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Now where do ye call home, eh?

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Dec 24, 2001.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I was spendin' some time the other day, sprucin' up me lil' tower, tryin' ta make it a bit more festive an' all. Nothin' grand, mind ye', these ol' hands be a warrior's hands. Not much other skill left in 'em these days. Yet there I was doin' a little decoratin', an' I got ta thinkin' ta meself o' me younger days. I grew up in the pleasant village o' Cove ye know, ended up buildin' me first house there too. Jes south o' the gate. Quaint lil' cottage. Bah! *chuckles wryly* But I ramble.

    So I'm-a thinkin' ta meself o' those days long past, an' I got ta wonderin' - where do ye all call home, be it city or wilder? Where did ye grow up, An', if ye don' mind tellin', where do ye live now? Wit' housing bein' so rediculous an' all I know some o' the more young member's o' our lil' society might not get ta live close ta what they consider "Home".

    Well, as I stated, I grew up in the village o' Cove. Nice, quiet place. But ta ask o' me Home? 'Twould have ta be Vesper. I still remember me father takin' me inta town fer me first time, though I won't burden ye with the tale. Nay, no doubt in me mind the the beautiful city o' Vesper is me home. Functional, accomodates all yer needs. An' what - a - beauty she is.

    Jes' an' ol' man's musings, disregard 'em if ye wish. *winks*

    <center>-Windar D'Sal</center>

    (P.S. I don't expect anyone to make a rp post just because I did. What I'm basically wondering is where you placed your first house, where you live now, and what your favorite city/area to roam is, for you non-rp'ers out there. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif)


    "Without Vice, there would be no Virtue. Fight fer Balance, however ye know how. I am Vice, after all, I am only human. Yet, I walk with Virtue. I know Balance."-Windar D'Sal

    <center>(One of these days I'll figure out which one of us I am...)/php-bin/shared/images/icons/read.gif</center>
  2. Cromagus

    Cromagus Guest

    My earliest memories are of Moonglow. That is where I learned the ways of the world. I had no home back then, I just slept at the inn. After Trammel came about, I placed a small tower close to dungeon Despise on the first day of small house placement. I was very poor back then so I named my small tower "Beggars Tomb".

    I wouldn't call myself a rich man, but money isn't much of a problem now. I still own Beggars tomb, and I also own a cabin immediately west of the Brittan cemetary. It is named "The Wayside Gear and Grog" (but I've been wantin' to change the name...tell ya what...whoever gives me the name suggestion I like best in the next 3-4 days gets a Glacial staff.)

    My favorite city would have to be Wind. Ya gotta love a city that has Litches, dragons, and demons wander in.
  3. Maness

    Maness Guest

    Britian, britians where i've always started at, i love that city has everything you could want and is fun to roam around in.
    As a new player i roamed and roamed britian. Without Automap i could probably give you a pretty close count of all the shops there are in the town ...
    First house i bought here... small tower near Kayla's Wares near a mountain... then it mustve falled when my freinds didnt refresh... now owned by one of Kayla's chars i can't remember the name... First house i placed.
    Can't remember exactly, but ive placed in yew, the desert, islands...
    Where i live now Oranica Island Felluca I've got 2 small towers near each other for my guild + a guild member i sold another small tower too is right there also...

    Brandon Rahl - Grand Sorcerer and Leader of the Society of Magic(MGC)
  4. *hic*

    *hic* Guest

    Vespar ye say?...*hic*...I know dem streets well...*hic*...as boys me brot'er Tansun and I used to swim up ta da back side o' the Busy Bees, and make off wit hand fulls o' honey /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif...*hic*... or da times we would sit on the birdges as the ships would pass under...*hic*...Daring each othar ta jump on a ship...*hic*...'dats how I got t'is here scar...*hic*...but that tales fer a nother time...*hic*...aye Vespar is me home.

