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Now that you can imbue enhanced items, would it be so bad?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Coragin, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Coragin

    Coragin Guest

    With being able to imbue enhanced items, would it be so bad if we were able to enhance an item made out of a different metal just once? Not an enhanced item mind you, it has to be crafted in the metal.

    Example: You make a Dull Copper Plate Chest, then you can enhance it once with another type of metal. I am sure the game could keep track of that once with code right??

    It is not like this would be making uber powerful items since enhancing would still break it if it was to be too powerful. And imbuing would not go far with an item like this as it is restricted by weight of intensity and number of mods i.e. 5.

    As it sits right now, no one make anything out of special colored ingots, this is the only way special metal gets used...

    1. Make with runic and iron then enhance with colored.
    2. Enhance looted gear with special metal.

    No one would craft, well by no one, I mean no one who really knows tradeskills, would craft an item out of say gold or valorite and a runic when they can make an iron version and then enhance it after making it more powerful.

    Thus I can conclude the only reason to have a huge supply of bulk colored ingots is to do bods or sell to other players. Anything over 1-5k in colored you should be set just enhancing for quite a long time.

    And lets look at this...

    You make a regular plate chest you get 1-9 in each resists maybe higher in physical and arms lore adds a bit. If you made that same regular plate chest but with valorite, it adds what? 13 total resists across the 5 available? 13/5 2.?? not much of a huge difference. Lets say a crafted plate chest out of valorite looks like this...(no runic)

    Resist | Modified | If Iron ()
    phy: 13 (9)
    Fire: 5 (5) <--Val adds no fire
    Cold: 8 (5)
    Poison: 6 (3)
    Energy: 7 (3)

    Final: 39 | 25

    A good difference there, but not much when looking at overall. 14. Now lets take the valorite numbers and suppose you wanted to enhance the Valorite Plate Chest with something. In this situation we will say you cannot enhance with the 'same' metal. No gold on gold enhances, no dull coper on dull copper to add durability. So lets say we are looking for a high resist suit, so we will go with Verite...

    (Side note, anyone else find it odd Bronze adds 40% fire to weapons but 0 fire resist to armor?)

    The original total Resist was 39, adding in Verite would make it this...

    Phy: 16
    Fire: 8
    Cold: 10
    Poison: 9
    Energy: 8

    Total: 51

    With this example we come up with 51 total resists with a valorite plate chest crafted and then enhanced with Verite. The original was 39, so we get the difference of 12, which is what Verite adds. Making this plate chest actually pretty darn good with no mods on it. But with a 51 Resist making a suit of this would give you...

    Phy: 96
    Fire: 48
    Cold: 60
    Poison: 54
    Energy: 48

    That is assuming ALL resists were exactly the same for each piece which is not very likely. I dont see this as so bad.

    Consider this. Enhancing an item now is bound by the catastrophic failure if its adding too much of one thing or all things overall. The system would keep this rule, so its not like a ton of gear would be getting pumped out left and right. And creating with a runic a colored piece then enhancing it with another color would also give you a higher chance of failure on the enhance. If you did in fact make a piece and enhance it, chances to imbue said item would be small and slim considering all the mods from making with a runic then enhancing. Chances are all resist mods would count as an imbuing slot, thus making it unable to add more mods to said item. But it would allow you to max out the piece to 550 or whatever the max weight is.

    The system would be bound by the same rules we have now, but it would do the following...

    1. Increase the usage of colored metal, wood and leather.
    2. Colored materials would no longer be just an enhancing agent and bring back the value of mining for colored ore.
    3. Give Tailors and Blacksmiths and avenue to keep up with those who do imbuing. Granted they cant pick their mods, but bumping up resists and or specific damage on an item is a plus.

    Any constructive thoughts? I have to cut this short cause the rug rat is up and about lol.
  2. Warpig Inc

    Warpig Inc Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 2, 2008
    Likes Received:
    No, what sucked the life from smith enhancing is the new woods. After seeing what wood got we expected the leather and ingots to get little attention. Nothing is more fun enhancing then armor with heartwood. The randon effects ,some cool / some lame, is little Vegas fun. The old needs little of that random like ingots and leathers. After all theese years I only had 6 odd pieces of mage wood armor with LRC get the HCI/DI mod. And three those are arms. I know Imbue will take the fun out this.
  3. Well, double-enhancing monster loot and stuff made by blacksmithing and tailoring may be OK.

    HOWEVER, wood armor wouldn't work; the ML devs made sure that woodworking was vastly overpowered in comparison with the other crafting skills; with arms lore and GM exceptional, the item starts with 35 resists. Next, we get 16 more resists and hit chance 5% from heartwood, making a total of 51 + hit chance 5%, total of 30% for the 6 pieces. Add another 18 AR plus HPR 2 from Bloodwood, and we get 69 resists, HPR 2 and hit chance 5% per piece, total of HPR 12 and HCI 30% without imbuing. That's a pretty nice piece. You need 350 total resist for all 70s, and you have a total of 414 to play with. If you have the least bit of luck with the GM bonuses, or if you burn a few extra heartwood boards to make sure you get them right, you have all 70s every time.
  4. Sir Kenga

    Sir Kenga Guest

    Maybe u didn't notice, but with latest patch u can imbue weapon and armor crafted from colored ingots. But only freshly crafted.
  5. Coragin was actually talking about doing a second enhancement of an item that is already made of a colored metal, wood or leather, effectively giving it twice the stats that it would have if you only enhanced it with one colored metal.

    The fact that it can also be imbued would make for some really uber powerful crafted items. You would make the item out of bloodwood, for instance, then imbue, then enhance again with heartwood, for the second set of stats and mods. The resulting items would make the top-end arties look weak.
  6. Coragin

    Coragin Guest

    Actually I was meaning for smithing and tailoring. Remember the current system is 450-550 imbuing weight. If you try to enhance something at 550 weight chances are you will destroy the item most of the time.

    But if they limited this to smithing and tailoring it could in theory work well.