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Notes about "Them" Vol. 1 Chapter 1

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Shady Ghost, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. Shady Ghost

    Shady Ghost Adventurer

    Feb 17, 2015
    Likes Received:

    It's got to be easy to dismiss this, because it seems too sinister to be true, but you.. you people, the people of Britannia need to read this! I'm risking my life to ink these findings, and you might be risking yours if you're atop your equestrian friend and he sees you with those beady horse eyes of his or hers.

    Have you ever taken a stroll across the countryside and noticed horses walking alongside the monstrous denizens of the um.. countryside? Maybe it's only been me, but especially around the Northern Forests past the cemetery of Britain you will come across horses openly conversing psychically with Ettins and the occasional Ogre. It's only a matter of time Sosaria.. the horses will strike an alliance with the monster races, and strike back at us for 'enslaving' them in the cruel act of riding atop them. First they'll strike a woeful blow to Britain, and in the chaos that arises head for maybe Minoc or if they can overrun the docks, Skara Brae. The time is upon us!

    I can't be certain but I think this activity has increased lately because word has it Lord Blackthorn lowered wages to the stablemaster just south of his castle, and in return they began feeding an enslaved horse princess less food and she got a mild case of Infectious Equestrian Anemia [IEA] that only recently 'healed'. Horses neighed in contempt as the heartless Lord Blackthorn demanded the stablehands to "Work more efficiently" and "Brush their FUR with more fervor". Well, we all know that horses revel in the fact that their "MANES" are beautiful strands of flowing hair, not fur! And that Blackthorn has been squeezing every resource he can til the gold loses its luster anyhow.

    Lord Blackthorn only has his position of power as King because of his noble bloodline.. Neglecting his requests would surely result in trouble for the person not bowing to his 'demands'.. but neglecting a Horse Princess and mismanaging her stable?

    As you can piece together out of this tangled web, the horse champions were riled in a horselike rage! Neighing could be heard for miles all around, for the first time in years, horses began disobeying their masters.. It's only a matter of time.. no one is safe. Not even the lowliest beginning adventurer.. not even you now that you know this tale. Horses know where everyone lives. Horses commune telepathically with each other at the banks. Horses speak Dragon, Ettin, Ogre, Lizard, and Dog. But not cat. BUT, Ettins, Ogres, and the occasional dog speak cat.. and they will seek the help of their feline friends. I only hope people are reading this in time to conjure enough fish steaks and cannable fruits and vegetables to hold up in a cave somewhere in some forgotten nook or cranny in Ilshennar.

    -- Shady
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