    I now live next to the YMCA as a fellar by da name of "KewL DooD" was kind enough to give me a house to call me own...*hic*...I think he felt sorry watching me sleep on the benches in front of the YMCA.

    Reality is just an illusion caused by lack of alcohol/php-bin/shared/images/icons/pint.gif
  5. Aye, Vesper be a mighty fine town. 'Tis where I call home as well, e're since I was fortunate enough to find a kind soul willin' to sell me a small patch o' land next to the graveyard. The moans an' wails o' the undead can be a wee bit disturbin' at first, but after a while, ye scarcely notice.

    Pyrus Firebane, Guildmaster, Vesper Graveyard Alliance
    Shyft Lightfoot, Co-Commander, E-R, OTE
    Lord Xynth Coldfinger, Barding Mage
    Tarl Ironhead, GM smith/miner
    Dynamo Draconius, GM tailor/fisher
    Tellurion Steele, L4 Treasure Hunter
  6. My home is Minoc. Now hold on there, before you get to thinking "Why does a magician live in such an out of the way place?". There is of course a perfectly good reason. You see these fellows around here are fairly simple of mind and easily persueded to do my bidding. I never am short for my required needs as these strapping men would do much work for a few simple bottles of ale and a dance in the local pub. I am able to provide both for them. Besides all that, the popular spots for those of the arcance arts are over crowded with snotty little snips who know little of the depths of the magic they work with. Yes, I much prefer Minoc.

    The House of Wisdom--where truth and knowledge become one.
  7. Nod of Fire

    Nod of Fire Guest

    I live in a log Cabin near Destard. Far away enough from the entrance to be quiet and peaceful, yet close enought for me to walk to. I have a mountain right next to my home for a little mining, and the water is not far from my home as well. There are tree's here and there as well, so if I need some wood I can chop tree's with relative ease. My house is in Fel, a friend of mine owned the same exact house in the same location, except in Fel. I loved his house location, so when I discovered that the same house existed on Fel, my friend and I found the owner who was selling it. I bought it,,, err better yet my friend payed for it since I was poor. Since then I've payed him back, but he has moved on from UO. I don't plan to move, even if a bigger house becomes available for me. It's all about the location. :)

    <font color=008B00> Out of the night that covers me,
    Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
    I thank whatever gods may be
    For my unconquerable soul.
    </font color=008B00>
  8. Alessandra

    Alessandra Guest

    Kitten started out in January of 2000 in the town of Yew. She lived in a log cabin, given to her by her ex (Lady Miffy), that was situated next door to his keep. After the breakup, Kitten collapsed the cabin and went in search of a new address.

    Kitten, along with her sisters, BS Kitten, LJ Kitten and cousin Alessandra found small tower near the coast of Brittain in Felucca that was going to fall. Kitten traded in the cabin deed for a small tower and waited. The house fell and she placed her very own small tower. Kitten likes her independence. :)

  9. KD PAS

    KD PAS Guest

    its home to KDs Palace, and to PAS. *grins*

    But PAS hq1 is the spot we also hang around at, because it was KDs childhood home, where his dad taught him to be a smith.

    Both of those places are home to KD.

    PAS Rocks Sonoma!
  10. eXcalibur

    eXcalibur Guest

    my first home was directly SW of the Yew moongate. I lived next door to what is now the HOG museum. It was a modest start for a modest man. I then teamed up with a (irl) friend and we purchased a Large tower North of Minoc in the good ole land of Fel. Here I dwelt for nearly a year.... *ponders back to when he purchased it for 3 million gold and 100 wood planks....... ah yes those were wonderful times. About 7 months ago I was forced to sell out my tower ,,,,was sure they would never go higher than my selling price of 15 mill.... *kicks the dirt* now I split my time between my SW Trinny beach front Villa and my sandstone which is just a few screens from DeathRage's place. I have always been one to stay away from crowds.... Never really liked a lot of ppl around..... they just made me nervous.....

