's no fun to be making your blacksmith and realize that absolutely nothing you can make will sell to anyone because everyone else already has their own GM Blacksmith alt. That's black mark one which starts a community downhill, IMHO. In order to help players "catch up" and/or level up alts quickly, they also introduced power hour and other changes which (I am not sure if they are still present per se) did things like assign "most effective hour" per day for you to spend on your char for skill gains. I'm not sure if the player base changed first, or the patch changes affected the player base, or what. But I think community was lost in this era and more of a power gamer mindset took over. Everyone always wanted to be 7xGM... but I think in the past, it took people months, years to do it. This era felt more like a large number of players just signing on for an hour to do thier power hour, and not really playing the game until after they got their 7xGM... at which point all they did was PvP or farm. It seemed that way to me, anyhow. I lost touch with most of my old crowd and freinds, I believe most stopped playing and bled off to EQ or other games. But really, none of us had been actively playing daily for a long time by the point at which I left.

    I didn't leave "for" anything, I only picked up WOW (which I sorta always had the suspicion deep down was a cheap, cheesy powergamer template game and of course is by Blizzard which is like the Taco Bell of gaming - popular but no substance) because a friend literally shoved the free trial CD's on me maybe two years after I left UO. I'd kinda sworn off MMO's-- almost worked. ;) Yes, everything about WOW left me nostalgic for UO. WOW hardly bothers even attempting to make any sort of community.... anything you need you can alt, or auctionhouse. No need to deal with other bothersome players, at least until you get into max level raiding and dungeons for farming high level gear. And as was stated earlier in the thread, the WHOLE GAME is about itemization and gear, and you are always pouring hours into trying to farm or earn the next best piece, only to have it made obsolete in the very next patch or when the next tier of gear is released. And this pace entirely caters to the 1% or so of the playerbase that plays obsessively hardcore, conquers all the new dungeons in the first two weeks after a patch, that sort of thing. So most of the rest of us straggle along afterwards unable to get into the best guilds, top end raid dungeons, or daring to PvP because we're woefully undergeared at any given time. Kind of a pathetic design IMHO catering, despite the marketing ploy of being the "casual MMORPG", very clearly caters to people who make real life secondary and adjusts new content and releases at their pace, rather than the majority's.

    As far as since I've been back... the game is still deserted. You can wander around for hours and not see anyone. PvP is a total joke-- the same hacked up people corpsecamping their inferiors and fleeing from their equals. Don't even bother going to Fel, pretty much. There is nothing there except ganking and griefing at Fel Yew and that's "PvP." If you want real PvP you're better off joining a guild and doing duels with your guildmates and such-- at least then you won't be repeatedly griefed, which is all but assured in Felucca. If you aren't in a guild, the world is going to feel pretty empty. Going to Luna does not exactly fill me with awe about how many players are still in the game--- the fact that most of the people present in Luna at any given time are completely idle, unresponsive, and you will see them still standing there in the same position if you recall back to Luna six hours later, doesn't help. So, if you do come back, join a guild. It is pretty much the only way you are likely to run into more than 1-2 people per hour. There are still players out there actively playing, but they're recalling around from house to farming spot or from farming spot to bank and you're just not likely to see them or run into them at random. (A side rant would be that I think the prevalence of recalling also helped turn the game into more of a farm fest.... if I could take over as dev, one of the first things I'd do is put a fifteen minute cooldown on any form of recalling or gate travelling. It would be amazing to see how much the old cities would be revitalized if in between treasure hauls people either had to stand around and talk and do things in town, or travel overland by horse or foot. ;) (This is more how things were in the very oldest days.... when half the players didn't even know how to recall and didn't have magery anyhow, and there were no runebooks.) But, if you left and tried WOW and really found it lacking next to UO, then as others have said, there really is nothing out there that is going to give you the UO character. Even if UO is a shell of its former self in a lot of ways, and has emulated the template MMO's in a lot of ways (like the gear and progressive stat/skill cap increases over time, which encourage and cater to powergaming and ideal template building and farming rather than RPG'ing. It really is true that all the rest out there are the same, mass-saturation addiction template forcing you to level, grind, and delaying gratification on giving you temporarily great rewards which are constantly made obsolete soon after you get them.

