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Not everything that is gold, glitters

Discussion in 'WoW WotLK Beta' started by hunterkillerx3m, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. <b>Not everything that is gold, glitters</b>

    Not Everything That Is Gold Glitters
    Fan Fiction by Hunterkillerx3m​

    Rafael Swiftstride, one of Azeroths top sprinters. Head of the pack in track and field events all over the world. Famous, daring, loved... Or at least he used to be. Moldylock Grimoire... That is his new name. Given birth by the plague, his new life was anything but pretty. A runt of sorts, deformed, short, pieces missing, he was but a spec of his old self. A memory long forgotten... or so many thought. For Mold never did forget what it felt like to be human. Oh no, he could never let go.

    Forsaken where not very popular amongst the Horde. Actually they wheren't much popular amongst themselves to begin with. All this just fueled Mold's desire for success, for recognition, for glory. Nothing was going to stand in his way, specially not now. What's so important about now? The olympics. He had trained hard, fixed and enhanced his rotting limbs with magics, making sure they were in top shape and wouldn't fall off during the event. An event he was fond of.... 200 meter dash. He could already hear the sounds of glory, the roaring applause, the cheer of the crowd. He would be glorious again!

    That specific event would be held in Durotar, outside the gates of the great city of Orgrimar. Many farmers and families gathered at this event since it was near their farms, as well as the usual crowd that tried to view every event. Competition was tough, many strong competitors from all over where here to participate of this event. A brutish orc seemed to be the favored, tall, hulking, and his biggest feature, his ego. Boisterously pumping the crowd, declaring he already won, roughing up the other competitors laughing and prodding as they sneered back at him but were too afraid to make any move against the orc.

    Then of course, he got to me... "Wait? When did we allow maggot feed unto the event?!" A roar of laughter errupted from the stands as he stared down at me with a toothy grin. "Are you not afraid you will fall apart boy?" He grunted. I merely kept my focus, this was my event, this was my only chance at that gold medal... To feel its weight around my neck once more. To feel the glory. The orc slapped, more than patted my back "You better get the cleanup peons ready, they might have to clear the track of body parts" And the crowd laughed and cheered. Ill show them, Ill show them all. His pride, his emotions all racing.

    The flag carrier stood besides us, ready to start the event. All competitors got ready, I got into position as naturally as I did, back then. This moment, was the longest moment of my new life. I could feel my unliving heart beating, memories of my family raced my mind. *Im still human* I thought, I can do this! The flag was waved, the whistle blown and the dash had begun. Everything moved slow, as if the world around me was under a spell. I moved skillfully ahead of the pack. Passing even the brutish orc who glared at me with redish eyes. I was doing this, I was going to win. But something caught my attention, an unattended orc child was being chased by a wild boar near the crowd. I tried to focus on the race, I was half way there. Why wasnt anyone helping? The beast was almost upon her. He had to decide, glory, or his humanity?

    With a twist of his heel Mold switched his direction swiftly. His eyes set on the wild boar jumping unto the orc child. With a movement of his hands, and a few demonic words the boar squealed in pain as his body was engulfed in a purpleish vapor. Once the boar was down he walked towards the orc child, he mother rushing to her child and grabbing her up from the ground, kissing and hugging her. She looks up at the child's rescuer. A look of disgust first crosses her face, but she bows and says something in orcish I will guess meant thank you. As she walks away with her child on her arms, the crowd roars in excitement. The race was over... He lost his only chance at glory...

    The boisterous orc smiles, roars and flexes at the crowd. He is presented with a gold medal. The spirit of Competition appears besides him. Everyone else gets a crumy tabard. *Oh joy* Mold thinks, as the orc grins at him. "Hmm I might need someone to polish my medal." He laughs. " Maybe I could use a patch of your heart. Seems like its soft enough" and with a devilish grin he puts his arm around tha orc mother he had seen earlier, she looked down upon Mold with a scowl, between them was the daughter... on top of the wild boar that had attacked her! Rage boiled inside of Mold as the boisterous Orc laughs and walks away with his prize.

    (Later that night)
    The orc was sound asleep, the medal around his neck, his arm around his wife, his daughter sleeping at his side. A light flickering at his bedside. but this light grew brighter, and the shadows became more erratic. The house caught on fire rapidly, as if fueled by magic. He gets up from the searing pain all around him, his child screams in agony, his wife is engulfed in flames. He tries to rush to the door, only to find it locked. He slams into it again and again as the pain and the flames make him more and more unable to move. The hulking body falls to the ground. The screams that filled the air now diminished. Only the crackleing of fire can be heard on this dark night. In the distance two inhuman eyes glare at the scene. Yellow distant glowing orbs inside hollow sockets of this forsakens head. Forsaken, yes that is what he is now. For humanity left him long ago, for better or worse.

    The end.​