    /php-bin/shared/images/icons/jestera.gif /php-bin/shared/images/icons/hmm.gif /php-bin/shared/images/icons/disturbed.gif /php-bin/shared/images/icons/monkey.gif
  11. Cice

    Cice Guest

    Two places.

    The first is where my tower is, fire isle/trammel. It's in the town of Wilder.

    The second is where I spent all my time until housing was put into trammel. And that is Trinsic. Not Trinsic/Trammel or Trinsic/Felucca. Just Trinsic. As in Trinsic *before* trammel.

    "James Havaris had two sons. The older was named Cice. The younger was called Jul'ian. Both were exiled after the untimely death of their mother. Where are they now?" - Exerpt from House Havaris, Volume 107, chapter 18, page 3285
  12. TrueRagoo

    TrueRagoo Guest

    My very first home, the streets of Skara Brae.
    2nd home the streets of Trinsic. (both towns very dear to me)
    3rd my Sm. Marble just East of Vesper Fel
    4th my Log which was right next to the sm. marble
    My current home is in a lrg Marble on the Southeast part of the Trinsic Swamps on the coast in a very low spawn area(for the swamps) Trammel just down from destard... most of the spawn is contained in the nicely located savage fort right north of my house:)

    "Only the good die young, all the evil seem to live forever." -Iron Maiden
    Ragoo TSK-5xGM Tamer/Mage
    Ragu TSK-1xInscript/Heal Mage
    Rags S?G-6xParry/Macer
    Hephaestus GOH-1xMule
    Ragar OTE [M-R]-4xArcher/Bard
    Shifty B:H (True Brits)-4xAxer
  13. Zor

    Zor Guest

    I have a few homes that stick out in my mind.
    I think of Moonglow AND Delucia as my home cities.
    Out of all the houses i have ever had big and small, good location bad location, only one out of the bunch makes me think that i just belonged there. A small tower on the shore between Minoc and Vesper. Even when i lived in a cabin later, then a large marble, then a large tower, then a castle (yup thats right a castle...just not on sonoma). Anyways i think of that small tower as home still.
    Other places that hold a special meaning.....Vesper healing building (cause u cant help stuck to moonglow) City of Golgotha, Covetous Lich rooms, and City of the Dead T2A.
    hmm.....is that too many homes?
  14. Hammen

    Hammen Guest

    Lets see... Ahh, as I do recall Trinsic was my home town. From there I moved a short distance away to a small house outside of Trinsic. I later moved to my lovely tower that I own now. As for my darker side (Hadin), hes from Vesper. Learning his art of stealth in the streets, then later moved to Occlo were he learned to be an accomplished mage. Thats about it for me.

    Hammen, Lord of Chaos
    Hadin, Warlord of Death
    Lich Asaledon, Lich of the Conclave
  15. Ereshkigal

    Ereshkigal Guest

    Well, Im reluctant to admit my first house was a tent placed smack in the middle of the road outside Brit.

    These days Ive found more comfortable accomadations with two towers, both in Snakes Pass in Fel. Beats me why they call it Snakes Pass. Ive never seen a snake there.

    My favorite city is still Brit, namely Fel Brit as I have a strong aversion to large groups of people.
  16. Jade of Sonoma

    Jade of Sonoma Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Destard is home sweet home for Jade and always will be.
    Jade's first tent was placed south of Destard near the water. That was long ago. Years of stuggle later, Jade realized the dream of a Destard Village due South of Destard Dungeon along the swamp & mirror-imaged it in trammel.

    ...and I too found myself actually decorating the village this year in Happy Land!

  17. Towenaar

    Towenaar Guest

    and any non dangerous forest area where I love to roam pick up regeants, shoot mid level monsters, and maybe do some hunting.

    I seriously wish they put some ergonomic planning or offer some potential of redesigns in some cities to place taverns or inns much closer or more convenient near banks. And not just near like in the West Brit but more inviting like north or to the right of the bank or mixed with the bank for easy access.