    I guess: don't come back because you believe UO has undergone a Renaissance or has been repopulated. It hasn't really. Come back if you know you liked the things in UO that no other MMO offered.
  21. brutally honest dusk ...and one helluva nice constructive post.

    i gotta say, you made me nostalgic for my UO 'home', a hut on occlo given to me by a rl bud. he and another buddy o mine had literally hounded me to friggin death to play this new game called Ultima Online. so when i finally gave in to them and got a copy they set me up as best as they could. there was no trammel then, only fel. but it was a MUCH dif place from what it is now. i used to run like a madman from my little hut to town which was about 4 to 5 screens from the 'safety' of my home. it was a blast!!

    you had to carry your house key to your door and use it to unlock the door, then open it and go in and close it and lock it again! muahahaha!!! and sometimes there was a murderer trying to get in and take everything you owned at the same time. it was like living in the some of the really bad places where i grew up in houston.
    and it was mind-numbingly exciting to me. the very 1st time i got my key taken i freaked out and said, "screw this game man i quit". my buddies laughed at me and said, "dude, what if some guy walked in here right now and took your house and said f*ck you this is my place now?"

    and at that moment UO became almost real to me. i knew no one was gonna spoil my fun in a game just like no one was gonna walk into MY rl house and do anything short of get the beat down of his life, b4 the cops came to haul him off for some a$$ action in jail!

    so i said, "ok then, you gonna help me get my house back then?"
    and in no time there was a small army gathered from people in a player run town named Destiny in the northern forests of Brit. they came to help cuz they were my buds friends, so I was their friend too. and i got my poor newbie butt in what armaments they all had given me and took my 2 week old arse along for the ride.

    needless to say i got my hut back and even tho i came close to losing it several times after that, i learned how to make sure no one ever did that again. and that day i swore to become a red hunter, bent on ridding UO of the kind of guy that took my house that day. haha. what a goob i was. it was some fun stuff tho and role playing was a huge part of the game then too. all that excitement can still be found to this day. it just has a dif face than it had in those days. and there is still a very strong 'community' at least there is on my shard, Lake Superior.

    people say UO is dead or will die soon or blah blah blah. i bet there a whole bunch of folks out there like me who would find very little enjoyment in any other present game on the market as can be found in this one. so, in my mind, its hard to imagine it dying off entirely. SOMETHING would have to replace it and nothing can so far. and someone WILL wise up at EA and realize what they have here and make sure it remains the cashcow it has always been. after all this is an american company which thinks in terms of capital no? the USA is a capitalistic society. its built on money and so why would a company like EA just let it die?

    i dont think so.

    o course its just my opinion, but i know quite a few people that share it.
    so come on back and try it out again Yaz.
  22. Emil Ispep

    Emil Ispep Sage
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    Oct 23, 2006
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    Maybe UO is just that good? 10.5 years and counting here.. takes more than eye candy to get me into a new game.., except maybe Oblivion =).

    Oh how i did love those days.. and hated them at the same time.. my n00b moment was cooking bread for 2 weeks, and selling it to the baker @ 6gp each... 13k later, i got my boat. It was stolen a week later.

    So i started cooking again.. thinking "oh man ima buy the large one this time!" But i started to work a thief and pk people for money. Was more fun.

    15 year old engine, 11 year old game. The graphics really dont bother me that much.. im so used to the 2d client that after i tried the old 3d client.. oh man.. lol. Monster renders looked horrible.. my character looked like they were running in one spot while standing still.. the interface menus were easier to read, but uglier. The paperdoll, equipables and everything was just... no.

    Bottom line, UO is still unmatched on many aspects. Cant have real-estate in WoW.. Cant trade/sell any good items in WoW.. Cant drop items on the ground in WoW.. Everything is Instanced.. in UO, theres ONE DUNGEON. Simply put, if you have a problem with another group thats already there, you fight for it or wait your turn. True UO is entirely item based now, but you can also buy/sell/trade these items.. they arent "bind" Hmm.. cant steal from other players in WoW either.. although the stealing aspect of UO has been nerfed to all hell, you can still steal from actual players, not just NPCs.