    I think the taverns in Skara Brae and Minoc are probably the worst located taverns of the bunch. And as for the Town Center (boyer, smithy, fur trader)shops and Mage shop locations of Nujelm.. oof. :p Still there they are and we don't want things to easy for us. :)

    <center>"Practice does't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect."
    Vince Lombardi</center>
  18. I never did have a house of my own in pre-Tram days, although Vesper was the place to "be", hanging out on top of the Magic shop. Then I transfered over to Moonglow...was a tough place to be a loner-PKed daily for my lunch money.

    My first house was a broom closet near Vesper, too many brigades thou- no bloody privacy.

    Second house was a small tower near the Cove...and my first vendor. Loved that area...no spawn, good neighbours.

    Third and current house is a villa just behind the Skara farmer's hut....my HOME. God if only I could get a L-shape in this area...I never want to leave!

    Drunken Dragon Vendors...Dragonfart & Voluptuous
  19. Golgotha. Need I say more?

    Soulstealer was origionally from Maginka, but that was long long long ago.

    [​IMG]Look upon me...and despair!
  20. BranWyn

    BranWyn Guest

    My first was a small marble NW of the Yew moongate and I left after a mere 2 weeks because there was a troll who would just NEVER leave! Hate those trolls I do...so I went and found a nice small marble on Fire Island...lack of people made me leave that spot after 2 months and my next place was another small marble right next to the West Gate of Trinsic and there I stayed for about 3 months...but again I couldnt stand the lack of people in the city so I was soooo lucky to get a sandstone on the Brit beach with a short walk to the west brit bank or brit moongate where I feel quite at home watching and listening to the chatter of the people...
    I love getting lost in crowds :)

    Aine - Mage/Bard/Tamer [Rangers - Order of Tendai]
    Branwyn - T-Hunter [Treasure Hunters of Brittania]
    Cricket - Merchant Tinker/Alchemist/Smith/Miner [Town of Tendai]
    <font color=green>"Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt." Sun Tzu<font color=green>
  21. I like to call Skara Bare my hometown. There's just somethin' about that town that I just love.....

    I own a log cabin near the Ranger Huts east of Skara on the Fel side. Its a bakery and tavern. There seems to be a player run city called Ironwood or something nearby... but I rarely see anyone....

    If I'm not in my cabin cooking, I'm either in Skara Bare begging from the vendors for gold to buy cooking supplies or in Britian wandering around....

    Quote of the moment: "This game is here for a reason people please use it. The more people i see at the bank the less people there are blowing themselves up. - shawngee"
    Krin, Flik, Gen, Mose, and Crowley of Sonoma
    Kertz, Thom, Curtis, Dyne, and Lupin of Atlantic
  22. While Maelwyn's family is from Britain, he spent much of his early life in Trinsic, being trained by the Paladins there. He also spent much time in Vesper working on his archery skills. I can still remember coming to Britain and just wandering around in awe at all the players. It was simply amazing to me. After playing for about a month, Maelwyn met up with his long-time freind MARK and both went in to purchase a small house together North-east of Britain. Eventually he was able to purchase an L shaped near the Hedge Maze after much tribluation in the deal. When Trammel came he missed out on placing a castle, but was able to place a Keep NE of Britain again. This time just a little closer to the East Bank.

    Eventually Maelwyn sold his keep and moved to Sonoma. At first all he had was a small tower just south of the Britain Moongate, but quickly acquired a large tower just East of Vesper a bit, where he makes his home now. He also has a few other choice retreats located throughout Sosaria.


    Maelwyn Mage and Dexer
    Beldas & Beldin Dwarven Brothers
    Erystelle Elvish Tamer
    Gruumsh One-Eye Orc guy
  23. DeathRage

    DeathRage Guest

    I've always thought of myself as a small-towner. I was 'born' within the city walls of Trinsic, but was quickly escorted by friends to the town of Delucia, where I was taught several crafts and hunted cows & deer outside the town's boundries. I spent most of my early years here and occassionally return for a visit.

    My first house (pre-Tram) was along the mainland coast just north from Skara Brae. It was a cute little one room shack that afforded me just enough space to keep a chest of valuables and a few chairs for visitors to sit in.

    The second house (post-Tram) is the villa that I now own south of my birth city, Trinsic. If I had the gold available to me at the time when housing areas opened in Trammel I could have placed a couple towers in the area. When I got there, the place was empty except for a few med sized homes. I actually placed the villa twice within a couple days. After claiming the space, I re-deeded and moved it over to the east a bit to make room for a fellow NUB's marble (and later tower).

    At the hieght of NUBville's population we had 7 buildings in close proximaty to the villa. Unfortunately, bigger and better housing opportunities became available and all but one have moved out of the nieghborhood.

    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.cell2000.net/~users/kirtstanke/nub/>DeathRage's NUBs - An Ultima Online Comic</a>
  24. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest

    I to started in Cove, a small workshop right outside the gates, in front of the tower that is there, the shop still stands and is own by Averger, and I now have a Villa out near Trinny, *Points to link in Victoria's Name*

    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.geocities.com/vixensonoma/vixen.html>Lady Vixen</a> GM Bard/Mage/Priestess*OTE*
    Guri Tamer/Mage*Companion*
    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.geocities.com/vixensonoma/Victoria_s_Secret.html>Victoria's Secret</a>*OTE*
    Rillao Tinker/Carpenter*OTE*
    Theresa Thief*OTE*
  25. Our home is located at the delta of a river, just a few screens NW of the shrine of spirituality. The people who visit are the ones who make it a "home".

    For your log cabin Cromagus, it sounds like a provisioner's shop conveniently located near the Brit cemetary. How about these suggestions?

    - The Gravedigger's Gear

    - Sarcophagus Supplies

    - Tombside Treasures

    Anyways, if it's not a shop then those suggestions could be false advertising!

    I am Jack's house name suggestions.


    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.geocities.com/x_lothar_x>[​IMG]</a>
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Bucaneer's Den in Trammel these days. Our family hails from Delucia, but homes are not to be built or found. Our line has always been small, so my sister Darla and I remain close. Neither of us have youngin's to follow our path, but with her beauty and grace, I imagine they to be not long in coming.

    Delgard of Delucia, GM Warrior & Resistor of Magic
    (Companion to the Clerics)
  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My Sonoma Housing history :)

    When I first moved here, from LS, I was given a villa just about 1 screen east of the Brit X-Roads in Fel, by a friend. I began to fill my new properties with my modest possessions. Then the Gods obviously were not pleased with me. I logged in one day to find my villa gone, and 3 smalls in its place. I paged a GM who so politely told me I must have refreshed while the server wasn't saving... i was thinking "Hmmmm, possible, but I log in EVERY day, and not just before server down" *Grumble grumble*

    Luckily I found a spot just south of where my villa had been and placed a small tower there. After a nice period living there I decided I needed to make some money. I began buying and selling fel properties, usually villas as I could get the best profit margin from them. Soon I was back living in a villa in the Trinsic Swamps (Fel again) and going fine.

    Shortly after that I purchased a large tower on Dagger (Ice) Isle. Pluffy and I got it decorated and that is still what I call home today.

    Just recently I have come into possesion of the UOSS Tower in Trammel too.... So its either UOSS, or Ice Isle, where I'll be found...

    As for my favourite city, without doubt it has to be Skara. Although there never seems to be anyone in Skara on Sonoma, it's where I used to hang out on LS, a town with some very nice people :) Besides it's handy for a tamer... you can stable/claim your pets from the bank :)
  28. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    Pluffy: MOONGLOW!