    I hear they added cars and motorcycles in WoW too.. now thats somthing that just wouldnt stand in UO.. instead we got Chocobos (ostards) Camels (llamas) 6-legged, fat ugly stubly-winged dinosaurs (swamp dragons) some Japaneese crap, and horses of all shapes and colors. And if you stay for 9 years you get to ride a polar bear. No ridable dragon ever... for whatever reason.

    Customer service is non-existant.. your item will decay before a GM answers your page.

    Speedhacking, scripting, duping.. just leads to people getting frustrated and leaving.

    Dont get me started on UOA.

    Yep.. 10.5 years and counting..
  23. Yazman

    Yazman Guest

    Dusk, Kensai, you guys sound like you had pretty much the same sort of experiences as me.. although I started at the end of 1999 and the first time I left was in mid-2003 for about 6-7 months.

    Kensai, your story about your hut reminds me of when my friend set me up with my first house, it was a two story stone tower with a roof, this tiny little thing near the edge of the big swamp near Trinsic. It was hell for me sometimes because my skills were still pretty low, so I used to run through and get owned hard on the way hehe... one time I met a guy in there whose character's last name was the same as mine (Wildheart) and we were like "holy crap! it's my long lost brother!" His house wasn't far from mine either.. so we used to drop by and go hunting with each other sometimes.

    Tina, at your suggestions as well as the others here, I will re-open my account for a month and then see how it goes. If its all cool I might just open a new account at the end of the month or keep playing on my old one, I'll see how it goes.

    I think I will try and get a guild as well, and I will explore a few different shards and see which one I end up settling down on.

    What version of the game should I get? Do I just download the ML one on the site?
  24. I hope you find a shard and guild you for you, each shard plays slightly different some being more crowded than others. On atlantic when the crimson was in skara there were at least 50 people there. Last night on my home shard of Origin there were around 7 of us taking down the dragon in Trinsic. Still I enjoyed both occasions. Atlantic is one of the busiest shards while Origin may be the smallest. I have in guilds on both shards and enjoy playing with my guild mates. From what my wife has said she has found that if you look you can find something on every shard for you and she has characters on more shards than I care to imagine. Sometimes she goes just to visit and meet people.

    Still I hope you enjoy the game, and it is a game a very involved one but a game.
  25. Redxpanda

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    Dec 6, 2007
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    It's a great game and a good distraction when you need one. It's always easy to come back to and hard to leave.

    Just know it's not perfect and not going to be in the near future. Many things need to change for this game to reach it's potential and it seems like they would rather just keep collecting the checks instead of investing in the future of it.
  26. Magneto2272

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    i just returned myself. ive played off and on for an 8 year stretch beginning on the one year anniversary of UO. i played almost every apsect of the game that interested me which was just about every class and focus. that being said, having returned from a 2 year hiatus [because i was 1,000,000% irritated with pvp], i can honestly say that im having the time of my life!

    the highest end pvp artifacts are easily gained through the very active factions. i love the new tameables. crafting has fully blossomed. because of a steady stream of pvp tweaks [still a work in progress i understand], the variety of templates and gear used has really blossomed. the upcoming expansion/client has wonderful potential. the volume of craftables and collectibles has tripled [or more?]. whether you pvp or pvm or some of both, the game has plenty to offer.

    i feel as though i am discovering UO all over again.

    now, if i can only find a way to win UO, everything will be complete...
  27. Yazman

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    Hi guys, I reactivated my account and I managed to find software to get UO to run on my gf's mac (its not a mod or anything, just a program called Crossover Games, if anybody else needs it).

    I decided to play on Atlantic since I've heard everybody talk about it so much, decided to make a necromage (which I've never in all my years since I made my account played). I ran around for a bit in Haven which is awesome now compared to how crap it used to be, and there were tonnes of people! I joined a guild and have been enjoying it a lot, like I'm discovering it all over again lol