    OHHHHH How I love moonglow. Born on Moonglow, my first house was on Moonglow and I have never NOT had a house on glow since that first one.
    Lots of other folks live there too, I have made little TINY bits of space for them in my overstuffed secures.....Evangeline, my rusty little Semi-Rares thief. Migon, my T hunter. Fisker, my Male Cook and Evangeline's live-in oiled cabana boy. Keke has work space there and a smithing secure BUT

    Keke LaWoot, l33+ smith and poisoner babe aka she of the blessed black sandals: Lives in The Free City of Oasis with my Tamer, Rose May Knot, and my Bard, Fenny. Rose and Fenny are my main hunting characters, and I prefer to hunt (when I am solo or with one friend) in fel where the BLOCKING thing is more of a challenge and one is less likely to find the fun spawns uber-camped 24/7. In a group hunt I prefer tram every time.

    I have another character, Widgette, who lives at the McVilla so she can pirate Bob's wood. Hehe she is a carp tinker.

    EDIT! OH! I meant to say I Know BEGGARS TOMB!!!! Funny Cromagus story: The tower was NAMED Beggar's Tomb, it is RIGHT NEXT TO A MOUNTAIN, and my favorite Grateful dead song...well. okay it is Sugar Magnolia, BUT one of my top ten dead songs is Uncle John's Band AND SOMEHOW I DID NOT MAKE THE CONNECTION. Not conciously. AT any rate, while deccing the tower, I had Uncle John;s Band IN MY HEAD 24/7. Could not get rid of it. IT WAS DRIVING ME MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD

    I meandered all over my house in RL singing WELL THE FIRST DAYS ARE THE HARDEST DAYS, DONCHA WORRY ANYMORE. and then I would catch myself and SHUT MYSELF UP and think WHY CAN I NOT GET THIS SONG OUT OF MY HEAD and 5 minutes later I would be belting CUZ WHEN LIFE LOOKS LIKE EASY STREET THERE IS DANGER AT YER DOOR!!!

    Finally one day i did not stop myself and I went around the house cleaning and happily warbling the song until i hit the lines I LIVE IN A SILVER MINE AND I CALL IT BEGGAR'S TOMB, I GOT ME A VIOLIN AND I BEG YOU CALL THE TUNE....

    Well right about the word VIOLIN i had a EUREKA moment. and then a DOH I AM SUCH A MORON moment followed swiftly by a kicking myself moment. BUT after I made the connection I WAS able to stop singing it, and so I am here today, able to make this post, instead of drawing on soft walls with crayons I have clutched in my toes as my straightjacket will not allow for more traditional approaches to wall art.

  29. MMM i started out in brit as all dumb newbs tended to do back then. And my first little home was an ugly tent with a single locking chest in the middle of it. it was nice though i could duck inside and kinda hide from the mean critters about. I had placed it right outside of brit still really in the town proper due to the fact that took a might spindle fellow to sneak out pass them reds that stood guard right out side of the town proper. Then after many nights beta testing the UO: The second age i crawled into my lil tent and did not awake for a year or more. And when i awoke there were all these places T2A and tram and fel and well life has never been the same. I then resided just outside of Yew Commons a nice little small tower , i use to also have a summer place on fire island but a 2 night work trip that turned into a 9 night work trip and the fact that the IDOC counter had not been removed at that time caused me to take residence up in a nice little small tower just outside of Minoc inbetween town and the north mines now.
  30. BobMcForge

    BobMcForge Guest

    Well, McVilla is my home most people know. It is east of Vesper and is home to Bob McForge and Bob McSmith, primarily. It is the first house I ever owned (thanks Pam!), and I don't see me leaving it any time soon. It is in an area which is great for logging and McForge has taken over the down stairs entirely with his crafting. Bob McTrout also resides at McVilla. In Trammel I have always considered Vesper to be my home town.

    In Fel, I own Legion Sanctum, home to the guild, Legion of Bob. It is owned by Bob McZoo, and Bob McDeath resides there as well. It is not far from East Britain, the town McDeath calls home.